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Ontario Furs Group
Group Leaders:The Original admin Etienette seems to have left the Group
Contact DarkXander to Assume Control of this Group.
Members:Faxis, Nacht, Inferno, Kitsuné , Benjamin Wolvenhour, shade, Graxen The Gray, Miote, Asid Rayne, Aspen howler, Null, GeorgetheDragon, GraceMoonlit, kenny the dragon, Reynard Foxx, Shade VelvetEars, Dogmeat, Darkone, Axel,
Group ID:81
Group Shortname:OntarioFur
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Etienette
Last Activity:07-12-2016 22:41 PM
Group Page Views:21321

Ontario Furs's Display Picture

A Group for Ontario Furs!

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Posted By: kenny the dragon @ 07-12-2016 22:41 PM
hoping to see folks from here at islington furmeet on july 30th

Posted By: Benjamin Wolvenhour @ 02-08-2016 15:57 PM
Hey guys! I'm from Kitchener! Looking to meet some peeps. :3

Posted By: shade @ 01-13-2015 01:24 AM
Hello im shade the wolf im from Woodstock here im new to all this never been to an event would love to go one day lol but would be shy alone lol

Posted By: Kyubimon @ 12-12-2014 09:15 AM
Hey Zeo, I have a request, if you can could you film me & Aru getting married at What the Fur?

Posted By: Kyubimon @ 12-12-2014 09:12 AM
I'll be at What the Fur? In Montreal, Quebec

Posted By: Zeo @ 12-12-2014 05:27 AM
Anyone going to Furnal Equinox here? =)

Posted By: Kyubimon @ 12-09-2014 19:42 PM
I'm Kit a bi curious male from Ontario, Canada

Posted By: Sebastian @ 12-09-2014 19:13 PM
Hey! :)

Posted By: Kyubimon @ 12-09-2014 18:24 PM

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