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Starlit Snow's Fursona Avatar
Name:Starlit Snow in Salt Lake City Offline
Species:Snow Leopard
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Intergalactic Federation of Furries
Member ID:12281
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:3093
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Future Space for Blogs

Starlit Snow: Werk, Home, Sleep, Werk, Home, Sleep. Rinse and repeat. 2104.3 days ago
Starlit Snow: So, I downloaded that Kik messenger thing to my mobile and now just need to figure out how it works... Also got a controller for playing PC games, so yay. 2122.8 days ago
Starlit Snow: Thank you... I'm sorry, I just now discovered this thing where people write things... 2157.8 days ago
Green BunBun: WELCOME TO FT!! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR TIME HERE!! 2206.3 days ago

About Me:
Hello. I'm a SnowLeopard.
I'm a little scared of people due to experiences in the past but still would like to make friends.
I enjoy playing video games and drawing the most, as well as enjoying some of Gaia's Good Greens rather frequently (420). I'm silly to a fault and take virtually nothing in life very seriously, which seems to really bother some people. I'm a bit of a skittish kitty though.
A strongly religious upbringing has caused some of my social skills to suffer and I have problems with feeling worthy of people who wish to be my friend and who I wish to be friends with, causing some difficulties IRL in meeting new people.
Online is (pathetically) where I have socialized the most and feel the most at home, able to identify with my self and gender better through the internet than in real life. I still long to reconcile those issues, though that path has been full of pain and dead ends so far.

About the only real way to learn things you may be curious about though is to talk with me.

Skittish geeky artsy kitty with a collar.

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