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Steam furs Group
Group Leaders:Taco ,
Members:Kovu, Fleuf, Alucard, Neybulot, TehJackal, firestorm121, Arez, Taco , Omi, ☢ Shiro ☢, Fezzy, Kusafox, Maxis Seridas Irkwood, Dantes, Dead Account, Mike Furry, Couragen, Otis, Johnnie, wolfdarkmoon, Fang, Razok, Thearah Wulf, Zephy, KitaDaggertail, Leonis Daemon, Flora Eclair MagicCaster, IronBlueFox, Deltabooty, Trixie Toucan, Itna Leita, Fairhart, Tanner The Husky, Fesothe, Kilynn, Zombie, frost, ☯Flamewolf, James Q Layton, Kai Fier, Kerns Phoegon, LaVi, Altair Pup, Kix, Sebastian , Pyn, Rinrick Prince of Ly'sis, Winterfang, Inferno, Corrosive Entity, Shihou Mikado, Green BunBun, Kaku , Varex, Kerzell, Brian, Karsh, Vant, Arcaen Runic, Volk Sokolova, darkwolf, Neosate, Stag Savior, ▶Drake◀, Nekoon, Rhaitz, Zaphael, Verus, Deadfall, Ziek, Deillos, FurryBronyAnon, A Furry With Fury, forestdraggy, zausek, Snow, kingpawz, WakaLakaWaka, iz gone, Tai, Winter Blue, Xenos Blade, Illone, Axel Fang, CHEETAH-VIRUS, Sheeku Sama, Jet Stromfield, KiloFox, Zangetsu, Cruzo, Starfrost, Aulphis, Owen, Kai, faye, Reed, luvini, EziFluffMonster, Uzziah Parker, Adume, DeletedAccount, Alikarin, Ige , semfi, Jayce, Rein, Varon Drachios, Phuseos, Rocket55, Dag, dyra, Rekub, Nyl N, Xia Volpe, ryneth, Keith, Vetren Kulitan, Sapphire Wolfy, Atta Dolf, Sevin, Sid, Jake, Dusk, Edvin, Chi , Half-Note, ギーグ, Citlali, Creature, Sheesh, Gibson, Starlit Snow, Shade Phyre, LoneWolf, Gone, furrygameremile, Hyde, Das Foof, Lupinetiger, Mister Smiles , 💀 Withered Sylveon 💀, Kiba, Jayce Lunaris, Alure Seaside, Inumi, Rhedd, Kitty, Frostspear, Swaggy, Ignis Agimaru, . , 👽Flamby🚀, Rys Khyrsal, Nyx, MrFoxxy, Emerald Sketch, Cresky, Psychiori, RavenShadowDash, Syrus Vice, Paladio, Xylus INACTIVE, Underskor, Ire, ❤️Ty Kitty❤️, Archie, Greezon, Crimson Husky, Blue Bolt, Apollo, Zherathul the Voidscale, Amy Hoppings, Azell, ProfessorTenebrae, Roxy Foxy, Domineus Dan, Jerrin Silverwolf, Trixie the Welder, HyenaDog, Ace, unknownsomeone, Anna, badpaws, Darren, Alex Denhouse, Silas Blackheart, Blight , Umbra, Jason The Red Fox, Deleted User, Zeri Kitanai, Quiet Storm, Ryun, TFan, Grey, Khamal, Flare, Greguregs, Abraxas, Illiam, Hexy Aroth, Sinclair the Bunny, Theo Sirus,
Group ID:50
Group Shortname:Steamfurs
Status:Open Group
Founded By:LustfulTiger
Last Activity:05-09-2016 16:43 PM
Group Page Views:46857

Steam furs's Display Picture

This is a group for people who uses Valves Steam app on pc, mac, and Linux. If you like to hear about news on video games, then come on in! I love to talk about games, and I love to hear what you think about some of the games that are on steam! Thank you for joining You can find me here http://steamcommunity.com/id/thetacokiller/ and you can find the furtrax steam group here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/furrtrax

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Posted By: Volkrhya ShtormKlyk @ 05-09-2016 16:43 PM
Also now have about 120 games on steam... rust.. thr forest... gmod.. csgo ..both left for deads.. minecraft ..arma 2 ...project zomboid and a ton more... steam username is UnspokenHonor again... join my teamspeak and we can link up

Posted By: Volkrhya ShtormKlyk @ 05-09-2016 16:40 PM
Arma 3 server as well as teamspeak 3 is back up... now running Linux OS with 8core (dual 4 core)processsor 16gb ram and a 1TB SSD... teamspeak ip is MajorWolf.net currently overhauling ts and the server....

Posted By: Wild @ 05-09-2016 15:13 PM
Ok that game is a bit crappy

Posted By: Azell @ 05-08-2016 20:22 PM
add me if you would like to play. I'm not very good at games but i want to get better :)

Posted By: Azell @ 05-08-2016 20:21 PM
add me if you would like to play. I'm not very good at games but i want to get better :)

Posted By: Wild @ 05-08-2016 12:14 PM
Anyone know if No more room in hell is any good?

Posted By: Maxis Seridas Irkwood @ 04-24-2016 06:21 AM
Hey every one! i just recently picked up Factario. If any one is interested in playing with me thatd be great. i prefer the use of voice through steam or skype baut its all good if you dont. also i dont have much of a youtube channel but id like to record our game play if its ok with you. send me a message and we can get together.

Posted By: Pyn @ 04-12-2016 01:54 AM
Anyone who wants to add a fox to play games with Add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048072508/

Posted By: Greezon @ 03-25-2016 17:52 PM
Anyone play Ark?

Posted By: Crimson Husky @ 03-11-2016 12:47 PM

Posted By: Rin @ 02-08-2016 23:42 PM
Just picked up Ori and The Blind Forest. Its on sale right now for 10 bucks(normally 20 so 50% off). Its a really well made side scrolling platformer with an increadible sound track.

Posted By: Deltabooty @ 02-04-2016 21:51 PM
do we do random gifting in here?

Posted By: Syrus Vice @ 12-10-2015 23:47 PM
My steam ID is Syrus Vice but I do change it every now and then. I mostly play CSGO, right now I'm just playing casual and trying to learn the game, H1Z1, The Forest, Rust, and just a lot of different games. I mainly use discord for comms because I dislike Skype so I'm more then happy to give someone an invite link to my discord if you wanna play.

Posted By: Axel Fang @ 11-10-2015 14:28 PM
hello everyone looking for.more friends on steam.my profile is destroyerofworlds and has a picture of a skyrim.character fighting a dragon

Posted By: 👽Flamby🚀 @ 11-10-2015 13:50 PM
Anyone here play Lord of the Rings Online?

Posted By: MrFoxxy @ 10-28-2015 16:44 PM
Hi friends I play lots of csgo on the west coast of canada :) Supreme here but I have alts to use < www.steamcommunity.com/id/proclaimedmaster > I need more fur friendly people in my list :3

Posted By: Falox @ 10-28-2015 08:56 AM
Pornstar Fox

Posted By: Taco @ 08-20-2015 00:54 AM
Been super busy, please to meet you new comers. I would like to know yeah all sometime. I just haven't been playing pc games much

Posted By: Taco @ 08-20-2015 00:53 AM
Like to say I'm sorry for not talking that much anymore. I know this is my group and I should say somethings, haha

Posted By: Couragen @ 08-19-2015 20:56 PM
I've fallen way out of practice with FPS games. Has anyone come back after a long hiatus as much as I have (6-ish years), and would be willing to give me some pointers on relevant games to try? Feel free to add me on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/lescooterbug).

Posted By: Uzziah Parker @ 08-17-2015 08:44 AM
Hey all! I have not been on much but I have reason to be now. I would like to inform the group that we have a very friendly ARK server and furry friendly TEAMSPEAK server available to anyone who wants to join me. Me and a friend own a gaming community and we plan to add more and more servers to our list, for now its just ARK and teamspeak. Anyway, check us out at --- Teamspeak: "whitewolfgaming.teamspeak3.org" ARK: "WWG" (type this into the search and wait around 1 minute, 3 at most) Forum: "whitewolfgaming.boards.net". If you want more information you can add me on Skype/Steam with the username "Uzziah Parker"

Posted By: Ige @ 07-19-2015 21:55 PM
could use a new friendo to talk to. HMU, I'm big into tf2.

Posted By: Crusader Cat @ 07-08-2015 00:09 AM
Sounds like fun.

Posted By: Deadfall @ 07-07-2015 23:59 PM
lookin for friendly fellow steam furs who might be willing to join a slowly forming gaming clan~

Posted By: Kerns Phoegon @ 03-31-2015 22:47 PM
Hello everyone, how are you all? @kusafox, that applies towards Trade. Gifting is still allowed.

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