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Chaucer's Fursona Avatar
Name:Chaucer in Saint Louis Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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brandonxfox: Hi there, noticed you viewed my profile :3 141 days ago
Bobbin: Heyo 635.6 days ago
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About Me:
Hello! I am cheerful, friendly, and chubby (a very Santa-like physique). Although I am not a shy person at all, I tend to come off as being very aloof and reserved when I meet new people because I am terrified of exceeding their tolerances for atypicality and general weirdness. It may sound like I am simultaneously being contradictorily self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating, but I have had several bad and a few wonderfully positive experiences. . . thus, I am not willing to give up finding friends and playmates yet.

Wanna chat? Drop me a line. Literally no topic is out of bounds for me. Literally. If I get too far off the rails for your liking while babbling about how the "Teletubbies" are really the Eloi from H.G.Wells' novel "The Time Machine", just tell me you are not interested in this topic or hit me in the face with a (metaphorical) rolled up newspaper. I cherish directness in people, because directness is a virtue I have learned to defensively eschew for many years.

A little bit of uncharacteristic directness:
I am up for whatever from a friendly and sympathetic ear to a hook-up.

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