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Koda Wolfgang's Fursona Avatar
Name:Koda Wolfgang in Alexander City Offline
Species:Snow Leopard
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Effie: Hihihi :3 2442.2 days ago
Larc: Oh noes you marked my wall. 2550.9 days ago
Kinara Tundra: Enjoy your bio. That is great background story and personality. I love it. 2566.3 days ago
Moon Fox: can i haz hug? i give you wafflez :3 2567.2 days ago
🐾blaze🐾the🐾ferret🐾 : leaves a box's on cookies for him then leave 2572.4 days ago
grey1ninefurry: hi there , im doing good 2573.5 days ago
swiftpaw: (smiles) thank you and if you need anything as well feel free to ask 2573.5 days ago
swiftpaw: hello (bows) its nice to meet you to i love your bio 2573.5 days ago
Jai: Sure thing, thanks! 2576.7 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: So. North Korea. You detonated an underground HBomb. Alright, Game On. 2579.8 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: XD Nude Deer 2584.1 days ago
Lupine Furmen: Happy Nude Deer Koda!!!! 2584.4 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Much appreciated! 2586.7 days ago
Cain: Yay interesting picture too :) 2586.7 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Happy Holidays! 2586.8 days ago
Cain: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! 2586.8 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: XD Bloody hell this is funny. XD 2588 days ago
Lars: Stand dear Koda! I deserve only half of your praise my child! 2588.1 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Praise be unto Lord Lars! Our savior and protector! XD 2588.2 days ago
Lars: I'm great and all powerful? X3 sweet! 2588.6 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Hey! No worries. You're still the great and all powerful Lars! 2588.7 days ago
Lars: I'm sorry! I was never good at the game :( 2588.7 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Gah! Ya broke the game. You had one job! XD 2588.7 days ago
Lars: Lol Hihi 2588.7 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Lars! 2588.7 days ago
Lars: Koda! 2588.8 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Lars! 2589.1 days ago
Lars: Koda! 2589.1 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Hello 2589.2 days ago
Accalia: Haii . 2591 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Also, hello to the two of ya! 2591.4 days ago
Iota and Freyr: Hey cutie they wave 2591.5 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: Well played, well played indeed. 2593.7 days ago
kreega nightkill: i took your wall virginity!!!! hahah 2607 days ago

About Me:
Name: Koda Elijah Wolfgang
Gender: Male
Age: 24(?)*
Species: Snow Leopard
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 163lbs.
Primary Colors: Dark Gray with white accents
Secondary colors: black
Eyes: Left is blue, Right is Gray.
Special Markings: There is a solid white Mark over his right eye due to the augments he was given that caused a bolt of lightening to surge, striking his eye and face. Other than the discoloration, he is fine.

Koda Wolfgang is a private security contractor with the Stormfield Inc. security company. His personality is rather defensive. He cares for everyone he meets, or tries to as much as possible. The leopard is rather submissive, at least around females. Which makes him easily controlled by them. Namely, Ciara. He works alongside Ciara Xenon, who is a mentor of sorts. He was given two augments, one accepted rather easily which was that of electricity. There was an incident where a bolt discharged over the right side of his face, though he is fine. The second was a crystalline substance, which he can now form anything he may need, namely, weapons and armor. It took him many months to understand and overcome the difficulties of controlling such a thing. On that regard, two augments will cause their bearers to suffer from fits of insanity or mental issues. He can overcome them, though there are certain spans where he was unable to do so without being subdued first. He had two things he cherishes, one is the tags he wears, which remind him of who he is and his past, while a smooth, obsidian ring. It reminds him of those he cares about, and Ciara enjoys taking both. One of her ways to control him even better. She has found many creative ways to hide them, and as of late.

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