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Gay And Closeted Group
Group Leaders:Zephy,
Members:Mike Furry, Zephy, 💙Marxy the fenboi 💙, Forrest Fox, Lore, Phantomfurry, Chaos, Alex fluffyfur, Snowe, ‡Blair‡, MrFoxxy, Stickerz, Beta, Issac and Others, Frisk, Crayz, snow, Monstar23, Sleepy, smile dog, The_Blue_Drake, MUun, Luke,
Group ID:132
Group Shortname:GAC
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Zephy
Last Activity:11-27-2020 05:07 AM
Group Page Views:19928

Gay And Closeted's Display Picture

For all furs, scales, and people whom are closeted.

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Posted By: Mike Furry @ 11-27-2020 05:07 AM
i am here to be supportive.. feel free to join to give your support as well.

Posted By: Saturn @ 09-01-2020 10:38 AM
I dont think i can join because Im not gay Im just Bi or maybe Pan idek anymore but im in the closet lol

Posted By: jackson spring @ 11-25-2019 19:35 PM
it holds meh stuff that's all....

Posted By: Zephy @ 09-12-2018 23:24 PM
This group if for those who need an ear when they feel being in the closet is to stressful. Its also a place where you can be yourself without fear of judgement.

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 09-12-2018 02:08 AM
I don't have one... I had to buy a wardrob instead.

Posted By: Sleepy @ 09-11-2018 17:32 PM
What's in your Closet?

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 09-11-2018 17:29 PM
Not sure.. I am here being supportive.. and collecting dust.

Posted By: Sleepy @ 09-11-2018 15:52 PM
What exactly am I supposed to do here?

Posted By: Monstar23 @ 04-09-2018 18:07 PM

Posted By: Zephy @ 03-02-2017 21:49 PM
Hello all.

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 11-12-2015 17:14 PM

Posted By: MrFoxxy @ 11-08-2015 15:40 PM
Good luck frienda

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 07-19-2015 16:47 PM

Posted By: Snowe @ 07-19-2015 16:28 PM

Posted By: Zephy @ 05-26-2015 04:04 AM
How is everyone doing?

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 05-15-2015 12:12 PM

Posted By: Marxy Fox @ 05-15-2015 09:28 AM
Does bi male preference and haven't told anyone irl count? Xp

Posted By: Forrest Fox @ 05-01-2015 22:21 PM
I wish you a nice rest my friend

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 05-01-2015 22:02 PM
thank you for hugs

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 05-01-2015 22:00 PM
i have been up pretty much for 2 days now. i have had a few moments of unconciousness.. but blah, I am tired. Sleep soon, I hope

Posted By: Forrest Fox @ 05-01-2015 21:52 PM
*gives mike a tight fox hug*

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 05-01-2015 20:26 PM
it is slow going.. i am sure more will come

Posted By: Zephy @ 05-01-2015 20:18 PM
I'm a bit surprised more people haven't joined.

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 05-01-2015 17:58 PM
thank you

Posted By: Mike Furry @ 05-01-2015 17:58 PM

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