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Populated Space the Continuation Vol. 3 Posted by: Unic0rn69 at 08-08-2023 18:11 PM, Last Modified 09-24-2023 15:22 PM
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                                                                               Ch 21 the Dalox


The small viso screen in the console lights up with a golden dragon Desara says “Hello dear , I'm not going to be home tonight, but you have also been invited to join us if you would like.”


He responds “Where are you going to be tonight ?”


Desara responds “Spending the night with the lord of the dragon Paul Curtis and his mates.” then Desara turns to Valesz and ask “Would you please transmit the co-ordinance.”


Valesz responds “transmitting now.” the gold dragon responds “I have a couple of things to do before I come. I will see you there in about an hour.”


Desara replies “Bring some steaks and stop and pick up some salad as well please.”


The gold dragon ask “How many steaks should I bring ?”


Desara responds “four.”


The gold dragon replies “Very well I will bring the food and see you when I get there.”


Desara presses a button and the screen goes blank.


Valesz glances at the controls and says “From this position we will be there in about 10 minutes I have probably flown by here a few hundred times in the past. I never would have guessed that there were unicorn this close by and to think the dragon pit is only about 5 minutes from here.”


I ask how far are the Fire Caves from here ?”


Valesz responds “About 250km south of here .” in just a few minutes I can see the lake where my testing and learning took place. It doesn't take long for Valesz to land the shuttle in the clearing next to where the other shuttle is setting. Celer opens the shuttle door and everyone steps out. The sky is starting to grow dim and the air is beginning to get slightly cool.


Valesz says “Let's go inside where its a bit warmer.”


I reply “I have a better idea there is plenty of seating out here I will start a fire and we can talk about things to come perhaps tell a story or two.”


Valesz responds “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Valesz takes my arm and we walk towards the fire pit.


When we arrive at the fire pit Valesz says “I'm going to make sure that Katherine and Lakia are here and doing okay.”


I watch as she walks towards the cabin I can't help but stare as she sways that sleek tail from side to side. Watching what little light is left dance along her scale covered body.. she enters the cabin and I continue with starting the fire. I grab some small sticks from limbs that I gathered earlier this morning then place some of the pieces left over from carving the seats in the fire pit. I begin focusing on the the molecules of the wood just as the wood begins to burn


Valesz comes out of the cabin and says “they are not here!!” Celer says” this would be good practice for you Paul. Find them with your mind.”


I begin focusing . Scanning the area they are not in the cabin, neither of them are in the shuttle. I begin looking further scanning the woods and the fields surrounding the cabin they are not near by. I keep going further and further from the cabin.. ah I found them they went for a swim in the lake, they are not quite swimming though they are engaged in each other. Caressing each other's bodies Lakia Tail is curling between them now penetrating Katherine I watch as she pushes deeper and deeper. I decide to let them have their privacy and keep what they are doing to my self.


I break my concentration and say “They are fine they went for a swim at the lake.”


Valesz says “Good I was starting to get a little worried about them.”


I reply “ I was too after scanning the cabin and shuttle but it didn't take me to long to find them.”


Desara says “Tell me a little about what to expect later this evening ?”


Valesz replies “After dinner you can expect the best time that you have ever had.”


Desara says “Oh really how so ?”


Valesz says “Have you ever had an orgasm with out being touched ?”


Desara replies “I have to say no. I have never had an orgasm with out a partner touching me.”


Valesz replies “You will tonight.”


Desara says “Sounds like this is going to be a fun evening.”


I say “Why wait when we can begin the fun now.”


I look to Valesz and say “witch session should I use ?”


Valesz responds “I would start with something mild if you use one of the more intense sessions she might not be able to handle it.”


I look to Desara and say are you ready for the most intense time you have ever had ?”


Desara Responds “Any time you are my lord.”


I begin thinking about my first ascension test with Celer and Dinos. I begin a mind link with Desara, as I remember the sensations of the sexual test Desara begins to quiver as feelings of lust and waves of pleasure pass over her. I'm now thinking of how it felt when I entered Dinos and how tight she was especially how it felt when she was winking on my cock. Desara throws her head back and roars. I'm now getting to the more intense parts thinking about feeling all three orgasms feeling how quickly they all built up at the same time the intense feelings that came with them. Then feeling the climax of all three orgasms I can feel my own orgasm building. With the sensations of the three plus my current orgasm and now feeling Desara's orgasm building to climax.


I realize that Valesz is working her muzzle over my cock working her tongue up and down my hard shaft sucking frantically on my cock. Desara throws her head up again and roars much louder this time as her claws dig into the wooden bench and her own orgasm takes hold of her body and her juices begin flowing from deep within her. Valesz continues her onslaught on my cock working up and down my shaft making me explode in her mouth. I watch as she swallows every drop milking me dry.


Celer leans over to Desara and touches her on the leg he looks into her eyes and she nods he doesn't waste any time as he begins lapping up the juices coming from within Desara. He quickly cleans up the juices puddled on the bench and then begins licking her clean licking all around her wet pussy, then he begins probing her with his tongue trying to get any sweet juices that may be lingering inside of her. Desara reaches down and takes a hold of Celer's head and begins grinding her hips into his face driving his tongue deeper into her.


His cock begins sliding out of its captive sheath Dinos quickly kneels down by Celer and begins massaging his cock coaxing it all the way out. Dinos bends over and begins licking and sucking on his huge stiff member. Dinos releases his cock and turns around on all fours and backs up to Celer she reaches back and guides Celer's cock to her entrance and thrust back taking him all the way to his ring in a single thrust. While Desara is enjoying the attention that Celer is giving her. She continues thrusting her hips into him and he begins thrusting himself into Dinos filling her pussy with his massive shaft.


Valesz is now sitting beside me watching intently as I am to the trio on the bench across the fire from us I turn and look at my mate I notice as the light from the fire dances along the scales of her smooth body. I reach up and gently touch her face as I move closer to her before I kiss her I say “I love you my sweet.” then I move in beginning to kiss her with all of the passion within me. I slowly begin working my way down her body kissing her every millimeter until I'm kneeling between her legs. She opens her legs slowly to give me full view of her already wet pussy. The light from the fire glistening against her wetness and the smoothness of her wet scales I slowly move my head closer placing my hands on each side of her hips sliding my hands slowly back getting a firm grip on her butt while I begin licking gently at her dripping juices. As she begins to grind her hips into my face I begin to probe her with my tongue tasting her sweet juices while I continue licking at her pussy. I begin my link with her. Feeling just how much I am teasing her. My cock begins growing again becoming hard again at the sensations that I am feeling from Valesz. I continue probing her hot wet pussy with my tongue she places her clawed hands low on my back and gently scrapes them up my back. As her orgasm begins to build she presses her nails slightly harder into my back and drags them up my back again almost leaving scratches. As her orgasm builds to climax her pussy begins clenching down on my tongue as her sweet juices begin flowing deep from within her. I greedily lap at her pussy catching each ebbing flow. Licking every last drop as it oozes from her hot wet pussy.


I lift my self from her she leans forward and begins kissing me probing my mouth searching for any of her own sweet nectar left lingering in my mouth. As we break the kiss we both notice that we were now the ones being watched.


Celer says “Nice show you two.”


Valesz quickly responds “You were putting on quite a show yourselves.”


Then we hear Lakia and Katherine laughing and walking towards the cabin. Just as they get close enough to see I say “Did you have a nice swim ?”


Lakia says “the water was a little cool but felt good.”


Katherine says “How did you .. oh never mind.”


Valesz says “come on over and sit by the fire and warm up you must be freezing after swimming this late.” Katherine and Lakia walk up to the fire warming themselves before sitting on the bench.


As Lakia and Katherine sit down on the bench, Desara says “Paul perhaps a more detailed demonstration of what you can do while we wait for my mate to arrive.”


I reply “What would you like for me to do ?”


Desara says “In the counsel you said something about matter control, exactly what is that ?”


I respond “I can control matter at the molecular level. Watch the fire.”

I look towards the fire and begin focusing on it, looking deeper and deeper until I see the molecules and then the atoms. I begin focusing on slowing the atoms until they are barely moving. I release my focus on the atoms and relax back into my seat. The cool air quickly sets in and a slight chill crosses my body, I shiver for a second. I begin focusing on the chard wood and begin speeding up the atoms. Then I return my focus back to normal. I watch as the fire begins roaring again, I shiver again feeling the heat surrounding my body. Just as the fire really gets going again a shuttle flies overhead landing close to the others. In just a couple of minutes a large golden dragon comes walking up. He walks up to Desara he takes her hand and presses his lips to the back of her hand. Desara says “Arian this is Paul Curtis Lord of the Dragon. Paul this is my mate Arian.”


Arian approaches me he drops to one knee before me and says “My lord I acknowledge you but may I ask one question .”


I respond “Yes you may ask anything you wish, please stand .” Arian stands and poses his question “how is it that you a human has received such an honored title ?” I respond by reaching over my shoulder and pulling forth the dragon blade it begins to glow with its beautifully bright blue white light.”


Arian responds “So the rumors are true. The ancient prophecies are coming to pass.”


I respond “What prophecies ?”


Arian you mean that no one has told you yet ?”


I reply “no, no one has mentioned any prophecies. Please tell me about this prophecy.”


Arian begins “During the last dragon war 10,000 years ago there was a prophet that said “One day a pale skin warrior would come from the stars and release us from the tyranny of the stars. It is also said that he will find a species thought to be extinct by all dragons, and that species would help him defeat the great enemy from the stars.”


I say “Are you sure that I am the one that this prophecy speaks of ?”


Arian says “How can there be any doubt “You are from another planet, you are pale in color compared to any dragon. You have begun the revealing of the Unicorn, a species thought to be extinct, and you wield the Dragon Sword. Is that not proof enough even for you ?”


I reply “perhaps it is. Did the prophet say how long it would take to defeat the enemy or how long the peace would last after it is all over.”


Arian responds “No he never mentioned how long it would last but he did say that after the battle there would be 10,000 years of peace for all species involved.”


I reply “At least we know that we will be victorious that makes me feel a little better about all of this.”


Desara says “Did you bring the steak and salad ?”


Arian replies “Yes, it's all in the shuttle, I will go get it.”


Lakia says “Come on Katherine lets go get the bowls, plates and seasonings.” Lakia and Katherine stand and walk towards that cabin.


Valesz says “ Paul these seats are fairly comfortable but one thing would you please open the backs up. Tucking my tail to the side all the time does get a little uncomfortable.”


I respond “I'm sorry I didn't even think of that when I carved them this morning. If you will please stand up for just a minute, I will fix that for you.”


Valesz and I both stand. I draw the sword I plunge the sword into the back of the seat cutting a line from side to side about halfway up the back. I plunge the sword in making a cut from the first cutting down to the base of the seat. Then make a cut along the seat across to the other side and up to the first cut the piece of wood falls to the ground with a thud. I then walk over to the seat that Lakia and Katherine were sitting in and cut the back the same as I did the first when the piece of wood hits the ground with the same thud as the first I turn and walk to the third and final seat. Celer, Dinos, and Desara get up before I ask them to. While I'm carving the back from that seat Celer walks around the others and picks up the fallen wood and places them over by the fire. Just then we hear something sounding like flapping wings but it is faint.


I ask “What was that noise, it sounded like wings flapping. Valesz it was probably just Dimorphodon. They are small creatures of the night they are about 1 meter long nothing to worry about they won't bother us they are probably hunting small rodents.”


I say “I'm going to have to learn a lot more about the wild life on this planet but for now that can wait we have other things to take care of.


Desara says “Yes like dinner, I'm getting hungry.” Lakia and Katherine return with the dishes and seasonings. Just as they set them down we hear another sound. In the distance.


Valesz says “That sounds like a Dalox but they should be asleep by now.”


I say I'm going to go check it out, I will be back in a few minutes.” I run in the direction of the sound, but quickly realize it is moving quickly. So I decide to take to flight I quickly rise to the treetops then I hear the Dalox squalling again. I turn in the direction and head that way I follow the sound in a southerly direction for about 10 minutes I finally get close enough to see something there are several large winged creatures carrying a Dalox I have traveled close to 100 km I continue following them further south for another 10 minutes. Then something hits me from behind I plummet to the ground below falling through the trees. I wake up sometime later hanging on a branch of a tree. I realize that I have a few broken ribs and my arm is also broken. I begin trying to locate Celer it don't take me long to find him and communicate with him asking him “Bring a shuttle south. I tell him that I am injured if I repair my injuries I will probably pass out. It is going to take all I have just to get down to the ground.”


Celer replies “We are on our way.”


While I am waiting for them to arrive I carefully levitate my self out of the tree and to the ground even the slightest movements cause great pain.


About 20 minutes later Celer contacts me telepathically and says “We are in the area where are you.


I reply “ I will levitate myself above the treetops hold your position.” I begin to focus as best I can. First I pull the sword out to my good hand then I begin to lift myself through the trees trying to miss as many branches as I can, but the trees are very thick here. I cant help but to catch at least some of the smaller branches on my way up. A few of them scratching me even more, but I cant stop now I'm almost 20 meters off of the ground. Another fall just might finish me off. I continue upward until finally I am above the trees. I hold the sword as high as I can. It don't take them long to see it and quickly come to my aid.


The shuttle door opens and Celer is waiting to greet me. As I enter the shuttle Celer takes my good arm and helps me into the shuttle.


As I take a seat Celer ask “What happened ?”


I respond “ well you know that a Dalox was crying out well I followed to this point here where something hit me from behind and knocked me from the sky, but as I was saying the Dalox was being carried by I think it was 6 winged creatures from as best as I could tell they were about 2-3 meters long and had a wing span of close to 4 meters. I didn't get close enough to see any details but they sure weren't those Dimorphodon that you were talking about Valesz.


Valesz turns to me and ask “Do you know where you were headed ?”


I respond “No, you know I don't.”


“Another 20-30 km and you would have been at the Dragon Pit.”


I respond “If those things are what live down in the pit I may have a problem tomorrow. I can only assume that it was one of them that knocked me down.”


Valesz replies “When you go down the pit tomorrow I am going with you.”

I reply “No your not, it was me that made the bet and I'm not willing to risk your life as well.”


She turns back to me and growls “YES I AM!!!”


I reply “Okay we can talk about it a little later but for now I need to tend to my wounds.”


She says “very well”


I begin focusing on my ribs , everyone turns to look at me when they hear the bones start to snap back into place and I yell out in pain I quickly regain my focus and continue healing my ribs.


Just as I finish Celer says “Damn even got rid of the bruise.”


I say “Celer will you please set the bone in my arm .”


Celer responds” Why don't you do it your self ?”


I reply “If I pass out during the setting I don't want to be in the middle of the healing process, if I pass out while you are setting the bone I can finish healing it later.”


Celer says “If you pass out I will put a splint on your arm. Are you ready ?” Celer takes hold of my arm and my shoulder.


I say “Do it!” SNAP!!! I yell out in pain again. I slide back in my chair trying to regain my composure.


After relaxing for a few minutes I say “Thank you Celer.” he replies “ your welcome, that looked like it hurt.”


I respond “ well maybe I will be able to return the favor in the future and then you will know for sure.” I continue focusing on healing my arm the rest of the way.


Celer says “You must be exhausted after all that. We will be at the cabin very soon. Then you can sleep. I awake the next morning. In bed. Everyone is already up and outside I glance over at a clock and it says 08:35. I crawl out of bed and walk outside where everyone else is.


As I approach them I say “good morning.”


Valesz is the first to respond “Good morning , glad to see that you are awake.”


I say “Who do I need to thank for carrying me into the cabin ?”


Celer responds “ that would be me, and your welcome.”


Valesz says “Now that your feeling better what happened last night after you left here ?” well I headed out and heard the Dalox it sounded like it was moving pretty fast so I took to the air it took me close to 10 minutes to catch up to them. Then I followed them for another 10 minutes that's when something knocked me out of the air into the trees. I can only assume that it was one of winged creatures. It was to dark and they were still to far away for me to see them very good, last night when I told you that they were about 2 meters long that was only an estimate and there might have been more that I couldn't see.”


Celer says “ your lucky that fall could have just as easily killed you.”


I respond “I know, but if those things are what live down in the dragon pit at least I know a little bit more about what to expect.”


                                                                           CH 22 secret revealed 


Celer says “At least you have something to look forward to today .. that hot little dragoness Annie.” and he nudges me in the ribs. I cringe slightly the muscles still a little tender from the night before.


Valesz says “We have a busy day planned. What would you like to eat Paul ?”


I reply “A large steak and a salad please.”


I begin to focus on the wood that is in the fire pit.


Celer takes hold of my shoulder and says “No Paul you need to save your self let me, I know that it is not my strong skill but I think I can start a fire.”


Celer begins to concentrate on the wood. I watch as the wood begins to smoke slightly. Celer looks like he is having a hard time he is straining very hard to get the fire going. So I create a link with him and see exactly what he is having a hard time with its like he cant quite see the atoms. So I help him focus on the atoms once he can see them he easily starts the fire.


Celer says “You helped me with that didn't you Paul ?”


I respond “All I did was helped you to see what you were doing. Once you could envision the atoms it became easy didn't it ?”


Celer responds “Yes thank you for helping me, but you still need to save your energy for now you have a big task coming up today.”


I reply “I know but I didn't expend that much energy helping you, and besides now that you have seen what to look for perhaps it will be easier for you the next time you try.”


Celer says “perhaps your right. I will try again.” Celer gets up and places another piece of wood on the cold side of the fire and takes a few steps back. Then he begins focusing on the piece of wood. The wood quickly begins smoking and just a few seconds later it burst into flames.”


Celer says “It was much easier that time. I don't think that anyone has use linking in that manor to teach another how to do something, it is much more efficient and less stressful. Perhaps we can try to work more on this method tomorrow.”


I respond “I don't see why we can't unless ..”


Celer says “ Unless what ???”


I reply “After last night I am a bit concerned about going down the pit today.”


Celer says “ Don't worry about it, what ever you find down there I know that you will prevail.”


Desara says “ If its the bet that your concerned about I will forgo the bet.”


I respond “Oh hell no I am not letting you off the hook that easily.” besides I now have another reason to go down there, we need to know what stole that Dalox last night.”


Valesz walks out and hands me a salad then she takes my steak and stabs the stick through it and places it by the fire. Then turns and ask “What have I missed ?”


I respond “We were just talking about the pit and the creatures that stole a Dalox last night.”


Valesz responds “I think I need to contact my grandfather if he don't know about this then he should, I will be right back .”


She heads towards the shuttles. I walk over to the fire and turn my steak.


I look towards Desara and Arian and say “I'm sorry if I ruined last night I wanted it to be a night to remember.”


Desara replies “Oh I will remember it for the rest of my life and besides I think you will remember it for the rest of yours as well taking a fall like that isn't something that you would forget.”


I reply “No I guess your right I will remember it , just not what I was expecting to remember.” I turn back and pull my steak from the fire and put it on my plate. Just then Valesz comes walking back.


I ask “Well did he know anything ?”


Valesz responds “Yes he knows something but he refused to talk about it over the com. He is on his way here he will be here in about 15 minutes.”


I say “I wonder what about those things could be so important that he wouldn't talk about them over the com.”


Valesz responds “We will find out in just a few minutes, he sounded very anxious though.”


I respond “Sounds like I need to finish my meal before he gets here.” I take a big bite of my steak and quickly drop it back on my plate.. damn it that is HOT.. , guess I will eat my salad first then.” I set the plate down and begin to eat the salad, in just a couple of minutes I have it gone.


Valesz says “Damn are you hungry did you even taste the salad ?”


I respond “I'm famished and I tasted it a little.” then I pick the plate back up and continue eating my steak just as I take my last bite another shuttle comes flying up.


Valesz says “Damn this must really be important for him to push the shuttle that hard it hasn't even been ten minutes.”


Then a large red dragon comes walking up.


I say “ I can see where Nidhug gets his size and color from”


The red dragon says “Let's get the pleasantry's … Unicorn ??? I never thought that I would see one again Valesz I see that we have been keeping secrets from each other.”


Valesz responds “It seems that way. Grandfather this is my mate Paul Curtis Lord of the dragon. This is Celer Lord of the Unicorn and his mate Dinos, this is Desara the counsel leader and her mate Arian. Everyone this is my grand father Kasra.”


Kasra says “I'm pleased to meet such an honored group.” Valesz says Now what is so important that you didn't want to talk over the com ?”


Kasra says “Do you remember what I taught you about the old language?”


Valesz replies “Yes.”


Then he start making the clicking and purring sounds.


Valesz says “Oh really ?” Kasra yells “Speak to me in the old tongue , and before I say any more you must promise me never to repeat this to anyone not even your mate.”


She replies “I promise.” Then continues with the clicks and purrs. The conversation continues like this for a few minutes.


Then Kasra says “You can't go down there it means certain death.”


Valesz responds “We are and now that I know what to expect we stand half a chance of coming back out.”


Kasra raises his hand about to strike Valesz. I instantly throw him back with my telekinetic powers and I say “If you want a fight bring it to me.”


Kasra says “ I don't care if you are the lord of the Dragon a puny little human like you wouldn't stand a chance against me .”


I teleport him into the air just in front of me and restrain him with my thoughts. Then say “Oh really? Now what are you going to do.”


Valesz yells “Please don't kill him.”


I respond “I have no intention of doing that but I am going to teach him who I am and that he has no right to hurt the ones that I love.”


Just then Kasra eyes widen as he notices the sword hanging across my back, and he says “You wield the dragon sword ?”


I respond “Yes and I promise that you have never seen it glow as it does for me.”


He responds “ bright red ?”


I reply “No much brighter. Now I expect you to apologize to Valesz for attempting to strike her, and everyone else for causing such a nuisance.”


He turns his head towards Valesz and says “ I'm sorry Valesz you know that it was not my intention to hurt you I just don't want to see you throw your life away in such a senseless manor.” Then he turns his head to the others and says “ I'm sorry everyone for my outburst. Now will you please set me down so that we can talk this over.”


I set him down on the ground and release my hold on him.


Kasra says “thank you.”


Kasra continues “Now I am sworn never to reveal this secret except to the generation keeper witch I have just done. And she has made a promise to me never to reveal it and I know that she will not break her word to me.”


I respond “and I will not ask her to.”


Desara says “ Kasra do you know of the prophecies ?”


Kasra replies “Yes... you don't think.. damn do you believe that he is the one that the prophecies refer to ?”


Desara says “Paul draw your sword please.”


I do as Desara ask. As the sword is unsheathed it begins to glow so brightly even in the bright sunlight it can be seen.


Kasra drops to one knee “Can you forgive my ignorance I simply did not believe that you could possibly be our lord.”


I respond “Stand up. I do not yet deserve this title not until after I have eliminated the mantis threat.”


Kasra stands, and says “Since you are so intent on going down into the pit. Please go with my blessing I can only hope that with the knowledge I have just given Valesz and the fact that you wield that sword you just might have a chance of being the only ones that will survive. I can say no more about it. But I do have a question.”


I reply “What is the question ?”


Kasra ask “How do you plan to get down there? any ship will inadvertently be destroyed, and there is no rope or cable long enough to get you down there. ”


I respond “After the display you just received you don't know? Then I will show you .”


I turn to the others and say we will be back in just a minute”


Valesz says “Last time you said that we had to come and get you.”


I respond “I'm not chasing a Dalox this time. I am only going to take him to the other side of the lake and back.”


Then I lift Kasra and myself I bring Kasra to my back and say “Wrap your arms around my chest and hold on.” he does as he is told, and we begin moving faster and faster in just a few seconds we are on the other side of the lake.


Then I notice that something is poking at my butt. I set us down on the far side of the lake and he releases his hold on me. He steps back his cock now fully erect.


Kasra says “I'm sorry it was just the feel of your smooth skin against my belly I couldn't help myself.”


I reply “You mean like this..” and I take hold of his cock and begin stroking him.


He stammers out “ yesss sss” then he returns the favor and grabs my now stiffening shaft in his hand and begins stroking me. Working his clawed hand gently up and down the length of my now hard cock. Then he pulls away to lay in the grass next to the lake. Then he curls his tail around me and picks me up and gently lays me down on top of him with his cock right in front of me before I get a chance to even lick him he has my cock engulfed working his tongue along my shaft sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I quickly regain my composure I lift myself up slightly so that I can better reach his stiff member I slip his cock into my mouth licking it with my tongue while working up and down his shaft. I can feel his climax building as well as my own. Then I release him from my mouth and climb off of him and kneel in front of him.


He says “Are you sure you can handle me.”


I reply “Yes but you have to handle me too”


he replies “I think that I can accommodate you.” then he positions himself behind me with plenty of precum oozing from his hard member he gently rubs his cock around my ass and slowly pushes his way in I surprise him by thrusting back and taking him to the hilt. This sensation send him over the top and he roars and begins filling me up with his hot jiz. He thrust him self deep into me pumping stream after stream of his hot sticky juices. As he relaxes and takes a step back his cock slides out and all of his seed makes a plopping sound as it hits the ground below me he turns around and then offers himself to me by raising his tail out of the way. I step behind him and guide my cock to his hole milking it for precum witch I rub around his tail hole and slowly push myself into him he tenses up and pushes me back out. I guide myself back to him and push in again he relaxes this time and I slowly push my way into him and begin pounding this large dragon before me. He works his tail behind me still slippery from his juices he slides his tail right in. working his tail with my rhythm. It don't take long for my own climax to build again as he continues his assault on my ass with his tail. I let my climax take over and I begin unloading my seed deep into this tight dragon I thrust my self deep into him one last time with everything I have he roars again and begins to shoot his load on the ground in front of him as I pump the last I have to offer him. I collapse on his back and he gently pulls his tail out of me. After I have relaxed for a minute I lift myself off of him,


He says “Thank you. In all of my 352 years I have never mated with another male. I had no idea what I was missing.”


I reply “Your welcome , now lets jump in the lake and get cleaned off and head back they are probably getting worried about us.”


I dive into the lake my body shudders at the cold water I stop for a second and let my body become use to the water then I surface. Kasra is now in the water about three meters away.


I say want to race to the other side ?”


Kasra laughs the way your body is built there is no way that you could beat me in a water race. I will even give you a head start.”


I reply “You are the one that needs a head start.”


Kasra quickly dives into the water swimming towards the other side, I watch as the sunlight reaching his scales dances along his body as he swims away. I wait until he is about ¼ of the way there then I dive into the water myself. In just a few seconds I catch up with him I pass him with enough speed my wake causes him to roll in the water. I stop and return to where he is and I help him to the surface. He coughs and spits out some water.


He says “What the hell was that ?”


I respond “ I'm sorry that was me.”


he responds “?How the hell can you move that fast in the water.”


I respond “it is one of my powers.” I then lift both of us out of the water and fly us back to the cabin to dry off next to the fire. When we get there.


Valesz says “Where the hell have you been, I thought that you were only going to be gone a couple of minutes its been almost a half hour.”


I respond “I'm sorry we decided to take a little swim.”


Kasra says “Don't be to hard on him Valesz you have yourself a fine mate, I have learned a little bit about him in the last half hour. Mainly that he is honest and trustworthy and to take anything that he says to heart. I also learned that he is quite impressive. We had a little race in the water I thought I had him beat but he was only toying with me when he passed me his wake was so strong that it flipped me several times in the water. He stopped the race and came back to help me. That's when we came back here.”


Valesz says “It is almost time for us to go back to the ship for the engine refit. Paul and I are the only ones that have to go back to the ship the rest are welcome to stay here, or if you wish you can come to the ship but it is going to be pretty boring there.”


Lakia says “A swim don't sound to bad right about now.”


Valesz says “We will leave in about 15 minutes if anyone is going be on the shuttle other wise we will see you when we get back around 12 - 12:30.


I turn to Kasra and say “I would like to talk to you in the cabin for just a minute.


Kasra responds “sure.”


I grab my plate and bowl and head into the cabin when we get to the cabin I place the dishes in the sink then I turn to Kasra and say, “I want you to know that I don't keep any secrets from Valesz. I know that she likes to use a closed door policy but I still feel the need to let her know what happened at the lake, no she don't need the details but she does deserve to know that we mated.”


Kasra replies “I'm glad that you are telling me this it shows your honesty and devotion to her. Of course you may tell her. If you would prefer I will tell her.”


I respond “No that is my responsibility.”


Kasra says “I may not have known about your powers before I came here but I already knew that you had received the highest medal a dragon could receive and that you were proclaimed dragon Lord. I may be old but I still keep up with current events, I watched the fight and the wedding on the viso screen as well as the clip where you were doing battle in the counsel chamber. When I went to strike Valesz, I had no intention of hitting her it was a test for you. I wanted to see for myself that you would be protective of her.”


Then he slaps me on the back and says “You know I like you sonny, your alright in my book.”


I say “Well gramps I would love to stay and tell you the story of how I got to be here but we need to be leaving, but if you ask any of the others I'm sure that they would be glad to tell you.”


He responds “Please don't call me gramps make me sound even older than I am.”


I reply “Then how about just Pa then.”


He replies “That will work.” and with that said we both head out the door. As we get back to the fire pit,


I say “Would everyone here please fill Pa in on how I got to be here, perhaps it will take most of the time that Valesz and I are gone.”


Valesz looks at me and says “Pa ?”


I reply “We can talk about it on the way its 9:30 we need to get going love.”


Desara says “We have a few things to do this morning we will meet you at the pit this afternoon”


I take Valesz's hand and we walk to the shuttle.


Just as soon as we are on our way I say “There is something that I feel that I need to tell you.”


Valesz replies “ what is it Paul ?”


I reply “I know you use the closed door policy but in this case I need to let you know that when Kasra and I were at the lake we weren't just swimming, we mated.”


She responds “That old lizard can still get it up ???”


I reply “Yes and for a dragon he is on the larger size he is comparable to myself.”


she replies “So that's why my grandmother always put up with his cocky attitude.”


I say “Lets talk about what we are going to have done to the engines before we get there.”


Valesz replies “You know that the engines are your responsibility.”


I say “I know but I thought that you might like to know what I am planning on having done but I will have to talk to the refit crew and see if they can get what I want done in the next couple of days.”


She replies “What are you doing that might take that long?”


“Well for starters when I was re-compressing the Plasma I could see that there were flaws in the main plasma chamber I was thinking about having that replaced or at least reworked so that the plasma burns evenly. I am also thinking about having better magnetic restrictors installed if we can get a tighter burn we can get even more speed out of the engines and they will be even more efficient.”


Valesz responds “That sounds like a lot of work to try to get done in just a couple of days. But it is your decision. Do what you feel is right.”


I glance out the window and see the docking station. I look a little more and then I see the ship. Valesz goes right by the ship.


I ask “Why didn't you dock with the ship ?”


She replies “No one is allowed to dock with any ship that is in port for security reasons.”


I reply “That is understandable, it would be difficult for them to know who is docking to what ship and if they should be there or not.”


Valesz docks the shuttle to a nearby port. As we exit the shuttle two large dragons are there to greet us. One of them says “Will you please follow us ?”


Valesz says “We have an appointment aboard the Kameer.”


The dragon replies “Yes ma'am but since there was a spy caught on the counsel we have implemented new security protocols. You must pass through a security check point until we have fully installed the new security system.”


I say “You mean the new IR lights”


The dragon says “How did you know that the new system was an IR light.”


I reply “Because the order came from me and our doctor, Desara just formalized it.”



Valesz says “Alright I don't want to be late let's go to the security checkpoint.”


The dragons turn and begin walking, we follow them.


The dragon says “The repair crew that is suppose to meet you might be just a little late they have been quite busy installing the new security system.”


We soon arrive at the main corridor. The dragon says “Here we are pass through here then place your claw on the panel to your right and identify your self to the computer then you will be clear to move about the station.”


Valesz goes first she walks through the arch way and places her hand on the panel and says “Valesz Unridoor.”


The computer responds “Title Please?”


Valesz responds “Captain of the Kameer.”


The computer responds “Thank you Captain you may proceed.”


Valesz walks past the the console then she turns and says “okay your turn.”


I link with her and say “This is going to be fun. Watch the guards.”


I pass through the arch way and place my hand on the panel.


The computer says “identify please .” I say “Paul Curtis”


The computer says “Title please.”


I respond “Kameer Chief Engineer.”


The computer responds “Invalid title Mr. Paul Curtis, please restate title”


Valesz watches as the guards draw their weapons and begin moving towards me.


I say “ Lord of the Dragon”


The computer responds “Thank you Lord Paul Curtis”


I turn and see the dragons right behind me trying to pick their jaws up off of the floor. Valesz says “You enjoy that too much. You know that don't you”


I respond “It is so fun to see look of total surprise on their faces. Even you have to admit you enjoy it too.”


Vales responds “Yes I do like to see those dumbfounded looks .”


We continue down the corridor to the ship when we get there both Zipper and Squeaky are there waiting for us.


I say “I thought that you two would be down on the planet enjoying yourselves.” Zipper replies “What and miss the engine refit.”


I say “You must have plasma in your veins.” we all laugh.


Valesz says “Let's get on board and see what we can do to get ready for the station's crew.”


Squeaky says “The engines are waiting for the crew already, Zipper and I came up to the ship at 06:00 and prepped them.”


Just as we turn to enter the ship a dragon walks up and says “I am the stations chief engineer, Mindy.”


She is a very fit green female dragon. She is slightly muscular but not to much the curves suit her quite well. She has slightly smaller breast than Valesz but very firm and perky.


I reply “I am Paul.”


Mindy interrupts “Yes Paul I know who you are” she takes my hand and gently kisses the back of my hand and continues “My lord.”


I say “Mindy what do yo know of this class ship?”


Mindy responds this is a typical cargo ship with ION drives most have a max speed of 3xl.”

I interrupt “Stop right there. I have modified the engines on this ship. What would you say if I told you that this ship can now cruse at 6.5 with a max speed of 6.7xl ?”


Mindy responds “That is simply not possible.”


Valesz says “But it is possible and Paul is the one that made the modifications.”


Mindy says “Now this I have got to see.”


I respond “and the modifications that I am going to ask you to do we should be able to reach a max speed of 7.0.”


Mindy ask “What modifications do you want me to do that will give you that much more ?”


I respond “Well while the plasma is burning in the main chamber there are a few flaws that are causing eddies in the plasma flow. If we have to I would like to install a new core chamber in the main engine, and replace all of the magnetic restrictors with models that are more powerful to get a tighter burn from the plasma.”


Mindy responds “The restrictors I know that I can replace this ship probably has the k7 restrictors I can replace them with the new L1 model they are 25% more powerful and have a longer life than the k7's. But as for the chamber how do you know that there were eddies in the burn cycle ?”


I respond “I can see them.”


Mindy says “How can you see through 100mm of titanium alloy and then the 50cm carbon composite liner ? I respond the same way that I know that your attracted to me and that your heart rate just jumped about 15 BPM.”


Mindy responds “Who am I to argue with the lord of the dragon ? I will take a look at the main chamber and see what your are talking about.”


As we enter the engine room Mindy instantly notices the magnetic constrictors on the plasma injectors. She says “What are these doing here ? This isn't how they were meant to work.”


I reply “This may not be what they were meant for but if you think about it for just a second you will understand what they do.”


Mindy thinks about it for a minute then says “Damn that is so simple I don't know why no one thought of it before it must increase efficiency by at least 50%”


I reply “Actually the engines now run at 174% efficiency.” Mindy takes a closer look at the magnetic constrictors and says “ If you would like I can upgrade these as well the new model will be adjustable to within .002 microns and increase constriction by almost 25%.”


I reply “Let's plan on doing that. Now lets take a look in the core” Mindy starts to open the core.


I say “Wait just a second before you open that.” then I say “computer lock out all injectors authorization Alpha, Gama, Omega 1011 green, level 10.”


The computer responds “Injectors locked out level 10”


Then I say “You can open it now. I wouldn't want any accidents on this ship.”


Mindy replies “Thank you.” and she grabs a hand light and crawls into the core with me right behind her. Mindy says “ I see what you are talking about this should be replaced this chamber looks like the engines have been run to hot a few times, see here where there is a very rough texture now look here close to the entrance where it is still smooth. The rough texture indicates that the liner was very hot and beginning to fatigue it was fairly close to a rupture at one time.”


“Ok we will replace the liner as well then. Now lets get out of here.” as we crawl out


I say “I just had another thought about a possible upgrade.” Mindy replies “What are you thinking ?”


I reply “You see how the magnetic containment units are aligned in 4 rows around the core chamber. If you were to run the rows in a spiral configuration around the chamber wouldn't that make the engines more efficient by making the plasma burn in on itself rather than just by being compressed.”


Mindy ask “What are you saying ?”


I reply “Okay if you run the containment units in a spiral that would create a vortex within the chamber forcing the plasma to burn even hotter in the center of the vortex thus making it more efficient.”


Mindy replies “I am going to have to work some math on that but I would be willing to give it a try after I have run a few computer simulations.”


Valesz says “Now that we know what needs to be done. How much are these upgrades going to cost and how long for the work?”


Mindy begins working on her hand held computer she says the parts will cost 900 credits each restrictor is 50 credits and the constrictors are 25 credits each it is going to take about 5 days to complete the work the labor will come to 150 credits.”


Valesz replies “The money is not a problem but we need the work done in 3 days I will throw in another 50 credits if you can get it done in 3 days. Mindy responds “Then it looks like we have a deal.”


I say “We should have spare parts , I wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and no way to fix a simple problem.”


Valesz replies “Give him what ever parts he wants.”


I say “Thank you.” Mindy says “what parts would you like to keep in stock ?” I reply “ a full set of constrictors and at least 6 restrictors we will also need the tools to adjust the constrictors. The spanners that I have will only adjust to .5 microns.” Mindy says “the spare parts will cost 600 plus 25 for the microspanner will be 625 credits.”


I say “two microspanners please.”


Mindy says “That brings the total to 1750 credits.”


Valesz says “That will be fine.”


Mindy says “Now that we have all the work planned out I would like to talk about the modifications that you have made so far.”


I respond “What would you like to know ?”


Mindy replies “For starters what made you think to install the constrictors on the plasma injectors ?


I reply “I got to thinking that if I could compress the plasma stream and super heat the plasma before it entered the chamber it would increase the efficiency of the engine about 75%.”


Mindy ask “What is the current efficiency of the engines ?”


I say “Computer what were the engine status from 32 hours ago?”


The computer replies “Engine running at 172% efficiency core temperature 680 Celsius, plasma temperature 68 million Celsius, speed 6.5xl.”


Mindy says “Very impressive , and just think after we upgrade these engines she will be even more efficient and much faster, if I were to guess efficiency will increase about another 25% and speed should be close to 8xl perhaps a little faster.”


I say “ Mindy you might want to take the time to study the configuration of these engines because you will be making the same modifications to every dragon ship that comes in here for the next few weeks. In fact I would suggest that you bring all of your top staff to study them you have a huge job coming.”


Mindy ask “What are you talking about, making modifications to all the dragon ships , and a huge job ?”


I reply “I can't tell you any more than I already have. Just be ready to begin upgrading every ship that comes this way. If you would please don't mention the spiral configuration until we have had a chance to prove it works reliably.”


Mindy replies “As you wish my lord.”


I reply “Please call me Paul.”


Mindy replies “Yes Paul” I say “If you don't mind I would like at least one of my engineering crew members remain here while the work is being done.”


Mindy replies “Good I was going to ask if one would be here to explain how you installed the constrictors.”


I say “ I was thinking about asking one of them to volunteer to remain here to help teach your staff with the new modifications.” Then I turn to Zipper and Squeaky and ask “Which one of you will stay on the ship for the refit ?”


They both step forward I say “You two are not making this easy for me are you?”


They both say “No.”


I say “Alright then since we want this done as quickly as possible Squeaky you remain on the ship and Zipper after the work is complete will you stay here and help teach the station staff about the new modifications?”


Zipper responds “Yes sir”


Valesz says “Zipper you better relax for the next two days your job here is going to be very busy after we leave. In fact we are going to the fire caves after we leave here would you like to join us?”


Zipper says “ I'd love to, thank you”


I say “Speaking of the fire caves we should be going we told Annie that we would be there around 12-1 pm, by the time we get back to the cabin get in a quick dip it will be time to go get some lunch.”


                                                                     CH 23 back to Vivus


I say to Valesz “I would like to stop by the pool for just a second on our way out.”


Valesz ask “Why? Do you want to go for a swim, I though that we were going to go swimming in the lake at the cabin.”


I reply “No that's not it at all. I want to grab some fruit from the trees to take to Lakia and Katherine, I might snack on a couple myself later.”


Valesz replies “You are always thinking of others Paul, do you ever take time to tend to your own needs?”


I reply “No because the three of you are more than I need.”


I say to Zipper and say “If you want you can go on to the shuttle we will be there in just a few minutes.”


Zipper replies “I will see you in a few minutes then.”


Zipper heads towards the port while Valesz and myself go to the pool.


When we get there she grabs the first piece of fruit and says “ I think this one was Lakia's favorite.”


I reply “Yes it is and that one over there is Katherine's favorite, let's get about 10 pieces from each since we will be on the Vivus for the next few days.


Valesz says “Let's hurry I would really like to get to the caves I know that you will be able to relax for a change.”


We finish getting the fruit and head for the shuttle. When we get there Zipper has already the engines fired up and ready to go. Valesz takes the controls. I watch as we depart the station leaving the ship behind, then I watch as we get closer ans closer to Vivus it looks a lot like earth with one big Exception there is a lot more land Vivus its about 50% water, and there are two moons, one of the moons has an atmosphere and what looks like either a few small oceans or large lakes.


I ask “Valesz what can you tell me about the smaller moon ?”


She replies “There's not to much to tell it has about 30% water to land the atmosphere is very thin but does support life, and when we first started colonizing it the construction workers found some skeletons there that are thought to be a previous inhabitance their skeletal structure is much like my own except they had wings they are thought to be a million years old. Most of the wild life there is small creatures, and a few verity of birds. The moon does not rotate like most other planets one side is dark all the time and the other is always bright, that is unless it is in an eclipse phase.”


I reply “Sounds kind of like the Earths moon except it don't have an atmosphere, its pretty much just another rock.”


We were so involved in our conversation that I hadn't noticed that we were almost back to the cabin already. When we land we get out of the shuttle and walk towards the fire pit but there is no one there.


Valesz says “I will go see if they are in the cabin.” Valesz walks to the cabin but comes right back out and says “Their not in here.”


I reply “They probably went for a swim, let's join them.”


Valesz says how about we take the fast way there.”


I say “Are you sure ?”


She responds “Yes lets surprise them.”


I say “Okay are you ready?”


Valesz says “Yes”


I say “Zipper stand close to us. Your going to love this.”


Zipper says “Love ...” In an instant we are transported to about 1.5 meters above the lake.


“... what ?” as we all fall into the water below us. When we surface Valesz says “That isn't what I had in mind. But the water is refreshing.”


Then she wraps her arms and legs around me and begins working her pussy over my quickly stiffening cock. I glance over at the shore and see everyone laying on the grass drying themselves off in the warm midday sun.


I say “Would you like to take this over to the shore.”


Valesz says “Sure”


Valesz and I begin swimming for the shore with Zipper following slowly behind us.


Valesz says “Hurry up Zipper or you are going to miss all the fun.”


Zipper picks up his pace.


I turn to Valesz and say “Get on my back and hold on.”


She swims behind me and wraps her arms around my chest holding on to my shoulders. Just as Zipper gets close to us I dive into the water with Valesz on my back I begin swimming we reach the shore in no time I launch us into the air and we go tumbling on the soft grass when we hit the ground.


Valesz says “Wow that was a rush I never thought that I would be moving that fast underwater.”


As I begin to sit up Valesz pounces on me forcing me back to the ground she begins kissing me passionately. My cock begins to grow again as she grates her hips into mine. She quickly swings her tail around and lifts my cock to meet her wet pussy. In a single thrust of her hips she engulfs my cock deep into her her hot rippling pussy. She continues grating her hips into mine. We hear the splashing of the water as Zipper gets out of the lake.


Valesz says to Zipper “Come on over here.”


Zipper walks up by us. Valesz wraps her tail around Zipper and pulls him behind her and says “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to join in on the fun.” and she raises her tail giving him full view of her full pussy and her tail hole.


She returns her attention back to me. She continues kissing me again. Probing my mouth with her long slender but strong tongue. I mingle my tongue with hers. She lifts herself off of my cock and quickly dips her tail into herself then wraps her tail around Zippers cock working up and down his shaft making his cock stiff and wet. I lower my hand down to her wet pussy and dip a couple of fingers in getting as much of her sweet juices on them as I possibly can then I pull my fingers out and quickly place one finger into my mouth tasting her sweetness. “ mm, mm” She grabs my hand and places my fingers in front of her own mouth I extend the wet finger for her knowing she wants a taste too. She slides herself back onto the head of my cock and waits for Zipper to plunge his cock into her ass. Just as Zipper begins to work his way into her tight ass she thrust back taking us both into her at the same time we all moan in pleasure with the sensations.


Valesz whispers into my ear “Don't link this time I want it to be just us in our own enjoyment.”


I whisper back “As you wish my love.” and we quickly resume kissing. As she thrust herself back and forth on both Zipper and my self. I reach down with my hands and hold her waist and begin thrusting my self into her. Zipper does the same as I pull back out of her he thrust in and when he is pulling out I am thrusting my self into her wetness. She begins moaning with the new sensations clamping down on both our cocks as her climax takes hold of her body, she begins to quiver then she throws her head up and roars loudly then collapses on top of me Zipper gives on final hard thrust and explodes in Valesz I suddenly feel the juices of our experience running down the base of my shaft and down my balls. Zipper sits back on the ground behind him Valesz regains her composure and lifts herself from me slightly.


I reach up and pull her close to me and roll us both over so that I am on top of her I give her a kiss and then pull my cock out of her. Then position myself to her wet tail hole and slowly push myself back into her she gasp in both surprise and pleasure I begin kissing her body working my way down to her firm breast her nipples are quite hard so I begin licking and sucking on them, and she raises her chest showing me how much she is enjoying the attention that I am giving her while I continue thrusting my cock in and out of her tight ass. She arches her back and roars again pushing herself onto me hard and she clenches her ass tightly around my hard shaft as she her juices flow freely from deep within her. I can feel her hot juices oozing down my balls. I continue pumping my shaft in and out of her now extremely wet hole. I release my assault on her nipples and begin kissing her again she continues pushing herself back on me she curls her tail under me trying to get it wet from the juice still running down my balls. After dragging her tail across my balls a few times she swings her tail behind me and quickly finds her mark and she thrust her tail into my hole sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I begin increasing my rhythm thrusting my cock into her faster and faster while she works her tail in and out of me. She roars again and digs her claws into my back and thrust her tail into me hard as her next climax sends waves of pleasure throughout her body. With the sensations of her clenching on my cock, digging her claws into me and the thrust of her tail send me over the edge I drive my cock as deep as I can go into her I begin filling her with my seed pumping load after load into her while her juices flow from her again making us even wetter than before. As she clenches down on me again milking me of the last few drops I collapse on top of her.


I whisper to her “That was wonderful my love.”


She replies “You were wonderful too.” then she gives me a loving kiss. I roll off of her and lay on my side with my arm draped across her. I begin to concentrate on the claw marks in my back in just a few seconds they are healed with no new scars left behind.


Valesz says “I would love to just lay here like this the rest of the day but we need to get cleaned up and get ready to leave.”


I respond “ I know, I'm starting to get hungry myself.”


I stand up and help Valesz up.


She says “Thank you” and we walk to the edge of the lake and dive in side by side. When we get out in the lake a little bit we both surface I position myself behind Valesz and begin scrubbing her back with my hands she arches her back and begins to purr slightly.


Valesz says “Oh that feels so good.” then I start dragging my nails down her back she purrs even louder.


I say “Are you enjoying this ?”


She replies “ Oh yes I am, very much in fact you really should stop so that we can finish getting cleaned up .”


I continue scrubbing her body with my hands she turns around to face me and she begins working her hands over my body. She works her hands down rubbing and cleaning my cock for me. I return the favor and begin rubbing in between her legs working my fingers over her pussy trying to get all the juices off of her body.


Valesz says “We probably should stop now. I think that we are clean enough, and if we don't stop we are both going to get started again, and we need to get going.”


I respond “Yes we do need to get going.”


I move closer to her holding our bodies together tightly and give Valesz a loving kiss. Then say “ I love you.”


She responds “ I Love you too.” and she holds me tightly.


Then we hear Celer say “Are you two coming out you have a lunch date.”


We start heading back for the shore. We quickly reach the shore and climb out of the water. On the way back to the cabin


Kasra says “I hear that you are going for a cooked steak for lunch?”


Valesz responds “Yes you are welcome to come along if you wish, after lunch we are going to the fire caves then on to the dragon pit.


Kasra replies “I don't want to be a burden.”


I say “You are no burden, please come with us. We would enjoy your company ”


We walk back to the cabin by the time we get there we are already dry.


Valesz says “I will be right back I need to get some credit chips in case we need some.”


she heads into the cabin and quickly returns. Valesz says we need to go its almost 12:30 now.” We all head for the shuttle .



As we get in Celer says “When we get to the Restaurant Dinos and I will stay in the shuttle.


Kasra responds “I won't let you stay alone I will stay with you.


Celer says “Thank you for the offer but there is no need Dinos and I will be just fine, it is to soon for the general public to know about us. We are quite happy that we have been able to have spent the last two days in such company out in the open. I want you to go and enjoy your lunch with your family.”


Kasra replies “As you wish, but I will make sure that you at least get a meal.”


Valesz says “No you won't. In fact I will take care of that right now.


Lakia is the last to enter the shuttle and closes the door behind her. Valesz gets the shuttle off of the ground, and then opens communications with the restaurant, Tifar appears on the screen.


He says “Hello how may I help you, oh Valesz hello.”


Valesz responds “ Hello we are just leaving and will be there in about 20 minutes.”


Tifar says “What would you like to eat?”


“We will need 5 salads and 4 steaks cooked of course.”


Tifar says “Your table will be ready for you when you get here.”


Valesz says “ would you please have 2 of the salads brought out to the shuttle.”


Tifar says “ If I may ask why is someone staying in the shuttle ?”


Valesz says “Its Celer and Dinos they don't want to be seen by the general public yet , and we can't ask you to clear out the restaurant every time we come for lunch.”


Tifar replies “If that is your problem I can take care of you, land the shuttle in back and come in the back door we have a room that I use to keep a few tables and chairs in but I have had to bring them out this morning we have been so busy we have customers waiting outside to get in the front door, we can put a table back in the storage room and you can all dine together, if that is okay with you ?”


Valesz replies “That will do nicely . Thank you for taking care of us.”


Tifar says “Your welcome. I will see you soon, Tifar out” and the screen goes blank.


Valesz says “there we are all set we will all dine in the restaurant”


Celer says “Thank you for doing that Valesz.”


Valesz responds “Your welcome but its Tifar that deserves the thanks, he is the one that was willing to accommodate our needs.” It don't take long to get to the restaurant Valesz quickly lands the shuttle in the back of the restaurant.


When we get to the back door we find that it is locked, so I knock on the door and Annie is the one that opens the door. She jumps up and wraps her arms around me and begins kissing me,


She says “I have been waiting for you to come all morning.”


I reply “I can tell that you are quite anxious, just relax and take your time. We are not going to leave with out you. I promise”


She says “Let's get you lunch. I hope you have a good appetite today, my father is preparing a feast for your group.”


Annie leads the way to the room where we will be having lunch. The room has a large table setup with lit candles as soon as we are seated a waiter enters the room and says “What would you like to drink?” as he makes his way around the table.


Valesz says “Everyone is drinking water this time.”


The waiter says “I will be back in just a minute with your drinks and food.”


Annie takes a seat with us. And says “My father called a couple of friends to take the rest of my shift for the day so I can spend the rest of the day with you. I talked to my father last night while we were cleaning up the restaurant last night and he knows that there might be a chance that I may stay with you over night, if that's ok with you?”


Valesz says “I don't have a problem with it but we will see what happens today.”


Annie says “Fair enough, I can accept that.”


The waiter returns with another waiter carrying our food and drinks, they begin by setting the salads down first, they place a salad in front of Celer, Dinos, Lakia, and Katherine.


Then the waiter ask “Who gets this salad ?”


I say “Me please.” the waiter puts my salad down then they start placing the steaks in front of the rest. Kasra, Valesz,Zipper and Annie.


Then the waiter says “It seems that we have an extra steak.”


I respond “No that is mine.” the waiter says “But your eating a salad.”


I say “My species are omnivores, we eat both meat and vegetables.”


The waiter says “I'm sorry I did not know”


I reply “Not a problem, I know that the human race is very new to populated space and I don't expect everyone to know that much about us just yet.”


the waiter responds “Very kind of you to be so understanding.”


I say “I do have a question though how did Tifar cook the steaks ?”


The waiter responds “that's a trade secret we are not allowed to discuss it with anyone.”


Annie says “It's okay, he ordered a grill last night right after you left and had it installed first thing this morning. There just happen to be a ship docked that had some on board that were going to space stations he managed to talk one of the stations out of one of them.”


I respond “Impressive Tifar is quite resourceful.”


Annie says “Yes he usually gets what he wants.”


Valesz says “I know someone else like that.” then she gives me that toothy grin that I love so much.


Annie says “ Paul ?”


Valesz replies “Yes, he knows what he wants and usually gets it, but I have to admit he gives a lot in return.”


Kasra says “If we are going to the fire caves before the pit we should eat our lunch.” then he grabs his steak and takes a small bite, and says “Oh my this is delicious, the best steak that I have ever had.”


Valesz says “You can thank Paul for teaching Tifar how to cook them like this.” he went it on partnership with Tifar yesterday.”


Kasra says “This could be a very profitable business.”


I say “We are counting on it for our retirement, when that time comes.”


Kasra says “Sounds like you have everything worked out.”


I respond “We still have a few details to work on but we can't talk about them here.


Tifar comes in the room and he says “Please stay seated , I just thought that you would like to know that so far the business is making a nice profit. We are barely half way through lunch and we have already made twice a normal day's income. I just wanted to thank you for making me the offer of partnership.”


I reply “I'm Glad that you accepted my offer.”


Tifar says “The waiters and waitresses have also told me that they are making a lot more in tips than they normally do.”


Annie says “Yes I made 100 credits last night and another 100 today it won't be long before I can buy my own shuttle”


Valesz replies "It's good that you are learning the value of credits Annie”


Tifar says “I agree, that I can help teach you monetary value but there are things in life that you must learn on your own.”


Annie says “Yes father I know we had this talk last night. I know that Paul can not become my mate.”


Kasra says “Annie have you not mated before ?”


Annie replies “No I have not, I have chosen Paul to be my first.”


Kasra says “I can promise you this , you have made a very good choice , Paul is a very gentile, kind and loyal mate. I know that he will take care of you while you are with him.”


Annie says “I know that he will. I could kind of sense it yesterday when I dropped the bottle I was going to clean up the mess that I made , he wouldn't let me I know that he did not want me to cut myself on the glass even though he never said it, and when he held me in his arms he was so tender and caring. No one has ever shown me care like that before that is why I have chosen him to be my first.”


I say “I am honored that you have chosen me. I told Tifar yesterday that I would make sure that you would be taken care of while you were with me and I will protect you as I would my own friends simply because you are my friend.”


Annie turns to me and wraps her arms around me and gives me a passionate kiss.


Valesz says “Young love how innocent it can be.”


I say “Yes it can, it was young love that began our love wasn't it Valesz ?”


Valesz replies “Yes I guess it was.”


Tifar says “I hate to interrupt but I really must be getting back to work. Enjoy the rest of your meal everyone.”


Everyone says “Thank you.” and Tifar exits the room. We finish eating our meal. Valesz tosses a 50 credit chip on the table then she sets another on the table next to her plate.


Valesz says “It's time to go to the fire caves and relax for a while I think that everyone deserves some real relaxation time.”


Everyone stands and begins to exit the room. Annie says “Wait for me at the shuttle, I am going to let my father know that we are leaving.”  


                                                                     Ch 24 first time

     Just a couple of minutes later Annie comes out to the shuttle and quickly takes a seat. Valesz takes the shuttle up and heads towards the fire caves. We arrive there in about 25 minutes. When we get there it seems that no one else is there. We will have the place all to our self’s. We exit the shuttle and Valesz starts walking towards a cave opening as we enter the cave it quickly becomes dark.


I say “It is getting to dark for me to see anything.”


Valesz replies “Link with me and you can see what I see at least until we get further back in the caves where the molten lava will provide you with enough light to see.”


I reply “A good idea Valesz but I have another idea. everyone shield your eyes for a moment.”


I draw the dragon sword from it sheath and the subterranean tunnel lights up. There are stalactites and stalagmites scattered all around us. After everyone's eyes adjust to the new light we continue down a path through the jungle of stalagmites around us we pass through an opening about the size of a single door and the path opens up to a large cavern.


There is a wide path along the walls in the middle of this cavern there is a crevasse I walk over to the edge and peer down and about 30 meters down see a river of molten lava. Annie is the first to join me in the view as she walks up she takes hold of my hand before she leans to look over the edge.


Annie says “ amazing, and beautiful in it's own way.”


I respond “It is just as deadly as it is beautiful. Fall down there and it will make a burn that even I can't heal.”


Katherine and Lakia both walk over and peer down the crevasse and watch as the lava heaves and falls as it makes its way down its path. Valesz says “Everyone lets move on it's not much farther to the hot springs. We continue following Valesz along the crevasse the path begins to narrow to about 3 meters there is an opening in the rock face just ahead. We continue through the opening and on the right is a small pool of water that is boiling hot, (the pool has a raised side of about ½ meter)


Valesz says “ the pools here are much to hot for bathing the good springs are a little way down this path.


Valesz says “Annie will you walk ahead with me for a minute.”


Annie replies “ sure” the two of them walk about 20 meters ahead a couple of minutes later they stop and wait for everyone to catch up to them. We walk a little farther down the path


Valesz stops at a pool and says “This is a good spring everyone hop in and enjoy it.”


Valesz grabs my arm then says “we have other plans for you my love” then Valesz pulls a small candle out of her pouch and sets it on a nearby rock and says “ Paul will you be kind enough to light this for me.”


I light the candle with much more ease than that fire. Then she sets another candle down she takes my free hand then takes Annie's hand as leads us further down the path to a large hot spring she sets another candle on a nearby rock I don't wait for her to ask just as she pulls her claws away it begins to flicker brightly then she sets another on the other side of the hot spring, I light it as well.


Valesz says “I am going back to the other hot spring with the others , when you two are ready you can either come and join us or you can contact Celer and we will come here.”


Annie says “ I would like it if you would stay.”


Valesz replies “Are you sure you want me to stay? , I thought that you would like your first to be that special moment.”


Annie says “It will be even more special if you stay.”


Valesz says “then I will stay.” and she crawls into the spring. I sheath the sword and lay the sword next to the hot spring. Then I step next to Annie I reach down a bit and I pick her up and set her into the warm water. Just as soon as I let go of Annie Valesz grabs me and pulls me into the water backwards. I quickly surface and go to the far side of the spring taking the time I need to adjust to the hot water. (I would say that the water is close to 40 Celsius)


Valesz says “Paul sit here on the edge and lay back against this rock.” I back up to the ledge where the rock is and pull myself up and sit with my feet dangling in the water.


Valesz says “Annie come over here, I will help teach you a few tricks that most males like. First flick your tongue out and wrap it around his cock like this.” Valesz flicks her tongue out like a whip and wraps it perfectly around my cock, it quickly begins to grow with the feeling of the tightness around it.


Then Valesz releases my cock and Annie does the same. She flicks her tongue with great skill and wraps it around my now stiff cock.


Valesz says “Now work your tongue up and down his shaft.” She tries but her grip is to tight to slide easily.


Valesz “loosen your grip a little like this” then Valesz flicks her tongue back out just below Annie's tongue and begins working them both up and down my hard shaft. Once they get a good rhythm going Valesz releases my cock. Then says to Annie “Now put his cock into your mouth but be very careful not to bare your teeth and work your mouth in rhythm with your tongue.”


While Annie continues to suck on my cock Valesz steps behind Annie and lowers herself and begins licking Annie's pussy. Annie stops for a second and lets out a moan sending vibrations of pleasure throughout my body. Annie continues her assault on my cock. I watch as Valesz takes Annie's tail and places the tip at her entrance. Annie quickly figures out what Valesz is wanting and slowly pushes her tail into Valesz making her moan into Annie's now dripping pussy sending waves of pleasure throughout her body and she begins moaning sending vibrations through my body, making me moan. Annie's climax begins to erupt as she picks up speed working herself over my cock with anticipation. Valesz begins probing Annie with her long snake like tongue thrusting it in and out, while Annie continues thrusting her tail in and out of Valesz. Annie begins quivering as her first orgasm erupts. Valesz tries franticly to savor every drop as the sweet nectar oozes from deep within Annie. As Annie's orgasm peeks she clamps down on my throbbing member sending me over the edge making me explode in her mouth pumping stream after stream into her as she swallows every last drop milking me with her long talented tongue. Then Valesz moves up to me and begins kissing me sharing Annie's sweet nectar with me. Then Annie joins us in a 3 way kiss with both of them probing my mouth with their long tongues. We continue to share the flavors of each other for a few minutes. Then we all slide down into the water to relax for a little while and enjoy the after glow holding each other with golden dragoness on my left and a blue dragoness on my right.


Meanwhile back at the first hot spring Kasra ,Zipper, Katherine, and Lakia have all paired off thoroughly enjoying each others company. Katherine has her arms wrapped over the edge of the spring with Zipper pounding her tight pussy with his smooth dragon cock Lakia is bent over the edge of the spring right next to Katherine with Kasra filling her with his meat, while Zipper and Kasra have their tails in the other males ass pleasing each other as well. Kasra is working his claws over Lakia's ass spanking her every now and again squeezing her butt with his claws while he thrust his cock deep into her. While Katherine's legs hanging over Zipper shoulders bent at the knees he is holding her legs while he drives his shaft in and out of Katherine, Katherine begins to moan as she feels her orgasm begin to build. Lakia begins making out with Katherine their tongues probing each other exploring the others mouth with Kasra still pounding away at Lakia and Zipper still driving his cock into Katherine's tight wet clenching pussy. Both females continue to moan as their climax's begin to fill their bodies as they begin to quiver as both of their pussies clamp down on their partners throbbing cocks as they begin to fill them with the hot sticky juices that they have been wanting both Zipper and Kasra throw their heads back and roar while they pump these beautiful females full of their seed..


Back to Paul, Valesz and Annie


After we have had a few minutes to relax I pull my arm from under Valesz I give her a quick loving kiss then turn my attention to Annie. I look into her gorgeous golden eyes. I hold her face gently in my hands. I move towards her my face now just centimeters from hers. She closes her eyes and moves closer to me bringing our lips together. We begin probing each other with our tongues entangled in our passion. Our hands begin exploring each other. I start working my hands up and down her back feeling her smooth scales rubbing her back gently massaging her back she lets out a small sigh. She gently drags her claws down my back. I let out a small moan. Annie grabs my shoulders and lifts herself up slightly and wraps her legs around my waist. Then she begins grating her hips into mine rubbing her hot wet pussy up and down my firm cock.


She whispers to me “Take me now make me yours.” I turn us so that the side of the pool is behind Annie. I gently lay her against the edge then I lean back slightly away from her I reach down and pull her legs up over my shoulders I start licking the soft tiny scales around her entrance. I move my hands under her butt and begin licking at her sweet pussy tasting her sweetness. I begin to push my tongue further into her as she begins to moan. I begin licking her clit and she begins to quiver as waves of pleasure begin to fill her body. She pulls me in tightly with her legs forcing me deeper into her. I begin to lick at her franticly as she moans louder and louder. Her body becomes tense as her first orgasm takes a hold of her and her pussy clamps down on my tongue. Then her sweet juices begin to flow. I keep licking at her pussy tasting each and every sweet drop as it flows from deep with in this sweet dragoness. Her orgasm begins to subside and she begins to relax she slides back down into the water.


Then she wraps her legs back around my waist then she reaches down and guides my cock towards her wanting pussy. She squeezes her legs slightly and pushes herself down slowly onto my hard cock. She gasp in surprise and pleasure. She pauses to give her body time to adjust to this new intrusion to her tight pussy. Then she pushes again taking more of my cock into her. Then I pull back almost all the way out she gasps in surprise. Then thrust herself down hard onto my shaft taking me halfway in she gasp again then wraps her arms around me and pushes down again taking me all the way in. she throws her head back and lets out a loud roar and digs her claws into my back as she goes into her next orgasm her tight pussy clenching tightly on my hard cock almost sending me over the edge. I relax and regain my composure. I reach down and grab her ass and pull her up pulling myself almost all the way out again. Then I let her back down sliding down my cock slowly. She moans in pleasure feeling my cock passing the rippling muscles in her hot tight pussy. She begins lifting herself with her legs thrusting my cock deep into her with each time she pulls herself down on me. She keeps pounding down on me picking up speed thrusting harder and harder until another orgasm fills her body with wave after wave of pleasure. As her orgasm begins to subside I ask “Are you ready for the next level”


She replies “The next level ?”


I say “Yes, where we share everything.”


She responds “But we are already sharing everything our bodies are one.” then I link with her and lift her up then let her slam back down on my cock. She realizes that she just had a feeling that she has not had before.


She ask “What was that feeling I just had ?” I reply “That was a sensation from me, I have linked with you sharing the sensations of our mating.


She replies “That was intense.”


I say “Just wait it gets better.” and I pick her up again and let her slam down on me again as we share the wave of pleasure. She pauses enjoying the new sensations that she is feeling. The she begin slamming down on me even harder than before. Pounding me with more vigor then before. As her orgasm builds she ripples the muscles in her pussy clenching my cock even harder than before making my orgasm build sending waves of pleasure over both of us. As her next orgasm takes over her again the muscles in her pussy begin to ripple so fast that it feels more like a vibration than a rippling. This new sensation sends me over the edge. As I begin pumping my love juices deep into her I thrust my cock as deep as I can into the beautiful dragoness, filling her with my seed. She digs her claws into my back. As our orgasm's begin to subside I feel a trickle of blood run down my back. Then she removes her claws unleashing the pain, I cringe as her claws exit the wounds in my back. She glances at her claws and sees the blood dripping she instantly begins crying.


She says “ I'm sorry I did not mean to hurt you.” Sobbing in between the words.


I wrap my arms around her, and say “ its ok my sweet , I will be fine I promise, in just a few seconds the wounds will be healed.”


She replies “But I feel so bad that I injured you.”


Valesz moves behind me and looks at my back. Valesz says “Looks like you did your job perfectly Paul, even my claw marks weren't this deep.”


I say to Valesz “It wasn't your first time either or you would have shredded my back .”


Valesz says “Thats funny because that's exactly what she has done.”


I ask Valesz “May I see ?”


Valesz replies “yes.”


I link with Valesz and look through her eyes and see that the marks run the full width of my back with blood running down my back in streams.


Annie says “That looks like it hurts.” with everything that was going on I forgot to release my link with Annie.


I say “I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to see that.”


She replies “It's okay I need to know that I need to be careful with my claws.”


I say “I need to release my link now, healing takes a lot of my concentration.” I release the link from the two dragoness. I begin focusing on the wounds on my back and in just a few seconds the wounds have completely healed, I turn around and show Annie that there is not even the slightest mark on my back.


She reaches up and touches my back and says “But I just seen the wounds not even a regenerators can do it that quickly or that good there is usually a small scar left behind Much like the ones on your chest.


Valesz says “I gave him those before he could heal himself.”


I say “Let's just sit here in the warm water and relax until we have to leave for the pit.”


I lay back on the side of the spring and the two dragoness each snuggle up one on each side of me. We fall asleep holding each other.


Valesz and Annie begin caressing my cheeks as I open my eyes they both smile at me.


Annie says “Thank you for making my first time a good one, so many of my friends told me that their first was not a good experience.”


I look into her eyes and say “I am glad that you enjoyed your first time.”


Valesz says “Yes, I am happy that your first time was a good one. I was also lucky for my first time but that time doesn't even compare to what Paul has to offer, so I feel that I need to warn you it is going to be very hard to find another even close.”


Annie says “Thank you for letting me know that at least I won't be so disappointed next time. Perhaps my next time will be with Paul again, after all he is partners with my father.”


Valesz says “We should be going , we have been here almost two hours.”


I ask “How do you know that we have been here for almost two hours ?”


Valesz replies “The candle is almost burnt out, they burn for two hours.”


I say “well perhaps we should be going then.”


I hop out of the hot spring then help the dragoness's out. I grab my sword then Valesz picks up the candles as she blows them out. We head back to meet the others. Valesz puts the candles in her pouch after they cool down they each take an arm and we walk down the path side by side with the sword lighting the way. In just a few minutes we are approaching the others, they are draped over the edge of the hot spring sleeping in the hot water. Looks like they had a good time as well. I pull my arms free from Annie and Valesz I walk to where Lakia and Katherine are sleeping and I begin kissing Katherine first she opens her eyes and returns the kisses. Then I turn my attention to Lakia and begin kissing her she wakes up and wraps her arms around me and pulls me into the hot spring.


Valesz says “Lakia I'm sure that he would love to oblige you right now but it's time we go to the Dragon Pit.”


Lakia gets a disappointed look on her face. I give her a kiss and say “Tonight when this is all over I will spend with my mates only I promise.”


Lakia gives me another kiss and says “Thank you.” I crawl out of the hot spring, after I get out I splash a little water and wake up everyone else. They all start climbing out of the spring. We head back down the path towards the Lava flow. We pass back through the opening and Valesz walks to the edge and looks over at the Lava. Valesz reaches into her pouch and pulls out the candle remnants and tosses them into the lava and bows her head slightly, then turns back and continues towards the exit.


I ask “Valesz, what was that all about ?”


She replies “Oh just a little ritual that I do every time I leave here. Especially if I have had a good time, I feel that I need to leave a little something behind. ” in just a few minutes we are back at the first door sized opening in the wall that we came in. We continue on down the path finally exiting the cave. 

End Ch 24


                                                                        Ch 25 to the pit


We arrive at the shuttle and everyone enters and takes their seats. Valesz quickly has the shuttle back in the air once again.


Valesz says “We will be there in just a few minutes, if any one has anything to say now would be a good time.”



Lakia says “Paul remember your promise that you made , I know how you feel about keeping your word and I know that you have to go down there, but while your there I just want you to think about the promise that you made to us.”


I reply “Oh I fully intend to keep my promise to all of you.”



Katherine says “I don't understand why you are going down there, and jeopardizing the mission. I mean if you end up like everyone else that has gone down there not only will you leave us but the mission will be over.”


I respond “Well its like this sweetie, I know that even if I don't come back I know that you and Desara can still band everyone together and defeat the mantis. I know that the chances are better with me here but you can still get it done. Besides I have already made a bet and I have no intentions in loosing that bet, along with breaking my promise. You know how I am about both of them.”


Katherine wraps her arms around me and give me passionate kiss then she pulls away and says “If you want any more of that you better come back.”


Valesz says “I am going with him I intend to bring him back in one piece. Besides if we get into any serious trouble he can teleport us back out. We are almost there.”


I turn to look out the window and see the pit there must be 300 dragons around the pit even a few that are carrying something that looks like Video cameras. Valesz lands the shuttle just out side of the group. I watch as they rush to the shuttle and quickly surround it. As we exit the shuttle the ones with the video cameras are closest to the door. I'm the first to exit, and the questions start flying.”


Do you expect to come back out? What do you think that you will find down there? What made you decide to go down there? Everyone finds these quite annoying I draw the sword and drive the blade in the ground in front of me and yell “ ENOUGH !!!!!”


The ground shakes with the resonance of my voice some of the dragons fall loosing their balance.


Then I say I am going down there simply because no one has been able to do it before as to what I find down there your guess is as good as mine. Now I am quite intent on returning any more questions can wait until we return.


Then one of the dragon ask “We?, You are not going alone ?”


Valesz responds “No he is my mate and I am going with him, now if you would please let us pass. And with that said I draw the sword out of the ground and hold it high and a path quickly opens up towards the pit. Just then Celer steps out of the shuttle the ones with the cameras begin with the questions again “Is that a real Unicorn ? Where have you been all these years ???


I turn and say “If so much as one picture or article slips out before I say so, I will hunt you down myself. Let me explain something I promise in the near future there will be a story for you to publish about the unicorn but today is not it. If anything gets out about them now you will only bring destruction to this world and at the point I am at now I will NOT be able to stop it. When the time comes I will ask Desara to call on you.”


Desara says from the background “You have my word on that. But for now let them pass and you will have your story when they come back. I know that none of you have any idea of what our lord Paul can do but I believe that he can hold true to his promise.”


Valesz says “Hold on one minute I need to get something out of the shuttle storage compartment.”


She pulls out a couple of harnesses and on one of them has something that looks like a gun strapped to it.


I ask “What do you need with a gun?”


“She replies its not a gun of that type, it's an anchor gun. I can fire it at a rock face and have an anchor attached to the wall instantly. The cable it attaches has a tensile strength of 450 kg more than enough for both of us.”


Valesz walks up to me give me a kiss and says “Nothing wrong with having a backup plan.”


I reply “I agree. Now lets get this over with so we can go back to the cabin and relax for the night. I want to go up to the ship in the morning and check on the progress of the refit.”


We all head for the pit Valesz and I stop at the edge and look over in to the dark bottomless pit. We take a step back and begin putting on our harnesses after we get them on Valesz takes a three meter cable and attaches one end to herself and the other end to me after she locks the clasp she whispers in my ear. We both walk over to Celer.


I whisper to him “I'm going to link with both you and Valesz so you will be able to see and know what is going on.”


Celer replies “Yes.”


I turn to Desara and ask “What is the deepest any one has returned from ?”


She replies “About two kilometers.”


I say “Thank you.”


Valesz and I turn to face the pit. I look to her and say “Are you ready?”


She gives me a kiss and then says “Now I am.”


I say “On three … one …. two …. three. “ We take off on a dead run and jump into the pit hand in hand we free fall for about a kilometer before I begin to maintain our descent.


Celer communicates “You scared the hell out of everyone with that little stunt. You enjoyed that didn't you


I respond “You know I did, and so did you .


He replies “Yes I have to admit I did.


I link with Valesz, its so dark at this point I can't even see my own hand touching my nose. As I complete the link I can barely see the outline of the walls zipping past us. By now we are two km down even using Valesz keen vision I can hardly see anything.


I say “Get ready I'm going to draw the sword so we can see. I reach behind my head and grab for the swords hilt and I pull it from its sheath. The sword is extremely bright it takes a few seconds for our eyes to adjust. We are still descending rapidly the rock face constantly changing. I see something in the rock face then I see it again as we continue falling. I decide to slow our descent then there is another its an opening in the wall a tunnel leading back into the wall of the pit there are several of them as we continue descending.


By now we must be close to four km down then from the darkness we hear a clicking sound its faint but it is there we continue descending almost another km further. Then the clicking begins again but this time its much louder, echoing within the pit we can not tell exactly where its coming from.


I hear Valesz say, I think I know what that is , it sounds familiar. We continue going down by now we must be close to six km down. This time the clicking starts again this time it sounds like it is all around us.


Valesz says “ Paul Stop!!!” Then she starts with the clicking and purring, the sound of the ancient language. With my link with her I can understand what she is saying. She is saying that she is the keeper and that we are friends. Then the clicking stops for a second and she repeats it again. A single response of clicks can now be heard from the darkness it is demanding that we stay here .It sounds like a male the purrs are much deeper then Annie's were. In just a few seconds there are at least ten of them surrounding us. They are dragons , but not like any of the dragons on the surface these can fly they are about two to two and a half meters in body length with about a one meter tail, their wings are a full four meter wide. Their scales are shinny like the surface dragons but there is one here that is a dull gray. This one is actually harder to see he blends in quite well with the rock face. They are hovering all around us. Valesz tries to communicate with them but one interrupts saying “Be Silent.”


A few minutes later one comes up and says in the ancient language “Follow me we are taking you to the clan leaders.”


The dragon dives down, I pull Valesz tightly to me and say hang on we need to move fast to keep up.


As she takes a hold of me one of the other dragons says “Get going” and I begin descending faster and faster. We are traveling much faster then terminal velocity. (for a human that's about 200 kph or 124 mph) by now we must be about 30 km down. The pit opens up to a massive cavern the walls are lined with phosphorous there is plenty of light to see everything, I sheath the sword.


The cavern looks about 20 km across its so far across it could easily be as far as 30 km its not easy to judge this kind of distance even with a birds eye view. The ceiling is riddled with tunnels leading back into the rock. There is a huge city built down here, a lake with trees around it and we can see a few animals by the lake even a few birds flying around. The dragon is now hovering over the center of this massive underground city. Over a building that looks very similar to the council hall as we descend down in front of the building .


I communicate with Celer “Don't tell anyone what you see just let them know that we are doing okay.”


He responds “I will do that.” Celer says to the group “They are about 30 km down and doing good. That's all I can say for now.”


We land in front of the building the front has a door way but no doors the Dragon leads us into the building we follow him into the central room where there is the same symbol as the council chamber etched in stone in the floor. There are torches lining the walls of this chamber giving us the light we need to see.


When we reach the center of the room the dragon says “Stay here the clan leaders will be here in a few moments.”


Valesz says “He said that the clan...”


I interrupt “That the clan leader will be here in a few moments.”


She looks at me and says “How did you know? There is no way that you could have learned the language that quickly.”


I respond “Your translating it directly for me, but I still will not be able to speak it.”


Then the Clan leaders begin coming into the room sitting at the large bench forming a semicircle in front of us. Then the last one enters and sits in the center chair . There are thirteen dragons.


The dragon in the center stands and says “This meeting is now in session and slams a round stone on the table. Then he returns to his seat.


The lead dragon says “I am Xiuhcoatl the Clan leader, you claim that you are friends and keepers of our secret.”


I respond “Yes that is the truth.” but not being able to understand me and my language. Xiuhcoatl becomes irritated and slams the stone on the table again.


I turn to Valesz and say “Will you please translate this for me? Ask the clan leader if I may communicate with him directly. Since I can understand it through you I think that I can convey our intentions much more quickly and without doubt.”


Valesz says “Yes.” then turns to the clan leader and begins with the clicks and purrs.


In just a few seconds the clan leader responds “This goes against my better judgment but I can not ask another to do this until I have done it my self. But I will agree but be warned if any harm comes to me your death will be immediate.”


I communicate with Celer “I need to release our link now. We will be fine.” and I terminate the link with Celer.


Then I begin focusing on the clan leader, the link is made and he gasp slightly not expecting something so powerful.


He says “It's okay everyone, they are fine so far.”


Then I begin telling the clan leader that we were in fact the new keepers that my mate was the heir to their former keeper but being that I communicate like I can she was not able to hide it from me, so I swore to uphold the secret as well.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Your not even a dragon how can I trust you to hold your word.”


I reply “Search my feelings with this link you can know almost everything that I know , with one exception , another secret that I am bound to. I will show you everything since I have been with this dragoness who is my mate to this day save anything that would betray the other secret. This will only take a few seconds.


I begin sending him all of my memories except the ones that involve the unicorn. He literally lives the last week in just a few seconds including when Nidhug tested my loyalty. After its all over Xiuhcoatl sits back in his seat and tries to make sense of everything that I just gave him after he ponders over every thing for about 5 minutes.


He says “Do you know about the sword that you wield ?”


I reply “I know of its last 10,000 years.


Xiuhcoatl says “That sword is much much older that sword is closer to 100,000 years old. But I will tell you about it history later, for now I believe it is in good hands .


One of the members stands and says “You mean you intend to let him keep the Dragon sword after its been missing the last 50,000 years he's not even a dragon.”


Xiuhcoatl says “I would allow you to challenge him to a battle for it. In fact I think you should, I would like three volunteers to aid our clan leader in a non-fatal battle.”


Two of the guards and two of the clan leaders raise their claws. Xiuhcoatl points to the two guards and then one of the clan leaders.


He then turns to another clan leader and says “Go out and call for open chambers, I want this room full of dragons so that there is no doubt when its over.”


Xiuhcoatl then turns to me and says “I assume that you will not object to this battle.”


I reply “No, I don't object but I will make one request. That this stay a ground battle , I wouldn't want to make a mistake and severely injure a dragon.”


He responds “Then the four on one battle will be a no flight battle but I want you to fight the opposing council member in a full non-fatal battle.”


I respond “I agree. There is one more thing. I need a volunteer so I may learn your language, it will be very quick, but they may sleep for a couple of hours after. I have only done this with one other species but I believe that it is safe.” Xiuhcoatl I now call for another volunteer to teach this human to learn our language , but be warned after this he tells me that you will sleep for about two hours afterward.”


This pretty dragoness approaches from the group entering the chamber. She is light pink in color her eyes are a brilliant blue she stands just over two meters.


She stops just before entering the open circle. She says “I am Araniah. I will volunteer for this. I am curious about this creature after all he is almost my color he can't be all bad and if it will help the clan I will do it.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Very well Araniah you may approach him. She takes to flight she does a few flips and twist in the air landing ever so softly right in front of me with her wings spread wide she stands there looking deep into my eyes. I reach out and take her hand and gently kiss the back of her hand. She drops her head slightly and flutters her eyes at me. I link with her and tell her that this will only take a minute and will be totally harmless, although she may sleep after it was over.


She says “But I can understand you perfectly.”


I respond “That is because I'm speaking with my mind not verbally, I need to be able to talk to everyone at the same time and doing it like this would be very difficult there are to many to link with.”


She replies “Very well what do I need to do.”


“Just think back when you were just learning to speak try and focus on your lessons.”


She responds “I can do that.”


I say “Let's begin.”


she starts thinking of her early education. I quickly begin following her through her thought of learning the language. I begin absorbing the information like a sponge. After she has taught me everything about the language and I release the link she begins to collapse. I lean forward and catch her. I pick her up and carry her back towards the seats where two guards meet me and take her from me. One of them checks her to make sure that she is just sleeping after the guard is satisfied they carry her over to a seat and place her down gently.


I return to the center. Then I say to the clan leader “Which battle will be first ?”


Xiuhcoatl responds “You said that perfectly with only a slight accent. The four on one battle. The opposing clan member needs to learn a lesson and you are just the one to teach it to him.”


I respond “As you wish.”


Then I turn to Valesz and say “Would you please take a seat by Araniah, when she wakes up she will have questions I'm sure and you would be the best to answer them.”


Valesz responds in the old language “ Yes my love.” Valesz gives me a quick kiss then walks over and takes a seat.


Then Xiuhcoatl says “Everyone in the center than needs to be. The two guards walk to the center as do the the clan members.


Xiuhcoatl says “You are in the next battle.”


Then he turns to the other member that volunteered and says “You take his place in this battle.”


The clan member heads out to the center with everyone else. Two other guards enter the center and hand their swords over to the clan members and head back out of the center.


The opposing clan member says “I'm not going to have to battle him the two guard will easily defeat this puny creature.”


I turn to him and say “Want to bet on that ?”


The clan leader laughs and says “ I will. I'll bet a five kg steak that the human wins.”


I say “I will bet ten Dalox that I win” the clan member says I will take both bets. I don't think that you can win.”


I reply “What do you have that can match my ten Dalox ?”


He responds “If you win I will give up my seat on the clan leadership.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Take your time, I want to relish this battle.”


I reply “As you wish.”


I turn and walk to the very center standing on the Dragon head etched into the floor. I say to the guards and clan members. “Stand ready” everyone draws their swords ready for battle.


Xiuhcoatl says “This is a non-fatal battle there will be no fatal strikes made. And this battle is a flightless battle as well so keep you wings tight to your bodies. Now is everyone ready ?”


Everyone replies “Yes.”


Xiuhcoatl “Begin!”


The guards are the first to move in both of them swing their swords with skill and agility. I easily deflect each strike from the guards. Then the clansmen move in swinging their swords a little more clumsily. I am now swinging the dragon sword so fast that it is again appearing a solid band of light all the way around me. I'm still only deflecting their strikes. I let go of the sword and continue wielding it with only my mind while standing perfectly still in the center of the room. I begin swinging the sword in larger circles around me forcing my attackers to move back. Further and further back until I am the only one standing on the dragon head.


Then I say “It is my turn to attack I am going to destroy all of your swords at which point this battle will be over. I hold up my hand and the sword returns to my hand and in the blink of an eye I am standing in the middle with all of the blades in my hand while they still hold the hilt's.


Then I turn to the opposing clan member and say “Its time to give up your seat on the clan.”


He stands and walks over to one of the guards and takes the guards sword, then says “ that was set up it had to be there is no way you could have won in a true battle.”


I reply “My you are a stubborn one aren't you.”


Xiuhcoatl says “I will repeat, this is a non-fatal battle, this battle will be a full on battle with no fatal strikes.”


The opposing member says “I want you to use a regular blade, not the Dragon sword.”


I reply “I agree.”


I sheath the Dragon blade against my back another guard offers me his blade. I take it then tap the blade lightly on the stone ground the blade rings out with a slightly dull sound. I say may I temper this blade it will only take me a couple of minutes.


The opposing clan member says “As long as you don't use the dragon blade I don't care”


I release the sword and take hold of it with my mind then I begin focusing on the blade it begins to glow bright orange then almost a white I begin folding the steel over and over then I focus on cooling the blade until there is a frost building on it then I reheat the blade again and begin folding the steel over and over and cool the blade again then reheat it again folding the steel over and over then before I cool the blade I work the edges to a very fine edge. Then I cool the blade one last time. Then I gently tap the ground again and the sword rings out with a sharp pitch.


I say “I'm ready. I'm going to cut your sword centimeter by centimeter. Then when you only have a hilt left, I will engage you in weaponless battle.”


He replies “Sounds good to me.”


we both stand on the dragon emblem on the floor with swords ready for battle.


Xiuhcoatl says “ Begin “


He takes a swing with his sword and I wield the new blade effortlessly I slice the tip off of his blade about four cm hits the ground. He takes to flight launching high in the chamber then he dives at me as he takes another swing I clip another piece off of his blade it lands right next to the tip of his blade. Then I take to flight on the opposite side of the room. We head straight for each other meeting in the center where he takes another swing I slice his blade in the middle and a large piece drops to the floor landing less than a meter from the first two pieces. He makes another pass and this time he lunges for my chest I slice his sword at the hilt. He throws the hilt to the ground. I toss my sword to the ground in front of the guard that I got it from the sword is embedded in the stone on the ground. He makes a pass and I dodge his attack. He comes at me again, I dodge then spin myself behind him I grab him around the neck and flip him to the ground landing on his back in the center of the room. As he gets up he grabs the tip of his blade and throws it at me I pull the dragon blade and smack the tip of the blade back at him it lodges firmly in his right wing. I sheath the dragon sword and land next to him. He is howling in pain.


I say “Hold still I can help.”


He then grabs my shoulder with his claw and throws me across the room after I stop I glance at my shoulder he planted his claws quite deep. I stand up and heal my wounds. Then I walk back to him and pin him to the floor with my mind.


Then I say. “I told you to hold still now you have no choice.” Then I spread his injured wing so that I can get to the blade tip. I reach down and pull it from his wing he screams in pain as the blade exits his flesh. Then I place my hand over the wound and begin focusing he finally stops wailing while I finish healing his wound. I lift my hand away from the wound and not even a scar remains.


Then he says “Thank you. I didn't think that you were the one but you have proven to me that you are the one that prophecies mention.”


I say “Damn it, how many prophecies are there about me ?”


Xiuhcoatl says “What prophecies have you heard ?”


I reply “That10,000 years ago a prophet said 'A pale skin warrior would come from the stars and free the dragon from a tyranny from the stars, and that he would find a species that was long thought to be extinct.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Then we are talking about the same prophecy but it is much older than 10,000 years that probably came from one of our previous keepers. And after 50,000 years it seems it is time that we rejoin our cousins above. But before I commit to that I would like to know more about this enemy from the stars. I think its time that we eat first though.”


Xiuhcoatl turns to the clan leaders and says “We are going to meet by the lake for dinner. Have Steaks brought there.”


I say can “Araniah join us she deserves something a little special she was a big help in me being able to communicate with you.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Of course she can come after all she is my daughter. It pleases me that you care for some one you just met. You had no idea she was my daughter, and I already know what kind of loyalty you posses. But we can talk more about that during dinner then tomorrow the clan leaders will meet and discuss us rejoining the surface.”


Valesz walks up to us with Araniah next to her.


I ask “Did you have a good nap ?”


Araniah replies “Yes, quite a peaceful nap.”


I say “I would like to thank you for letting me learn your language from you.”


She responds “Your welcome, although your way of learning is much more efficient than the way I had to learn it.”


“I know that you missed the battles if you would like later I would be willing to show you what you missed while you were sleeping.”


She replies as long as no one was seriously injured.”


I say “There was an injury at the very end but I healed his wound.”


Xiuhcoatl “We need to go or they will get the steaks there before we do.” then he takes to flight and I take to flight with Valesz right next to me.


I bring us up along side Xiuhcoatl he says “Do you know where we are going.”


I reply “kind of we are going to the lake.”


He responds “Yes, I would like to see just how fast you can fly want to race ?”


I respond “Sure.”


He says “On three, one … two … three.”


He takes a good lead but Valesz takes a hold of me and we take off I pass him. Then he thrust his wings real hard and he quickly catches up. He says “Oh come one you can do better than this.”


I say to Valesz “Hang on hon we are going to go now.” She tightens her grip and I begin increasing speed faster and faster before I know it I'm flying over the lake and can't stop fast enough to make the edge so I do a loop and land us back on the ground by a clump of trees. It don't take Xiuhcoatl very long to catch up to us and land beside us.


He says “I have never seen anyone fly that fast before. You had to be going around 450 kph.”


Then Araniah lands next to Xiuhcoatl. She says “That was quite impressive you finished that with a perfect loop and to top it off you were carrying someone doing it, I can just imagine what you could do if you were flying solo. But I have to ask you one question neither of you have wings how do you fly ?”


I reply “It's kind of like the way that I talked to you before you taught me your language. Though I still have some problems with the pronunciation since my tongue is not near as long as your its hard to make the same sounds.”


Xiuhcoatl points over to some tables and motions for us to go sit down. We all walk over to the tables and take a seat Araniah sits across from me and Valesz sits next to me. I look at Araniah and ask “Well its apparent that your good at aerial tricks what else can you do ?”


she replies “I can breath a little fire. Not like some of the older dragons but I'm working on it.”


I say can I see what you can do ?”


She says “Sure.” She turns towards the lake takes a deep breath and opens her mouth and lets out a flame almost a meter long.”


I say “Very good.”


She responds “You're just saying that to be nice.”


I say “No I'm not. I have never seen a dragon breath fire before and it looked quite impressive to me. In fact when the steaks get here I would like you to do me a favor with your fire.”


She responds “What do you want me to do ?”


I would like for you to cook my steak. You see I can't eat steak unless it is cooked. My stomach has a hard time with Raw meat.”


She says you sure are a different kind of species.”


Xiuhcoatl says “About the prophecies, shortly after we were forced down here by the Mantis. 50,000 years ago there was a prophet that said close to what you did earlier but there is part that you are missing, or rather it is different, that extinct species is us and our version says that when this pale warrior from the stars comes that we would rejoin the surface dragons in a great battle to regain our freedom.


We gave up on technologies we were flying in space when we met the mantis on our first expeditions into space. Our ships were not that fast we had just made the first light speed engines then it took about two years to fly to the mantis world. Any how what happened was we sent twenty ships to try and start some kind of trading with them but when our ships returned home they were being flown by the mantis they used our own technology against us they enslaved the ground dragons and they were slaughtering the sky dragons so we got as many down her as we could.”


I ask “What about when the ground dragons tried to come down here, what happened to them ?”


He responds “It was regrettable but we couldn't take the chance that they weren't still under the control of the mantis. They and their ships were destroyed before they got close. But when our guards seen you and you claimed to be friends, that's when we decided to take a chance that the prophecies might be coming true. Had we decided otherwise you would have been destroyed as well. But with the way things look now we will be rejoining the surface and joining you in your quest to destroy the mantis threat for good.”


I say if you will excuse me for just a second I need to let some friends know that we are doing good and will be back to the surface in a little while.”


Xiuhcoatl says “You may contact your friends but please don't mention us to them just yet.” I reply “ I just want them to know that we are doing ok.” I begin reaching out with my mind looking for Celer it don't take me long to find him.


I say “Celer we are okay, we are getting something to eat then we will be returning to the surface . We should be back up before night fall.”


Celer responds “I was starting to get worried about you I'm glad that you are doing good.”


I say tell every one that we are on the bottom and that we will be returning soon. For now I need to release the link again.”


Celer responds “I will be waiting to hear from you again soon.”





Just then I see several dragons, flying down carrying the steaks that Xiuhcoatl had called for , the dragons begin setting plates in front of everyone. Then as quickly as they landed they were gone. Araniah say “Okay now you want me to cook your steak , how do you want me to do it ?”


I reply “I will hold the steak in the air while you create your flame that will give me some control of how much its cooked.”

Valesz says “Mine too please “ Xiuhcoatl says “But your a dragon, you don't eat your steak raw ?”


Valesz responds “Well I use to eat it raw until I met Paul. After all this is settled I will have to make you one of Paul's special steaks, since we don't have any seasonings here I will Eat mine plain.”


I say “Valesz you don't have to eat yours cooked just because I do.” Valesz replies “ I am eating mine that way because I prefer it. Now do you want to argue about it ?”


I respond “No my love. You can eat your steak any way you like.”


Then I turn to Araniah and say “Are you ready to make your fire ?”


She responds “Any time you are.”


I concentrate on the steaks and lift them both into the air holding my steak about one meter in front of Araniah. She takes a deep breath then opens her mouth and shoots a flame just as the flame hits the steak I quickly turn it then pull the steak from the flame. Araniah closes her mouth and breaths normally I place my steak back on my plate.


Valesz grabs my steak and takes a bite and says “Perfectly delicious.”


Araniah says “I'm ready to do it again.”


I position the steak about a meter in front of her again. She takes another deep breath and shoots another flame and just like the first steak as the flame reaches the steak I turn it in the flame and quickly remove it from the flame.


Everyone is watching Valesz as she eats her steak and see's just how much she is enjoying it, they all start asking if they can have their steaks cooked too..


I look towards Araniah and ask “Would you mind cooking everyone's steaks ?”


She replies “No, I don't mind it's more practice for me.”


I reply “Thank you , we are going to do this a little differently though I will hold the steaks in a circular pattern I would like for you to shoot your flame across them in order then I will turn them all then you shoot a second flame hitting them a second time on the raw side.”


She replies “I can do that , but put my steak with everyone's I want to try it too.”


I say “I will.”


I begin focusing again lifting all the steaks into the air making a half circle around Araniah. She takes a real deep breath and opens her mouth and flames the steaks perfectly just letting the flames slightly sear the steaks then I turn all of the steaks and she flames them again, she performs perfectly. I place each steak on a plate in front of each dragon. Araniah returns to sit next to me. I watch as all of the dragons take their first bite , it was kind of eerie hearing all of these dragon making the “mm” sound in unison. Then all of them look at me their eyes gleaming.


Xiuhcoatl says “Where on Vivus did you learn how to do this ?”


I reply “My species have been cooking meat for thousands of years.”


Valesz says “If you like this wait until he can put seasonings on it, that steak is to die for.”

Xiuhcoatl says “ Just as soon as we are done with this meal we are going to hold a meeting right here. This is just one thing that we have been missing and we need to discuss returning to the surface to rejoin our cousins above.”


Every dragon of the clan leadership makes a single click. Then everyone returns to eating their steak. I watch as a couple of them toss the entire steak in their mouth and chew swallowing almost immediately.


I say “I guess you really enjoyed your steaks.”


They immediately respond “Yes.” Valesz and I return to enjoying our steaks. in just a few minutes everyone else was done eating I still have a few bites left, and continue eating my steak.


One of the dragons says “It's no wonder your species is so small you eat so slowly.” then he laughs and everyone joins him in laughter. I pop my last bite in my mouth then I laugh myself .


I say “I may be small in comparison to dragons but big things come in small packages.” What no one had noticed while I was eating Araniah had been rubbing my cock and I was now fully erect. I stood up and said “ I may be small but I have a big package.”


Valesz begins laughing so hard she falls back out of her seat.


As she gets back up she says “He's got you there” still laughing while all of the dragons try to pick up their jaws including Araniah hadn't realized that the toy she was playing with was that big.


Xiuhcoatl says “Araniah did you do that ?”


She bows her head slightly and says “Yes father, I did , I just couldn't help it since his cock stayed out all the time I was curious how much was still inside of him, unlike with dragons all the males keep theirs hidden in their sheath and I also liked his smooth soft skin.”


Xiuhcoatl ask “Have you decided to make him your first as well ?”


She replies “I was thinking about it but he looks awful big I don't know if I could handle that much, but I think I would like to try.”


Xiuhcoatl looks at me and says “If she finally decides that she would like you to be her first, I want your word that you will take good care of her and be gentile. I realize that this is not your first time with a dragons first time. ”


I reply “Of course I will provided she chooses me as her first but it has to be her decision, it is enough for me to know that she knows I would be willing.”


Then Araniah says “You have been a first for another female dragon ?”


I respond “Yes, in fact just his morning.”


Araniah says “If a surface dragon can handle you so can I. I want you to be my first.”


I reply “I will be your first, but we will have to wait until tomorrow, I have made a promise to my mates, and I can't break that promise.”


Araniah says “I was hoping for tonight but I understand that you have made a promise.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Now that is settled we will continue with the clan meeting.” and slams his fist on the table everyone goes silent. Araniah gets up and quickly clears all of the plates from the table and stacks them on the ground behind where she was sitting then returns to her seat.


Xiuhcoatl says “Everyone here believes that Paul is the one spoken of in the prophecies correct ?” each dragon makes a single click. (saying yes)


Xiuhcoatl then says “Who is in favor of returning to the surface and rejoining the surface ?”


One of the dragons says “What if only our guard dragons return first to keep the clan's safe.”


Xiuhcoatl says “That's not an unreasonable request. Very well everyone in agreement to the guard dragons returning to the surface first say yes.”


Each and every dragon replies “Yes”


Xiuhcoatl says “Each clan leader is responsible for sending their guard's to the pit we will go to the surface in one hour. I also expect the clan leaders to go as well. After all we will be meeting with the surface dragons and we need to be the ones that do the introductions.”


The dragons all get up and fly in different directions I watch as one flies into one of the corridors in the ceiling.


Xiuhcoatl says “There is something that you need to know Paul this cavern is not the only one there are several others some of those corridors that you see in the ceiling go to other caverns.”


I ask “The size of this cavern I would guess there are about 5000 dragons that live in this one. How many dragons are there down here ?”


Xiuhcoatl replies “You are very close. This is my clan and there are about 5500 in this cavern there are close to 70,000 dragons that live in caverns like this one , some bigger and a few smaller.”


I ask “When you go out to get Dalox who went the last time ?”


“We send 10 at a time to do that 2 guards remain by the pit while the 10 hunters go get the Dalox.. why do you ask?”


Last night there was an incident and I was wondering if I could meet the ones that went out on hunt?”


Xiuhcoatl says “Yes you can , Araniah will you go get last nights hunters and bring them here ?” she doesn't hesitate she stands up and takes flight in a flash she is out of site.


Valesz says “That water sure looks refreshing.” Xiuhcoatl says “If you like you may go swimming but please don't relieve yourselves in the water after all that is our drinking water.”


Both Valesz and I stand up Valesz looks at Xiuhcoatl and says “Are you going to come with us?” Xiuhcoatl replies “ I was going to wait here for the hunters.” Valesz says they can see the lake from here they will be able to see us.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Your right I will join you it has been a while since I have been for a swim .”


Xiuhcoatl stands and we walk towards the lake.


I say “If you will excuse me for just a minute I need to relieve myself I wouldn't want to contaminate the water.”


I walk over to a small pile of rocks and tend to business then I turn and continue towards the water, they are already in the water swimming towards the middle I dive into the water easily swimming past them.


Xiuhcoatl says “Can you swim as good as you can fly ?”


I respond “Why want to race again ?”


Xiuhcoatl replies “I don't think that it would be a fair race , my wings and tail work better under water.”


I reply “Well how about to the other side.”


Xiuhcoatl says “ok on three … one .. two .. three...”


We both dive into the water and I stay behind Xiuhcoatl for a little while watching his body sway from side to side while his wings glide up and down he swims with such grace it's quite something to watch almost like watching dolphins playing in the water back on earth. I decide its time to catch up to him I begin to pass under him then roll so I'm swimming inverted I let our bodies graze gently as I pass him. Then I roll back over and begin swimming as fast as I can to the other side. I launch out of the water landing on the soft earth standing just a few feet away from the water. I turn to see him swimming up to the shore. Xiuhcoatl crawls up to the shore and stands up slightly out of breath.


He says “Very impressive, but I think I'm going to take my time going back.”


I hear Valesz yelling from across the lake “The hunters are here.”


I say to Xiuhcoatl “I have a much quicker way back and it will be effortless for you.”


He replies “There is no way that you can carry me.”


I reply “I never said I was going to carry you.”


I link with Valesz and say “Keep everyone away from the shore, I'm going to teleport us back.”


Valesz replies “I will get everyone away from the shore.”


Then I look at Xiuhcoatl and say “Are you ready for the ride of your life ?”


he says “What do you ….”


I take hold of him and in an instant we are stand back on the shore next to Valesz …. he continues .. “mean ? … how did you do that ?”


I reply “It is just another of my powers.” Xiuhcoatl says “You sure are full of surprises. Now what did you have to say to the hunters ?”


The hunters begin encircling us. I say “witch one of you attacked another creature last night and knocked it into the trees ?”


One of the hunters steps forward and says “That was me, quite an impressive attack the fool never seen it coming. He was dead before he hit the ground.”


I reply “Are you so sure ? That fool was me.”


The hunter responds “But you don't even have a mark on you. How could it be you ?”


I reply “If you will allow me to link with you I will show you it was me.” he responds I don't think I like the sound of that.”


Xiuhcoatl says “If my daughter Araniah can do it, I think you can too.”


The hunter looks at me and says “You linked with Araniah ?”


I respond “Yes that's how I learned your language.”


He responds “I will agree.” I begin the link with the hunter. I begin when we were gathered around the fire hearing the unusual sounds all the way through falling through the trees.”


When I break the link he staggers slightly and quickly regains his balance. Then he says “It really was you.”


I say “Now that you have seen it from my point of view I would like to see it from yours.”


He replies “Is there any thing I need to do?”


I say “Just think about when you attacked me including your plan of attack before you began the attack.” we begin he spotted me just as soon as I got above the trees he decided to follow me for a while. While I was following the others he climbed higher and higher into the sky. Keeping a constant eye on me. Then when he thought I was to close to the others he goes into a dive and slams me down into the trees then continues on to follow the others.


I break the link and say “Thank you. That is what I wanted.”


He ask “Why did you want to see it from my point of view?”


I reply “I needed to see it from your point of view so that perhaps I can learn from my mistakes. I now know that I need to keep a closer eye on my back.”


The hunter replies “Your welcome if your done with me I need to go get ready for tonight's hunt.” 

End Ch 25


                                                                      Ch 26 Back to the surface


Xiuhcoatl says “There will be no hunt tonight.”


Valesz ask “How many Dalox do you need ?”


The hunter responds “We usually get twenty when we can. But last night with the incident we only got ten.”


Valesz says “When we get back to the surface I will have 30 brought to the pit tonight, after all we all have reason to celebrate.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Why would you do this ?”


Valesz replies “After all I am the keeper, and if you are going to rejoin the surface this may well be my only act as the keeper.”


Xiuhcoatl responds “I know that it is going to take a little time for us to rejoin the surface I am sure that we will have to start building we will have to help increase the production of the surface resources. There is so much that we need to discuss and start making preparations for.”


Just then I hear something. I look up and thousands of dragons begin pouring out of the openings in the ceiling.


Xiuhcoatl says “It looks like its time for us to go. Lord Paul I think its time that you warn your friends that we are coming.”


I quickly create my link with Celer and say “Tell everyone that we will be coming up and we are bringing company for dinner.”


Celer responds “How many are you bringing with you ?


I reply “Well lets just say this make everyone get back at least 30 meters from the edge of the pit. The only ones that should be any closer than that are you Desara and my mates and even with you there I would stay back at least 5 meters. Its going to be a site to see that's for sure. One more thing have Desara get 30 Dalox transported to the pit please. We should be reaching the surface in about 15 to 20 minutes.”


Celer responds “I will have everyone move and have Desara get the Dalox transported here.”


I say “We will see you in a few minutes.”


Xiuhcoatl says “We really need to get going.”


I turn to the hunters and say “Will you follow us up the Dalox will be there soon for you to bring down here.”


One of the hunters says “You mean we only have to go to the surface to get them and not carry them for 50 kilometers.”


I reply “Yes, that's correct.”


Then he says “Oh this is going to be a good night.”


We all take flight Valesz and myself follow Xiuhcoatl towards the pit. Just then Araniah flies up to Xiuhcoatl. I hear her ask him if she can go to the surface I see him point back towards the clan hall. She drops her head and glides back to the surface.


I catch up to Xiuhcoatl I say “If you will let her go I will personally protect her.


He responds. “With that promise I would but it's to late she is already out of ear shot.”


I say “I will let her know and that she has to get to the pit before we head up.


He says “If she can get to the pit before we begin our ascent she can go.”


I create a link with Araniah and I say “You better get to the pit if your going to go , I talked to your father and he agreed you can go but you have to be there before we begin our ascent.”


She responds “Thank you, I am on my way.” as we approach the pit the dragons have begun landing on the floor near the pit there must be 10,000 of them there.


Xiuhcoatl is just about to land at the bottom of the pit and Araniah nearly knock him over as he touches the ground. I can her her saying “Thank you, thank you.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Don't thank me you need to thank Lord Paul if he hadn't promised me that he would protect you you wouldn't be going.”


Just as Valesz and me touch the ground she comes flying over, tackling me and smothering me with kisses and holding me tight saying “Thank you. Oh thank you.”


I reply “Your quite welcome but when we get to the surface you need to be on your best. It is going to be boring we are going to be talking about a lot of dry stuff about the future plans.”


she says “I will be good I promise.”


Xiuhcoatl walks over and slams a rock against the wall and all the the dragons fall silent.


Xiuhcoatl says “This is the first time that this many of us have been going to the surface, and it is still daylight I know that none of us have seen the sunlight in 50,000 years it will take our eyes a some time to adjust to it, so be ready for that. When we get to the surface the clan leadership will land by the pit rim while I want the guards to land outside of the crowd that is already there but take no aggressive action. Is everyone clear on what I expect ?” each and every dragon replies with a single click (Yes)


Xiuhcoatl looks at Valesz, Araniah and myself and says “You three go on ahead we will be right behind you.”


We walk to the center of the pit. I say “ Araniah I want you to stand behind me , wrap your arms around me and hold on and keep you wings folded tight.” She does as she is told then Valesz walks in front of me and wraps her arms around both Araniah and myself. I reach up and unsheathe the sword and it begins to glow it's brilliant blue. I begin to concentrate and we are going up.


I say “Faster ?”


both Valesz and Araniah say “Yes faster.”


I begin picking up speed going faster and faster until the rock face no longer looks rough but looks quite smooth. I link with Celer and say “Here we come.” and before he can respond we shoot out of the pit like a cannon.


We are about one kilometer in the air I say “Araniah leg go you can fly down from here . Let us land first then act like you are going to attack and try and eat us.”


She immediately lets go and begins circling me and Valesz quickly head down to the surface. When we land I start yelling “They are going to eat us all. RUN!!!!!! …. then Araniah lets out a blood curdling roar and dives down towards Valesz and me. Everyone begins scattering in every direction. Araniah lands gently on the ground next to us. Then everyone realizes that it was just a joke and begins walking back. Our friends quickly run up to greet us just as they get to us the dragons begin flooding out of the pit so many of them they begin blocking out the sunlight as they begin circling. Xiuhcoatl and the clan leaders begin landing around us then the guard dragons begin circling wider making an opening in the center then begin landing outside of everyone else.


I say to Desara “We have found very powerful allies , since I know that very few surface dragons can speak the ancient language I will be happy to translate.


Desara replies “Thank you , I can speak the ancient language I may be a little rusty but..”


I interrupt her saying in ancient “Are you sure you can translate as well as I can “She responds “Impressive I have never heard anyone speak it that fluently, how did you learn it so quickly?”


I say “I can teach you but it will be a couple of hours before you wake. I will teach you after the initial meeting is over, when we get back to the cabin.”


Desara “That sounds good to me, by the way the Dalox should be arriving here in about 30 minutes.”


I say one moment please.” I turn to the hunters and say in ancient “The Dalox will be here in about 30 minutes, until then just relax.” the lead hunter replies with a single click. Then the crews begin moving in asking questions faster than they can be answered.


I lean over to Araniah and ask “Can you carry Valesz.”


She replies “Yes I can” I reply “Then I want you to take her she will lead you to the cabin.”


Then I link with Celer and say “Have our friends head for the shuttles and go to the cabin.” Then I walk over to Desara and say have the council members follow the dragons to the cabin I am going to tend to the media.


Then I turn and say “You want answers , I will give you what you want and they start surrounding me. I say “These dragons have been in hiding for some 50,000 years, they were waiting for me to free them to let them know that it is time to come home. And now that they are ready to come home you are going to swarm them and make them feel uncomfortable. Who do you think that you are? I agree that everyone needs to know that they are rejoining the surface but that is going to take time for now go tell everyone that I went down there and came back with ancient dragons. But remember one , and I mean just one word about the unicorn and you will have to answer to me directly.””


One of the reporters says “I realize that you are our lord but what can you do to any of us.”


I reach out with my mind and quickly lift him about 300 meters into the air then let him fall a little ways before stopping him again then bringing him back to rest where he was previously standing. Then I say “Do I make my self clear.”


Everyone says Clear.. then one of them says “We have our story its time to go...”


As they start walking away, I say “Keep you eyes on the council chambers that's where the next story will be... the hunters are still waiting by the pit everyone else is leaving. I take to flight heading towards the cabin. I decide to take my time a lot has happened today I decide to reflect on the day during my trip home. Wow home that sounds nice, I think I like that idea …..



As I am headed back home I see the guards heading back towards me. As we approach each other I stop and hover one of them stops.


I ask “Whats happening?”


He replies “The clan leadership decided that we would not be needed for the talks and

requested the ten of us stay behind and the rest were sent back to the pit to keep guard there.”


I reply “Thank you” and we continue on our paths. In just a few minutes I can see the lake, I'm almost home. I begin descending where everyone is gathered around the fire pit. Lakia is the first to greet me with a hug and a kiss.


Everyone is standing I say “ I need to do something about this.”


I say to Kasra “Do you know where there are a couple of big trees that have fallen are ?”


Kasra responds “Yes there is one in the woods across from the lake and another just south of the shuttle landing area.”


I reply “Thank you. I will be back in a few minutes with one of them.”


I teleport my self to the clearing by the lake and walk into the woods and find the tree that Kasra told me about, there are trees completely surrounding the tree. I only see one way to get it out with out taking out any other trees, and that's up I begin focusing on the tree it begins to stand back upright. I then send the tree up above the other trees and over me back towards the clearing I walk back out of the woods with the tree above me as I get out to the clearing I lift myself up to the tree that is floating about 100 meters in the air I set myself down on the tree and begin moving towards the cabin as I approach the cabin everyone begins scattering as I set the tree down. The tree hits the ground with a light thud. I jump down off of the tree.


Everyone begins walking back over. I say “Will everyone pitch in and clear this tree of the branches while I go get the other tree.”


The guards waste no time and begin working on the tree shredding into the branches with their sharp claws. I teleport my self over by the shuttles and walk into the woods there and find that tree and I crawl up on the tree this time then lift the tree and myself straight up into the air and take the tree and set it down next to the other tree.



I walk over to Lakia and Katherine and say “Will you two take a shuttle and get 50 steaks, and more salad we are going to have a big Bar-B-Que, and would you please stop at a metal shop and get a piece of metal great about one meter by four meters.”


Lakia says “I know where there is just a place to get the grate.”


Katherine says “Let's go so we can get back, I want to go for a swim tonight.


I turn back to the tree and unsheathe the sword and begin walking along the trunk clearing the branches from this tree. In just a few minutes I have all of the branches cleared from the top side. The dragon guards just about have the other tree cleared of its top branches. I roll the tree over that I am standing on and continue clearing the branches I'm just about finished I glance over and the guards are ready for me to roll that tree. I stop working on my tree for a second and roll the tree for them and then finish clearing the tree that I am on. Then begin carving the tree. I cut about a 12 meter length section then I cut another 12 meter section from the other tree. Then I begin carving a long table out of one of the sections. In about 15 minutes the table is done it is about 12 meters in length with 6 legs to support its own weight. I take the scrap wood from the table and put it in the fire pit after making the pit much larger. Then I continue carving two 12 meter benches with the same design as I carved the other benches. Just as soon as I am finished with the benches I arrange them as a set in the clearing in front of the cabin then take two of the other benches and place them at the ends of the table.


Kasra walks over and looks at the table and says “A good strong table but there is one thing missing. I will be right back.” he turns and goes into the cabin and returns in just a couple of minutes with a one meter Dragon medallion and places it in the center of the table. Then says “perfect!”


I say “ its time for both the council and the clan leadership to sit at the same table. Before you sit make sure you are next to others that you get along with. Clan on one side and council on the other. Each leader please sit so that your perspective side is to your right.” As everyone takes their place Lakia and Katherine land the shuttle.






I head towards the shuttle with two of the guard dragons following as Katherine opens the shuttle door the two guards step in and grab the grate and one ask “Where do you want it ?”


I point and say “On the fire pit. Thank you.” and they quickly head towards the pit. Katherine and Lakia start grabbing what they can carry, and I gather up the rest of the steaks and we head into the cabin. We set the steaks down and Valesz comes in and says “You go back out and join the meeting , they are discussing the ancient dragons rejoining us, and you need to be a part of that. I will start preparations with the steaks.”


I say “Thank you.” and kiss each of them. Then walk back to the meeting. I sit down just as Xiuhcoatl ask “Where are we going to stay while we are building our cities ?” Desara responds “That is why we are gathered here to decide on what actions to take to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone.”


I say “I have an idea, it's only temporary but would make good use of scrap. I know that I ask for all of the ships from the scrap yards that can be flown , but what about all of the ships that have had their engines removed or are unrepairable. We could bring those down to the surface and it wouldn't take to much to make them into complexes.” Both Xiuhcoatl and Desara look at me with surprise on there faces.


Then they both agree that is a good idea. Desara says “I will get a crew started on bring them down to the surface first thing in the morning. I do have one question though how many are we trying to house? So I have an idea of how many ships we need to find.”


Xiuhcoatl responds “About 70,000 but we all don't have to come up at the same time.” Desara says “Now we need to figure out where to begin placing the ships.” just then Valesz comes out “ hearing the question. She says “We can let you use about a 10 x10 km parcel to the south there is another lake there and plenty of clearing with woods scattered.” Xiuhcoatl replies “Thank you for your generous offer. I graciously accept.”


Valesz replies “You're very welcome.”


Then she turns to me and ask “Would you please get the fire going the steaks are ready.” while still looking at Valesz the wood in the pit burst into flames. Valesz says “You did that with out even looking at it.”


I replied “Yes, Everything is becoming easier. I am starting to accept and understand my powers more and more each day.” Celer says “Nonios will be able to help you expand and learn so much tomorrow.”


Xiuhcoatl ask “Who is Nonios ?”


Celer replies “A good friend of mine.”



I say “back to business.. ok now that we have a temporary solution to the ancient dragon's housing needs for rejoining the surface. I think that we can settle the food needs just as quickly.”


Kasra stands says “Let me take care of that. After all I have been their keeper for the last 400 years. Even if they use the 10 square km of land there is still enough land to support a good 3000 head of Dalox that should be enough to feed them for a while until everything gets worked out.” Xiuhcoatl replies “ I know that we have only met tonight. I would like to take this chance to thank you for keeping our secret and for keeping the Dalox here for us over the centuries but I can not ask you to feed all of us like this.”


Kasra responds “I insist this will be my final act as your keeper. Since it won't be long before everyone knows about you now it would be my honor to do this one last task.” Kasra turns to Valesz and says “ Do you mind if I use the interstellar com on your shuttle? The interstellar array on my shuttle needs repaired.


Valesz replies “Sure go ahead.” Kasra heads towards the shuttles.


Xiuhcoatl says “Now we have a place to go and don't have to worry about food for a while. Now how can we help on the surface.”


I reply “I don't know about helping on the surface but there is something I have been wanting to ask you. How many of the clansmen do you think will go with us on my quest?”


Xiuhcoatl replies “If we ask the guards only I would guess at about 90% and of the others possibly 50% but those are only a guess.”



I say “that's fine, I just wanted a rough idea of what help I could expect. As you already know I am planning on eliciting the help of many other species. I fully intend to end this tyranny of the Mantis.”


Xiuhcoatl says “Tell me a little bit of your plan to eliminate the mantis.”


I am going to try to get all of the known species of populated space to ban together so we can rid ourselves of the mantis threat for good. After I can get everyone involved and I'm sure that I will be able to get most of the population on board, while I am working on that I am going to have a few crews getting the ships in the scrap yards getting as many ships as we can back in operation. Those ships are going to be a decoy in orbit around a planet in the Fox Fur Nebula in the constellation Monoceros. Then we are going to fill the media in on the knowledge of the return of the unicorn .. we are going to tell them that there is a colony there of say 5000 unicorn there, while our fleet is hiding throughout the nebula when they begin their attack on the planet and the decoy fleet we are going to move in from the nebula and wipe out their military. That's the short of it.”


Xiuhcoatl replies , that sounds like a viable plan. We would be glad to help you with the mantis after what they did to us. I think its time that we get some retribution.”


Celer says “Your not the only race that they slaughtered to the brink of extinction. I was there when they attacked our home world. I saw the brutality that they used. The countless lives that they showed no mercy for. I understand that you have been in hiding for a very long time. The unicorn that are left have been scattered throughout populated space. I must apologize I did not mean to belittle your situation. It's just that I was there when they destroyed our home world and there is still a lot of pain there.”


I say “Celer you are the reason that I have decided to take on this task. I know that you still have some strong feelings about it but I need you to stay strong after this is over we can live our lives out in peace and restore the unicorns to their former glory.”


Celer responds “I know that you are going to do everything you can, and I believe that we will succeed in this task.”


I reply “Let's just put this behind us and focus on the here and now.”


Celer responds “You are right , I am sorry for my little outburst. I am glad that after all this time I will get to see us regain our home world.”


I respond “I have no idea of what the mantis have may done to your home world you may decide to find a new world to start over.”


Celer responds “I know I have thought about that a quite a few times, but that decision will have to wait until we get to see whats left of Pangaea.”


Xiuhcoatl says “It wont be long now Celer we will both have our worlds back with out the fear of the mantis. Thanks to Lord Paul.”


Valesz says “Don't you think that you have debated enough tonight. Is everyone getting hungry”


Desara says “Speaking of Debating . On the way here I made a call and first thing in the morning I should be getting return calls, I am going to try and set up a meeting of all species at Earth so you won't have to spend so much time going from world to world. The quicker we can get everyone together the better the chances of completing the goal.”


I reply “Thank you Desara that will definitely make this go so much quicker if you can make it happen. Now let's get dinner started so we can all eat”


Valesz heads into the cabin and Lakia and Katherine follows her , they quickly come out carrying several platters with the steaks on them. I get up and walk over to the pit the flames have died down a bit the wood is mainly bright orange glowing ember's. Valesz starts tossing the steaks on the grill and just as fast as they are hitting the grill I am flipping the steaks, save one the steaks have perfect singe bars from where they hit the grate and just a light gray brown color. Just then Annie and Araniah each carrying a stack of plates they set them down on the table and they each take one and I begin placing a steak on the plates and they pass them to the counsel members. Dinos Lakia and Katherine go back into the cabin briefly and return with the salad Dinos is carrying a few bottles of wine she sets them down and goes back into the cabin and returns carrying glasses . Everyone's waiting patiently for Valesz and me to take our seats. Just as we sit down the last glass is being filled.


Desara stands and says “I believe that tonight requires a toast. To our new Lord and New Beginnings.”


Everyone holds up their glass and yells “ HERE HERE!!!!!” the winged dragons still sitting in bewilderment. I quickly translate for them they quickly raise their glasses and reply with their clicks and purrs.



Everyone sets their glass's down I watch as everyone's mouth begins to water from the aroma from the steaks. Everyone picks up their steak and begins enjoying the meal. As I watch all those razor sharp slice right through the tender meat, their eyes begin rolling back in heads and looks of euphoria wash over the dragons.


Finally I begin to cut and eat my steak cooked seared perfectly cutting through the lightly darkened surface revealing the luscious pink flesh beneath. I take my first bite and enjoy the first moments of the texture as it lays on my tongue enjoying the lingering flavor while I chew my meat and begin swallowing. It does not take the dragons long to finish their steaks while I am left to finish mine.


The Vegetarians are still eating with me slowly devouring the salads that they have, slowly chewing each piece of green leaf and other vegetables that are in their bowls. Finally everyone has finished eating.


I say “A very nice meal I'm Glad to have shared it with so many friends, but I have promised my mates that I would be spending the night with just them.” A smile creeps across both Lakia and Katherine's faces. Then I continue translating in ancient dragon.


Everyone stands the ancient clans leaders begins taking to flight, the counsel members begin heading for their shuttles.


I say “Leaders before everyone leaves we need to make our next meeting plans. Tomorrow morning we need to go up to the ship to check on the progress and then after that we have other plans to go meet some other friends.”


Desara says “Other than the calls that I will be getting in the morning I am planning on being where they are going to be putting the ships for housing, I want to make sure that everyone knows what is going on.”


Xiuhcoatl says “ I would be glad to have you there. we can discuss us helping with the ship repairs, I realize that we have a lot to do here but the more help you can get will speed up the process of preparing for the battle.”


Desara replies “I will be glad to discuss that tomorrow. We will meet here at 09:00 tomorrow by then I should have finished with the other business.”


I say “That sounds good if you like we can stop in here around 11:00 and I thought that you might like to go with us to visit our friends.”


Desara responds “Thank you for the offer, but if I remember correctly you have some task to complete for our friends. So you will be quite busy yourself. Oh and Paul remember to get some rest tonight you are going to need all you energy tomorrow.”


I respond “Thank you for reminding me.”


Celer says “You go on me and Dinos will clean this up, you go have fun, we might take a late night swim after we finish.”


Desara turn to walk towards the shuttle , but I stop her and say “Oh no you don't not with out a hug and a kiss.” She turn and looks into my eyes I wrap my arms around her and we embrace in a passionate kiss. Then I Realize that she is working her tail behind me. I reach behind me and catch her tail before she finds her mark.


Then say. “ah you know I have other plans tonight.” a slight look of disappointment appears on her face.


Then I say “I am sure that we will have plenty of time for that later and besides your mate is waiting for you at home.”


She replies “You are right, I need to go. I will see you when you get beck from the forest tomorrow.” She turns and walks towards the shuttle.


As I turn around I notice that Annie and Araniah are sitting by themselves away from everyone else. I walk over to them and ask “Are you two doing alright ?”


Annie replies “Yes we are just fine.”


I say “What have you two been talking about all this time ?”


Araniah replies “To be honest, you.”


I say “ hm am I that interesting to talk about ?”


Araniah replies “Yes, Annie was just telling me that you were her first, and how you were gentile and very passionate with her. I think that I have made a very good choice for my first as well.”


“I will have to ask Valesz and my mates before I can actually ask this but would the two of you like to stay here for the night, then you could talk all night long about me in private.”


They both smile they turn to look at each other then turn back and they both say “Yes!”


I reply “I will go talk to Valesz , and I will ask your father too Araniah then when I get back you need to go use the com in one of the shuttles and call your father Annie. I will be back in a few minutes.”


I turn and walk back towards the new counsel table. Valesz is talking to Xiuhcoatl in the old language.


I say “May I interrupt for just a minute.” They both stop and look towards me. I look to Xiuhcoatl and say “If it is OK with you Araniah would like to stay here for the night with Annie.”


Xiuhcoatl says “I wouldn't want to impose on you.” I quickly respond they will be no trouble, they seem to be getting along quite well. And after 50,000 years they seem to be the first true friends between the two species.”


Valesz responds “They can sleep on the couch. Or in one of the shuttles.”


I reply “I think I would prefer to have them in cabin so we can keep a closer eye on them.


Valesz says “Then its settled.”


I say “Not quite I am going to have Annie contact her father and ask him to make sure he is comfortable with it.”


Xiuhcoatl says , well I must be leaving, I think we can skip the hug and kiss this time Lord Paul. Everyone laughs.


I say “Then how about a hand shake.”


I extend my hand out towards him. He has a puzzled look on his face.


Valesz says “It's an earth custom. Just place your claw in his hand. Its kind of like when a male dragon greets a female formally. He places his clawed hand in mine I squeeze slightly and shake his hand then release my grip.


He says “An interesting greeting you will have to tell me its origins later.”


I say it would be my pleasure.” he turns takes a few steps and then takes to flight in just a few seconds he is out of sight into the night sky.


I look to Valesz and say “let's give Celer and Dinos a hand with getting the dishes taken care of. But before that I think I need to tell the dragoness's that they have permission and that Annie needs to go contact Tifar.”


Valesz replies “I will be here when you get back.”


I turn and walk back over to Araniah and Annie as I approach them I say “Annie you need to go contact Tifar.”


I barely finish the sentence and she is already heading towards the shuttle.


Araniah says “Thank you for letting us stay here tonight.” She stands up walks right in front of me and wraps her arms around my neck she jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist so that I am holding her up.


She leans close to me and whispers “I can't wait for you to mate with me. I know tomorrow but it's so hard I have been waiting so long to find the right dragon and now here you are not even a dragon and you seem to be the right one.”


I reply “I will let you in on a little secret I am part dragon, and that reminds me there is a question I need to ask, though I'm not real sure how to ask.”


She leans back a bit locking her hands together behind my neck still holding on.


She say's “What do you need to ask me?”


I say “I guess there is only one way to ask. Are you in heat ?”


She has a puzzled look on her face, then she says “Oh you mean am I fertile now... no I'm not. And even if I were it wouldn't matter since you and I are not the same species.”


I reply “I'm not totally human, I wasn't joking when I said I was part dragon. I'm also part unicorn, and it is a possibility that I could get you impregnated. That is why I had to ask.”


Araniah says “In that case I'm glad you ask, I'm not quite ready to start raising young. I look up and here comes Annie walking back to where Araniah and I are. She is flashing a big toothy grin similar to the one that Valesz often smiles with.


I say “It looks like Tifar said yes.”


Annie says “Yes he said yes.”


I reply “I hope you two don't mind sleeping on the couch.”


Araniah say “Who says we are going to sleep, we have so much to talk about.”


I reply “Try to get some sleep everyone has a busy day tomorrow.”


I turn and walk back over to Valesz. When I get back to her I say “If we all pitch in to get these dishes done it wont take long and then we all can enjoy the evening.”


Valesz replies “Sounds good. You are in so much trouble tonight! I hope that Nonios don't have anything physical for you to do tomorrow.”


I respond “It's a good thing we are going up to the ship in the morning, it will give me a chance to relax. Now let's get these dishes done.”


I grab a stack of plates, Celer takes the other stack then the Valesz, Katherine, and Lakia begin collecting all of the glasses, and we all head into the cabin. I set my stack of plates on the counter and begin filling the sink with water and begin washing the plates. Celer puts his stack on the counter next to the first stack.


I say “I will wash and rinse you dry and put away.”


Celer replies “Okay, but where do they go ?”


I say “In the top left cabinet I found them the first morning here when I was looking to see what we had for food.” Celer finds a towel and begins drying the plates and stacking them in the cabinet.


Valesz says “Just as soon as your finished with the plates we will take care of the glasses.”


She sets the glasses she is carrying on the counter then she walks up behind me and begins caressing my back with her clawed hands every once in a while gently dragging her claws down my back.


She says “You know it is such a nice night I think we would all enjoy a late night swim and when we get back we can dry by the fire.”


She drags her claws down my back as I respond “We might want to put more wood on the fire on our way to the lake.” she turns her hands just above my butt and drags her claws up my back.


I say “If you keep doing that we may not make it out the door.” as I finish the last plate Valesz works her tail under me and begins stroking my cock with her very talented tail making me instantly hard. I hand Celer the plate and turn to face Valesz. She moves her tail as I turn. She jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist and pulls her self close to me. I wrap my arms around her. Valesz looks into my eyes, I can't help but to look deep into those big golden eyes that I fell in love with not so long ago. She begins rubbing her now wet pussy along the length of my shaft getting my cock wet with her juices. Just as I really start getting worked up she releases her grip around my waist and lowers herself to the floor. She looks back at me and says “oh my look I got you all wet, I guess I will just have to get that cleaned up she looks down and begins lowering herself down and wraps her tongue around my shaft licking me clean.


Then she stands back up and says “I need to get these glasses washed.” I responds “Oh I see tease me then leave me.”


Valesz says “Oh just wait that was just to get you started , after we are finished with you tonight you are going to be begging for us to stop.”


Celer “Now ladies remember not to be to hard on him tonight, he has a very busy day planned tomorrow.”


Lakia says “Oh! We are planning on totally wearing him out tonight, when we are done all he will be able to do is just lay there and mumble incoherently..”


Valesz interrupts “I will wash , Lakia you rinse, Katherine you dry, and Dinos you put away.” they all line up by the sink.


I link with Celer and say “Now it's my turn watch what I do to Valesz.


Celer Responds “Go get her.


I stand behind Valesz and begin massaging her back with my hands. Dragging my nails down her back every now and then. I watch as she melts each time I work my nails down her back. I bend slightly and guide my cock towards her tail hole and begin moving my cock around the rim of her ass. I watch as she raises her tail with each circle I make with my cock. I release my cock leaving it placed at the hole. I reach around her and begin gently squeezing her firm round breast, slightly pinching her nipples feeling them begin to grow harder and harder with each squeeze. She pushes down on my cock trying to get me in her but I pull back not giving her the satisfaction. I continue playing with her nipples she works her tail rubbing my ass for just a second she pulls her tail away from me then with a SNAP she cracks her tail on my ass making me lunge forward thrusting my shaft deep into her.


Celer laughs deeply, and says “We know who is in control there huh.”


I reply “Ya I guess I lost this one huh, but hey I'd rather loose this one. Besides this is a fun one to loose.” I pull back and thrust back in. Valesz moans and drops a glass into the water.


I pull all the way out and step beside Valesz and say “Now that your started. Just as soon as you finish the glasses we can continue.”


Valesz replies “Now who's being a tease.” I just give here an evil grin then I walk over and sit next to Celer on the couch.


I say to Celer “Why don't we go out and put some more wood on the fire and then go on head of the females, they know the way to the lake.”


Celer responds “Sounds good, I will grab the towels and we can go.” 

End CH 26...


                                                               Ch 27 alone with my mates


I head out the door to the fire. When I get there I begin to concentrate and lift the grate I reach down and toss a few pieces of wood on the fire. I think we might be a while I better put more on so we will have a good fire when we get back. Then I put a few more pieces of wood on and set the grate back down.


Annie see's what I am doing and ask “Are you going to be cooking already ?”


I reply “No, we are going to the lake for a swim and want a good fire going when we get back.”


Annie ask “ Do you mind if we come to the lake? a swim sounds nice.”


I reply “Yes, you can go for a swim but when we come back you have to come back with us.


Annie replies “We can agree to that” I say then go get a couple of towels.” Annie quickly goes into the cabin and returns with two towels. Annie and Araniah follow me and Celer to the lake.


On the way there, Araniah ask “If we decide to go back to the cabin before you would that be OK?”


I reply “Yes that would be fine.”


As we approach the lake Annie and Araniah waste no time they both drop their towels and jump right into the water. I stop and watch as the moon light glistens on their scales as they both emerge from the water Annie's gold scales glisten brightly as the water splashes against her round firm breast and Araniah's Pink scales look so delicious I could dive right on in. I watch as they begin swimming on their backs slowly swaying from side to side with the light playing on their bodies moving like waves in the water. So graceful yet if I were an average human either one could kill me with ease, but I know that neither one would even think of such a thing. But then again I hadn't though about it until I had to kill the one that shot Lakia, but now is not a time to be thinking of things like that.


Celer says “What is wrong I was just sensing some strong emotions from you, and they were quite unsettling.”


I respond “I was just remembering when I had to kill for the first time. I'm sorry ”


Celer responds “What in the hell made you think of that now ?”


I reply “I was just thinking that if I were an average human that either of those two beautiful dragonesses out there could easily kill me, even though that I know they wouldn't think of it.”


Celer responds “You still need to learn to keep mind focused, but I'm sure that Nonios will be able to help you with that.”


I hear Valesz in the background saying “Oh look they waited for us.”


I say to Celer “Again I am sorry I let my mind wonder like that, but for now let's just enjoy the night”


He replies “Agreed”


Now the females are closer and Dinos says “You agree to what ?”


Celer says “That we are all going to enjoy tonight”


Valesz says “Oh we sure are.”


Then she flashes me that toothy grin. She turns to Lakia and Katherine and ask “Who's ready for desert she glances back at me.


I say “If you want desert your going to have to catch it.”


I drop the sword on the ground and make a dead run for the lake and dive in. Lakia leaps into the air and lands in the water right in front of me. I can't stop in time.


She grabs me and says “Looks like I'm first.” and she wraps her arms around me and pulls me close to her. I feel the soft wet fur against my skin as I wrap my arms around her and hold us together tightly. I look deep into her eyes as we move closer I close my eyes as our lips meet and our tongues begin exploring the others mouth. She lifts herself with her tail and wraps her legs around me.


She breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear “Remember the show we put on a the station, tell Celer to catch you.”


I whisper back “Yes I remember.” I link with Celer and say just one word “Catch”


Celer turns to face us. Lakia pulls her legs from around me and then kicks me through the air right to Celer. He catches me and looses his balance not expecting that much force and we both fall to the ground. Lakia comes barreling out of the water yelling “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU.” I scramble to get off of Celer just as I stand up she leaps into the air again landing on top of me knocking me back to the ground again. With my mind I send her sailing through the air back to the water. Valesz and Katherine begin pleading with the two of us to stop fighting. In just a few seconds Lakia leaps back out of the water again, landing behind me this time she turns and kicks again sending me out to the water. I teleport myself back to the shore.


I say “If you want to fight, no feet and no powers and we can fight all night long.”


She replies “FINE!” and she takes a swing I dodge. I tackle her to the ground.


She wraps her arms around me and we continue kissing like we were out in the lake. She rolls us both over sitting on top of me. She reaches down and guides my cock to her hot wet wanting pussy, and she says “I have been missing this lately. You can't go so long with out taking care of your mates love.”


Then she drives down hard on my shaft I moan in pleasure feeling her squeezing down on my shaft.


Valesz says “Damn you two I thought that you were really fighting, we thought that you were going kill each other.”


Lakia lifts herself up and thrust down again. She turns her head towards Valesz and says “You know that I could never really hurt him.” Lakia returns her focus back to me and begins thrusting herself up and down the length of my hard shaft.


Valesz turns to Katherine and says “Looks like we need to go entertain our selves for a little while.”


Katherine replies “Let's go for a swim we will get our turns.” they turn and walk to the lake and dive in.


I hear Dinos say to Celer “Let's join Valesz and Katherine.”


Celer replies “What are we waiting for ?” and they head for the lake.


I reach up and pull Lakia down close to me looking deeply into her eyes we continue making out while she continues to ride my cock. She slows her pace. I take her subtle hint and rolled us over and began thrusting my cock in and out of her. I pull out so that just the head is left in and I stay there for a moment just hovering there.


She curls her tail behind me and pushes me back in and says “Don't tease me like that.” she clenches her pussy down on my cock I moan in pleasure. I pull back out all the way and slide myself back. I wrap my arms around her legs and begin licking her hot wet sweet pussy savoring the sweet nectar while I lick her clean, she throws her head back and squeezes her legs lightly against my head and lets out a scream. Her pussy clamps down on my tongue as more of her nectar flows from deep within her. I don't waste any time lapping up every drop while her whole body quivers from the sensations I am giving her.


As her orgasm begins to ease she reaches down and grabs me and says “I want you in me.”


I quickly oblige her and climb back over her and press my cock to her entrance and I slide right back in. We both moan in pleasure I notice that she is even hotter then when she impaled her self on me.


She says “I want to feel you explode in me.” she clamps her pussy down hard on my cock I continue thrusting in and out of her. She begins lightly digging her nails into my back dragging them from the center to the sides of my back while thrusting her hips in rhythm with my thrust. Another orgasm takes hold of her, she clamps down on my cock again even harder than before she is so hot inside and the feeling of her squeezing down on my cock sends me over the edge, I give one hard thrust deep into her I begin filling her with my ooze squirting load after load she throws her head back again and screams even louder this time. As her pussy begins pulsing on my cock milking me for every drop. I collapse on top of her.


Lakia says “Remember when we went to see the doc about the compatibility test, and how happy I was when he said that we could bear young.”


I reply “yes I remember, you ask me if I knew how much you loved me. You said that with a tear in your eye.”


Lakia replies “I didn't think you noticed, but what I'm getting to I am in season.”


I reply “In season ?”


She responds “In heat, fertile.. as in possibly pregnant.” A smile creeps across my face my eyes begin to glaze over with tears forming I wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly and say “Have I told you how much I love you ?”


She replies “You just did.” I push myself up off of her and say “I want to see.”


I pull back out of her she says “You want to see what ?”


I reply “I want to see the first forming of life within you. Dinos taught me how. May I scan you.?”


She ask “Will it hurt ?”


I reply no you wont be able to feel a thing I will even link with you so that you can see what I see.”


Lakia says “By all means then what are you waiting for ?”


I begin scanning her looking for the egg. It takes me a few minutes to find it after all it is a very tiny egg. I find it just in time to see the egg actually become fertilized we watch as the thousands of seamen surround the egg.


Lakia says “Look there at the top of the egg one is making it in.”


sure enough one was burrowing into the egg. We lay there for about ½ hour just watching and waiting to see it then all of a sudden the egg divides into two cells.


I say “It seems to be that you are indeed pregnant.”


I release the link and end the scan, and lay down beside Lakia. I just lay there caressing her cheek when Valesz and Katherine come walking up.


Lakia says “Should you tell them or me ?”


Valesz says “Tell us what?”


I reply “You can tell them love.”


Lakia says “I'm PREGNANT!!!!”


Valesz lays next to Lakia on her other side and hugs her and says “I'm so happy for you.”


Katherine “how, when.. oh I know how but.... oh you know what I mean.”


Lakia responds “Just now we watched as the egg was fertilized and divided for the first time.”


Valesz says “Well in light of the good news perhaps we should skip our desert tonight.”


Lakia responds “Oh no we can't let him out of this just because I'm pregnant.”


Katherine and Valesz look at each other and smile. Then they both look at me. I say Ok Ok I'm not going to run this time but I think I need to ask are either or both of you … how did you put it Lakia? Oh yes in season ?”


Valesz responds “I'm not due for that for another week.”


Katherine says “I won't come in for another 2 weeks”


Lakia says “I'm going for a quick swim” and heads for the lake.


I am sitting up slightly leaning on my right arm. Valesz jumps on top of me pinning my arms to the ground with her legs. Katherine quickly follows her lead and jumps on top of me as well straddling my waist. Katherine waist no time and begins rubbing her already wet pussy along the length of my shaft, my cock quickly becomes tumescent and Katherine keep sliding her wetness along my shaft making me harder and harder. Valesz leans forward slightly pressing her sweetness against my face. I inhale deeply smelling her delicious aroma. I reach up and take hold of her waist pulling her even closer to me while I begin flicking my tongue along her wet shinny silvery-blue slit. Valesz pushes harder onto my face driving my tongue into her hot wet hole while Katherine is driving herself down on my raging hard cock ever so slowly I can feel all the muscles in her pussy tightening as they snugly surround my member sliding further and further down millimeter by millimeter. It is almost maddening with how slow she is impaling her self on me being my cock is still a bit sensitive from my last encounter with Lakia, making the sensations all the more intense. Valesz begins to gently grind her hips into my face.


I begin to focus and create a link first with Valesz then with Katherine. As they begin to receive the sensations Katherine stops and her pussy clenches tightly on my cock sending waves of pleasure throughout all our bodies. Valesz throws her head in the air and roars loudly as her pussy clenches down on my tongue and her sweet juices begin flowing from deep with in her. I lap up every single drop at her sweet nectar oozes from her honey pot. Katherine feeling the sensations drives herself down onto my cock sending waves of pleasure through everyone again. This time she does something a little different, as her pussy clenches down the first time she tucks her tail tightly against my balls giving me a sensation that I have never had before I can't contain myself , with Valesz squeezing down on my tongue as I lick her, Katherine impaling her self down and clenching her pussy tightly on my cock and now the soft underside fur of her tail rubbing on my balls I can't help but to explode deep in this luscious deer on top of me filling her with my sticky juices. With our orgasm's now beginning to subside they both crawl off of me Valesz whispers in Katherine's ear , but Valesz didn't think about the link that I had and it was like she was whispering in my ear as well so I knew what she was planning.


My night wasn't over just yet. Then Valesz turned her attention back to me she quickly wrapped her long tongue around my cock and began working up and down my shaft savoring the mix of juices left from Katherine and myself. While Katherine began kissing me tasting what little was left of Valesz's sweet flavor. Valesz continued working on my cock until I was fully hard again. When she released my cock she turned around and placed Katherine's back legs up on her shoulders leaving her front arms on the ground next to me still kissing me. Once Valesz was upright holding Katherine tightly she reaches around with her tail and takes hold of my cock and guides me towards her tight wet pussy in a single thrust she drives herself down onto my shaft. Again sending waves of pleasure throughout the three of us. We all begin to moan in pleasure.


Lakia walks up just finishing drying off and says “Can I join in ?”


Katherine stops kissing me looks up and says “Sure, but how ?”


Lakia leans over and picks up Katherine and begins kissing her while positioning herself over me. Lakia gently straddles me so that her pussy is now right above my face. I waste no time and begin licking her driving my tongue in and out of her. Realizing that I have not added Lakia to this link I quickly link with her. The flood of sensations from Valesz darting her tongue in and out of Katherine, Valesz grinding her hips down on my shaft and me licking Lakia's clit quickly send her into an orgasm. Lakia's pussy begins to contract and her sweet juices begin to flow she is cumming so hard that I can't catch it all and some of her nectar begins running down the sides of my face. I try to lick my cheeks clean but I am to late it is out of my tongue's reach. I rub my face on her inner thighs and begin licking her fur clean. Just as I am about to return o this luscious pussy in front of me I can feel that Katherine is starting to become a little heavy on Valesz. I reach out with my mind and take most of her weight, making her almost weightless to the others.


Valesz lifts herself off of me and takes hold of my now soaking wet cock with her tail and guides my cock towards her tight sphincter. She slowly drives herself down onto my hard cock . As she does she throws her head up and roars loudly sending vibrations all the way through her body making my cock flare slightly in her tightening ass sending waves of pleasure throughout her body as she thrust herself all the way down on my shaft. I can feel that she is having another orgasm as her sweet juices pool on my belly then begin running down my sides. Valesz rubs her tail on my belly where her juices are and then quickly work her tail towards my ass. I pull my feet closer to me so that she can have easier access. Valesz slowly pushes her tail into me and quickly finds that spot that sends me over the edge. I can't help but to let go and fill this dragoness with my hot sticky juices. I moan in pleasure this sends Lakia over the top again I am to focused on my own orgasm to continue licking up her sweet juices she covers my face with her sweet nectar. Katherine begins her own massive orgasm she is cumming so hard that Valesz can't keep up with her orgasm and her juices begin dripping on me as well. I'm now covered in in wonderful female juice from head to head and everyone is ready to collapse I lay Katherine gently on the ground next to me while Lakia lifts herself off of me .


Valesz lays on top of me squirming slightly spreading the juices between both of us she begins licking my face clean and says “Oh Paul you are so tasty I could just eat you.” then she flashes that toothy grin and lays her head on my shoulder.


I wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly and say “I love you all three of you.”


They respond in unison “ We love you too !”


Lakia says “ I'm going for another swim to clean up a bit anyone want to join me ?”


Katherine responds “Sure I will go.”


Valesz says “We will join you in just a minute I'm still enjoying having him in me.” Valesz looks into my eyes and moves in closer and begins kissing me. I hold her even tighter and continue the kissing. My cock now withdrawing from her tight hole she moves her hips slightly a slight popping sound can be heard as my cock exits her body. She slowly slides her tail out of me just as the tip exits she twitches her tail and a slight popping sound she is out.


Valesz says “See I can do it too.” and sticks her tongue out at me.


I say “Good for you. Now how about we go for a swim and get cleaned up and get to bed.”


She begins to lift herself off of me I watch as all the sticky juices leave little strings between us. I watch as they snap one by one as she continues to stand. I get up myself and glance out over the lake and see that Katherine and Lakia are about 20 meters out in the water.


We start walking towards the water, “I know that you haven't been in the water here at night so I need to warn you we have some fish, well they are not fish exactly they are mammals but don't worry about them they will just be helping to clean you they are after all those sticky juices that are clinging to your body now. We call them sucker fish, if your lucky you will get a big one to clean you.”


As we reach the water I ask “ what do you mean if I'm lucky?”


Valesz responds “You will see.”


We continue walking into the water , it is now up past my waist and I can already feel the fish nibbling at me it actually tickles.


She says “Keep coming, they won't hurt you.” Just swim slowly after you can't touch bottom. The water is now up to my chest and there must be a few hundred of these sucker fish nibbling on me . All of a sudden I feel this large fish slam into my side .


I stop and say “What the hell was that something just hit me.”


Valesz responds “That was a big sucker. Hold still for just a minute, it will find you again.”


Then Valesz gets behind me and wraps her arms around me and says “It's ok they won't hurt you, in fact quite often male dragons will go swimming at night hoping to find some of these. You will see why in just a minute.”


Just then this fish swallows my cock and begins thrashing from side to side, not real hard but it feels kind of good.


I say “This fish is sucking on my cock.”


Valesz replies “Now you know why they are called sucker fish, and they will keep doing it until they get what they came for.” the fish continues sucking and thrashing as my cock continues to grow again. The fish continues it assault on my member until I can feel my orgasm building again the sucker begins driving itself forward harder and harder until I release my load into this swimming attacker. It keeps milking me for every last drop. As I sigh when the sucker finally moves off. Valesz says “Now that is over you can go swimming with out any further interruptions. After they are finished it leaves a scent on you telling the others that you have already been serviced and they will leave you alone now.”


We continue swimming out to where Katherine and Lakia are.


Katherine says “Now that we are clean again , perhaps we should head to the cabin we have an early day tomorrow don't we.”


I reply “Yes we do a very busy day tomorrow too.”


We all start heading back to the shore. As we walk back to where our towels are , the air feels quite cool on my skin. I quickly wrap my towel around me. I watch as Valesz, Lakia, and Katherine slowly walk up to where I am they grab their towels and we start walking to the cabin. When we get the the fire is still burning strong. I open my towel and feel the heat against my skin. We sit by the fire while Lakia and Katherine continue drying off.


Valesz says “We can go in while they finish .”


I reply “Let's go in , I would like a small salad before going to bed.”


Lakia says “Would you make enough for us too please.”


I reply “I will have it ready by the time you get in the cabin.”


As we walk into the cabin Valesz says “If you will make the salad I will go get he bedroom ready.”


I reply “That works for me.”


Valesz goes into the bedroom, I turn and pull out a few bowls and then start shredding the salad and chopping up some vegetables and then put it in the bowls. Oh can't forget the dressing I put a light coating of vinaigrette and set the bowls aside and wash off the few dishes I have and stack them next to the sink to dry. I grab my bowl and then Lakia and Katherine walk in they see the salads waiting for them they each take one and we go sit in the other room and eat our snack.


As we are finishing our salad Valesz comes out and says “Just as soon as your finished we can all go to bed.”


Katherine takes my bowl and says “You go on to bed and I will take care of these, I will join you in a few minutes.”


I reply “Thank you.”


Valesz Lakia and me all go into the bedroom and crawl into bed. Just as we get settled in with Valesz on my right and Lakia on my left. Katherine crawls in next to Valesz.


Valesz says “Tonight was amazing we will have to do that again sometime.”


I reply “I enjoyed it . I'm sure we will have plenty of time to do that again.” Both Valesz and Lakia snuggle in closer and they each put an arm over me. and we all drift off to sleep. 

End Ch 27


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