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The Psychos Group
Group Leaders:Abbadon,
Members:Wednesday Grimm, Abbadon, 🐾 Gauge S Steelpaw 🐾, Hannah, James Q Layton, 💖Mint💖, Dezzarea, Winterfang, Kaio Kyrotera, Fleur Du Mal, Axel Fang, Jet Stromfield, Crimson Nightmare , Jazelle, ⚡thunder goddess lilly⚡, ImperfectNightmare, Danny, Theo Slade, Klouse Wolf, Ho'en Diheart, Jinx, Night Swifty, Wolfiel, Alure Seaside, Casey, Vixen Rose, Amapellicius, Chaxy , ZynTheHyena, Kjostolv, Baskerville, Koumori Hime, Tas Grikasz, Friedrich Hanzer, Crayz, Fawn, snow , 💙 Lucy 💙, Morgan, Skylar, Toxic, Don The Friendly Horse, Ghost Adder, LZ,
Group ID:64
Group Shortname:Psychos
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Shadow
Last Activity:11-23-2021 19:33 PM
Group Page Views:24949

The Psychos's Display Picture

A place were the Violent, Sadistic, Wild, Bloodthirsty, and Morbid can all meet up and plane the kills. A place not only where you can meet others like you and express yourself through Dark and Horror RP. But a place where you have a people who think the way you do, who will be around you and laughs as you take the life of your target. Now join the ranks and stalk from the shadows because every Incision you make, every Stab you deal, and every Disembowelment you preform know we are the best with no one to drag us down.

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Posted By: LZ @ 11-23-2021 19:33 PM
Who wants to be my toy?

Posted By: Fawn @ 07-12-2017 12:57 PM
Any psychos looking for a new toy?

Posted By: Tas Grikasz @ 09-24-2016 15:23 PM
Warhammer... one word is needed

Posted By: Baskerville @ 08-02-2016 10:38 AM
the voices tell me to join this group

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 03-01-2016 20:57 PM
Play Spec Ops Front line on steam. Morbid doesn't even begin to describe it.

Posted By: Jazelle @ 02-29-2016 20:33 PM
Hello my darlings

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 02-08-2016 18:35 PM
Sharpens a butcher knife. "What cha you say?"

Posted By: Shadow @ 02-08-2016 16:36 PM
how are you all doing my brothers and sisters

Posted By: Shadow @ 01-31-2016 08:01 AM
after being gone for a year I come back to this big group XD I like it

Posted By: Franked @ 01-30-2016 13:14 PM
Violent, sadistic, blood, why don't you search "goringa"

Posted By: Franked @ 01-30-2016 13:14 PM
Violent, sadistic, blood, why don't you search "goringa"

Posted By: Amapellicius @ 01-14-2016 03:51 AM
ahahahaa! gotta love it!

Posted By: Casey @ 11-19-2015 16:48 PM
Who wants to chat?

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 11-17-2015 07:30 AM
Sings the tune "They coming to take me away, Haha!" Smiles. "No you're fine in this group. The bad men should probbably be coming for us one way or another." XD

Posted By: Jazelle @ 11-16-2015 18:29 PM
@mint if I did will I be in trouble? Cause I can keep talking till the bad men come.

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 11-16-2015 07:23 AM
Sharpens my knife "Oh? Sorry... Did you say something?" Giggles n grins. XD

Posted By: Jazelle @ 11-15-2015 21:50 PM
The only thing more fun than being just alittle crazy is playing with someone who wants you to make them scream and cry and bleed

Posted By: 💖Mint💖 @ 04-29-2015 10:08 AM
Ever thought about just running over those people who park in a handicap spot ... Only to find there's noting wrong with them? Lol

Posted By: Axel Fang @ 04-28-2015 21:24 PM
hello everyone

Posted By: 🐾 Gauge S Steelpaw 🐾 @ 03-06-2015 07:25 AM
Any Iowa or Missouri furs lookin for a dissident mutt to enjoy the ironicaly sadistic side of life beyond context....howl at me. -Woof-

Posted By: ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ @ 02-11-2015 06:46 AM
yeah! XD

Posted By: Shadow @ 02-03-2015 14:55 PM
all the time

Posted By: ✳️✳️Jade✳️✳️ @ 02-03-2015 11:05 AM
Anyone ever feel like blowing up a circus?

Posted By: ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ @ 01-24-2015 18:21 PM
hay ^.^

Posted By: ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ @ 01-24-2015 18:21 PM
hay ^.^

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