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Pokemon Go! Scary experience Posted by: ♫Zeo Hooverson♫ at 08-03-2016 17:26 PM, Last Modified 08-03-2016 17:26 PM
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Now, before I begin writing this, this stuff is all what really happened. A lot of people have had their crazy and scary experiences with the latest app game Pokemon Go! At first, me living in a quiet neighborhood with the kids only coming out when the weather is nice enough, I thought there wasn't anything scary going to happen here. Sure enough, nothing ever does. I did heard a kid got chased by a dog the other day because he ventured onto a neighbor's property and it almost attacked him. However, my experience all happened when I decided to go out of town with some of my best friends from school.

It was Saturday just last week and around 8am where my oldest friend, Justice, called and asked if I wanted to go out of town with him, our other good friend James, and his (Justice) brother Slade. I wasn't doing anything special so I decided to go with them. We all went to his house and played video games pretty much all of the time until we decided to watch t.v. around 5pm or so. Then, a commercial has caught our eye: A video game sale where you buy two and two free at any price. We all got excited but Justice doesn't really want to drive down there since the game store is in a city that's a good hour away. However, me, James, and Slade managed to convince him to go ready to take the hour long drive down there.

It was closer to 6pm and the game store closes at 10pm so be basically have to quickly get down there. Me, Justice, James, and Slade are all big time fans of Pokemon Go! and we play the game a lot to pass the time. Justice was the one driving but he has his brother Slade hold his phone so he can catch the Pokemon for him. Me and James also had our own phones and we were competing to see who can capture the most Pokemon before we get there. I got some Pidgey and a Koffing James mainly caught Magikarp. Slade got lucky with a Slowbro while he used Justice's phone to also get a Slowbro and some Goldeen. We finally reached the video game store and it was 7:37pm since we took extra time getting food and had to take a longer route due to traffic.

We all head inside the video game store together and I was quick to choose my four games. Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Heroes, Super Mario Sunshine, and Luigi's Mansions were my choices. I bought the games and Slade only got a new N64 controller since he said he had already most of the N64 or Gamecube games they sold there. Justice and James got into a bit of an argument over which PS3/4 game would be better to get and me and Slade decided to catch some Pokemon. Suddenly, when I was catching the usual common Pokemon I already had, Slade blurted out something that caught my attention. "3 PIKACHUS ARE CLOSE BY!!!" he shouted. I was surprised to hear that many Pikachu are close together and Justice and James continued their argument. Slade told me the Pikachus were being lured in somewhere and the place isn't that long ago. It was past 8:00pm already and it was already starting to get dark outside. I told Slade it's risky to out out in the streets like that this late but he left on his own saying he'll be right back. Not wanting him to go out there alone, I decided to go with him telling Justice and James (who were still bickering) we will be back in about 10 minutes.

Me and Slade were out in the streets. It has already been 10 minutes, the time I've promised the Bickering Bros that we were coming back. I told Slade we REALLY should be getting back and Slade told me that the Pikachus were still around and they were only a couple of minutes away. I looked on my phone and only found a single Pikachu around, but it was in that same area. I never caught a Pikachu and I love electric Pokemon so I decided to press on for a little while longer. When we finally got there, it is a rather large park that's barely lit. I started to get nervous but Slade is hell bent of getting those Pikachus. Slade closes in on them and he managed to catch one of them. I wasn't so lucky, but I at least caught a high leveled Pinsir. Suddenly, as we were about to go back, a group of men suddenly walks up to us from behind and one of the guys asks something that made my heart jumped...

"You guys playing Pokemon Go?" asked the larger man. A thought raced through my mind - "H-How does this guy know we're playing Pokemon Go? We could've been texting for all he knows." Slade quietly and frighteningly replied "Y-Yeah..." All three guys laughed with the larger man saying "Cool! We play Pokemon Go too! I guess you fell for one of our lures huh?" I froze in fear and one thing came to my mind "A damn trap..." I was too scared to even say anything and pretty much forced Slade to do all of the talking for the both of us. "S-So what are you guys doing? Catching Pokemon" said Slade in a calm but frightened tone. The larger man (who at this point is the only one doing most of the talking) replied "Yes. We set out lures to help out people. We then collect our reward from them." The larger man suddenly takes out a pretty damn long knife and polishes it on an old rag. "So. How much money you guys have on you?" said the man. My eyes were still focused on his "Cut anything alive" knife while Slade responded "N-Not anymore. We spent it all on food and games." The larger man and his two cronies all laughed and the larger man said something that made me want to cry for my mommy "Don't worry. I heard limbs can fetch a pretty penny if sold correctly. It was then the man pointed the knife at us and said "A hand will do. Who is first?" The larger man's cronies tried to get behind me and Slade but there was a stone wall preventing that to the point they cut off our left and right paths of escape. In a last ditch effort to save our lives, I finally spoke up looking at a off direction saying "HELP!!! POLICE!!! HELP!!!"

Fortunately, all three men looked at the direction where I shouted and me and Slade pretty much bolted out of there. I can hear the larger man saying "GET THEM!!!" and we can hear their footsteps behind us. At this point, me and Slade were crying as three goons are on our tails attempted to cut off our hands and possibly more since I threatened the cops on them. Me and Slade ran for basically an hour until we managed to find a bunch of houses and we hid behind one of them. Me and Slade took a HUGE breather but we realized we are much further away from the game store. That confrontation took almost 1 hour but it felt much much longer than that. When we were at peace, Slade called Justice and told him everything that happened. Justice is glad to hear we are safe but cannot pick us up due to not being able to pin point our location. Slade was so scared after the run-in with the men, he forgot he has a navigator built into his phone. He managed to track down the video game store from our location and it only took 20 minutes to get there. However, that was by CAR and by foot has to be at least DOUBLE of that! Justice says the video game store closes in a few minutes but is willing to wait in the parking lot until we get there.

I told Slade we have to get back and he agreed but we have to watch out for the men in case they are still lurking around. Slade's phone is at 50% power so we need to book it! Me and Slade calmly walk around the darkened streets past 10pm until the navigator told us we were about 20 minutes away. We were relieved but we heard voices and quickly hid behind a building. It was those three men! They were definitely looking for us...the larger man with the knife puts up his weapon and eerily said "Next time..." He and his goons walked off in the opposite direction into the night and me and Slade waited about 10 minutes before thinking it's safe to walk out again. About 20 more minutes later, we finally reached the parking lot of the video game store and we were SO excited to be back. I was hugging the car while Slade immediately went inside and told Justice to drive off. James wondered where the hell we have been and I told him "Where Pokemon Go took us." We then took the long drive back home to Justice house with me and Slade still scarred from this experience.

As soon I got home, I deleted Pokemon Go from my phone. I know it tells me to check my surroundings but if there are creeps that are willing to pull stunts like that, I don't want to play this game anymore or a long, long time.


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