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Luka's Fursona Avatar
Name:Luka in Amsterdam Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:16114
Last Active:05-28-2020 03:33 AM
Profile Views:2827
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Dimka: Hello, little bunny))))) 1443.9 days ago
Soapyotter: I mean to the Netherlands ive visited a few times when I had friends there. hows a bunny doing 1496.9 days ago
Soapyotter: hello mister hoppy snuggles and nuzzles it's been a while since I was in your neighbourhood how has you been? 1498.3 days ago

About Me:
Hey! I'm Luka.

I'm just your average rabbit that's mostly looking for friends and such, or whatever turns up, I dunno. :3

About me:

Well I could say I'm pretty nice, I tend to be a wee bit more challenging when I warm up to someone. I'm very, very submissive. Very. I love the cold, fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I RP frequently, I love to roleplay basically anything. I'm kind of a sucker for a good story. Grapes are my life. One day I will marry a grape and name it Dave. :'3 The rest you'll probably have to find out yourself, my brain is completely offline at the moment.

My Fursona:

A white rabbit with differnt variations of pink and brown, a short perky tail, and long droopy ears.

And currently looking for a master~

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