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KingStarfox 's Fursona Avatar
Name:KingStarfox in Dallas Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:21484
Last Active:05-09-2022 07:15 AM
Profile Views:1226
Distance: Miles
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KingStarfox : Im craving attention 586.4 days ago
KingStarfox : Right now I just need to be with someone 586.4 days ago
KingStarfox : Im willing to take the time to know anyone who wishes to date me. Im not demanding that there is a immediate sexual relationship. Im not even demanding that because it can come later in the relationship. 586.4 days ago
KingStarfox : Like what 587.1 days ago
KingStarfox : Thanks 587.3 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome to the site! -gives cookie- 587.3 days ago
KingStarfox : I am currently available most days after 10am. 587.4 days ago

About Me:
I just came out as being a furry. I’m mainly looking for a kind hearted woman who has a skinny stomach and a fat butt. Please understand that I want you to get to know me. As of the moment I do not have a fur suit. There’s some things that I’d like to try such as having sex while one or both of us are wearing our fur suits. I also want try pegging. As for how I am politically I am a independent. I’m at the very least half conservative. I prefer to go out with someone soon.

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