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PlasmaMan's Fursona Avatar
Name:PlasmaMan in Melbourne Online
Relationship:Single and Looking

Florida Furs
Member ID:19008
Last Active:10-23-2018 06:07 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

Cynergi: hello 22.7 days ago
Air: Hello from a random wolf. 22.7 days ago
Silas Blackheart: haha, your wall virginity is mine! 22.9 days ago
Silas Blackheart: -grabs you and snuggles you- 22.9 days ago

About Me:

Welcome to the profile of one of the few known surviving sharks in Florida! I always enjoy the company of furries, no matter how nervous, weird, or "different" you may be. I take pride in my diligence when it comes to responding to any messages I get, and I do my best to stay loyal and helpful to my friends. Who knows, maybe I'll get the chance to meet ya one day! I've also been told I'm good with motivating others, and helping them improve, if that's something you're interested in experiencing.

I should also address, while I do call myself bisexual, I'm currently only interested in dating women. I'm just not going to lie about who I am, y'know? However, RP is open to anyone, and it's something I want to improve on personally, as my text has been known to come off as dry and emotionless, and a lot of people take it the wrong way. I've just been hurt a lot, and have problems showing some of my true emotions at times. You can reach out to me here, or try one of the contact details below. I can't guarantee I'll have the greatest response times, due to being a college student, but I always respond to anything I'm sent, as long as I have something to work with.

Telegram: @PlasmaMan
Discord: PlasmaMan#2396

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