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Music Furs Group
Group Leaders:Soner,
Members:Fleuf, Neybulot, Captain Infernus, Soner, Samara, Wyle, Cloud, IceyEnzo, wolfdarkmoon, Fang, Razok, Seamus, Fritz, Callee, Itna Leita, 🐾Mallow🐾, Draven, Vinyl, ☯Flamewolf, James Q Layton, Rock Tailfire , Kris Husky, Brendyn, LaVi, 💖Mint💖, Dj Wolf, Inali, Abraxas ShadowKnight, scar, Duke, Akyba Jasonfur , lou, vvprowler, Xenon Nobel, winter eye, Inferno, Ishbacko, DarkLion, Rodney_Fawx, Volk Sokolova, Kaio Kyrotera, Wuffles The Border Collie , Aer, flap flap I am a bat, Zaphael, «Jozulf», Kole Reese , Mikeal óÓÒò, Pup Nexx, Vexis Lazuli Fokz, 💙Marxy the fenboi 💙, Tai, CHEETAH-VIRUS, Lyla kitty, Crimson Nightmare , Jwolfan, Shiketo, MaestroMutt, Bangalter Allshadows, Forlore, Leon, Foxy The Pirate, Kai, kit fox, Mikko, Owlalope, Tomohusky, TwistedHusky, Alana Rose, Glue, Jayce, Kurt Koolbane, Rein, Valkyrie, Phuseos, Jesper, Foxybutt, TylerKenneth Sprinter, 🔥Exon🔥, Rikkard, Lola, Nyl N, Fin Wolfsky, Xia Volpe, james, Lotus the Draxxy, Veridique (Vrai) Âme, Xavier ShadowFang, Cooler, NekoxUsagi, Volfur2251, Allegro Boveda, Anarchy, Max, BigRedWolphe, Aria, masterlucario64, Stein, Edvin, Ivan Tiger , Half-Note, Jinx, Lucarivyle, babydoll, Yandrak, Tengu Hado Azuma, Aztrale, LupisTricoth, ✮Sуяαη☆Sтαя✮, Kerr, C2 Akumi, Queen St☆rdust Rose, FloriaWolf, Sheesh, Phantomfurry, Ciozara, TailsProwerz, Spirit, Drevor, Cyril ZERO, LoneWolf, Gone, Lupinetiger, Aussie Kat, magata, Kayle Fjordin, Mister Smiles , 💀 Withered Sylveon 💀, Varri Kitsune, Kiba, Frankred, Inumi, Zulifor, Patches the wolfe, Fluxybear, Asid Rayne, spiritwaffle, ‡Blair‡, Zyuina, 👽Flamby🚀, SherbertFox, xaviera fowlie, hunny, xSenkai, a, Geno, strenter, Derek James Xanderfield, Lexeya, Liu Fryst-Eldur, Garmy, Xylus INACTIVE, Karlos, LokiTheKitty, Eric Greycoat, TongueImpaler, Saphira , Jasper Fox, Meko, Ire, ❤️Ty Kitty❤️, Mordacai J. Fenrir, LambOfGod1, Rocky Pandog, Fire eyes, Coda Maray, Felix Olaro, Cas, Wallace Kip , Asher Le Blaze, Glitch, Luvaar Snowfield, Lokyr, Skylar Darkwing, Archangel, Reynard Foxx, Darren, valentinebell1, Foxy, Silas Blackheart, snow, snow or Felix , Jason The Red Fox, Inactive, Insane-Xane, Mylie Umbre, flame hart, Death man or kolton, Rawrwolf, Sleepy, Wolfsbaneisme, Zeri Kitanai, Little Tails, Icy Eclipse, Ryun, wayward, Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men and Japanese culture, OverPhlo, The_Blue_Drake, Luke, Dark wolf, wander, furries love, Ace, savage lion the SEA, LZ, EverestHusky, RYU The Horned Prince, Blue Heeler SunFire, Sinclair the Bunny, hi, Ahravi, Theo Sirus, Heart, Seeker,
Group ID:12
Group Shortname:musicfurs
Status:Open Group
Founded By:SonerWolf
Last Activity:01-07-2022 10:38 AM
Group Page Views:37452

Music Furs's Display Picture

Performers, and composers, and listeners. Oh my!

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Posted By: Ace @ 01-07-2022 10:38 AM

Posted By: Ace @ 12-09-2021 05:20 AM

Posted By: LZ @ 12-09-2021 05:02 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 22:37 PM
Make go arooo

Posted By: LZ @ 12-08-2021 21:45 PM
aww, thank you~

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 21:43 PM
Aww, shucks! Everything silly!

Posted By: LZ @ 12-08-2021 21:39 PM
For what?

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 21:33 PM
Giggles~ thx!

Posted By: LZ @ 12-08-2021 21:32 PM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 21:28 PM

Posted By: LZ @ 12-08-2021 21:27 PM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 21:23 PM

Posted By: LZ @ 12-08-2021 21:19 PM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 21:13 PM
I'm glad you like my song lyrics LZ!

Posted By: LZ @ 12-08-2021 06:14 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-08-2021 00:17 AM
NIIC~ Thrist {Lyrics} Stop me, someone stop me Give me bullets give me poison Give me something that’ll take the edge off Before I go off of the edge Take me, someone take me Off the map and into story When our bodies have their AM glory Will you take me off the edge Water flows from my teeth I’m trapped in sheets I’m in too deep But you can take me deeper I will howl over you And when we’re through I’ll strap to you The iron notes of this song Holy shit I’m thirsty as fuck I want you I want you I will drink you All of you or no one will, babe I need you I need you I will drink you And maybe that’ll kill all of this THIRST Oh oh give me your taste oh Give me your taste I need you I need you I will drink you All of you or no one will, babe Stop me, someone stop me Give me bullets give me poison Give me something that’ll take the edge off Before I go off of the edge Have me, someone have me Not for you, but for the glory We will paint our perfect masterpiece And then I’ll take you off the edge CAUSE I CAN’T LET GO OF THIS THIRST GET YOU IN MY MOUTH

Posted By: LZ @ 12-06-2021 01:36 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-06-2021 01:35 AM
Bark! Aroooo!

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-06-2021 01:29 AM
Happy to help! Ahhh!

Posted By: LZ @ 12-06-2021 01:23 AM
No problem!

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-06-2021 01:22 AM
Thank you!~

Posted By: LZ @ 12-06-2021 01:21 AM

Posted By: EverestHusky @ 12-05-2021 23:35 PM
Ace, why thank you! LZ, thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it!💙

Posted By: LZ @ 11-29-2021 06:15 AM

Posted By: Ace @ 11-29-2021 05:26 AM

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