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Article: PERC H700 Failure
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 06-16-2017 16:44 PM
Views: 5331
Our PERC H700 fried and killed 3 of our SSDs in the process, we have restored to a week ago. Sorry guys but sometimes barbeque happens.

LightBlueBoi: The thing is... are you not running your drives in raid 1 or raid 10?
otterwolf: was it pork or chiken?
🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾: I know some times power compasitors do short cuasing that type of problem
🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾: Come on people those ssd's had much needed data for the server but damn how tho? System error? Or cooling problem? Or just a power short
Zero Meow Morozzi: Sorry to hear of such things..
Cynergi: I was hoping for Mesquite -_-
Deored: Silicon
Cynergi: What flavor BBQ sauce? XD

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