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FurrTrax Incident Log - Rule Breakers, Events, Public Records Posted by: DarkXander at 01-20-2015 11:15 AM, Last Modified 04-16-2015 08:48 AM
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This is a log of Events that Required Administrative Action, either for Harrassment of users, Staff, etc, or Rule Breakers, and Also any Significant Events involving the site.

Making this information Public, so the truth can be put forward about the people who seek to undermine the site.

Apr 15th,2015
Sorry guys for the up and downs of the system yesterday, i made a bunch of changes to the MySQL, Apache, and PHP systems of the site as well as retiring a seperate project on my mainframe which then allowed for the CPU core and RAM from that Virtual Machine to be added the the FurrTrax Virtual Machines resources, Techies will know what that means, essentially i run everything on a big high powered VMware VSphere/ESXi Mainframe Server. FurrTrax gained 4 GB of RAM and 1 extra CPU core which all required me to re-tune MySQL and Apache for the new load ceiling these specs allow for. Which all took several reboots and a short bit of downtime to get all setup and dialed in.

Feb 17th, 2015
It has come to the attention of many members and staff that a user most notably known as Acheron, has been creating numerous ALT profiles to apparently re-create himself to others, for reasons as of yet un-known to us. We suspect he is trying to start fresh with certain people who dont like him, or he upset or the such. He has made serious efforts to prevent us from identifying the accounts but we have found 5 total accounts at this time. The following accounts are all the same Acheron, who is a resident of Ames, Iowa in the USA.
id 10767 Acheron | AcheronMacDuggal
id 11084 Nevaeh Bliss | NevaehBliss
id 11071 Marcellus Draconius | MarcellusDraconius
id 10958 Xander Equinus | XanderEquinus
id 11132 Mardosai | Mardosai - Feb 18th 2015

Jan 20th, 2015
Mikhail(Mikki) Attempted to Blackmail DarkXander via KIK with supposedly incriminating information he thought he had discovered, The information turned out to be fabricated Rumors by another user passed on to him which he believed to be true. I had a good laugh as he argued trying to make me angry with them, and the Dinner photo of me and my best friend which someone claimed was a wedding picture. to Deter Mikki from posting further propaganda about me or the site im making this promise, Mikhail, if you continue to try to cause trouble for me, i will make your private message inbox and outbox public, and there is some stuff in there that could put you in jail because you are one sick demented pup, and quite frankly give furrys a bad rap.
Mikki has been banned 14 times prior according to history, for repeated sexual harrassment, extreme vore and scat play in chatrooms, and even discussing a fantasy about murdering someone to fornicate with their body. Just to touch the surface. He will not ever be allowed back, and its my fault for not making sure he remained gone. He likes to make new accounts.


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Delta is doing commissions: I had the misfortune of having him as one of my first RP partners. he was definitely not right in the head. and because of him I will never do a fisting RP again.
Daionor: so the extreme room is the extreme yiff room, okay, thats what the other guy was saying
DarkXander: Yiff is for casual, consentual, friendly, softmedium core playtime anything over the top goes to the extreme room or its against the rules period
Emerald: a few times i went in there there was vorejust saying
Daionor: then what is the extreme room for? just wondering, not trying to argue, but im just curious
DarkXander: There is no extreme yiff room, in case you got confused, there is an EXTREME room, but that stuff is 100 not allowed in the yiff room.
Emerald: ya but thats what the extreme yiff room is for and the people could block them if they didnt like it but the rest is just fucked up by him im not defending him im only saying that if the people he vored with didnt like it they could of told him to fuck off n block him end of story but no we all need the drama no dis repeact just my oppinion.

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