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Ferano's Fursona Avatar
Name:Ferano in Sacramento Offline
Species:Civolin or PangolinCivet hybrid
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Team Fortress 2
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Future Space for Blogs

Francis: Thanks i try 2398.3 days ago
Aztrale: Wow a complete description : o first to say Welcomeeee : 3 2398.3 days ago

About Me:

I don't do much chatting, I suppose I should change that. Either way, I'm just an aspiring computer engineer that enjoys playing steam games and pokemon. While I'm not sure what others would find interesting of me... I play Team Fortress 2 and main BLU Engineer, Pokemon (ORAS, currently) with a shiny Umbreon as my top poke, League of Legends maining as Blitzcrank or Heimerdinger, playing FTL with Captain's Edition Endless Mode, and a bit of here and there that would rather be things to PM me about.

In terms of kinks, I am strictly dominant in bed. I have quite a few kinks actually, from bondage, size difference, and humiliation and the like to things like (and a warning for the vanilla yiffers) hyper, cum inflation, hypnotization, addiction, and forced orgasm. That being said, I'm still exploring myself. Not sure if I actually like that i have these kinks (they're a bit of guilty pleasures) and I'm still trying out new things in case I find something else I enjoy.

I love to get Steam friends (so far as I'm PM'd beforehand here to authenticate) and could also take some kik and skype chats upon request. Voice calls are no problem, though video calls will take getting used to. I may, admittedly, sound rather dry and boring here, but I hope this isn't the case when I talk and express myself after breaking the ice. Thanks for reading this, and give me feedback on anything else I can add to either this or the following description of my fursona, Ferano.

Note: The Jalmecano language is a fictional dialect of spanish. It alternates between consonant and vowel. All words begin with a consonant and end with a vowel when written (spoken language follows much more lenient rules). There are no letters C, H (replaced with the spanish J), Q, W, X, Y, or Z. There are individual letters for the sh-, zh-, and ch- sounds which may be represented with X, Z, and C respectively, or as approximations of S, V, and KJ, respectively. Th- is interchangeable with F.

Name: Francisco Del Tierra (Jalmecano: Ferano Dele Tera)
Father: Carmelo Del Fuego (Jalmecano: Karumelo Jidago Dele Fego)
Mother: Ophelia Del Veneno (Jalmecano: Jofeli Sisuko Dele Veno)
Species: Civolin
Age: 20 years
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 1.60 Meters (5’3”)
Weight: 70kg (155lbs)
Eyes: Honey/Gold
Handedness: Left
Languages: English, Jalmecano (dialect of Spanish), Silbo Gomero
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Magic: Earth/Metal Augmentative
Occupation: Miner
Weapon: Electric Carbine

Physical Traits
 A tan/brown hybrid with a muscular frame. Front/underside primarily furry, back/topside primarily scaly. Head is uniformly tan and primarily civet in structure, having a long, slightly tapered muzzle about 20cm(6") in length. His mouth and nose is outlined in bare, black skin, which quickly transitions to a brown fur. Has very short teeth, with his canines being much more pronounced than the rest. A long, pink tongue about 38cm (15”) in length. Has 10cm (3”) ears shaped like an equilateral triangle. Eyes are artificial, still retaining gold/honey coloring on the iris. Left eye has basic ocular augments including zoom, scan, and extended visual range (infrared/ultraviolet). Right eye is a dumb camera, only providing second viewpoint for depth perception. The right side of the head has a connector between the eye and ear resembling a DisplayPort, meant for external scanners and other audio-visual augmentations for the dummy camera eye. Triangular, cream markings sit underneath his eyes, eyebrows are also cream-colored. Has short, light brown hair, styled into short, back facing spikes to match scales on back.

Scales start at the base of the neck/tops of shoulders, extending in width to meet his sides. Individual scales are wide, triangular in shape, and have intermediate shade of tan/brown between hair or face. Scales vary in count along back, but are always are 5 scales per row starting from the base of the tail. The tail has the thickest scales, making the tail look triangular in shape. Middle column of scales are dark grey, edge columns of scales are ash grey. Front fur is tan, with the chest having dark brown V, the ends meeting at either side of his neck and the lowest point down at the center of his chest. At the bottom of his chest, a pair of symmetrical markings start, following his ribcage in a straight line before turning straight down at an angle, forming a hexagonal design. These two lines are close, but not joined at the apex. Within this hexagonal design, his belly takes a cream-color. Extremities from the joint down fade into the same shade of brown as the markings.

His arms are bulky, naturally thick and designed to withstand the constant impact from using mining tools. Has claws averaging at 6 cm(2") in length, designed to dig without tools. These claws grow with serrated edges to allow interlocking to form a shovel-like structure. However, the serrations are not sharp. The left thumb has a permanently split claw, the crack usually filled in with clay or held together with wire. [C] The right arm has a pair of outdated silver sockets resembling triaxial BNC connectors, with a 9-pin data port in between, 2 inches from the triaxial connector closer to the wrist and 3 inches away from the other. Meant to connect with older heavy mining machinery to be controlled by right arm. Left wrist has a modern connector meant for more recent machinery. This is much more universal and versatile, the same type of connector used in most industrial and large consumer machines.  Legs are equally thick, aiding in climbing out of holes and scaling cliffs. His feet are heavily padded, with shorter, wedge-like claws for gripping into cracks and bevels.

Prefers not to wear clothing at all, as the scales tend to cling and tear at fabric. However, where clothing is mandatory, he can be seen wearing olive-green cargo shorts. May also wear white hood or black stetson hat. (situational) Will also wear elbow-high work gloves in dark grey to protect and hide arm connectors. 

Social Behavior
Generally quiet and inward when alone. Being multilingual, he will speak in the most proper way possible, taking every chance he has to excercize his vocabulary. If part of a group, he will always greet any newcomer with a grin and active attitude, giving a cheery impression. However, after the initial greeting, he will not approach someone else to chat. If approached, he will reply and chat as normal. Is not very expressionate until something piques his interest. Friendships between himself and others are considered temporary simply due to the riskiness of his line of work, its high turnover rate, and the constant circulation of co-workers as they move from one location to another. Generally assumes any uncharacteristic kindness has an ulterior motive. Responds best when the subject matter is related to a large project of some kind. Responds worst to personal matters or direct commands.

Makes efficient use of every hit and shot he makes, not striking until he can find a weak point or when the opponent’s pressure demands it. Prefers to keep his distance on most opponents, staying far away to chip away or at midrange to deal major damage with his carbine. When up close, he will use a mattock if available. Unarmed, his claws serve as his weapon, keeping them locked together and jabbing at the opponent. His thick, scaled tail is also a well-used weapon in combat, using it to smash through defenses when jabs or his other weapons cannot. While not able to defend the sides of his body, he can still roll up similarly to other pangolins, using this to recover from knockback and to gain distance from a close-up fight with a somersault. When allowed magic, he will 'prime' his scales and claws at the beginning of a fight, not fully augmenting them until he is sure he knows what he needs.

Magic Abilities
Can augment both claws and scales to suit his needs. However, these abilities can only be channeled twice within combat, allowing for either one claw and scale augment or a hot-swap between two different types of either claw or scale augment. This can be ignored if mana pool is replenished by external means or with Sapphire. Only 6 so far discovered, more theoretically compatible. Most materials can be used, but provide no effect (i.e. sandstone) or require more mana than Ferano has available (i.e. diamond).

-Amethyst: Damage Penetration

-Ruby: Lifesteal



-Metal: Increased Defense

-Quartz: Increased Magic Resistance

-Obsidian: Reflects unarmed and magic damage

When his mana supply is enriched by an ally or sapphire, the following augments become available:
-Amethyst: Provides stored power, which allows the user to build extra damage with each successful hit(no effect on scales)
-Diamond: Provides both Metal and Obsidian effects (no effect on claws)

Electric Carbine: A heavily modified, homebrew railgun made from scrap metal and outdated mining parts. Battery salvaged from beam weaponry, allowing for sustained fire over long periods of time. With adjustable rails, the weapon can fire ball bearings and individual shotgun pellets of nearly any size up to 6 ga. A parallel of 6 high-voltage capacitors charge up the rails. The longer time spent charging, the more accurate the shot. A surge of electricity goes through the gun barrel just before achieving full accuracy, which can allow the projectile to carry a small shock with it. The window of opportunity for this ‘critical’ shot is narrow, and will dissipate before the carbine achieves full accuracy.
Firing: Hold down trigger to charge, release trigger to fire.
Charge time: 0.1sec - 3.0 sec (critical @ 2.0-2.5 sec)
Accuracy: 20* cone - pinpoint (crit @ 5* cone)
Reload: .3 sec (single-load) or .6 second (switching ammo size)
Can connect to right arm’s triaxial sockets for extra power, halving charge time and allowing critical shots to be fired at max charge. Can only sustain up to 6 powered shots before requiring external recharge or Quartz. When discharged, rifle suffers from a +25% charge time penalty and no critical shot until unplugged. Connecting/disconnecting takes 6 secs with no movement.

Cutting mattock
A simple tool with an adze on one end and an axe on the other, the digging tool is favored by Ferano for dealing with roots outside of combat. Its versatility also lends itself useful when fighting, effectively a battle axe with a rotated side. The axe is best used traditionally, while the adze proves more effective in downward swings.

Flavor: Sweet/Bitter
Fruit: Lychee
Vegetable: Jicama
Meal: Chilled Fruit Salads
Color: Orange/Green
Tool: Cutting Mattock
Drink: Hibiscus tea
Hobby: Stone carving/sparring
Music: Acoustic Guitar instrumentals; any

Flavor: Sour
Fruit: Papaya
Vegetable: Zucchini
Meal: any Seafood
Color: red/pink
Tool: shovel (there is no point)
Drink: Coconut milk
Hobby: Swimming
Music: Heavy Metal

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