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Name:Malik in Vacaville Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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About Me:
Malik Azreal Megedagik (Maal-ick As-Re-All Mega-da-jik) is the light version of Chronic Megedagik. He is Dracofox. He has various fetaures of both. Such as the wings and tail of a dragon, and the body of a fox. His belly/chest is the only scaled part of his body. As a consequence of being part of Chronic, he has several oddities. One of which is a gooey, sweaty; secretion from his footpaws when walking or when touched. His footpaws leave a paint like pawprint made of the goo. His paw goo tastes like one's favorite taste and the texture is a like melted ice cream. The goo itself is a strawberry pink color. The goo smells like one's favorite smell, but has to be oozed out first. This is used to attract micros for him to force them to worship him when he is yiffy. The goo, if eaten, will shrink any normal sized creatures to micro size and will hypnotize the micro into doing what he wants as well. It will also temporarily turn their eye color the same color as the goo. His pads then suck the soul of the fur up so he can resurrect if he accidentally kills them. His hands do the same if he chooses. Malik is normally gentle when macro. Malik can store the soul to resurrect his victims on command in any object or another body to resurrect. Since he is not a true being, he is just a shell, he has no soul of his own. So in a way, he is a storage for the souls of his victims He also does NOT die of age. Malik, like Chronic, is a very heavy sleeper. You can be extremely loud and annoying and he won't wake up. You can even touch him or push him and he still won't wake up. You pretty much have to stab him with something sharp. Malik has taken Chronic's sizeshifting and shapeshifting abilities but has a hard time controlling them so he groes and shrinks at random times to random heights. When angered, he becomes Chronic, his new alterego that has a completely opposite personality.

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