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Cyril ZERO's Fursona Avatar
Name:Cyril ZERO in Frozen Plains Offline
Species:Frozen Thunder Dragon
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Liu Fryst-Eldur: Oh..er, Hello! I apologise, I was not quite here. 1958.2 days ago
Ignis Agimaru: coolies! More Brits! :D 2054 days ago
Deaf Draggy: Rawr 2054.3 days ago
Greeney: hallo 3 2143.7 days ago
Kali Eridorkin (Keeta Bane): same pretty much 2151.1 days ago
PBpup: Hello 2151.2 days ago
Kali Eridorkin: whats up 2152.2 days ago
Kali Eridorkin: hello 2152.7 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: (nuzzles back) 2152.8 days ago
Kungfu Kitty: Hello. how are you? 2153 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai! owo 2153.1 days ago

About Me:
Fursona Bio:
Cyril is manly a submissive dragon, but will be dominant if you ask him to when mating. He also has high stamina so he can go for hours on end without stopping.

Height: 20 foot tall in feral
12 foot tall in anthro form

Length: 40 foot long in feral
15 foot long *from his tail tip to where it ends above his rear*

Girth size:
nearly 5 feet in length in anthro form
nearly 10 feet in feral form
knot adds 5 inches either side in anthro form
knot adds 10 inches either side in feral form

Cyril is one of the legendary Elemental Dragons of Avalar and his main element is electricity, but he is able to use the other elements as well and is capable of changing size to fit in certain caves and caverns and thing of the sort. He is also a slave to the Dark Master and is the only one of the elemental dragons who can stand the power and energy of the Dark Master himself.

The Dark Master is 10 times Cyril's size and comes onto Cyril frequently by using BDSM gear, bondage gear and other items for sexual pleasure. Cyril gladly lets anyone mate with him as many times as they please.

About me irl:
I am a female, yes that's right, FEMALE!
my other account is Kiri, and i do alternate between this one and Kiri, and the reason for that is so I know what it's like to play the role of both genders (excluding trans) and I act like I don't know who Kiri/Cyril ZERO is on either account.

that is all

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