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Warframe Furs Group
Group Leaders:Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon,
Members:Kellion Volanti, Omi, Kusafox, Zephy, KitaDaggertail, Flora Eclair MagicCaster, Joker Wolf, Draven, Grimoire Flayza, Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon, Volk Sokolova, Aer, Riley Collins, Orion, renniks peacecraft, Lyca, Rein, Daionor, Edvin, Chi , RinLinx, Jake The Ninetales, Gone, Leo the sextoy, Rys Khyrsal, TheNecromancer, Grim, Nathaniel Kain, ZynTheHyena, Bennicbane, Zherathul the Voidscale, Amy Hoppings, Roronoa, Darren, numericvirus, Icy Eclipse, Quiet Storm, smile dog, Xsytham,
Group ID:111
Group Shortname:Warframe
Status:Open Group
Founded By:konran
Last Activity:11-15-2018 11:46 AM
Group Page Views:43247

Warframe Furs's Display Picture

Welcome to warframe the free online game to enjoy with others, this is the group. for other furs to play with. Warframe is a free 2nd person shooter/rpg that yo can play online and have fun around in . a very action packed game with its difficlties . when a mission is too hard bring a friend or two maybe more :3 the game is free to play on the xbox one market place or PC/steam

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Posted By: Lyca @ 11-15-2018 11:46 AM
I play on pc. Nickname Lycax5

Posted By: Zephy @ 03-02-2017 14:57 PM
I play one ps4, have for pc

Posted By: Eva Rima @ 03-29-2016 23:36 PM
I play on PC!

Posted By: Joker Wolf @ 10-03-2015 17:28 PM
Once i get home, i'd like to find other xbox one users to play with. GT is JMSM92.

Posted By: crimsonwlf @ 09-23-2015 03:44 AM
I need furs to play this game with lol

Posted By: Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon @ 09-14-2015 13:35 PM
i have xhb1 myself :P

Posted By: crimsonwlf @ 09-12-2015 20:48 PM
anyome wanna play with me on xb1

Posted By: crimsonwlf @ 09-11-2015 00:33 AM
xbone user here xbl crmsnwlf

Posted By: Leo the sextoy @ 09-07-2015 17:24 PM
im psn is Foxy123637 im on ps4

Posted By: Aer @ 07-20-2015 01:06 AM
Awesome. I didn't expect to find a group like this here. My name on there is KouyaAotsuki because I'm obviously a super furfaggot. Just ranked up to m13 or m14. I liek void runs.

Posted By: Daionor @ 01-26-2015 14:19 PM
O.o yikes, that bites :/

Posted By: Grimoire Flayza @ 01-26-2015 13:46 PM
I don't have an xbox1 sadly though I've been with warframe sincethey hadthe founder program and was the third tier TT_TT

Posted By: Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon @ 01-26-2015 11:22 AM
if you have an xbox one you can download for free

Posted By: Daionor @ 01-25-2015 23:16 PM
nuuuuu D: that sucks ;n;

Posted By: Grimoire Flayza @ 01-25-2015 23:06 PM
my laptop died otherwise I'd still be playing T_T

Posted By: Daionor @ 01-25-2015 19:25 PM
woo! \o/ i cant play currently (bound to crappy laptop) but i have an account, my Tenno name is same as this one tho :3

Posted By: Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon @ 01-25-2015 18:13 PM
Welcome , join me and others into the warframe . free game :3

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