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Renzi's Fursona Avatar
Name:Renzi in City Offline

Charmfully Delicious
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Last Active:08-25-2018 11:10 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

DarkLion: When theres madness, when theres poison in your head, When the sadness leaves you broken in your bed, I will hold you in the depths of your despair, and its all in the name of love... 126.8 days ago
DarkLion: Ive never met nobody who sees the stars the way you do. Nobody that can love me when im stumblin round the room. You put your hands on my body and you give me that ooh ooh. And I know that you got me when im falling into you. You take me high when im dropping low, and you show me places I never know, even when we just running roun town getting stoned. Girl, you put me back together, a Coca Cola Hennessey, everybody says youre no good for me, but youre my fucked up remedy, girl, you put me back together again 274.4 days ago
DarkLion: So pull me closer, why dont you pull me close? Why dont you come on over I cant just let you go. Oh baaaby why dont you just meet me in the middle? Im losing my mind just a little, so why dont you just meet me in the middle, in the middle... looking at you I cant lie, just pouring out admission regardless my objection, and Its not about my pride, I need you on my skin just come over pull me in just... oh baby... why dont you just meet me in the middle? Im losing my mind just a little... so why dont you just meet me in the middle... 299.8 days ago
DarkLion: Why cant we fuing get along? Forget everything we did wrong. Cause youve been the one you know this will never change. But everyday, I still wait for you, no I dont want this to be true, this beautiful disaster is you, cause youve been the one, you know this will never change, but everyday, I still wait for you, oh I still wait for you... 351.7 days ago
DarkLion: Its like youre diving into my heart, im floating off the ground, when you pull me into your arms. I go into a free fall, Im spinning and I cant stop, I lose my breath when you say my name. I go into a free fall, Im spinning and I cant stop, I lose myself and I am not the same when we are in a free fall 461.2 days ago
DarkLion: Since Ive been walking solo dreaming you were back home I find getting down low, hide until tommorow. Come back into good life, lose these hazy lies, Ive been chasing my mind, lonely in the cold nights. Cause Im kicking up stones without you, cant pick up the phone without you, Im a little bit lost without you, without you... 480.1 days ago
DarkLion: No limit in the sky that I wont fly for ya. No amount of tears in my eyes that I wont cry for ya, oh no. With every breath that I take I want you to share that air with me. Theres no promise that I wont keep, I will climb a mountain, theres none too step. When it comes to you ! Theres no crime... lets take both of our souls and intertwine. When it comes to you, dont be blind, watch me speak from my heart when it comes to you, comes to you... 514.1 days ago
DarkLion: Thought I tried before to tell you of the feelings I have for you in my heart. Every time that I come near you, I just lose my nerve as Ive done from the start. Every little thing you do is magic, everything you do just turns me on. Even though my life before was tragic, now I know my love for you goes on. Do I have to tell the story of the thousand rainy days since we first met?. Its a big enough umbrella but its always me that ends up getting wet, but every little thing you do is magic... 608.2 days ago
DarkLion: It's funny how we met on the telephone, you and I on the edge of the unknown, oh, in only a moment's time, I knew my heart was yours and yours was mine. When I saw you waiting at your place, something felt familiar in your face, oh your smiled as if to say, I knew my heart was yours from the first day. We were right, we stood through it all, holding tight, whenever we fall. What we found is second to none, I knew, I knew, I knew this would be love... 638.7 days ago
DarkLion: I have felt these words like a weight on my chest, until I find myself amazed that a heart can go on beating under such a burden. I love you. I love you desperately, violently, tenderly, completely. I want you in ways that I know you would find shocking. I want to kiss every inch of you, make you hot and sweaty, and tremble in ecstasy. If you only knew how I crave taste of you. I want to take you in my hands and mouth and feast on you. I want to drink all of you in. I cant stop thinking of it. Your hands all over my naked body. Your mouth, open for my kisses. I need too much of you. A lifetime of nights spent being inside of you wouldnt be enough. I want to talk to you forever. I want to remember every word youve said to me. If only I could visit you as a foreigner goes into a new country, learn the language of you, wander past all borders into every private and secret place. I would stay forever. I would become citizen of you. You would ask how I could be so certain, this soon, but some things cant be measured by time. Ask me in a hour from now. Ask me a month from now. A year, ten years, a lifetime. The way I love you will outlast every calendar, clock, and every toll of every bell that will ever be cast... 665.6 days ago
DarkLion: I wanted you to be the last thing on my mind. I wanted you to be the reason I close my eyes, but I cant sleep and oh god I wanted to be your high but everything I said it went unheard and everything you saw with eyes straight blurred became our downfall... but you can leave if you really want to, and you can run if you feel you have to, and I can drink if I feel I have to, I know its hard but I cant feel like I used to, like I used to, cause I use to defy gravity, goodbyes keep dragging me, and im fighting gravity, I tried but I keep falling, cause fallings easy but it only brings us down... 680.7 days ago
Maddox: Long time. 730.9 days ago
DarkLion: Tell me something, I need to know, then take my breath and never let it go. If you just let me invade your space ill take the pleasure,take it with the pain. And if in the moment I bite my lip, baby in that moment youll know this is something bigger than us and beyond bliss, give me a reason to believe it, cause if you want to keep me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder, and if you really need me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder, baby love me harder, oh oh oh, love me, love me, love me harder harder harder... 731 days ago
DarkLion: So, baby, come light me up, and maybe ill let you on it. A little bit dangerous, but, baby thats how I want it. A little less conversation and a little more touch my body ! Cause im so into you, into you, into you. Got everyones watchin us, so baby, lets keep it secret, a little bit scandalous, but, baby dont let them see it. A little less conversation and a little more touch my body, cause Im so into you, into you, into you... 827.6 days ago
DarkLion: Wish I could breathe underwater, so I could dive into your sea. Wish I could sail into my harbour, so I can keep you close to me. Never give it all away to make somebody stay, thats what they used to say. But I can give you more, you see youve got the best of me. I am floating on the air, cause you blow me away. I am floating on air, floating on air, my heads in the clouds, and my heart is in your hands... 842.9 days ago
Zero Meow Morozzi: Your profile pic iz awesome!!!!! 940.6 days ago
DarkLion: You're every place that I've been, Baby you're every face that I've seen, You're everywhere and I'm going crazy ! Your body's rocking my dreams, You're always up in my mind, You're everywhere that I go, You're everything in this town, so girl I'm letting you know that 'm rolling up in a fly whip, come ride this and just close your eyes, showing up with my sidekick, my superhero with a dope disguise, no wonder woman all our dreams are coming true, So don't be scared of losing me cause I am always chosing you 979.8 days ago
DarkLion: Show show baby how you rocking it out, so close honey show me what its all about. I want you... without a doubt. Its too late... to scream and shout. Let me in, gonna rock the crowd. I know, I know, a way I say oh but... everybody sees it baby, its plain to see, you gonna get with me, I will rock you out... 1008.9 days ago
DarkLion: And tonight I wanna drive so far we'll only find static on the radio, and we can't see those city lights and I love the way you look in a firefly glow. Saying everything without making a sound, a cricket choir in the background, underneath a harvest moon. Standing on your shoes in my bare feet, dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat, oh woah, and we're dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat 1079.9 days ago
DarkLion: All of these are just simple lyrics from the songs that remind of her. Not poems, but just lyrics 1081.6 days ago
Renzi: That's ok! It was fantastic! 1081.6 days ago
Amapellicius: sorry but i saw your poems and i couldn't resist XD hope you like it 1086.5 days ago
Amapellicius: light and dark yin and yang, these are forces we cannot tame, flesh and soul mind and body, this is what I give to thee, the future I cannot see, but with you I will be, and so long as I am free, you I will love, for you I will fight, and forever I will hold on to you tight. 1086.5 days ago
DarkLion: Carry me ! Embrace me... what I win or lose, this is not true, I am falling, I am falling ! I am crawling, crawling, I am falling oh I am falling... Ive had enough of this, I am falling and I cant hear the truth. Im in distrust, you are in my dreams and I just cant hear the truth... 1114.1 days ago
DarkLion: And its a rush like a river that runs through me, I get caught in your tide like I cant believe, you hold me like an open fire in you, and my heart beats loud like a thousand drums, feeling love like the city where I come from, I've got a hole in my heart that I cant explain for you... and you set me on fire... oh you set me on fire... 1167.7 days ago
DarkLion: Toxic and unstable, but I am far from able to resist your touch... even when it hurts this much. You have my all, you are my downfall. So crush me, and keep me for eternity. Break me in your hands love, where I will always be. Crush me into pieces, all of these pieces, crush me... and keep me for eternity. I am tired and wanting to embrace this haunting, feeling deep within the ache of you beneath my skin. You have my all and you are my downfall... so crush me, and keep me for eternity... 1206.2 days ago
DarkLion: So baby come down to your door tonight, blood is pumping with desire, baby come down I see it in your eyes you wanna set it all on fire... Is this gonna be the love that makes it better? Are you gonna be the one I hold forever? 1245.9 days ago
DarkLion: Is it sick of me to need the control of you, is it sick to make you beg the way I do. Is it sick of me to want you crawling on your knees. Is it sick to say I want you biting down on me... 1297.4 days ago
DarkLion: Memories in the breeze are they gone now? Thought that I would be right but Im wrong now. So many feelings, I miss you just a little too much. We built it all, then let it all crash down, We had it all, but let it burn to the ground. But maybe we turn around and get back, cause right now im off track, im looking for a way back to love, i need you now im feignin for your touch, come back to love... 1332.9 days ago
DarkLion: A king only bows down to his queen ! 1335 days ago
DarkLion: Oh so when the sun sets baby on the avenue I get that drunk sex feeling yeah when im with you, so put your arms around me, baby, were tearing up the town, cause thats just how we do. We got that sweet hot lovin dancin in the dark, out in the streets were running, shut down every bar, so put your arms around me, baby, were tearing up the town cause thats just how we do... 1343.1 days ago
DarkLion: Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didnt need, Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I dont know why... If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy ? If our loves insanity why are you my clarity ? 1376 days ago
DarkLion: Just a little look has got me feeling things, Just a little touch has got me seeing things, Just a little taste has got me off the chains doing things that I dont want to ! Do it like you do it to me, im burning up, Do it like you do it to me, its not enough, Do it like you do it to me just open up, Dont you know how much I want you? 1382 days ago
DarkLion: There is no denying the power cause something pulls us together. You are the one and I need the rush, every part of me is free when I surrender, because we are one like the sky is to the stars, we are one take my breath and I am yours, we are one as you open up my heart, running out of air, YOU are taking me there ! 1390.1 days ago
DarkLion: Make your move, can we get a little closer? You rock it just like youre supposed to. Hey girl I aint nothing more to say, cause you just make me wanna play... because I dont know what it is, that makes me feel like this, I dont know who you are but you must be some kind of superstar, cause you got all eyes on you no matter where you are... and you just make me wanna dance 1400.7 days ago
Renzi: Aw...aren't you sweet? Thank you Doll 1403.7 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: You and DarkLion are such a cute couple! owo 1403.7 days ago
DarkLion: If im just a planet thats lost in outerspace, you are the gravity that pulls me into place ! And you make me see eletricity... and I feel it dancing all over me. You make my heartbeat shine so bright and now were lighting up the night ! 1406 days ago
DarkLion: Round in circles here we go, With the highest highs and the lowest lows, but no one shakes me like you do oh my best mistake was you, Youre my sweet affliction cause you hurt me right but you do it nice, round in circles, here we go, oh yeah, so take me home 1409.9 days ago
DarkLion: I got that long hair, slicked back, white tshirt and you got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt and when we go crashing down, we come back every time, cause we never go out of style, oh we never go out of style 1414.7 days ago
DarkLion: Squeeze hot hold that pose, you know I like it do it, Sweetheart im the boss ill let you get close to it, Im gonna make tonight a show, oh oh oh, ill make your love grenade explode, nanana XD 1426.5 days ago
Renzi: Thank you Kit, dear. It was a gift from the ever so generous Pussy Cat. I am assured there's more to come.... 1431.7 days ago
Kittora: lovely new picture madam stripes 1431.7 days ago
DarkLion: You make me so hot, make me wanna drop, youre so ridiculous, I can barely stop. I can hardly breathe , you make me wanna scream, your so fabulous, youre so good to me... 1431.8 days ago
Hoxaus Ironclad: Hello :) 1434.6 days ago
Kittora: madam stripes.. 1438.8 days ago
DarkLion: Do you know what you got into? Can you handle what im about to do? Cause its about to get rough for you, im here for your entertainment. I bet you thought I was soft and sweet, you thought an angel swept you off your feet, but im about to turn up the heat ! Im here for your entertainment 1439.2 days ago
DarkLion: If youre ready for me girl youd better push the button and let me know before I get the wrong idea and go, youre gonna miss the freak that I control... 1446.4 days ago
DarkLion: You are the thunder and I am the lighting, and I love the way you know who you are and to me its exciting when you know its meant to be, everything comes naturally, it comes naturally when your with me zebracorn when your with me zebracorn... P 1453.1 days ago
DarkLion: Mine would be you... 1456.6 days ago
DarkLion: My body needs a hero, come and save me, Something tells me you know how to save me, Ive been feeling real low, Oh, I need you so come and rescue me... 1458.1 days ago

About Me:
°•°...and so the dark, ferocious Lion becomes her Pussy Cat once again...•°•

An elegant striped beauty enfolds before you. No clothes to hinder the view. Only a smirk tugged at her lips. Obviously she was not embarrassed, even fanning her large downy wings, framing her 5'3" body. She looked small and delicate, but heed. Physical strength is not always needed to over come tougher foes. A knowing look in her steel grey eyes gave you a once over. Finally satisfied, the smirk faded away like a forgotten dream. Her sweet lullaby voice caressed your ears.…

"Where have you been all my life?"

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