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Forums » Role-Play and Yiff Role-Play Forum » Looking for RP

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Forums » Role-Play and Yiff Role-Play Forum » Looking for RP

Instant Message
Post ID: 1772
Posted: 12-08-2017 14:23 PM
IP: Logged
Posted: 12-08-2017 14:23 PM
Things I like to RP:
-   Romance (including sexual themes)
-   Slice of life
-   Medieval Fantasy
-   Historically accurate
-   Sci-fi (mainly Star Wars)
-   Post-Apocalyptic 
What I will NOT RP:
-   Female characters
-   Forcing/Rape
-   Pedophilia
-   Necrophillia
-   Toiletplay
-   Vore
Opening RP example:
-As the sun lowered over the city of Jelkala and the working people of the Rhodokian city finally had some free time, most of them went to the local taverns. The biggest and most popular tavern of the city was one of the buildings near the market square, with a big wooden and metal sign that read ‘The Dragon’s Claw’. Upon entry, people would see the large area with vertical support beams here and there, with a lot of tables and chairs for people to sit, laugh, cheer and drink at. There was a small open area next to the fireplace for the musicians playing several popular songs and shanties. To the left was a rather long bar with several stools, behind the counter stood an old, black pelted equine. A rather tall individual, only being dressed in simple cloth pants and an apron. He was cleaning a glass, smiling and talking to the customers occasionally but mostly taking orders and preparing drinks.
People outside the tavern could easily hear one particular individual approach. With each step, there was the unique sound of chainmail being swung back and forth. The almost 7 feet tall male causing such noise wasn’t of a local species, that’s for sure. It was a male canine with dark brown eyes, his ears drooped down, the tips of his ears were black, he had a black mask of fur going from his eyebrow going down his neck and the rest of his visible fur was a dark beige. His armor consisted of a simple Spangenhelm, a chainmail hauberk, a beige Gambeson he wore underneath the torso armor, metal lower arm guards, brown leather gloves and metal shin guards. Attached to a leather which was thrown over one shoulder, the male warrior had a simple wooden round-shield with rawhide on the edges, and a round metal shield boss in the middle. The pattern on the front of the shield was a simple one, four sections with each one of two colors, black or red. He had one belt which suspended the chainmail at his hips, and another that held two belted pouches and his weapons. On his left hip, the canine had an arming sword with a round pommel, upward guard and a simple full scabbard which hung from a belt. As a walking stick, the large male warrior had a thinly bladed axe, almost as tall as himself. 
The male canine walked into the tavern and looked around briefly, before he smiled and walked up to the bar, sitting on an empty stool, leaning his large axe against the counter. He took off his helmet, loosening the strap and letting it hang on his chest. He took off his gloves and put them in one of his belted pouches, taking out a small purse full of coins. He turns to the black pelted equine owner, smiling at him as he spoke. His voice was rather low and rough, but the words he spoke were nothing but friendly- “Aye sir, how’re ye tonigh’? You go’ any rooms free? If so, one o’ those and a tankar’ o’ ale.” -He put the small purse down on the counter and nods to the equine- “And some mea’, if ye go’ tha’.”
Simple dialogue RP sample:
-The strangely furred canine rose a soft brow at the person next to him, raising a brow at him for a moment. He then chuckled softly, before laughing out loud merrily, his chainmail kept making the unique sound of constantly moving metal rings. He threw his head up before slamming his fist down onto the counter. He turned fully to the individual next to him, smiling merrily at him before the equine came with his tankard. He looked up at him, nodding- “Cheers.” -He took the tankard in one of his large paws and took a large gulp, before letting out a sigh and wiping his muzzle, looking down at the person next to him- “Ay, wha’ did ye say? I like’ tha’ joke, tell i’ again ye?”
Practical information:
-   I can type and speak the language Dutch and English, I prefer to RP in English though. English is my second language, so my grammar and spelling may be silly at times.
-   I myself am a 19 year old bisexual male. I am comfortable with RP’ing as such, as a straight male or a gay male. I’m uncomfortable with RP’ing a female.
-   My timezone is GMT +2:00. Please keep this in mind when applying. A few hours is not a problem, but with a lot of differences replies may be slow and limited to as little as 1 a day.
-   I prefer to RP over Skype, since I don’t like to refresh a forum page all the time, though this is negotiable.
-   I do sexual-themed RP when it’s appropriate in a romantic RP, with a side-character in an appropriate setting/time, or in a quick RP for quick sex scenes. I don’t like to force sexual themes into an RP when it doesn’t make sense. 
-   I RP by my own style, but I’m always open for criticism. Do you have a question about my style, do you think I could improve something? Let me know!
-   I’m looking for people who are literate, not for someone who is skilled. As long as you can type English 
-   2009 – Present: Life Action RP.
-   2010 – Present: Text-Based Role Play.
-   2010 – 2016: Feral-Heart RP and IMVU RP.
-   2013 – 2017: GTA SA MP RP servers (LSRP, NGRP, RCRP)
-   2014 – 2015: Dungeons and Dragons.
Do you have a question, would you like to RP, chat or do you have a question? Send me a message!
((P.S. Sorry for the long read x3))

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