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Anthor Eyulf's Fursona Avatar
Name:Anthor Eyulf in Centralia Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

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fuzzpawsthewolf: IIf you ever find you way beck toFT send me a message, would love to talk 1518.5 days ago
Anthor Eyulf: Wooo 1000 pages views! I'm part of the cool kids club now x3 3244.1 days ago
Anthor Eyulf: Hahaah! XD Adding myself to my own friends list is the first thing i try to do when i join a new site... x3 3274.6 days ago
Fang The Wolf: I have just to see if it would work, I've also sent a message to myself! :3 3276 days ago
Kerzell: I think everyone has tried to add themselves to their own friends list at least once :P 3276.6 days ago
Anthor Eyulf: Oh you silly goof you... commenting on your own profile... what's next? Are you going to try adding yourself to your own friend list? foreveraloneface 3304.5 days ago

About Me:
~Anthor Eyulf~

A light brown wolf, with long brown hair, and bright blue eyes.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 205

Introverted, mature and polite, but somehow silly at the same time. Has a dark sense of humor; Quick to smile, and loves making jokes when he can.

Fantasy fiction, sci-fi, video games, raspberry pie, writing, drawing, people who can have a good conversation, and good stories.

Anything seafood.

If you want to be friends or talk, just message me and I'll reply! :3 I enjoy nice deep conversation.... so yeah!

-More in depth info-

I’ve grown up and lived on a farm my entire life! That’s not to say that I’m some hick that wears overalls and speaks with a southern drawl. On the contrary, I am usually wearing jeans, a t-shirt with either a witty comment or a cute animal on it, and a hoodie on top of that, as well as a necklace with two arrow heads on it, and a ring that has a celtic/elven design to it. And as for my voice, while I for the most part talk like a normal person, I actually grew up with a somewhat bad speech impediment, which was bad enough that my grandma thought that I should of gone to therapy to fix it, because now I have what some can only describe as an accent that sounds like it has no place really. At one point of my life my voice sounded so bad that someone asked if I was adopted… So, yeah…

I was homeschooled most of my life up until high school. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m a hick, just that I didn’t have to wake up at 6:30 every morning to go to school since it was literally down stairs, and that I could usually get my school work actually done earlier so I could be a responsible young man and work on my family’s farm *coughITotallyDidn’tJustUseThatTimeToPlayVidoeGamescough* Of which afterwards I went to high school, graduated, and now I am in college. My one regret in all of this is that I hardly ever wore pajamas when I was home schooled. Then again, my whole life has kind of been about not fitting in anywhere, so maybe not wearing pajamas as much is a good thing?

I AM A FURRY! ...obviously... I’ve been in the fandom officially since early 2012. However, I’ve known about and been looking at furry art stuff since 2009. One of my favorite parts of the fandom is just how accepting of others it really is. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, skinny, or fat; six foot three, or really freaking short; usually you’re greeted with open arms! … and paws! And hugs! And……… Yeah you kind of get the point! Plus I mean come on… Anthropomorphic animals are freaking awesome!

I am a fan of mythological, and fantasy themed sort of things; the kind of things you'd find in a story book. For some reason, I am always drawn to thoughts of words where the unreal is the real, where your imagination can wander on aimlessly for miles and find itself on a grand and magnificent adventure. I guess the child in me just never really grew up all too much.

Those are just a handful of things about me… But if you want to know more (And maybe even become a totally awesome friend) leave a comment below, or shoot me a Message!

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