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FurrTrax Change Log Posted by: DarkXander at 12-07-2013 21:35 PM, Last Modified 06-29-2015 13:44 PM
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June 29 2015 12:50AM
  • Changed Cookies to be Secure Only if you login in SSL Secure Mode.
  • Added Domain validator to cookies.
  • Fixed bug on Local Furs page to show Decimal form age, instead of old up rounded age.
  • Worked on MD5 Password Functions.
  • Added Delete Button for forum posts, for moderators and users.
  • Yesterday: Rebuilt the password recovery system to do resets instead of retrievals.

May 19 2015 11:00AMForgot to update this with a lot of stuff!New Forums are up on Main Website, and are mostly fully functional.New Page which breaks down the Supporter and Donator PerksFixed a bunch of database optimisation issuesSetup a CDN Server setup for Images to load from, to lessen load on main server.Added Tabbed style to Website ProfilesBuilt an API to support future apps, including 3rd Party AppsAdded a WYSIWYG style editor to some pages, to get more creative with profiles.Moved Donation buttons to top from the bottom of the right columnSetup an automatic HTTP/HTTPS link switcher to help correct links tense.removing Blog/Shout section from profiles since its now redundant, all shouts arealready listed in activity now as well. So Blog/Shouts is 100% redundant.

November 18 2014 11:14AM:Catching up with Changes i forgot to notate!Today's Codebase Changes include Fixing the messaging system to offload forwarding of quoted message content to the server side instead of passing it via GET, also firewalled the messaging system better against GET/POST injections now that message data has been offloaded serverside. This will also eliminate most of the false positives for XSS exploit detections people were getting when replying to messages.Stuff i forgot to note:Main Website Notification Bar is now live, You can search most areas of the website from a single box like facebook, and a row of icons shows Notifications with Tooltips, Like Facebook!FurrTrax Store is now live on the Main Website, coming to mobile eventually.FurrTrax Groups are live in Mobile and Main Website.I forget whether i mentioned Furry Radar or not, but its been updated!

Sept 14 2014 1:06AM:Fixed Voice Recognition on the homepage shoutbox, and message compose pages, built needed modules to fix it elsewhere when time allows.Removed Reply button from Message views so people use the Quote Reply button.Fixed some jQuery problems that were lagging the site a bit.

May 13 2014 11:37AM:Added ::break :: command to bookshelf, add it just before the first line of a new chapter in a story to cause a page break.Added IP Address Blacklist check for admins and moderators to cross reference accounts for spam/malicious activities.

Apr. 25 2014 8:37AM:Last night i setup so Google Bot can actually login to the site under its own account, and see, and access all the sites features, within a few minutes it became self aware after viewing its own profile, and shortly there after began to friend everyone, it seems its friendly for the moment and just wants to be friends with all of us.

Apr. 23 2014 9:36AM:Revised Private Messaging Inbox on App and Mobile Site to be paginated dynamically in pages of 50 messages just like the website.

Apr. 23 2014 9:16AM:Revised Private Messaging Inbox on main website to be paginated dynamically in pages of 50 messages.Yesterday built the rolling ad handler which sorts by last seen timestamps to ensure even visibility.Forgot to note when i added the classifieds section.Fixed a potential exploit that may have allowed time bans to expire prematurely with the help of Unicorn69.

Apr. 7 2014 11:22AM:Added Upload Avatar Button to the User CP on the Main Website, Mobile Site, and App, so it is easier to find the option.

Mar. 28 2014 11:25AM:Reworked Hall of Shame(Ban List) into one list showing temporary and permanent bans togeather, added reasons to permanent bans.

Mar. 20 2014 4:30PM:Added Steam, SecondLife, PSN, and Xbox to the Contact info section of profiles on full and mobile versions.Fixed a typo in the Title of KIK on mobile versions.Bug with getting blank pages when you click someone who viewed your profile should be gone for good.Seems i forgot to add a bunch of stuff to here, o well.

Dec. 27 2013 2:30AM:Built Beta Game Room and added several embeddable games to it, and setup play notifications to the status bar.

Dec. 22 2013 11:30PM:Added box to see who has viewed your profile, will show 50 most recent unique views.

Dec. 22 2013 2:30PM:Expanded Story editting window to 80 rows for easier edittingAdded reply button to shouts that uses the PM systemChanged profile pics to show landscaped instead of vertical to free up some vertical space.Changed Blog to be Shouts/Commentary, will create a new blog system later on.

Dec. 19 2013 3:00PM:Added User quote/blog system to profile pages, and added the field to the usercp/My Profile page.Re-vamped permissions system to support user titles, ranks, and groups. Groups system still a work in progress.

Dec. 18 2013 10:00AM:Added list of created storys in the bookshelf to the authors profiles on the site.

Dec. 17 2013 3:00PM:Added Beta feature, Chat Bar that is collapsable Beta Chat Bar View

Dec. 13 2013 3:04AM:Fixed Page Titles in Bookshelf list pages, and search state pages as well.Did some search engine optimisationsExpanded the API i built that automatically feeds Google and MSN our Search Data, it is now Fully Automated! Instead of google crawling us randomly now our data is fed to them directly. Hurray for Automation!!!!

Dec. 12 2013 1:00AM:Completed First Phase of Facebook Integrations for Profiles, Events, Homepage, and Storys in the Bookshelf.Fixed Page Titles not reflecting correctly in some pages including chatrooms, profiles, storys, and a few others.Believe there are still more titles to fix.Added more timed ban options including 6, 12, 24, and 48 Hour Temporary Bans for Moderators.Fixed a Categorization Mismatch Problem in the BookShelf.

Dec. 11 2013 10:15AM:Added View Counters to profile pages in website and mobile app.

Dec. 08 2013 1:25AM:Re-wrote Status Updates for the events system to link to the event created.

Dec. 08 2013 1:00AM:Re-wrote Status Updates for the bookshelf to include a link to the story they refer to, and to always include the name of the story, not just when its first posted.

Dec. 07 2013 11:00PM:Added User Status Updates page to FurrTrax Mobile app/site.

Dec. 07 2013 10:00PM:Many graphical fixes for the website that occurred only in Internet Explorer 8

Dec. 07 2013 8:00PM:Added user selected name colors to status updates.Added sort by last online to mobile apps local furrs section.Tested a floating menu but decided to back-burner it.Reviewed logs for suspicious activity.





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