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Single Furs Group
Group Leaders:wilduprising93, Crimson Nightmare ,
Members:Fachsenbude, Hoxaus Ironclad, sean z, Katsumaru, firestorm121, Ather, Oracle Sage, Rawrt, wilduprising93, Senko Ezarael, Zuri, Seamus, Kain, KitaDaggertail, Flora Eclair MagicCaster, Gemini Folf , wusky, jrzee, Uks Silvercast, Lokor, Tanner The Husky, Siris, Timothy James Trent, Zombie, Xionus, Fr33zy, Anax, Blackfox21, ☯Flamewolf, James Q Layton, Rock Tailfire , Birdy Blu, Kai Fier, Grimoire Flayza, dawn, Artaxius, Negi, Hijinx, Sebastian , Pyn, Zver, rigbone, 💖Mint💖, Dezzarea, Derrick, scar, Akyba Jasonfur , Dex Rhys, Kolache Owl, ⚡Blue⚡, Draconis, Amrod, Jack Carver, Suro, Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon, Brian, Vant, fire floof, darkwolf, Cryptic, Stag Savior, Adarath, lil saru, Nekoon, ProxyFoxy, Johann Fleetfoot, Artin, Roxi, Bushmaster, Deadfall, Ziek, Deillos, Sushi, forestdraggy, Vexis Lazuli Fokz, Kovyn, Riley Collins, Snow, Nato, WakaLakaWaka, iz gone, Dravex, Axel Fang, Charuna, CHEETAH-VIRUS, kanti, Anibus Jay Foxter, Lionmane, Wolfee, Crimson Nightmare , Zangetsu, Orion, XMWX8, ⚡thunder goddess lilly⚡, Avalon Shadowcry , Psycho Sergal, Gryphon Amorfuro, Banther7, renniks peacecraft, Anthor Eyulf, Sea Salt The Gay Fur, Majestic the brave, kit fox, Mikko, Ravakar Ravage, Sephiel, scritwolf, EziFluffMonster, Slick, Swift Whyte, Patrick, Lokiran, Ibiza, Amai Byakko, Danny, Cyrius Ly, Cali Silvermoon, Ige , Jayce, Fang, Kurt Koolbane, PearlyWhites, Strey, Rein, Varon Drachios, Valkyrie, Suka, 🐺EnthusiasticPup Leo 😸, Kairon, Jesse Ron, Eberhard Govinda, Solo, BIG DONG, Nollaig, Devon, leon, GIИИ JIИCHЦЯIҜI , Foxybutt, Roman Fire, James ôÔÔô, Bassun, Charles, Curian Lightwing, Kimmika P Morningdew, Theta Vanish, newfoundFur, Dag, Little Hoof, Crystal wolf, Akuma Bear, Kyro, Rikkard, Syn, Toffie Mayleaf, Kaelen, vifoxe, klayton, Solo Wolf, Daigoroo, Xia Volpe, Ashe Wyldes, Keith, Vetren Kulitan, Alpha Genesis , Flynne, Tobias Grey, Baffle, Ho'en Diheart, Reynarg, shade, KurtRouge , Skyler Saxs, ZombieWolf, furrückt, Hitari, NekoxUsagi, Sparky, Ashlynn, Bobbie, Nyx Lyvera, Lily OMalley, Kuga, LoveBunny, Omartuni, Nicolas, karese, Sid, Jake, Attacus, Swift, Ragnor, masterlucario64, Bobbins, Hitachi, Tobias Stern, Vashel, Felix Storey, Jayyy;3, Edvin, Noah, masterdragon64, Kryocera, Half-Note, Leon wolfy, Hayden Star, Schlovia, Arktic, ギーグ, Rush, Noctis, Anthony;3, Drake Alastor, Panzer, Yandrak, Soval, Tobias the Wolf, Lucky, Rothax, ✮Sуяαη☆Sтαя✮, Cobalt Blue, Shavarr, Winter Deathpaw, Draggy the Deaf Scalies, TwiztedHatter, Chewy, Sasha, coalwaters, RinLinx, Lunessa, Sithik, Kai Storm, MarMar, HyBrithe Resurgam, luluja, Sheesh, Phantomfurry, Lucifire, Feng, Ciozara, Leon, Rex Sharpclaw Fox, Telrissa, chubby otter, Taiji, Drako Swiftclaw, James Fennic, Marc, Jynx, DerrangedWolf, brianthefox, darkshadow, Chandler, Hefty Sheppy, Salem Malik, Starlit Snow, Shade Phyre, Drevor, blaze demon wolf, Coyote, Chaos, Cyril ZERO, LoneWolf, AlyxWolf, Lupinetiger, nightwolfaka, Spiritfox Autumnsong, AlexanderCapri, Cobra, Tala Yamato, Kanic, leo lucario, Gl1tch, Mister Smiles , Kex, Scourge Foxtail, Alex, Ramira, Rhedd, Star, Cinder, Mathuin, Diamondwulf, Sage the wolf, Swaggy, Ignis Agimaru, Alexis, Kryslin , Jayce Silence Rebel, 🔥 🚒 Pierce🔥 🚒, burning mystic, ‡Blair‡, vampire, Mezek, Wolfszahn, Turtle, Ryn Inaba, Steamyfox, Akehla, Robert Silvermyst, Lupine Furmen, Shadow, Velvetpaw, Dexter, Kumo Kakera, xSenkai, Geno, Pepsihusky, BlazeWolf117, strenter, ShadowWulf, RavenShadowDash, Basil McMittensMueller, Etzio Uchiha, Thundaf0x, vampire, Diriel, BloodWolf, Kite, Masaari, Grim, BLUE, Musica Wolfsbane, Caramelcarnation, Nathaniel Kain, Aspen, Eric Greycoat, Alex, ZynTheHyena, Saphira , Xain Aries, Underskor, Ire, Taharee, Kaelly, Gamganca, Boscov, Kjostolv, Dark Master, Timothy wölff , Koda, Gush the fruit bat juicer , Jace, James, North, Nonsense, Coda Maray, ♥Citrus Cream♥, vensus-alison, SpikeReynolds, Captain Blitz, Snow Walker, Neo, Kaybian, Livi, Zherathul the Voidscale, Yancy Bells, Mitu, Nacon, Roxy Foxy, Ditsiline McCloud, Zartyr Tempestwolf, Sol, 🐼Cuddly bear🐼, Crystal, cdarkwolf, Jerrin Silverwolf, Luvaar Snowfield, Lokyr, Elshara Silverheart, CapSha Snowclaw, winters-shadow, bluehart, SilverBolt, Archangel, Tas Grikasz, HawtCheet97, Viola Moonlight, Benadin, Pomegranite Wolverhampton III, Geo Bane, valentinebell1, Unever, мαу, Pnz Ta-fen, Max Wolfberg , Crayz, Umbra, Ava, Jessi, Red Tony Starfox Red Edward Leonheart, Tay, Jason The Red Fox, Celeste Sapphire, Insane-Xane, flame hart, Mykonos, Taylor, Rick Wolf Valerius , Victor, numericvirus, RogueFox, bjorn, James, Tenny, Shade VelvetEars, assuna, Little Tails, Icy Eclipse, Don The Friendly Horse, Penrod, Ellie, Quiet Storm, Moonlightwolfpup, Ryun, Riley,
Group ID:42
Group Shortname:Singlesloo
Status:Open Group
Founded By:wilduprising93
Last Activity:05-30-2019 12:59 PM
Group Page Views:31628

Single Furs's Display Picture

We need a group for these furs.... come here and talk to other singles, mingle with one another, and hopefully find that special someone... All are welcome!

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Posted By: Tay @ 05-30-2019 12:59 PM
Oh, hello there. I am a soft, cuddly ferret man looking for a girlfriend.

Posted By: Charuna @ 02-19-2019 12:36 PM
it's always been a bit dead Nacon

Posted By: Nacon @ 02-18-2019 12:01 PM
Man... I miss pounced. This site is ok.. but seems dead..

Posted By: RogueFox @ 08-16-2018 16:01 PM
Hey I'm make looking for a female to care for and id love to talk

Posted By: numericvirus @ 07-30-2018 16:32 PM
Just a male looking for a female to cherish and be cherished by.

Posted By: Red Tony Starfox Red Edward Leonheart @ 09-14-2017 02:48 AM
Well, Austria Vienna...if you think we fit, lets meet...I prefear offline meetings, but yeah, just PM me...even with no smartphone, I try to look in here from time to time...alternatively on Google, DarkwerefoxRed, you find all my contact info in G+

Posted By: Ava @ 07-27-2017 07:54 AM
Female furry looking for someone (preferably a female) to love. Please read my profile to see if you think we'd mix well! Message me on Telegram @AvaDoggo or send me a PM if interested!

Posted By: Sage the wolf @ 04-29-2017 19:25 PM
male furry in mo seeking unique bf pm me if interested

Posted By: Max Wolfberg @ 02-17-2017 20:52 PM
Anyone from IL looking for a bf

Posted By: Steamyfox @ 02-17-2017 06:35 AM
Kik me if you want to hit me up: steamfoxy

Posted By: Pomegranite Wolverhampton III @ 02-04-2017 11:35 AM
Single and looking for a relationship. Very friendly and sincere. I have kik (see my profile) and would love to chat.

Posted By: Steamyfox @ 01-29-2017 07:29 AM
Hello There. Steamyfox the name and I am looking for love >3

Posted By: SilverBolt @ 12-09-2016 15:21 PM
Hello! My name is SilverBolt, im 19, gay, looking for love, new friends, and the meaning of life (the last one isnt required though) <3

Posted By: ♥Citrus Cream♥ @ 11-26-2016 13:42 PM
just a lost Mouse that's into RP and various stuff.... idc just want to be used. Looking for a partner or partner relationship. I am usually a sub.... idk i'm kinda not sure what t put here but I am open so if you want to talk with a small mouse then I guess message me.

Posted By: Geno @ 10-24-2016 00:38 AM
KiK me if want to chat~ GenoXthexFox

Posted By: Paul @ 10-09-2016 00:13 AM
yall seem cool here, hmu if you wanna talk to someone :#

Posted By: Roxi @ 10-01-2016 21:40 PM
My kik is PonyFreak1424 and my Skype is Pegasister1424. Please don't be over the age of 26 :)

Posted By: Kumo Kakera @ 09-29-2016 01:21 AM
have been busy or list my messages

Posted By: Kumo Kakera @ 09-29-2016 01:21 AM
revering to earlier post if i don't answer on one try the other. and I'd no answer still try again later might gf

Posted By: Roxi @ 09-28-2016 20:57 PM
Hello all! I'm a 20 (On Oct. 8th) female who swings both ways but likes girls more. I live in PA but can't do long distance (tried it, didn't end well) Message me on Telegram at Stockings AngelDragon! :)

Posted By: Kumo Kakera @ 09-28-2016 18:57 PM
hey all you fuzbutt got 22 year old (by human years) dragon up for anything. i swing both ways, have a lot of kinks. hmu on one of my kiks Dragonix94 or com.bitcloud

Posted By: Deored @ 09-25-2016 15:46 PM
hey, folks. Guess I'm here for obvious reasons. Anyway, hit me up sometime.

Posted By: Deillos @ 09-25-2016 15:40 PM
I am a male who wants to become a herm/futanari girl, and I am looking for friends and more.

Posted By: Archangel @ 09-24-2016 09:11 AM
Here goes nothing... I'm nineteen, male, currently in London, and thought I'd give this a shot.

Posted By: SilverBolt @ 09-24-2016 07:43 AM
Heyah! 19 years old, gay, single and looking for love x) Also would like to meet new friends :) ♥

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