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Zzyzx Wolfe's Fursona Avatar
Name:Zzyzx Wolfe in Mesa Offline
Species:Drakitterwolf WolfDragonSnow Leopard
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:5555
Last Active:01-09-2018 13:26 PM
Profile Views:1813
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About Me:

So, uhm, I'm not really sure exactly what I'm looking for, but my mate has left, and I've been looking for folks to cuddle with since I don't do very well alone...  Though, while I am looking for cuddles, I don't think I'm looking for anything sexual at the moment, so please don't expect it, though it may be possible.  I would really love it if someone local would like to come over and cuddle, even stay a while...

At this point, I would really love to meet a local female fur, not that I don't enjoy cuddling and spending time with males as well.  I'm bi, but I have a female preference, and I'd really like to get close to someone again.  I've never done really well alone, and I'd love to meet someone I could hang out with, get to know, and maybe even see where it goes...

I figure I'll start this profile off with a warning:  Yes, my character is 10' 2" tall, hyper herm, wolf/dragon/snow leopard hybrid.  If you're particularly curious about my fetishes, feel free to head on over to my F-list.  You should also know that if you're trying to pursue an RP with me that I am a dominant top.  I don't have to be dominant, but I won't submit, and I don't typically enjoy being penetrated.  This doesn't mean I expect, or desire, most of my encounters to be sexual, but if that bothers you, you should know in advance.  For the most part, I'm just a big, cuddly, loving, motherly wuff-thing.

Well, my profile before was supremely boring, and it still.  I dyed my hair red, so I figure should update this.  ( Actually, it's dark brown now, which is my natural color.  I ought to get on here more often...  >.>; )  My name is Zzyzx, but I'm often referred to as Z, Zz, Zizzy, Zizzily or an assortment of other names, since Zzyzx is typically too difficult to spell or pronounce.  I'm a drakitterwolf ( dragon/wolf/snow leopard ) hybrid, living in Phoenix, Arizona.  My character is a muscular hyper herm.  You can view hir character sheet here, but please be aware it is NSFW.  (FREE PORN!!)  Also, if you want some SFW art of my character, you can check out this piece or this piece.  And, there's always the drawing of me in that lovely red dress.  Or, of course, feel free to browse my FurAffinity page...  :3

Uhm, mostly bored and looking for a chat more than anything, so feel free to message me.   I love cuddles, and I'm generally a big, fluffy sweetheart!  I can be very motherly...  Uhm, I don't really mind being a shoulder or whatever, and I always like meeting new people. *wags*  :3  I don't really know what to put in my profiles anymore, but I'll answer all your questions if you IM me.  :3

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