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Fen The Lost Fable 's Fursona Avatar
Name:Fen The Lost Fable in Earth Offline
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

The Fable Mod
Member ID:7321
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:9942
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XBOX Gamertag:Foga_The_Bard

Future Space for Blogs

Roronoa: More people from Vegas keep showing up.. where were you guys when I lived there! 2420 days ago
PlushPaw: hey I have a 3ds kik me :3 3322.8 days ago
Luna: In your profile is that a slender man potato Oo 3348.4 days ago

About Me:
Ello, the name is Fen. I'm a simple furry. No crazy back story here, just a 21 year old feline who has been a furry for about a year now.
I work in retail for about 3 years now. I like the job i have XP i work at a Lowe's so I'm kinda handy.
Fen's Back Story:
Growing up in a normal house hold, he was raised to have manners and treat others with respect. He lives with his roommate and owns his own truck and a moped he rides in the summer.
He has one magic power and its that he can summon a couch to relax upon and comes along with a slender potato as you can see in the picture. He likes to play videogames, he has a xbox one and steam. Feel free to add his gamertag. Also have a 3-DS which i hardly play.
His hobbies are:
Listening to music
Going to the gym
Drinking tea
Hanging with friends

I am currently not mated, just got out of a relationship awhile ago and not really looking for one. I don't mind cuddles or hugs.
I try to be there for my friends as much as i can.
If you ever have a question or wanna talk my kik is up there ^^
(I will be off that kik till 02/03/2015)
My picture was done by a friend. I am looking for a furr that does comissons.
Random Facts:
Favorite Band is Blue October
Favorite Movie is Jurassic Park
Favorite Drink Arizona Tea
Favorite Game GTA 5. Any Pokemon Game

Well thats that, i don't mind talking to any furr. So stop by and say hello ^^
Peace out Homie Furrs XP

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