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Name:Ellie in Indianapolis Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say
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Future Space for Blogs

Reddragoncharlie: Hope your doing well. 171.8 days ago
Spots: Hello there. Thanks for adding me :3 227.4 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hope all is well. 237.8 days ago
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Sug: Oh i didnt even see your comments! No worries! 242.3 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hey! Welcome to Furrtax. I hope you enjoy your time here. I'm always around if you need anything or if you want to chat. 244 days ago
obsidian inari: hi i hope you will like it here 245 days ago
Sir_Chan: welcome to the site 245 days ago

About Me:
"Huh!?... Oh... I don't think it was you that I was expecting, but I suppose that's good," Ellie nodded, gesturing inside of her dwelling. "It's small, but if you'd like, I have a kettle on for tea, and I'd be happy to cook. I don't get many visitors out here."

Ellie stepped away from the entry, letting out a small sigh. She pointed to the table, padding over to the stove as she passed. "Sit anywhere you'd like! It's a little dusty, but living this far out in nature can be that way." She offered a smile over her right shoulder, her dress swaying lightly as her tail wiggled underneath. Her ears twitched, flicking their points a bit before settling again.

"There's butter on the table for toast, if you'd like. Otherwise..." Ellie paused, grabbing two mugs from the cabinet to her left. She dropped a rough handful of dried tea leaves into the mugs, poured the hot water from the kettle over them, set the kettle back down, and took hold of the mugs on each handle, turning to face her visitor.

"...Otherwise, and if you don't mind... Why are you here? I keep myself away from others for a reason. Others mean trouble, so ... Why are you this far out in the woods?"

((OOC: I'm a relaxed individual. I would like to make friends... Maybe meet someone special. I enjoy conversation and RP. Strike up a conversation, and let's see where it goes! Feel free to interact with the above RP start, or just message anything really. ^___^

Species: Deer (Doe)

Fur: Short, tan with white dots that litter my cheeks, the top of my chest, my thighs, and between my shoulders. Brown tail with white underside.

Eyes: Forest green

Build: Average.

Sexuality: Pan

To those that I may have known in the past, I'm sorry that I disappeared. I had a lot to deal with, and I needed to make some changes to my life, or I was going to be gone.

So... This me me. The real me. If you want to know me, take the time.

I can rarely sleep correctly, and I still have a ton of insecurities, so if I seem to be slipping a bit, just nudge me.

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