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Skylar's Fursona Avatar
Name:Skylar in Avernus Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

British Furrs
The Psychos
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
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Last Active:09-19-2021 00:30 AM
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About Me:
My fursona is a Grey wolf with mystic violet shade hair colour and several piercings. An industral peircing and 2 studs in one ear, while the other just has one stud. I also have a bridge and my right nipple pierced. My last peircings are 2 snakebites on the lower lip and a tongue peircing. My underside is a lighter grey than the rest of my fur which continues to my jaw, Like my hair, my eye colour is also a shade of purple. A pawprint tattoo is located on the side of the neck and my hair is half shaven on one side.

Personality wise, although I love to make friends. I tend to be wary of people and try my hardest to never allow them to see my true personality. I am generally a kind person but if you get me really mad, Ill defend those I hold dear no-matter the harm it may cause myself... and I'll slit your throats with a rusty butter knife!

(I view my fursona as a representation of myself. Skylar (my fursona) is all of my hopes and dreams, everything I wanted to be and strive to become. This is why I designed him to have all of the features that I possess, the same tattoo and peircings, hair colour and style, etc. Skylar is me and I am him.)

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