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Kaleb's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kaleb in Lexington Offline
State:South Carolina
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:21184
Last Active:01-19-2022 16:32 PM
Profile Views:292
Distance: Miles
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About Me:
Hewwo everyone! Looking for new friends, and that someone special to split a pizza with over a game night! I'm a very amateur beginner artist, wanted to be one all my life and just recently really started to make progress with it. Soon to be working in 3D modeling and animation on my own, as well as game development! I'm a big gamer, I love all kinds and genres, so if you wanna play something together I'll be your gaming buddy! Love pets and animals too, I've had dogs, cats (I might be allergic, still not totally convinced), a ferret, and hopefully soon a rabbit! The rabbit will be my only pet for now, just to clarify if it sounds like I have a bunch currently. I've been a furry for years, since I was a kid, but I am generally new to the furry dating scene. I'm not new to relationships though. If you're wondering just what my sona is, it's an original species I've been working on! I call them Ka'xi for the time being, they're still a WIP. I can be kind of shy or reserved I guess at times due to anxiety, but please always feel free to send me a message! I will get back to you asap!

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