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gay furs Group
Group Leaders:ProxyFoxy,
Members:Kiro Dragoon, vethraxx, Lauren, Zed, Vlad, Fezzy, zandercoon, Darkoro, Nakuto, wolfybuffs, Bishup Sharjakstae, TazzieTiger, Xan, wilduprising93, shrraga, Johnnie, wolfdarkmoon, Seamus, Zephy, 🐾 Gauge S Steelpaw 🐾, Leonis Daemon, IronBlueFox, wusky, jrzee, Wild_N_Woofy, Tanner The Husky, Draven, Zilch Woofs, Anax, Amrod Greyfell, John Dow, 😻Stripes😻, Kerns Phoegon, Altair Pup, Virr Vaerr, Pyn, Rinrick Prince of Ly'sis, rigbone, 💖Mint💖, scar, nite, Winterfang, Levy, Aether, 🌹Puppy🍭Rafe🍼, Pico, wolfe, Amrod, Bucky, Akmon Wulfe, Kerzell, Leon the Catfox, Brian, Karsh, Vant, Kaio Kyrotera, Koguntetzu, Tarnthelos, Tailon, lil saru, Dander Shadownight, ProxyFoxy, Zaphael, Mikeal óÓÒò, Ziek, EquusNaughty, forestdraggy, Voxie Foxie, Nully, Kovyn, Alex-The-Hatter, Riley Collins, Snow, 💙Marxy the fenboi 💙, nightscale, Kohamé Haméto, Blake, Jet Stromfield, Silver, ⚡thunder goddess lilly⚡, Shiketo, Thrax, node, Lyca, theo_the_ husky, Jeffery Barker, MaruSeawolf, Rydarius, Ibiza, Ryan, DeletedAccount, Danny, Alikarin, Xander, Cali Silvermoon, Huskiboi, Neowolf, Glue, xWolfiex, Wulf Inaka, Corvo, WiLd, Ige , Skylar Rai, semfi, Fang, Palute, Suko, Nu, Jesse Ron, Tredo, Nollaig, Cyro Inferno, leon, Redtail Ghostwolf, TylerKenneth Sprinter, Kimmika P Morningdew, 🔥Exon🔥, Dag, Menlog, Azazle Cast-El, Akuma Bear, Rikkard, spike, Kaelen, Ren Drox, Nikki Foxx, Xia Volpe, swiggitywack, ryneth, Vetren Kulitan, Lin Panda, Maku Jackson, kiba, Sapphire Wolfy, Vee, Aeren, Skyler Saxs, Acheron, FlickerBas, ElliottWolf12, Foxy, Zane, Stein, hawk tigerfish, Ashlynn, Bobbie, Vertical, 〖『ησνα』〗, Anarchy, Attacus, Nabby, Dass Wolfe, Cadoia_Fox, Jayyy;3, Edvin, Ivan Tiger , masterdragon64, Forrest Fox, Arren Jevleth, Tin, Lucarivyle, Dami, Rush, Noctis, Anthony;3, Drake Alastor, Yandrak, Crimson Rowen, ohai, Cobalt Blue, Patrik, Soradarkheart, Shavarr, Jake Growler, Castian, Draggy the Deaf Scalies, Blitzer, Aiden, Marcus The Bear, Max, Jet, Sithik, PsycKorious, Clive, Sheesh, Guppy, chubby otter, Taiji, Drako Swiftclaw, LycraWolf82, Helix_katt, Hefty Sheppy, Drevor, Darky Hellmoon, blaze demon wolf, Chaos, Cyril ZERO, furrygameremile, AlyxWolf, Chase Maverick, Alex fluffyfur, ZaeTheDrasune, Aidrian, Ardent , Ion Lowell, AlexanderCapri, Drysten, Khona, Blithwulf, WORGENWOLFX, Stormraven, Inumi, Casey, Cinder, Remi Wolf, Noctis Lunaris, Sage the wolf, Leonidas, . , Naoxhymal, spiritwaffle, ‡Blair‡, Bubbles, night the wolf, Wolfszahn, SherbertFox, Chocolate the Lion, Stripes RaiderSonic, Aleu De La Fourrure, Rys Khyrsal, Jake, Jetfire, Lupine Furmen, Mick, hunny, bottom, Skittle, Raiza, Razor, TheNecromancer, ShadowWulf, Costas, CyrusTheWolf, Haddo Hilggens, Diriel, Nevermare , Iota and Freyr, Grey, Grim, LokiTheKitty, Aspen, ZynTheHyena, GingerFurFox, Ire, ❤️Ty Kitty❤️, hollr, Furrypup, Antonio , Spring, Timothy wölff , nite, Archie, Beta, Ecrfennec, Fire eyes, Bennicbane, North, *Isaac*, Rainy , ♥Citrus Cream♥, Baskerville, Captain Blitz, Snow Walker, Harudagon, Quicksilver_The_Otter, Xlainvous, Nicholas Damon, Chase Elysium, Ovium Vulpia, Roxy Foxy, Brian Husk, Ditsiline McCloud, Domineus Dan, Mcbroll , 🐼Cuddly bear🐼, Lokyr, JRGrizBear, Issac and Others, wolfy, CapSha Snowclaw, unknownsomeone, Skylar Darkwing, Nikki, Pomegranite Wolverhampton III, callmealx, Alfie Fireba, Rex, Alex Denhouse, Unever, Max Wolfberg , Jake Fluffs, Rex, Apollo Aphrodite, DontheDom, Max, snow, Neirall, Shadowstorm, Scrydan, flame hart, Lystnne, Geode Aurora Nox-Ignis, Ryun, Kuji, Darkone, Maximum the fox, smile dog, jack , Fenwulf, articumbreon, Xsytham, Jagger, MUun, Crimson, Purreston, Riot, Alt for Reasons, Spirit Bluefur, Tarin Coyote, benevolentdemon, Luke,
Group ID:47
Group Shortname:pride
Status:Open Group
Founded By:fawksinsox
Last Activity:07-17-2020 07:29 AM
Group Page Views:28424

gay furs's Display Picture

for gay fluffs to meet

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Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-17-2020 07:29 AM
umm hi?

Posted By: articumbreon @ 07-17-2020 07:29 AM
umm hi?

Posted By: 😈toxic wolf😈 @ 11-27-2019 20:09 PM

Posted By: jackson spring @ 11-25-2019 19:19 PM
i just joined ok tell you i aint gay ok i just wanted to see what the group was about

Posted By: Kovyn @ 07-20-2019 04:44 AM
Shhhhh....You'll break it!

Posted By: Geode Aurora Nox-Ignis @ 06-06-2019 03:19 AM
its very quiet here

Posted By: Kuji @ 05-25-2019 04:58 AM
Heya hey!~ uwu

Posted By: Kovyn @ 07-08-2018 00:04 AM
Hello, Mr. Bolt. :3

Posted By: SilverBolt @ 07-04-2018 21:12 PM
Hey all :-P

Posted By: Gold. @ 06-02-2018 11:40 AM
hello there ;p

Posted By: Amber @ 08-19-2017 01:53 AM
hey boy hmu if u wanna have fum

Posted By: SilverBolt @ 12-09-2016 13:22 PM
Lol i unintentionally pressed enter. Well, anyways, im looking to meet some "gay fluffs" :3 PM me here or on Telegram, Kik, w/e, i love meeting new furfriends :)... Have a nice weekend and Christmas! <3

Posted By: SilverBolt @ 12-09-2016 13:19 PM
Hey guys.

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 11-26-2016 15:32 PM
Geez, I could have sworn, I just posted a MSG here? Anyway, I guess the holidays are keeping most of you guys busy, since there's not a whole lot going on here-but anyway, you guys have a great weekend and a good holiday season.

Posted By: ♥Citrus Cream♥ @ 11-26-2016 13:44 PM
just a lost Mouse that's into RP and various stuff.... idc just want to be used. Looking for a partner or partner relationship. I am usually a sub.... idk i'm kinda not sure what t put here but I am open so if you want to talk with a small mouse then I guess message me.

Posted By: Rhett @ 11-13-2016 08:46 AM
Howdy. o/ I'm Alx, just some gay guy from the UK. Looking for people to talk to, play video games and stuff with. ^^

Posted By: Iota and Freyr @ 09-28-2016 15:02 PM
Twin hyenas looking for a Dom or sub to have fun with over Skype or YIM.

Posted By: CapSha Snowclaw @ 09-14-2016 21:21 PM
Hi, friendly man, who is alittle chubby, who is someone who loves to speak his heart. looking for that special guy. my Knight in shinning armor. I am a gamer, and love to play on my PS3 when i get home from work. if you want, you can contact me via my profile, I love meeting new people and seeing how the chat goes. What would be better is if you live in South Dakota, but if you live somewhere else, thats completely fine. ^^ hope to talk to you soon!

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 09-13-2016 19:07 PM
It's good to see, that sometimes, some guys do read and post a new MSG here.

Posted By: chubby otter @ 09-03-2016 12:14 PM
cute chubby otter looking for some fun , but not a fixed master or pet. im mostly sub but i can dom as well , im easier to find on kik

Posted By: EquusNaughty @ 08-21-2016 08:52 AM
TehJackal: Just wanting to say, i still agree with you there and say hello to all of the rest of the guys reading this group's MSG board.

Posted By: Flicker @ 07-28-2016 22:18 PM
Anybody down to have a casual yiff rp with an interesting dragon?

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 04-03-2016 03:32 AM
Hi, I am here to be supportive! Because you know, support is a good thing... That and well, we often see far too many 'hating' because they don't know better. (to be honest, I honestly don't think they truly hate, so much as that is the way they were taught to behave, and once you correct their ignorance and bad behaviour, they could be redeamed, but then, that's a whole lot of thinky-psychology stuff that can be saved for another day's discussion).

Posted By: Snow Walker @ 04-03-2016 00:56 AM
Gay, manly, chubby (RL and In-char) South Floridian wolf in his early 40s is looking for other gay chubby, manly guys between 20 and 55 years old for conversations and possibly more. Be gay, chubby, nice, caring and real please.. Check my profile for contact info..

Posted By: Roxi @ 03-30-2016 17:38 PM
Hello, I'm bi but like the ladies more. Add me or Kik me if you'd like x3

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