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Forums » Introductions » Ups And Downs Or Removing Catalytic Converters

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Forums » Introductions » Ups And Downs Or Removing Catalytic Converters
David Hopkins

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Posted: 05-29-2020 22:18 PM
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Posted: 05-29-2020 22:18 PM » Editted: 05-29-2020 22:26 PM

These are the pros and cons of removing your Catalyitic Converter. But first of all, what is a Catalyitic Converter? A Catalyitic Converter is installed on every car produced in factories across the world. They release CO2 Gas Emissions (Aka Greenhouse Gasses) into the enviorment. They help keep the enviorment clean and healthy for living organisims like us. Now since you've read a little overview about Catalyitic Converters it's time for the list of pros and cons. 

1. Your exhaust sounds better

2. You can generate more horsepower without it

3. You can achieve better gas mileage

4. You have access to more fuel options

5. You can operate the engine at a lower temperature


Cons of removing your Catalyitic Converter


6. You cannot peform this action legally in several U.S states

7. You may trigger a fault code in your vehicle

8. You would create a emissions concern

9. You will create more noise when you drive

10. You may use more fuel without a catalyitic converter

11. You won't pass a visiual inspection for your vehicle

12. You will lose your low-end torque without a catalyitic converter


Those are all the pros and cons for removing your Catalyitic Converter. Thanks for reading!

Reply if you wish.


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Posted: 05-31-2020 14:56 PM
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Posted: 05-31-2020 14:56 PM

13. It's a 10,000.00 $ fine if you get caught w/o a catalytic converter..  



3 and 10 Are conflicting as well 

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