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Populated Space the continuation - Vol. One Posted by: Unic0rn69 at 04-06-2023 19:32 PM, Last Modified 06-18-2023 14:06 PM
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Well first off I wold like to introduce myself I'm Unic0rn69

I have decided to pick up this story. The original story (chapter 1) was written 32 years ago and I would like to give credit to the original author P.C.Drake . 

Archive-name: Fantasy/populspc.txt
Archive-author: P.C.Drake 08/01/91
Archive-title: Overview Of Populated Space, 2023

The only modifications I did to the original was format the paragraphs

Chapter 1.
I twiddled my thumbs nervously as I stared out the large transparent-aluminum
viewing port that was designed to show off the docking ships. Normally I
wouldn't have been uptight, but currently there was only one ship docked at the
star-base and it was a "Dragon" owned ship. My chances , it seemed, of getting
out of my 6 month unemployment streak were slim. Most of the humanoid dragons
preferred to keep a pretty straight-forward crew of just "Dragons", but there
were occasions where a human (or any other race) might be able to get a
position aboard such a ship if his/her qualifications were good enough. I fared
quite well with Ion Drives, Thrusters, and in a pinch I knew a little about
sensor equipment. I prayed that the recruitment officer for the ship would
think me "useful".

I had no fears about being the only human for several months aboard an all
Dragon ship. One of the reasons I was picked to represent Humanity in Populated
Space was the fact that my Psyche scores showed that I got along well with
other races and showed no signs of Xenophobia, in fact, I was quite the
opposite! I preferred the company of other races to that of humans, as I
felt more than a little paranoid around my own people. I had friends, but I did
not visit them often and I had never had a date with any of the girls I had
known, let alone sex. So when a "Wolfen" vessel was sent to introduce Humanity
to the rest of the Galaxy, I had no one to stop me from deciding that it would
be a fun and interesting adventure, and I took the various tests put before me
and passed. Granted , the first year was tough learning all the new
technologies, languages, and socially accepted behaviors, but I got by. And
here I am today, nearly 10 light years from home, surrounded by a variety of
alien beings that range from the bizarre to the beautiful, and to me some of
the most beautiful of all were members of the "Dragon" race.
I had never spoken to any of the dragon-kind before, as they are one of the
more influential races, and were rarely seen in any of P.Space's inner
stations. Since the big money comes from fuel ore refining or auctioning
planets off for colonization, most of the Dragon fleet was in deep space or on
the outer edges of Populated Space exploring uncharted sectors for new mineral
reserves and habitable solar systems.

Luckily my last post aboard a small scout ship left me stranded at one of the
outer posts, and Dragons here were not an uncommon thing. Which was fine, for
I found that Dragons were VERY stimulating to look at, yet it was a two-edged
sword since most ships that docked here were of the Dragon race and would hire
only Dragon members. My credits were already running low. If they became too
depleted I would be shipped back to Earth and replaced by someone who could
support themselves. I didn't want that, as it most likely meant terminal
boredom. Laws here in space were much more lax, and back on Earth a lot of the
freedom I have here in space would be taken away.

This was the cause of my nervousness, and by the time it came for me to be
called into the interviewing room I was dry-mouthed and fidgeting.
The receptionist , who was a member of the Deer species, noted my condition and
asked me if I needed some water. I nodded my head and she smiled at me and
pointed to a water fountain around the corner. I drank several mouthfuls, and
thanked her for her help.

Asking me to follow her, the doe led me to the Recruitment office for the
docked ship's Company, which was just past her desk. The doe opened the office
door for me and led me into a beautifully decorated room filled with plants of
the like I had never seen before. A large polished wooden desk with various
lighting devices and a computer console sat situated in the middle of the room.
A large, black leather-like chair that looked to be quite comfortable
accompanied the desk, its twin sat on the opposing side of the desk. To add to
the beauty, and the expense of the room, the entire length and height of the
back wall was a reinforced section of transparent aluminum several inches
thick. The sight of a wall that opened into space was quite spectacular.
While I was still taking in the beauty of the room, the doe wished me good luck
and winked a heavy eyelid at me and smiled. It was the first time another
species had found me attractive enough to announce their interest in me
sexually, and it suddenly threw my mind off course. I quickly pried my jaw from
the floor to say something, but the doe had already closed the door and left. I
made a note in my mind to have a nice discussion with her at the conclusion of
my interview. Even if I didn't get the job, I might still get to come out of
this ahead. I was quite "unexperienced" and I hoped to correct this deficiency.

There was no one currently in the room so I sat myself down in the chair facing
the stars. The chair was better than it looked. It was quite soft and from
somewhere within it came a cool breeze. The chair had a comfort control with
adjustable temperature, operated by a dial that was in the left hand arm rest.
I turned the dial and set the temperature to a comfortable setting.

I heard the swish of an automated door and turned to my right to be greeted
by a tall, athletic, yet good looking middle-aged female blue dragon. She
entered her office from a side room and crossed to her desk without making a
sound, the starlight playing off of her scales sparkled and made her appear
more silvery than blue in spots. Her cheek ruffs, which the Dragon species had
somehow acquired in their evolution, were short and well combed and she was
wearing the equivalent of a light weight dress that hung near her body. It
revealed a little more than I was accustomed to seeing on most Dragons on other
sections of the station. The black color of the dress did not prevent the light
from the stars to shine through as she crossed in front of the viewing window,
and I could see quite plainly for just an instant the graceful curves of her
Dragon body. I realized I was staring and quickly averted my gaze before my
attention to detail was noticed by her.

However, it was too late to avert my gaze for other things, and my eyes held
that image in my mind until I had a growing problem. I shifted in my seat in an
attempt to hide my erection until it would, hopefully with some speed, pass

The recruitment officer sat in her chair, looked at me and then at the
view screen on her computer which now was filled with information about
me...including, from what little I could see, the results from my tests that I
had taken to be introduced into P.Space.
She spoke first with a voice that was firm and yet soft for a member of her
species," You are Mr. Paul Curtis, Yes?"
"That is correct. I am Paul Curtis." I said with confidence. After all, I
was... The female flicked a switch and the information about me changed to
another screen.

"Mister Curtis, I am pleased to meet you! " She stood up from behind her desk
and extended her clawed, long-fingered hand to me. "It is an honor to be one of
the first of our species to welcome you to Populated Space. My name is Valesz
Unridoor, I will be interviewing you, and I trust you are in good health?"
"Yes, I am quite fine, and it is a pleasure to meet you as well." I took her
hand and placed it up to my lips in the traditional greeting gesture of her

It was not what I expected Dragon flesh to feel like, it was quite smooth,
soft, and just slightly cool to the touch, and as I kissed the back of her hand
I felt it twitch as if my touch were not what she expected as well.
"It is a pleasure to see that you know something of our culture," she said as
she withdrew her hand and sat down in her chair.
"I have all the normally required information right here," she pointed at her
computer screen., swiveling it so that I could see what was listed about
myself. "But I also prefer to use my own judgment about people when I hire them
for my ship. A computer can tell me who is best for the job, but not who is
best suited for the other needs of the ship. Understand?"
I said yes, and was relived to note that my erection had disappeared for a time

"Good. Before I start asking you any questions I would just like to inform
you that these questions are not standard questions and do not have to be
answered, and that not answering them will not hamper your chances of getting a
position, but giving me the information that I require can only serve to better
your odds. Also, please give accurate information when doing so, as I hate to
find out about abilities that do not exist," she ended her sentence with a tap
of her claws on her desk and looked me straight in my eyes, so that she knew I
was paying attention. She didn't have to worry, I was. I needed this job, and I
think that she knew that. Her golden, slitted eyes moved back to a piece of
paper that she had brought in with her.

"Very well, then...I'll begin. I will note that any information which you
tell me will not leave this room unless you so desire it, and if at any time
you feel uncomfortable with the questions let me know."
I nodded my approval for her to begin, wondering what type of questions she was
about to ask me, that she would have to ask about me being uncomfortable.
"First...you state that you are 23 years old on your home world. Is that

"I am."

"Good. By my calculations you are one of the youngest to leave you home-world
for Introduction, are you not?"

"Yes, I am,"...which was true, most of the other 100 people being of a older
age group between 35-50 years of age. The races that gave the tests thought
that the older generation should be given higher considerations as they were
thought to have more experience and were therefore more adaptable.
"How do you feel about other races?" She still was looking intently at the
paper, on occasion marking it with a graphite stick.
"Uhmm... Could you be a little more specific with the question please?" I

"Ahh... Let's see. How well do you react socially with races other than your
"Fine...I like to think I deal with Populace races a good deal better than
my own at times. Socially though, I don't have much of a public life."

"Hmm," Valesz etched another mark onto the paper, "Have you had any
interests in starting any relations with any member of any race?"
"Well, I would like to, but it seems as if no-one is interested in me at the
moment." I said , beginning to feel a little warm.

"Any race in particular?" Valesz cocked an eye up at me from the paper she
was holding. It was conveniently blocking my view of the rest of her face.
"No, not really. I'm attracted to several species." I said looking away from
her gaze, and staring at a suddenly interesting potted plant.

"What races are those?"
I kept my gaze away from hers as I listed of those races which I might be
interested in having a relationship with: Wolfen, Deer, Fox, Catian, and I
mumbled when I came to the word Dragon.
"I'm sorry...I didn't catch that last one. Could you repeat it please?"
Valesz had made a mark for each one of the races I had spoken out and was now
eying me rather peculiarly. I felt really warm now and knew then that I was

"Dragon," I forced out.
"Ah, thought so," and she made another mark. I thought I saw her flash a
quick toothy grin, but I might have been mistaken.
"What do you specialize in?" A normal question! Great!
"Well, I studied the latest in Ion Drives, repair, circuit and conduit
schematics, Thruster repair and a just enough Communications to be able to use
a Scanner/Sensor array if I have to, although I can't do repairs on them."
"I see. What do you do for entertainment, to enjoy yourself? Any hobbies? I
ask this question because IF I hire you, I want to have things on board that
you will find amusing, lest you become bored and irritable, and with a crew of
15, irritability makes for unhappy company." She set the paper and graphite
stick down lightly and sat quietly for a moment or two, debating what she would
say next. After what seemed like a long period of time , she made up her mind
and suddenly pushed a button on her desk and turned her chair so that she could
stand up.

"On my ship we are all one happy family. What one has, we all share. We have
to keep ourselves sane in the small confines of the ship. So when I conduct
these interviews I am looking for people who are not inhibited about race,
sexual preferences or other cultural habits. For instance: there are 8 Dragons
aboard my ship besides myself, and we Dragons do not normally wear garments of
any kind. We do so only on station because it is requested of us by other
races." As Valesz spoke she walked around the edge of her desk and stood
before me, lifting her dress off over her head, revealing herself to me in the
soft light of the room. Her breasts were small but firm, and her scales from
her neck to her now exposed crotch were a lighter blue than the rest of her
body. Her tail twitched from side to side as she watched me gather her beauty
in my eyes.

"But I can see that you have no problem with this minor habit," Valesz
grinned at me and then cast her golden eyes down at my own groin which was now
creating a very noticeable mound in my trousers. "So...I guess all that's left
to determine whether or not you have the job is to see if I approve of
you...yes?" The dragon edged nearer me, and I made no objections as she slid
that wonderfully silky-smooth, cool hand into my shirt. She pressed nearer me,
feeding her arm into my clothing up to her elbow, rubbing my hairless chest as
she did. Her hand paused for a moment over my left nipple which she pinched a
bit with her fingers and then withdrew her appendage to begin the job of
removing my clothing.

"I think it's only fair that you know," I began slowly as Valesz began to
undo the buttons on my shirt in such a way that her beautiful hairless cunt was
inches from my face, "that...I've never been with anyone before."
The Dragon stopped removing my shirt, and an expression that could only be
interrupted as stunned surprise swept over her face ,"You mean you have never
had the pleasure of joining with another life? Not even a member of your own
race? How horrible! Come over here." Valesz pulled me up out of my chair
towards a small cushioned area that had been hidden by some of the larger
plants. She lay down on the cushion and instructed me to finish removing my

I stripped my shirt off first, and then my pants, and I could tell that
Valesz was staring intently at the object that lay beneath my underwear with
extreme interest. A second later and I was exposed completely.
Valesz patted the cushion next to her and I knelt beside her. "First, let's
give you what you have probably always wanted. Here..." She reached up with her
hands and grabbed my head pulling me down on top of her. I opened my mouth and
she hers, and our lips met. We swept our tongues across each others for what
seemed like eternity, and we exchanged each other's breaths. Her mouth was
sweet and warm, and although filled with sharp teeth, she was quite careful not
to do me harm.

"Wonderful.." was all I could manage before she kissed me again, this time
sending her long snake of a tongue down my throat, nearly making me gag for a
second, and then bringing it back oh-so-slowly for me to taste.
"Do you like that?" she asked. "Here, try the rest."

In my eagerness I had become single-minded. I reached for Valesz's
breasts,grasping one in my hand and feeling it. The soft scales of her
underbelly reflecting light with each breath she took. I touched her nipple
and watched it grow stiff under the gentle touch of my finger. Valesz moaned
a bit, and I slid down to place my lips on the tit that was not receiving any
attention. I flicked my tongue across it and watched it harden as well. Without
delay I began to suck it while quickly flicking my finger across the nipple of
the other.

"Mmm, that's nice..." she spoke, and reached under me to play with my balls.
She touched them lightly, and I jumped from the sensation, "Male dragons have
their balls hidden within them. Giving we females only a small bulge to play
with. Did you know that?"
I shook my head, not stopping my attack on her breasts. I decided to do
something with my free hand and slowly slid it down across her belly and down
her leg. Valesz's tailed whipped to the side, and she made a small high-pitched
squeal of pleasure.

I decided that it was time to try the rest of this beauty as well, so I began
to run my tongue down the length of her body, wetting the scales on her stomach
and stopping just above her snatch.
Valesz smiled at me and spread her legs apart, and I took this opportunity to
move around to a better position.

I placed my hand on her cunt and felt it. It was smooth and slightly warm.
Her scales, like those on her hands, were imperceptibly small in this area and
it felt like satin as I ran my hand along the inside of her legs and across her
outer lips. Valesz's tail whipped violently each time I neared her clit, but I
never touched it. I was having fun just examining her treasure.
"Paul, please... do something! I can't stand it any longer!" Valesz
practically wailed at me. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them with her
hands. I decided to go ahead, and I let a finger slip between her lips and up
to the hood of her clit. The Dragon's back arched high and her tail slammed
down behind me as my finger flicked across her nub. Valesz's mouth was open
wide in a gasp of pleasure. I placed my other hand between her legs and spread
her apart.

Her bluish tinted ,scaled lips gave way to a pink and soaking gash and I
could see her swollen clit in the dim white light. A small stream of juice ran
from her now open cunt over my hand and I quickly bent over to lap it up. Her
aroma was not overpowering and was almost sweet to smell and I quickly shoved
my tongue into her pink hole. She was beyond warm, she was hot! My tongue
sought it's way back into her slit as far as it could go and then began to lap
up her flavor.

Valesz could be silent no longer. She let loose a high scream that continued
as I licked up inside her and swallowed her taste. I placed a wet finger on her
clit and began to stroke her quickly, using the gyrating motion of her hips to
judge when to speed up and slow down. I held her on the edge for several

Valesz's breathing suddenly came in deep strokes and she placed a hand at
her lips to help hold them apart, her other hand crushing as much of the
cushion she could fit into her clawed hand into a ball. Her cunt clasped my
tongue tightly as she came, spilling cooze over my chin in a flood of sweet
pleasure. Her tail beat the floor with an urgency and strength matched only by
her orgasm. The dragon continued to moan in ecstasy for a moment and her cunt
muscles twitched and contracted, giving me the chance to remove my tongue from
her box. I inserted a pair of fingers and stroked them in and out slowly while
I shifted myself back around so as to lie next to the sleek reptile which I had
just eaten out. She smiled at me through her huge teeth and gave me another
kiss. Her tongue swept around my mouth searching for any of her own candy
flavored cum that was left to lap up for herself.

My fingers were still working her cunt when Valesz got her breath back enough
to say, "That was fantastic! I've never in my 34 years had an orgasm like that!
You've never joined before, huh?"

"Nope. But if all Dragons taste as good as you do," I pulled my fingers from
her hole and placed one dripping on my tongue, the other she quickly sucked
into her own mouth, "I'm hooked."

"Heh... We're not finished yet. I was going to be easy on you because this
was your first time but after that display, I plan to leave you a gibbering
vegetable." Upon saying this Valesz moved herself down to my now enraged
erection and wrapped her tongue tightly around it. Within a second she had it
soaked. "Another thing," she mouthed over my cock, "Male dragons don't get this
thick or long! I could fuck you for a week!" She swallowed my length into her
toothy cavern, running her fore teeth lightly over the base of my cock while
using her long tongue to tease the entire length of tool at the same time. My
head felt as if it would explode. All that came out of my mouth was a sound
that resembled, "Uh huh..oHHh!."

I looked down between my legs and saw her looking up at me with those golden
slitted eyes. She had the content and happy look of a child at Christmas.
Valesz smiled without stopping her work, and lifted a hand to play with my
balls. She looked at them intently for a long time, fondling them and even once
squeezing them a bit, so that I too arched my back. Finally, her urge satisfied
and my cock still erect, the shiny blue form of Valesz lifted herself up and
placed my rod within her tight wet lips. She slid easily down it, impaling
herself with her own weight,and sending shudders of delight up both of us.
I reached up to her chest and played with her breasts again. So perfectly
erect, firm and not overly huge like most men on Earth would want them.
"I think you'll find this entertaining," Valesz said as she began to ride my
stiff member, her wet pussy sliding easily up and down. Her light body weight
was easily borne by me and she used this to her advantage each time she brought
herself down by slamming herself onto my cock. It wasn't long before the mighty
dragon was wailing, with tears streaming from her eyes. Not that I would notice
though, for each time Valesz brought herself up she would "ripple" the muscles
within her tight pussy, and the sensation brought on by this was unbearable. I
thought I would come from the first stoke, yet each time she hammered herself
down the oncoming orgasm would edge back slightly, only to build again a split
second later.

Valesz's breathing came in quick hitches and she leaned herself up towards my
face, her claws ripping the cushion beside me in her pleasure. With a sudden
lurch and a scream that was muffled into a pillow that lay by my side, the
dragon came for a second time, her cunt contracting and giving a shudder that
pushed me over the edge as well.

My hot jism filled her quickly, the huge load running out around the base of
my cock. I tossed my head back and felt my eyes roll back into my head. I
thought I would never stop cumming, and didn't know that my balls could hold so
much goo. Finally, my cock stopped shooting and I gasped for air and Valesz
took this opportunity to disengage herself from my pole. She quickly cleaned my
still-sensitive cock with her tongue and I had to fight to keep from jumping.
"You taste wonderful!" She exclaimed and shoved a finger up her twat to dig
out some more of the white treat she had discovered.
"Nghh!" was all I could manage.

"In case your wondering, young Mr. Curtis, although I doubt you're thinking
anything comprehensible yet, you're hired! I figured you would fit the
requirements from your profile, but I wanted to test you out for myself before
I got you on board." Her claw trailed a wet cum line down my chest to my
stomach, "By the way, you don't have any objections to males, do you?"
I shook my head no.

"Wonderful...there's more than one crew member that will be happy to hear
that. Let's lie here for a few minutes and then you can get dressed and
Katherine outside will give you the rest of the information you need.
"The deer?"

"Uh huh, and she made mention of the fact the she was interested in you as
well. Maybe you should check up on it...hmmm?"
"Heh...23 years of nothing and now twice in one day. It's funny how life
sometimes works doesn't it?" I said with a smile.
"You know what they say: 'The best things come to those who wait.'" She
patted me on the stomach and then got up to leave. "I'll see you on 3 dock, Day
12 all right?" I agreed and she blew me a kiss and walked out the door that she
came in.

I dressed slowly, trying to remember all that had happened...trying to keep
the images fresh in my mind for later.

I smiled to myself as I walked out the office door and saw Katherine, the
Doe, waiting for me to come back out. She had obviously known what was going on
behind the closed door as she asked me what I thought of our employer. Life was
great! And as I walked down the hallway to my room with my arm around
Katherine's waist , I knew that I probably wouldn't have to worry to often
about my future here in Populated Space, as things just took a turn for the
much, much better.

OK now that I have given credit where credit is due. It's time for me to begin the next chapter I hope that everyone enjoys what I have to offer..

                                                                                                                                                        Chapter 2 

Katherine and I Entered my Room I ask her if she would like something to eat. 
She responds “Sure” and ask “Do you have any vegetables from the Sol system? I have never tried any food  from Earth.”
“Actually yes I do. I will make you a nice garden salad do you mind if I eat meat?”
“No it doesn't bother me anymore I have gotten use to being on a dragon ship.”
So I quickly prepare a meal for us. Mine a steak that I have been saving, and some fresh veggies that I had just gotten in a couple of days before. I had also been saving a bottle of wine that I had for a special occasion. This is definitely a special occasion. I had finally lost my virginity to a beautiful dragoness and now another beautiful doe. I chop up some lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, and some cucumbers and mix them all up in a bowl.
Just in time for my steak to be finished , I like my meat very rare so it don't take long at all to cook.
I set the salad in the middle of the table.
She says “I can't eat all that by myself.” 
“It's for the both of us.” I respond
I set an empty bowl in front of Katherine.  
She responds “I thought that you were going to eat meat.”
“I am.” I responded but “I'm also going to have a salad with my meat.”
“You humans are so different its going to take me some time to get use to you dragons don't eat vegetables just meat and my species only eat vegetables but you eat both?”
“Yes.” I responded “Humans are both carnivorous and vegetarians.”
I open the wine and pour two glasses. “I think you will enjoy this wine it's a sweet but robust wine.”
While we eat our meals we gaze into each others eyes. She has big beautiful dark eyes she keeps a very innocent look about her, I am wondering just how innocent she really is. She is very delicate about everything she does the way she walks the way she eats.
Just as we both finish our meal she says time for desert. She stands up from the table and walks over to me and kneels in front of me. She proceeds to open my pants and expose my now tumescent cock. She holds it in her hand. I say hand but it's not a hand and its not a claw either she has three digits for fingers.
She looks up to me raises to come closer to my face and we begin to kiss our tongues exploring the others. after a few minutes she broke the kiss and kneels back down and proceeded to lick my cock and slowly begins working her mouth over it. Taking it in inch by inch until her muzzle was buried in my stomach then she began working up an down wrapping her tongue around my cock as best she could. Being of the deer species they don't have very long tongues but she was still very stimulating with hers.
She stops for a moment and says “Valesz does have a sweet taste about her doesn't she?”
Realizing that I had not had a chance to take a shower since Valesz and I had coupled. I responded “Yes very sweet indeed,  Katherine said oops I wasn't suppose to say that. On the ship we have a rule that what happens behind closed doors stays there. You won't tell anyone will you.”
I look over and say “The door is closed. I smile at her. 
She says “Thank you.” 
I say “How about we continue this in the shower together?” 
Katherine says “Sure sounds like fun. I have never taken a shower with another.” 
I respond “What a coincidence, neither have I.” 
I  head for the shower with  Katherine following right behind me. I reach in to turn the shower on and see that she is already removing what little clothing she has on. By the time I get the water adjusted she is already naked and now reaching to help me remove my clothing . It doesn't take long for her to get my cloths off we step into the shower.
I say “Where were we oh yes desert.”
I kneel down and begin licking her already wet pussy. Believe me it wasn't wet from the shower. She tasted quite different than Valesz but she was just as sweet , I wrapped my arm's around  Katherine and began squeezing her butt while burying my face into her very sweet pussy licking her sweet juices as they flowed from deep within her. She begins moaning and squirming moving her hips in rhythm until finally she begins to quiver as she has her first orgasm. I bury my face as deep as I could go not letting any of her sweet juices escape past my mouth. 
As she begins to relax a little she exclaims “That was wonderful! But now I want you to take me, but take your time bucks are not near as thick as you are.”
Then she turns around and bends over slightly lifts her tail out of the way to expose her wonderfully wet pussy.
I stand behind her and gently guide my cock to her entrance. I push in ever so slowly she is so tight around my cock I almost cum instantly but I stop and relax. To give her time to become accustomed to this new intrusion. I slowly back out some and she moans and says “More.” 
I press on deeper than I had been before working my way in deeper centimeter by centimeter, with every thrust until finally I can feel my balls bumping against her wet vulva. She begins rocking her hips and arching her back with my thrust to intensify the experience for both of us. I reach around her and begin playing with her lightly furry breast. The fur there is even softer than the fur on the rest of her body, it is so soft and silky and her nipples poking through the fur. I lightly pinch her nipples between my fingers and can feel them getting harder as she begins to quicken the pace. She begins to quiver again and I can feel her pussy squeezing my rock hard cock and it sends me over the edge and I begin to fill her with my hot sticky cum she is so tight it has no where to go and begins to escape and oozes around my cock and onto the shower floor. The running water quickly washes it off. As my cock begins to soften I back off of her she turns around and wraps her arms around me and kisses me.
“That was the best orgasm that I have ever had it was wonderful.”
“I'm glald that I could satisfy you and I enjoyed it very much too.”
We Finnish our shower and get dried off.
She says After that I could use a little nap.”
I say “Sounds good to me too.” We head for the bed. Being a single I was only allowed a single size bed but it would sleep 2 snuggled up. We crawl up in bed wrapping our arms around each other and our legs entangled together as well we both drifted off to sleep holding each other...
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                                                                                                                                                                                Chapter 3 

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It was about 2 hours later and a chime wakes us from our slumber. 
It is an incoming call on the viso screen. I press a button the control panel to see who it could be. 
It is Valesz on the display.
I answer with “Hello”
Valesz says “Hello, I see that you and Katherine are enjoying each others company.”  
I reply “Actually we are enjoying a little nap after an eventful afternoon.”
Valesz “The crew and I are having a little get together in the R&R section of level 7 and thought you might like to get to know some of the crew.” 
I glance over at Kathrine and she simply offers a smile. 
I respond “We would love to come to the event.” 
Valesz says “Great see you there in about an hour then...End Transmission.”  
I ask Kathrine if she would like to grab a bite before we go to the gathering. 
“As a matter of fact I think I would, but I'm going to skip right to desert . She quickly leans over me and begins kissing me. Probing my mouth with her tongue and I respond by doing the same while we are making out she positions herself on top of me she reaches down takes hold of my now erect cock and begins to stroke me, 
I ask her if she would turn around so that I may have some desert. She kindly obliges me she positions herself with her legs just under my arms giving me perfect access to lick her already wet pussy. Just a I move in for the first lick I feel her engulf my entire cock into her mouth in a single motion. It is enough to make me throw my head back into the pillow and moan with pleasure. 
A moment later I regain my composure and begin licking her sending my tongue as deep into her as I can go tasting every little bit of her I can. She is very sweet and the flavor lingers on the tongue quite nicely. She continues to work her mouth and tongue up and down the full length of my shaft and she moans lightly that sends waves of pleasure through my body. I can't help but to moan myself. She immediately begins to quiver. Her pussy begins to squeeze down on my tongue and her sweet juices begin to flow, not a drop escapes my waiting mouth. I lap up her hot honey as quickly as I can. 
Just as soon as I catch the last drop on my tongue I can feel my own orgasm building I moan one more time and she quickly engulfs my cock with her mouth as I begin to explode she swallows every drop constantly licking me clean with every stroke of her tongue. 
I begin to relax and lay back down she turns back around we begin to kiss again, This time was a little different, with her sweet flavor mixing with my own as we taste each other, holding the other close we lay there for a few more minutes just enjoying the after glow. I glance over at the clock and it's been 45 minutes. We need to get ready to go to the R&R section. Luckily my room is only one level above it. Let's get a quick shower and the go to the gathering. Katherine agrees so about fifteen minutes later we are heading out the door Towards the transit conduits. 
On the way there I say “That was some desert, we will have to do that again soon.”
She replies “I know we will.”
When we arrive at the R&R section the door is locked. 
I press the button a voice answers “Who is it?”
I respond with “It's Paul and Kathrine.” 
The door opens and we proceed to enter we notice that none of the dragons are wearing any cloths Valesz approaches and greets both of us and again I take her hand and gently press my lips against the soft flesh of her hand. 
She notices the awkwardness of our situation and says. “If you wish you may keep your cloths on. 
I respond “Actually it was because the Kathrine and I were the only ones wearing cloths that made it awkward. We thought that this was a more formal meeting.” We proceed to remove our clothing. Most of the dragons were engaged in idle chitchat, but there were a few engaged in foreplay, stroking and petting each other. I was surprised to notice that the males were slightly smaller than the females I counted 7 males and 3 females in all. 
I ask Valesz “Where is the rest of the crew?”
She responds “They are finishing up on some repairs on the ship and will be joining us shortly. Let me introduce you to a few of the crew this is Talzon.” Talzon is a red dragon with shades of orange and gold he was very fit, smaller than Valesz but has a well sculpted body.  
“He is second in command.”
Talzon extends his hand and says “Valesz told me a bit about you, I hope your as good as she says. You know the Ion engines seem to be a bit sluggish at higher speeds.” 
I respond “Have you realigned the Plasma injector manifold?”
Talzon responds “No, but it will be first on the list in the morning. perhaps you would like to help with the realignment in the morning?” 
I respond “Sure, I would love to it will give me and the engine crew a chance to learn what we are capable of before heading out into space.”
Valesz continues “and this is Zipper, it's not actually his name but it's what everyone calls him.” Zipper is even smaller than Talzon, not near as fit either, and he has a nervousness about him almost fidgety. He is a green dragon with scales shading from hunter green to a very light but bright green.) 
Valesz comments “We call him Zipper because he is always zipping around the ship. You will be working with him on the engines.”
I say “Hello Zipper nice to meet you' Have you read the article on the new tachyon drives? They plan to have the next generation done within a year, you know what that will do to the ion drives don't you.”
“Yes, make them obsolete. But enough of the tech talk for now. This is a party isn't it.”
Valesz says “We can see that you already know Katherine she is the communications officer. and here comes Jalad, our security officer.” 
He is Wolfen, rather large and muscular, gray and black fur  rather intimidating just to look at. Jalad walks over and offers his hand I take hold to shake his hand. (I know that I have to offer him a firm grip or he will think me week and submissive.) 
He responds kindly. “A good strong grip you have there. Nice to have you on board.” Then he smiles showing his his teeth. Kind of an eerie feeling. I know that was a smile but it could have just as easily been a snarl. 
Valesz says “Why don't we go sit at a table over there and get some drinks.” 
We all agree so we sit talking about the adventures we have had in space. Well I mostly listened as I was still pretty new to space travel. 
Jalad ask me if I am familiar with the Mantis 
I reply “The last ship I was on all Wolfen, they talked about the Mantis but I thought it was just them trying to scare the newbie.” 
Jalad responds “No Paul, the Mantis are quite real.”  the conversation continues on.
After a few hours I ask Talzon what time is the work going to begin on the engines?”
He responds “06:00” and its now 20:00 “I think I should be heading for bed. It looks like its going to be a busy day tomorrow.” 
Valesz invites me and Katherine to her quarters for a night cap. Katherine agrees and I nod my head. We all head for Valesz's room ….
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                                                                                                                                                                                  Chapter 4 the Night cap

As we are walking down the hall to Valesz's room, I noticed that everyone was looking at us with something of a astonished look upon their faces, then I realized that in our haste to depart the party that we forgot to put our clothes back on. Oh well we are almost there now any way, it's just about 30 meters ahead. 
Valesz says “Did you notice the way that Jalad kept looking at you Paul? I think he likes you.”.
“I think that I would rather hive him like me than hate me he seems very aggressive and definitely very  powerful. I find that a bit intimidating. But then again there are those that are just big teddy bears.”
Katherine ask “What is a teddy bear?”
“A teddy bear is a small stuffed animal that is considered to be a toy, they are not real animals but soft cuddly toys.”
Katherine quickly  responds “Then maybe Jalad wants to be your teddy bear. tee he he he.”
“Oh sure you make jokes about him but I think he wants it the other way around. He wants me to be his teddy bear. As the door opens Valesz Says in her firm yet soft voice “Enough about Jalad for now. We are here.” 
We enter the room, I can't help but notice it is as luxurious and as beautiful as the office was. With another transparent aluminum window not quite as large as the one in the office. This one is about two meters wide and about three meters in height. Looking out the window I realize what star cluster's I'm looking at and point to a star almost dead center of the window. 
And ask Valesz Isn't that your home there?”
She replies yes, actually it is you will get to see it in person in a few weeks. We are carrying cargo back home.” 
Then she walks over to a cabinet and ask “What would you like to drink?”
I reply “If you have any Equine whiskey that would be nice, but only a small glass, that stuff is pretty stiff.” 
Then I point to another star in the lower right hand corner of the window “And that star there, isn't that your home Katherine?” 
She responds “yes, you seem to know quite a bit  about the stars”. Well when I was younger I use to sit under a tree at night and study the stars, wondering  just how many supported life and if I would ever get to visit any of them. Now here I am beginning a new voyage to see many wonderful worlds. Yet here I am in a room with two wonderful females wondering what adventures might happen tonight.”
Valesz hands me the drink and I gaze at her for a moment and notice that the color in her face is slightly different. She is actually blushing. Then I turn to look at Katherine she is slightly flush herself. 
Then both of them look at me and at the same time say “Thank you”. 
Katherine looks towards Valesz and says “I think that you made a fine choice selecting Paul for a crew member. He's not like some of the other humans I have met.” 
Valesz responds “ I agree , we know that he handles other species well now I think its time we see if he can handle multiple species at the same time”. 
Then they each take an arm and we are heading for a door. I can only assume that it is Valesz's bedroom. The door opens and reveals a large room with lots of exotic plants of all shapes and sizes and a bed in the middle of the room, what I would have to call a double king size bed it is about three meters in length and about four meters width. Valesz releases my arm and walks over to a control panel and presses a button. Then over speakers all around the room I can hear something that sounds like a rain forest. But the sounds are a bit different, the creatures in the background are not the same although the sound of rain is very prominent and the sounds are quite relaxing. Then Valesz presses another button on the console and the lights dim. I hear a faint rumble sounds like thunder in the distance, then a small flash of light and another rumble this one sounds closer. I look up at the ceiling and it looks like clouds rolling by. There are holographic emitters in the ceiling giving the appearance of a storm coming in. 
Then the two females crawl up onto the bed leaving just enough space between them for me to fit. Valesz pats the bed in a gesture as to say come here. Just then another flash of light lights up the room I can't help but notice how the light dances across her beautifully blue colored scales, and how it shows off the wonderful curves of her beautiful body. Just as I begin to crawl up onto the bed another flash of light this time I'm looking at Katherine and how the flashes of light sparkle in her big beautiful eyes with that innocent look about her, I'm starting to think that she may not be as innocent as she looks but I adore her just the same. Then I realize I am starting to have feelings for these two beautiful creatures. 
Am I falling in love with them? Or is it just an infatuation. But now is not the time to be thinking of such things right now they both want me and I had better give them what they want or I may lose both of them.....  
I'm crawling up onto the bed they both grab me and pull me up, and they begin kissing my face and start working their way down. Katherine stops at my chest and begins licking, and sucking  frantically on my nipples. While Valesz continues on down she quickly wraps her tongue around my now rock hard cock. As I look down at the both of them another flash of light brightens the room and they are both looking up at me. Katherine with her big dark glistening eyes and Valesz with her bright golden eyes, each with a light smile on their faces. Without saying a word they continue they continue to satisfy their appetites. At that point all I can do is to lay there and enjoy what they are doing to me.
Valesz begins teasing my cock by engulfing it completely in her mouth and then gently running her fore teeth over the base of my shaft. Then Katherine sits up and straddles my chest positioning her sweet pussy right in front of my face. I smile knowing what she wants me to do. I oblige her and begin teasing her pussy with my tongue. I would go as deep into her as I could then I would  flick my tongue on her clitoris making her moan in pleasure.
Then Valesz puts her chin on Katherine's shoulder and says “There's no way I'm letting you have all the fun.” As Katherine begins to moan again I feel Valesz impale herself on my shaft. I moan in pleasure myself, the feel of Valesz working herself up and down on my cock and the sweet taste of Katherine on my tongue, A feeling of euphoria washes over me and I completely relax for a moment, but only a moment. Then I realize that Katherine has leaned back a bit and the two girls are making out on top of me. With Valesz reaching around Katherine playing with her nipples, now hard and poking out of her soft white fur. 
I ask “Katherine would you like to turn around to make it even more enjoyable.”
She does so with the most graceful of movements. Although she is now directly over my face I can tell that they are both enjoying the new position. Valesz is now riding my cock harder than ever, and Katherine is swaying her hips frantically over my face, while I bury my tongue deep into her very hot and wet pussy. 
I work a hand free from under Katherine and I begin to trace circles around her tail hole I lick a finger to get it well lubed and gently slide it into her sphincter. She tenses up for a second then realizes that she is enjoying the new feelings of this intrusion to her body. I feel Katherine building to her orgasm, I feel Valesz squeezing down on my cock they both cum at the same time covering me in their sweet juices. I  swallow every drop that Katherine has to offer. Then I feel Valesz remove herself from my shaft and Katherine quickly moves in cleaning my still fully erect cock with her delicate licking almost sending my over the edge. I think it's to soon, and I regain my composure and relax a bit. Now that she has me completely clean, she stops licking me for a moment and gently climbs off of me. 
Valesz doesn't waste any time and she is now sitting on top of my chest she leans back slightly and gently dips a couple of her fingers into her wet pussy, just enough to get them nice and wet. 
She looks at me with a grin and says “You want to taste me now don't you?”
I respond “of course you know I do.” She extends her clawed hands towards my face and I quickly begin licking and sucking on her fingers.
“ummmm how sweet, I want to taste more.” 
I reach behind her and gently pull her closer so that I can taste more of her sweet nectar and give her as much pleasure as I possibly can. As I begin licking Valesz's clit I feel Katherine sliding down the length of my shaft much slower than Valesz had previously done before. They were both moaning with pleasure enjoying my body as much as I was enjoying theirs. I continue licking Valesz's sweet pussy, but to my surprise she swings her tail around in front of her and gently pushed me away with it. I had no idea that she had that kind of control over her tail she could use it as easily as I would use a finger. She dips her tail into herself and gets it very wet. Then pulls it away swiftly. She reaches down grabbes me and pulls me back to her. I just smile and continued licking her not realizing what she had planned she had curled her tail around Katherine and just as I drove my tongue deep into her again she thrust her tail into my virgin hole. If I were to guess  she was in me about ten centmiters although it felt like twenty. I had never experienced pain and pleasure at the same time. After a few minutes the pain subsides and I am able to enjoy the sensations more. Then I feel Katherine building to climax again. I drive my tongue deeper into Valesz than I ever had before she throws her head back screams in pleasure and thrust her tail even deeper into me. She found my prostrate gland and I couldn't help but to explode deep into Katherine as I feel both females squeezing down on my throbbing cock and tongue.
Everyone collapses and falls into a pile of sweaty flesh. After a few minutes Valesz and Katherine lay down on each side of me and we all snuggle up. 
Just before I fall unconscious I mutter, “I love you, both of you” but they were both already asleep. So I didn't think on it any further and drifted off to sleep myself.
The next morning Katherine wakes me with a kiss. 
I open my eyes and with a smile say “Good morning.”
she replies “Good morning we have a little surprise for you before you go to work on the engines. Breakfast is ready for you , we did some research this morning and found a traditional Earth breakfast. I hope you don't mind that I knew that you had earth food in your room and I went to get some.” 
I say “No I don't mind” I get out of bed and go to the other room where Valesz was I say “Good morning.” 
she responds. “Good morning.”  and gives me a kiss. 
They had prepared bacon, eggs and hash browns, with a small glass of orange juice. I think to myself this is a perfect morning. I have finally lost my virginity twice to  the same beautiful female dragoness and now this thoughtfulness of a “home cooked meal”.
I sit down to the table Valesz has a plate with a raw steak and Katherine has a bowl of salad in front of her. 
Valesz says “I think that you will enjoy working with Zipper today” 
I respond I think I will too.” 
Valesz “We should have the ship ready for departure in two more days.” 
Katherine mentions to Valesz “Just a reminder we have an interview with the equines this morning.”
Valesz responds “Yes and I know exactly where to put them if they qualify, they would be perfect in the cargo hold. They are very strong and can work for hours at a time.” and then she takes another bite of her steak. 
I had never seen a dragon eat before. I now know what Katherine meant by “She is now use to it.”, to see those sharp teeth easily shred a piece of meat and then I think just how much control she has, to have not even scratched me with those razor sharp teeth. 
After we are all done with breakfast we decide to take a shower before we begin the day. Valesz leads the way with Katherine and I right behind her. I watch as she swings her tail from sided to side as she walks towards the shower so flowing and rhythmic almost hypnotic. We quickly arrive at the shower 
Valesz ask “How hot do you like the water?” 
I respond “About thirty to thirty five centigrade.”
Katherine says “Oh good a nice hot shower.” 
Valesz says it's 05:30 we need to hurry if you are going to make it to the ship by 06:00. We all hop in the shower. Valesz is first under the hot water. I can't help but notice how the water glistens against her silvery blue scales I find the view very intoxicating. With the thoughts of last night running through my head I begin to get excited, but there's no time for that now. I try to ignore my thoughts and try to think about working on the engines finally my problem begins to subside but not without notice both of the females had seen me gazing at Valesz and giggle a bit. 
Katherine says “Fond memories of last night.” 
I respond “Yes, I can't help it. It was incredible not something I will ever forget.”
Then Valesz steps out of the shower and grabs a towel and begins to dry herself, She says “I am going to get ready for the interview.” and walks out of the room. 
Then Katherine steps under the shower soaking her fur completely. I look upon her noticing how well curved her body is the light brown fur now wet it a bit darker shade her nipples now poking out of their fur cover not because they are hard but the fur is laying tightly against her slender body, reveling her curves even more. 
Valesz says in the distance “Better hurry up we don't want to be late.” 
Then Katherine steps out of the shower and I quickly begin to scrub myself off. As I step out of the shower Katherine hands me a towel, and exclaims “It's going take me an hour to get my fur right again, but it was worth every second.” she grins at me. Then she says “When I went to get the food I also grabbed you some clothes as well they are on the bed.” 
I hadn't even noticed them there when I got up. I finish drying off and go back to the bedroom to get dressed. Valesz is there, already dressed and heading for the main room. This time her dress was opaque but still clung tightly to her body. I notice the clock says 05:50 I have ten minutes to get to the ship. I quickly get dressed and head for the main room where Valesz and Katherine are waiting for me. I swallow the last of my orange juice and wrap my arms around them both and gave each a goodbye kiss and head for the door. Just as the door closes behind me I hear them both say. “We love you too.” 


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Just as I arrive at the dock I see Talzon standing by the port, Talzon greets me “Hello Paul, glad to see you could make it on time. ” 
I respond “ Hello Talzon, permission to come aboard?” 
Talzon replies “Permission granted, welcome to the Kameer, she isn't a luxury cruse ship but she gets around. Paul you must have made quite an impression on Valesz, in the years that I have known her she has never invited any male to her quarters. I have only been in her quarters to give her reports on the ship or something of that nature.”
“Well all we did was talk about the stars and places and about me before I headed out into space, we had a few drinks and passed out.”
“Paul I'm going to take you to Adelind she will give you a tour of the ship before you begin work. I need you to know the ship and most of her crew,  I would hate for something to happen and you only know your way from here to the engines.”
As we begin to enter the ship the hallways of the ship are a bit larger than I would expect on a dragon ship. The walls are polished Titanium while the floors are covered by a dense carpet. The ceilings themselves
appear to glow giving the light needed to see. 
Talzon says “Adelind is just around this corner.”
Just as we make the corner, a door opens revealing a spectacular green female dragon. She looks to be about early 20's in age. Her green scales glisten with a similar silvery color that Valesz displays except hers are green a much brighter colorization than Zipper. 
Adelind says “Hello, you must be Paul.” 
I respond “Yes I am, and you must be Adelind. Nice to meet you.” 
She extends her her hand out to me and I gently kiss the back of her hand. 
Adelind responds “ Thank you. I'm going to show you around the ship and introduce you to some of the crew, and make you feel as comfortable as possible.” 
Talzon says “With that I have duties to attend to so I'll take my leave of you now, don't forget to stop by the engine room today Paul.” 
I respond to Talzon “I'm sure that I will make it to the engines.” then I turn and reply to Adelind. “Very well where should we start.” 
“Well since you are now on the ship if you wish you may remove your clothing, you can pick them up here should you decide to leave the ship at anytime.” She adds “Come into the office so you will be more comfortable.”, gesturing me inside.  As I enter the office I see a few smaller plants arranged around the room, there are two wooden desk in the room sitting about 1.5 meters apart, its not a very big office  but will accommodate 4 to 5 people comfortably.
 I begin to remove my shirt and she says “Here let me help you with that.,” and Adelind begins removing my shirt for me she lays it across the back of a chair then proceeds to remove my pants, with her assistance I start becoming aroused. She slides my pants down and my erect cock springs forth.
Adelind says “Well now we can't have you walking around the ship in this condition now can we?” she gently pushes me back onto one of the desk then she reaches down and takes my cock into her hand and begins stroking me, then she kneels in front of me and quickly wraps her tongue around my swollen cock.
Just then the door opens and Katherine walks in and says “Mind if I join?” 
I respond “of course not you are welcome any time my dear “Is this common greeting on this ship?” I ask 
“Actually yes” Adelind says, “Sex is very open here, even if you are mated with one it is still allowed if you wish it.”
Katherine adds “and it doesn't matter who its with as long as both or all allow it, by the way Talzon told me I might be able to find you here. Valesz should be on the ship shortly she was almost finished with her interview with the equines. I think that they will be joining the ship as well. Oh Talzon also mentioned that Zipper would be working on the sensor array until you get there so you can take your time.”
I reply “I'm going to have to thank him for that.”
Just then Adelind takes my cock into her mouth, and begins working up and down my hard shaft, and Katherine kneels beside Adelind and they begin sharing my cock like it was a lollipop, taking turns licking and sucking on it. 
Then Talzon enters the room, “Well I see that Adelind is already teaching you about the ship rules.” he says with a big grin. 
Then Adelind says “Why don't you join us.” Adelind stands up and greets Talzon with a kiss, then sits on the opposing desk. I stand up and pat the desk for Katherine to sit down. We begin kissing then I start working my way down Katherine so that I am now kneeling in front of her she gracefully places her legs on top of my shoulders and I begin licking her lusciously wet pussy. Talzon does the same for Adelind, I can hear Adelind moaning in pleasure while Katherine begins grating her hips into my face. I reach up and begin teasing her now hard nipples with my fingers, she wraps her legs tightly around my head, pulling me even closer to make me drive my tongue deeper into her wet, sweet pussy. I can feel her climax building as she reaches down and takes hold of my head with her hands. I feel her pussy begin to contract almost rhythmically on my waiting tongue. As her sweet juices begin to flow from her I catch every drop as it oozes out onto my tongue. 
Then I hear Adelind scream out in pleasure I turn to see Talzon's long snake like tongue darting in and out of Adelind as she wraps her tail around Talzon's head and forces him to bury his muzzle deep in to her extremely wet pussy. I glance down and see that Talzon has become quite hard and his cock is protruding quite nicely from its captive sheath.
I can't help but think about what Valesz told me that male dragons were not quite as big as I was, he is about 14 to 15 cm where as I am 21.6 cm in length while I was noticing Talzon's member  I hadn't realized that Adelind had released Talzon from her grip, and they were now looking at me. 
Adelind says “ nice cock you have there come here and let me have some of that.” 
Then Katherine says “Go on you know you want to.” 
Then Talzon stands up and steps over by Katherine while Adelind stands up and gives me a kiss sending her tongue half way down my throat. By this time Katherine is also standing by her desk both of the females sit up on the desk. Just as I step up to Adelind she wraps her long tail around my waist and pulls me towards her, and exclaims give it to me now. I can't stand waiting any longer.
 I guide myself to her wet luscious pussy, I gently slip the head in she begins to moan in pleasure, then pulls me all the way in to the hilt with her powerful tail. She is so tight I feel that I might explode right then. She screams in both pleasure and pain, as her body has never had such a large intrusion before, she relaxes and lets her body become use to this new feeling. Giving me a chance to relax a bit to allow my waves of pleasure to subside slightly. I lean forward and begin licking and sucking on her firm and silvery scaled  breast, her nipples already hard from all of the sexual excitement. 
She reaches around me with her clawed hands and begins to drag her nails across my back. I take this as a sign that she wants me to continue thrusting my cock in and out of her, and I gladly oblige her.
I pull back so the head of my cock is hovering just inside of her. She again drags her claws into my back this time digging in a bit just enough to draw a little blood and pulls me all the way in again with her tail 
saying “Don't tease me like  that I want to feel your cock filling me up.”
 I begin thrusting into her hard this time, and she moans in pleasure and says “YES, That's what I want.” I can hear Katherine moaning loudly behind me, but I don't turn this time, I need to stay focused on the female in front of me.
I continue pounding this luscious creature. 
Then I feel a tail probing around my butt this tail expertly finds its mark and works it's way into me. Then I realize that Adelind's tail is now teasing my nipples. It has to be Talzon that is now exploring my body his tail feels like its in about 12 cm , and its turning me on even more with each thrust. I'm still pounding hard into Adelind she releases her tail from me then I hear Talzon moan deeply almost an eerie moan, then I realize that Adelind's tail has made a new mark of its own she is now pleasing Talzon too.  
I can feel Adelind climax building her pussy now squeezing hard around my cock she begins to scream out in pleasure, she digs her nails into my back and Talzon thrust deeper into me, and by now my climax is at its peek and I begin to explode deep inside of this beautiful dragoness, Talzon thrust into me again and I keep pumping my hot juices into Adelind. Then I hear Katherine moan loudly again she is about to cum herself , then I feel Adelind's tail moving between my legs she is thrusting her tail deep into Talzon I hear him moan again with that eerie sound and Katherine collapses down onto the desk. Then I feel Talzon's tail slide out of me and hit the floor with a thud, then I hear the thud of Adelind's tail hitting the floor. I look deep into Adelind's beautiful golden eyes and say “Thank you that was wonderful.” she responds “No thank YOU, I have never had an orgasm like that before” Talzon stands up and says “There is a shower room just around the corner, we need to get cleaned up and back to business at hand.”  
Then I stand up and help Adelind off of the desk as she stands up she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a nice kiss (as if to say thank you again ) I respond by wrapping my arms around her and kissing her back. After a moment we both break the kiss and head down the hall to the shower. 
There are eight shower heads in this room. We each stand under our own shower and quickly wash off. I was the first done , as I have very little hair and no scales to clean. Skin has at least one advantage there.
 I walk over to Katherine and begin helping her scrub her fur clean rubbing the soap all over her body. 
She says “Be careful not to get something started again.” 
“I'm just helping you get clean I can see there are a few spots that's hard for you to reach.”
Then I glance over towards Adelind and see that Talzon has decided to take after me and help Adelind get clean, he is gently scrubbing the scales that she  cant quite reach. Then Katherine is now all lathered up she begins to rinse off she pulls her head out of the running water opens her eyes, and I give her a very passionate kiss, then say “I think I'm really going to enjoy being on this ship.” 
Then I turn and grab a towel and hand it to Katherine as she turns the shower off,she responds with “ Thank you , and I think that everyone will also enjoy you being on this ship as well.” 
Just then both Talzon and Adelind both say “ We know we will”, I simply smile and say “Thank you.” 
We all finish drying off and put our towels in the reclamation unit, Talzon suggest that we head for the bridge to get acquainted with the main crew. “I'm heading to astrometrics to help Zipper with the sensor array it will probably take a couple of hours to get that finished.  Zipper and I will meet you in the engine room then.”
I respond “Sounds good. Ill see you then” 
Katherine says “Good I'm heading to the bridge myself, I'll go with the two of you. I need to run some test on the communications array. 
Then Adelind takes my right hand in hers and Katherine takes the other and we begin walking down the hall. 
Adelind says to Katherine “let's take lift pad three I want to stop by the galley and get something to eat” 
Katherine “Sounds good to me, how about you Paul?” 
I respond “I could use a light lunch. Is there someone there that can cook my meat, I can't eat it raw like dragons do” 
Adelind responds “No but there is everything you need to prepare it yourself” 
“That will do nicely.”
We arrive at the galley and I begin looking for a small steak but most of what I see are steaks that are far to big for me to eat.
Adelind says “If you want you can take part of mine I'm not quite that hungry myself.” 
I find a knife and cut about a 230 gram piece from Adelind's steak. She looks and ask “Is that all you are going to eat?” I reply “No I'm going to have a salad as well.”
she says “I thought that humans were carnivorous like dragons. But you eat both meat and vegetables?”
I reply “yes humans eat meat and vegetables and a few things in between.” (with a grin) she smiles slyly realizing what I meant. I take my meat over to the cooking area and toss it into a skillet and add a little seasoning flip it, add my seasoning to the other side and flip it one more time then flip it out on to my plate. 
Adelind says “I thought you were going to cook it all the way like I have see another human do once before. I thought it was disgusting that he wasted that meat by cooking it until it was a brownish gray all the way through.”
“No I like my steak very rare but I can't eat it totally raw.” then I walk over to the salad bar and fill a small bowl with an array of vegetables some that I don't know what they are but look delicious just the same. 
Katherine looks at my bowl and points to a small vegetable, and says “be careful that one is quite spicy.”
I take a little nibble from that vegetable it looks kind of like a star fruit just much smaller, and is orange in color. Its not so hot that I cant eat it. To put it on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 6. Then I pop it into my mouth, Katherine looks at me astonished I can't believe you just ate that thing whole like that. 
I tell her “That on Earth we have some peppers that make that seem quite mild, and that I found it rather delicious.”
Katherine says “you continue to surprise me.” 
I reply “good  I hope that I can continue to do so” 
Adelind says “You humans are strange creatures, interesting but strange.” 
We finish our meal. Katherine says “ I think we can skip the desert this time” and smiles at me. Then we head to the lift pad once again the females take my hands. We walk another 30 meters and Adelind says “here's lift pad Three this one will take us right to the bridge.”
It looks like an open elevator with only hand rails around it and its circular in shape. Then we all step onto the pad and Adelind presses a button and up we go, Adelind says “There are only three levels to the ship , we were on the third level, and the bridge is on the first level at the top of the ship.”
I ask “what level is the engine room on.”
Adelind replies “It is on the third level, at the rear of the ship although the engine room has access points on all three levels its main entry is third level.” 
Katherine says “We are here, the bridge is right through that door.” and points across the hall way. Adelind takes the lead she steps off the pad and across the hall the bridge door opens as I step towards the bridge door an alarm sounds. 
Adelind says “Computer intruder override” the alarm stops.
Katherine tells me “That its because no one without at least level three clearance is allowed on the bridge, but we will be fixing that in just a minute. The engine room is the same. The only two rooms that have voice activated computer are the bridge and the engine room.”  then Katherine and I enter the bridge. There are four  computer stations to each side of the bridge and two stations in the middle and a large heads-up display in the front. 
To my right I see Jalad and say “Hello” he responds in kind “ Hello, welcome to the bridge.” 
Adelind takes my hand and walks me to one of the computer stations, and says “Computer create access for  Mr. Paul Curtis engineer level Five.”
The computer responds “access created” the computer then ask “ Mr Paul Curtis Please create an access code.” I respond “ Alpha ,Gama, Omega 1011, Green.” the computer responds” Mr. Paul Curtis you now have access level 5 through out the ship” 
Just then Valesz walks onto the bridge. 
Jalad says” Captain on Deck.” everyone stands. I walk over to greet her and she extends her hand. I politely take her hand and gently press my lips to her smooth cool hand, remembering what Talzon said that he had never seen her invite any male to her quarters. I thought that I might need to keep full respect on the bridge, especially when it comes to Valesz. 
Valesz ask “Is Adelind taking care of you Mr. Curtis?” I respond yes she is doing a wonderful job. She responds “Carry on then.” 
Katherine says “ I need to get my test run on the communications array, I will meet you later perhaps for dinner” 
I respond “dinner it is then … maybe even some desert” she simply smiles and walks away. Adelind turns me towards the two consoles in the middle of the bridge this is Lakia our tactical officer  and just in case you can't tell she is Roo. Hello Lakia nice to meet you, I have never met a Roo before. She respond “ likewise” ( I don't think I need to describe Lakia I'll just let you use your own imagination for her :> ) 
Adelind says “and this is Drake he is our helmsman” 
“Hello Drake pleasure to meet you.” Drake responds “hello and welcome aboard” ( Drake is a handsome black dragon he is about the same size as Talzon, a good physique, his scales are very shiny like mirrors all over his body) 
Adelind says “We need to cover the rest of the ship” then I head for the door, with Adelind right behind me. The door closes behind us. 
Adelind says “On the bridge we need to maintain a very professional appearance, and it was starting to get to personal for the captain. So I decided I had better get you out of there. I can show you your quarters, then we can head for the engine room.
“Sounds good to me.” I replied. 
“Quarters are on the second level, oh and by the way if I were you I would avoid Lakia she loves to fight and she is very good at it. I wouldn't want you to get hurt. Well then I guess I'll just have to challenge her to a match now won't I, but the engines come first..”
Adelind responds “ I don't know if your crazy or stupid , or worse yet Both.” 
“We will see. Where is the rec. room?” Adelind responds “It's on the way to your quarters. But its more like a section there are several rooms.”
Good that's what I was hoping.”
Adelind says” here is a lift pad that will take us close to the rec. area.”
We get onto the pad and Adelind presses a button and down we go. Adelind says “On the right is the pool room, where we play water sports. swim what ever. Here we have the physical contact room  for the guys that like to get a little rough. The walls and floor are padded to help reduce injury.” 
I respond  “Perfect, that will do nicely. Do we have a doctor on board?”
Adelind responds “Yes, he fix broken bones and simple abrasions but if any thing serious happens we will have to head for a station and hope that we make it in time.” 
I say , “that's all I need to see of the rec. area for now. Perhaps you can give me a more detailed tour later.”  
She responds “very well  then to the quarters” she says “We are near the center of the ship your quarters are near the engine room, room 241.
I say “Then the room the the 4 of us were in is just about there.” and I point to the floor just to my left. 
She responds “Correct your learning this ship well” 
I comment “I have always had a good sense of direction. 
Then my room should be about 139.5 meters that way on the right right?” 
Adelind says “That's about right, have you been on a ship like this one before?”
I respond “No, but I know that this ship is about 300 meters long and you said that we were about mid ship, its just a little math. And I noticed that all the rooms on the right have odd numbers and the left even numbers that meant that my room had to be on the right. Something else that I noticed was the fact that the thrusters  are having a bit of a time holding position so I would guess that the ship's cargo must be an Ore , probably going to a shipyard to build more ships.” 
She responds “ You can tell that by the movement of the ship, and yes you are correct again, her cargo is titanium and we are going to a dragon shipyard. But how could you tell that.”  
“Its easy actually the gravitational field produced from the station is pulling on the mass of the load and the thrusters have to work harder to keep the ship in position. Every now and then I could feel the thrusters push the ship about 1-2 cm, I know its not much but I could feel it. That reminds me after I get the engines back in order I need to work on the inertial dampeners too.”
Adelind says “here we are your quarters” 
As I approach the door it opens and we enter, the quarters are only slightly smaller than my room on the station but there is no kitchen, ( I won't need one in my room anyway) I look around and walk into the adjoining room it's the bed room and it has a king size bed, (I think to my self bed your going to get plenty of use and not for sleeping) 
I turn and say “it's a little sparse but that is easy to fix. I have some photo's of home that will go on these walls, and a couple of plants. This will be perfect.” 
Adelind says “ I'm Glad that you like it” 
I ask “Will I need any credits while I'm on the ship” 
she responds “ no not really, we have most everything you will need.”
“Good then  if it's ok tonight I will bring my things aboard. There's a few things that I will need to get. I am expecting a shipment of earth food tonight too, what perfect timing. I will be able to treat a few guest to an earth meal on occasion and have plenty of room to entertain when I have free time.  All right let's go to the engine room I believe I have a lot of work to do.”
Adelind replies “We can use the 2nd level entry now that you have clearance.”
We exit my room and head for the engine room. It's not long before we are entering the engine room, there is a lift pad in the room that we take down to the 3rd level. On the way down we see Zipper and Talzon they both meet us at the lift pad.
“Hello again Talzon , Zipper.”
They both respond “ Hello” then Talzon says “Glad you found your way to the engine room. I was starting to wonder if you got lost on the way.”
I reply “No not lost just had a few details to work out and learn the ship like you wanted, I know where everything is I need. Except the doctor, but for now that can wait, I'm sure if I need a doctor someone will get me there. Now about these engines...  I know that she needs work but how fast will she go in her current state, and what happens ?”
Zipper responds “ we can get up to 3xl (simply put that's the speed of light ^3) but at that speed the ship becomes unstable and shaky. So we have been running at 2xl to keep a smooth ride.”
“Sounds simple enough, we have 3 days to get the ship back in shape correct ?”
Talzon responds “correct” “Good enough I'll have these engines back in top shape by tomorrow afternoon. Possibly by tonight if we can get two more workers.”
Zipper says “ Squeaky come over here for a minute” then from around the engine core comes a meerkat. Zipper says “Paul this is Squeaky.” Hello Squeaky, you don't mind squeezing into tight places do you ?”
Squeaky responds “ nope sure don't (squeak, squeak)” Great you'll be perfect for a job I need done later.”
Talzon says “okay squeaky you can go back to what you were doing.” Squeaky replies “Sure thing (squeak, squeak)” In an instant he disappears. 
I say “Well there is no doubt why he is called squeaky. (And everyone laughs.) the plasma injectors should be over here.” 
Zipper says how the hell did you know that? It took me two weeks to learn where everything was on these engines” 
Talzon says “well I guess Valesz did make a good choice when she hired you, I'll find those workers for you they may not know a lot about engines.” before you go, can you have Jalad come down here in about an hour, I have a heavy job and I will need his help for about 15 minutes. 
Talzon Replies “ you got it, but there is something you need to know he does find you fascinating.” before I can reply Talzon is gone. 
“Okay Zipper back to the engines, I need a quantum spanner to get these injectors back in line.” Zipper replies “all I have is a micro spanner.” 
“No wonder you can't get the injectors aligned, I'll bet they are at least 12 microns out of alignment. Can I have Squeaky for about 20 minutes or so ?” 
Zipper replies “I guess so he isn't doing anything real important at the moment.” 
“Thank you,  Squeaky I have a job for you.” In a flash Squeaky was standing in front of me “ Yes Sir” 
“Okay first thing Don't call me Sir I work just like you do, and secondly I need you to go the office by the port on the back of the chair you will find my shirt, in the left pocket you will find a black chip, you will need that to get into my room on the station, Room number 354 enter and look to your left against the far wall you will see my tool chest on the pad enter code 1101 and that will release the tool chest and activate the anti-gravity unit bring the chest here please.”
Squeaky replies ”you got it, back in a flash” and in an instant he was gone.
“Damn that little guy is quick.” 
While we are waiting for Squeaky I need to go see the doctor. 
Zipper “Are you hurt?”  
“No I'm not hurt he has a measuring device that I need to borrow, do you have a laser torch?”
Zipper “Yes I have that”
“Good then lets go see the doctor.”
Zipper leads the way.  “So Zipper what can you tell me about Lakia?” 
Zipper replies “Avoid pissing her off at any cost, did you notice that scar on Jalad's arm?”
“Yes but I didn't think anything of it well Lakia did it she almost tore his arm off with a single kick. It took the doctor three hours to put him back together, good thing we were at a station or he might not have that arm today.”
“I'm thinking about challenging her to a fight.”
Zipper “Are you crazy or just plain stupid”  
“You know this is the second time that I have mentioned it and this is the second time that I was ask if I was stupid or crazy.”
Zipper “Okay here's the infirmary” The door opens and we enter. 
“Hi Doc. I'm Paul I'm the new engineer, I have a little favor to ask of you.”
Doc “ How can I help you today Paul?”
“I would like to borrow an optical scanner for about 10 minutes.”
Doc “Is there something wrong with your eyes?”
“No its the most accurate measuring device on the ship and I need to take two measurements.”
Doc “Sure thing but do you mind if I watch what you are doing?” 
“Not at all , do you have clearance for the engine room?”
Doc “Yes I do” 
“Alright then lets get to the engine room.”
On the way back to the engine room Zipper pops up and says “Hey doc this fool wants to fight Lakia” 
Doc looks at me and ask “Why would you want to fight Lakia?” 
“Well its simple really her species is a warrior race , they hold respect and honor in very high regards, by challenging her to a fight she will see it as a challenge to her authority but then by fighting her she will have respect for me., and I suspect I will have quite a friendship with her.”
Doc “Well I can try to patch you up as best I can, but no guarantees.”  
Just as we get back to the engine room, here comes Squeaky, with my tool chest. It's only been 10- 12 minutes. 
I walk over  behind Squeaky  and lift his tail and say “ Okay where are you hiding that rocket booster I expected you to be gone at least 20 minutes. Ya know we just might get the engines back to 100% tonight. Thank you Squeaky.”
Squeaky replies “Your welcome, anything else boss?” 
“Not at the moment.”
I take the optical scanner from the Doc and turn the sensors facing outward I walk over by the engine core and ask Zipper for the laser torch. He hands me the torch I then hold the torch in the center between the optical sensors I find dead center of the ship and score the floor in front the the engine core. Then I go to my tool chest and pull out a couple of anti-gravity pads. I hand one to Doc and one to Zipper hold these on each side of the engine core at the floor leave them sticking out about 2 cm in front of the core. That's good then I take the optical scanner and find center of the engine core and make a small score on the casing. 
Zipper ask “What are you doing?” 
I respond “Take a look at the 2 scores I just made , how far apart do you think they are? 
Zipper “about 7 cm maybe 8 cm.” 
“Okay then I take the scanner and the pads I place a pad by each mark and take another measurement it reads 7.2350045 cm. Now for this ION engine to preform at 100% the engine has to be aligned with the ship or the field it produces will be off, this ship is 300m the field is off by lets just say 7cm to make the math easy by the time the field reaches the front of the ship the field is out by 2.4m that's where your vibration is coming from.”
“Now lets get these injectors aligned. Squeaky I have another important job for you.” And  here he is, right on cue “Squeaky I'm going to teach you how to use a Quantum spanner, I will do the first one then the rest of the injectors you get to do alright?” 
Squeaky “Sure thing boss.” 
“The first thing you do is make sure that injector array is off-line before you open any in that array.”
Squeaky “No problem boss.” 
“Let's find out what the engine efficiency is, Computer what is the current engine efficiency?”
Computer replies “The engines are operating at 78%” “Okay now we have a base line to start it can only get better from here.”
I reach up and open the first plasma injector hold up the quantum spanner and show Squeaky how to adjust the injectors. Then I hand Squeaky the Quantum spanner. “It's your turn.”
Squeaky “ no problem boss I got this(squeak, squeak)” 
I watch as he preforms the job perfectly. Then I return to the engine core Zipper “Your not going to let Squeaky adjust the injectors are you?” 
“why not with the quantum spanner its almost fool proof and with his speed he will be done in an hour where it would take you and I four hours to complete.”
“If you would please grab two more anti-gravitation units out of the top box.”
Zipper gets the units and brings them over by the core. Then says “These are not going to pick up the engine core.” 
I reply “No they will not, but they will make it lighter so we can move the core, that's why I ask for Jalad to come down. Just then the door opens 
Jalad says “Hello Paul you needed my help?”
“Actually yes your timing is impeccable, we just attached the anti-gravity units to the core but we need your help to slide the unit over 7.23 cm , I made marks on the floor and on the core to help align it up. We are almost ready to move the core, Zipper would you please release the mag-locks. 
Zipper replies “Sure thing boss(squeak squeak)” 
“Okay smart-ass.”,  “Computer what is the engine efficiency?”
Computer  “81.2%” 
“looks like Squeaky is doing a fine job. Now if you will engage the anti-gravity units on that side, I'll get these then I will come over there and we can move the core, the anti-gravity units begin beeping they are syncing up with each other  then they all make the same tone we can push.... beep beep beep ….. BEEEEEP!! , OK push , on 3  1.. 2... 3...”
The cores slides over we stop only about 1cm to go. 
“On 3  1.. 2.. 3.. push”, and the core slides again. 
“That's it perfect now a quick measurement to make sure its setting right.” I take the optical scanner and check the distance at the back of the  core and check them against the measurement at the front of the core. Perfect only 3 microns off with the core. OK Zipper if you would please engage the mag-locks while I remove the anti-gravity units.”
I place the anti-gravity units back in my tool chest.
“Computer what is the engine efficiency?”
 Computer “88.4%”
“Squeaky, how are you doing back there?”
Squeaky “Only 2 more arrays left (squeak, squeak)”
Then a few minutes later I hear Squeaky Say “All done... (squeak, squeak).” Computer what is the engine efficiency? The computer responds “98.7%” “That's good enough for 4.5xl we can make our destination now in about 1 week and 2 days instead of the 3 weeks scheduled.”
I look at a chronometer. “Damn we are done before dinner, I already have plans for dinner but I feel that I owe all of you something for helping get these engines back in shape ahead of schedule.”
I reach into the top case of my tool chest and grab a credit chip it has 5 credits on it. “More than enough for all of you to get a nice dinner on the station, I recommend Zot's. Take it and go enjoy tonight. I still have a little work to finish here.” They each say  thank you and head out the door.
Okay, now I have the engine room all to my self and I intend to keep it that way for a while... I walk over to the viso screen and call Zot's , one of the waitress's answers the screen “Hello this is Zot's you kill it we grill it …”
I say hello ,I'm sending four there for dinner a wolfen, two dragons and a meerkat, I want you to make sure they have a good time tonight I'm transferring 5 credits that should be enough shouldn't it? The waitress responds “ I will make sure they have a good time.” 
I reply “Thank you and have a good night.”  End transmission...
“Computer what is the status of the inertial dampeners?”
The computer responds “7 of 8 dampeners are functioning within specification” 
“Okay, Computer show me a diagram of the 8 dampeners and show me the faulty dampener. The viso screen lights up with a full schematic and the faulty dampener is up on the bridge and by the looks of the schematics I'm going to need squeaky again. It's getting late, the dampener can wait until tomorrow. I probably should go up to the bridge and report the engine condition....
well I hadn't planned on this chapter having any sex in it but it just rolled out so smooth I had to keep going,  hope you enjoyed reading it. 



                                                                                                                                                        CHAPTER 6 


I decide to stop by my quarters on the way to the bridge so I go up the lift pad to the 2nd level. Then on to my room, its only a very short walk from the engine room so I get there very quickly. I approach the door and it opens. I enter the room trying to think about where the few things that I have are going to go. There is a sofa against the back wall just opposite the viso screen two chairs and a small table. I can place a couple of plants on the table, and my pictures on each of the walls. I will have to ask if I can bring my food Stasis unit I will explain that I plan on making a few special meals for my friends and crew. So it shouldn't be a problem .
Okay lets take another look at the bedroom. I walk into the room and notice that the ceiling has holographic emitters I look around and find the control panel and press a button , they are all marked but I never learned how to read dragon (I guess I'm going to take a crash course.) The ceiling changes to mirrors cool I think that will come in handy. I press another button and the ceiling changes to a clear blue sky, then another and the ceiling now looks like an ocean … sweet  kind of fucked up though looks like 10,000 liters of water is going to fall on top of me, that one will take some getting use to. Well at least the off button is clearly marked RED at least I hope its the off button, better wait I'll change it back to the mirrors and leave it like that for now. Wouldn't want to send the ship into RED ALERT, while docked... okay I need to head for the bridge so I turn and head for the door. 
A few minutes later I'm passing the Rec. center , and I arrive at the pool room that water looks so inviting. A quick dip couldn't hurt besides I could use a quick rinse after working the last few hours. I walk into the pool room no one is around, and I jump in. 
Meanwhile at Zot's 
Doc, Zipper, Squeaky, and Jalad are enjoying themselves at dinner. They are just about done eating, and Jalad says “Paul has been so nice to us treating us to dinner and all why don't we do something for him.”
Zipper says “Nice, all he did today was bark orders.” 
Jalad replies “That may be but it's no different on the bridge, you know the rules when we are working it's professional, when has some one been nice to you for working hard before?” 
Zipper “I guess you have a point, he didn't have to treat us to dinner. So what do you suggest that we can do for him?” 
Squeaky says “We could move his things from his quarters on the station to his quarters on the ship. I still have the black chip to get into the station room.” 
Jalad says “That sounds like a good idea. We will finish dinner then, Squeaky you go find us a anti-gravity platform. While you are getting the platform the rest of us will start packing his things.”
Everyone agrees. They call for the waitress they ask for their check, the waitress tells them that they have a little party arranged for them that Paul took care of everything already. Doc says “We will return in about an hour then.”
The waitress agrees then gets the check its 2 credits... they tell the waitress to keep the change, and head out the door Squeaky hands Jalad the black chip and says “ its room 354” then Squeaky disappears.
The rest of them head for room 354, just as they get there they notice a large container labeled for Mr. P. Curtis. 
Doc says “We will take that too he was probably expecting this package.” then they enter the room and begin packing everything including the food Stasis unit. Squeaky arrives with an anti-gravity platform. Doc keeps packing and the other three start loading the platform.
Zipper “What do you think that the captain will say about the stasis unit.” 
Jalad replies “ I'll talk to the captain about it.”
Doc grabs the last of the tings and puts it on top of the platform. And they head back to the ship. 
Back on the ship... 
After doing the backstroke from end to end of the pool. It's time to get out. That was refreshing. I feel better now, probably smell a bit better too. I grab a towel and dry off, on my way out the door I drop the towel in the reclamation unit and head down the hallway towards the bridge.
If I remember correctly this is the lift pad that takes me to the bridge. So I get on the pad and press the top button  (damn here's that crash course again) luckily the pad starts going up .. so that mark is either up or 1st I will have to remember that. The pad stops at the 1st level and step off of the pad and walk across the hall, the door opens and I enter the bridge. 
Lakia ask “Where's Jalad? , I thought that you were suppose to be working on the engines.” 
I respond “ Jalad is fine, and before I answer your questions I need to report to the captain.” Then Valesz turns to me with a stern look on her face. I tell her that I have good news and bad news, and that before I give her the bad news we need to go to the briefing room. 
She stands and leads the way to the briefing room, just as the doors close behind me she whips around wraps her arms around me and begins kissing me frantically and says “You have no idea how much iv have been wanting to do that all day” 
I respond “ I think I do” then I pull her to me and begin exploring  her mouth with my tongue. Then after a couple of minutes we break the kiss. 
Then she says “ okay so what is the news.” 
well I say “ I will give you the bad news first , I gave the engine crew the night off and treated them to dinner” 
She responds “Why the hell would you do that there's no way possible that the engines are done.” 
I say “Computer what is the engine status?”  
The computer responds “Engines are running at 98.7%” 
Valesz says “ then in that case they do deserve the treat you gave them and you deserve one yourself.” she continues “Computer seal the briefing room door access level 7.” 
computer “door sealed to level 7” 
Valesz looks to me with a sly grin and says “Now even you can't get out.”
I respond “I could if I wanted to but I don't want to.”
Valesz says  “Tell you what you open that door and I promise that tonight will be one to remember for a long time to come” 
I respond “ okay before I do I know that you don't want the crew to know about us, and I can understand that. Its a professional appearance you want to keep in front of them. I realized that the second that Talzon mentioned that “He had never seen you invite any male to your quarters.” I told him that all we did was talk about the stars and me before I headed out into space” with that and the rule that what happens behind closed doors stays there...so now before I open that door come here and give me another kiss.” She quickly grabs me and pulls me against her body and holds me tightly I feel the cool touch of her smooth scales and we begin kissing again. Our tongues exploring the others after a few minutes of kissing she breaks the kiss and says “You are as observant as Adelind said you are. Now if you can open the door.” 
I say “Computer Emergency Exit Alpha Gama Omega 1011 green override” and the door opens 
“How in the hell did you know how to do that?”
“Well the last ship I was on was wolfen but like this one it is an equine built ship. Even though this ship is much larger than the scout ship they still use the same computer core. Thus all emergency commands will work. Oh and by the way once we do depart we can travel at 4.5xl we can be at the dragon shipyard in about nine days instead of three weeks. One more thing I will need access to the bridge tomorrow there is an inertial dampener that needs work, possibly replacing but I won't know that until I get to it.”
Valesz replies “ Very well you will have full access to the bridge tomorrow.” 
Then I turn towards the bridge look at Lakia and say “Jalad is on the station where I sent him and the rest of the engine crew and the Doc too . As far as me suppose to be working on the engines  check this out.. “Computer , engine status” computer responds “ engines running at 98.7%” Now you worry about your job and let me worry about mine...” 
She responds “Are you challenging my authority?” 
I respond “It sure looks that way don't it. We will settle this tomorrow evening in the rec. center Physical room, a Boxing match {Earth rule's} take the time tonight to learn them” 
She responds “Fine then but be warned I have never lost a match.” 
“Well this one might be a bit different” and I exit the bridge. I turn noticing that everyone's picking their jaws up off the floor even Valesz as the door closes.
Then the bridge door opens again and Katherine runs out screaming “Are you MADD!!!!  she will kill you.”
“No she won't that's why I specified the match and the rules the most she will do is knock me unconscious, I need someone to get the physical room ready for the match.
Katherine “I will have Drake do it in the morning his shift don't start until later he should have the time he needs to get it done. I hope you know what you are doing.” 
I respond. “Its okay I really do, well I need to get started on moving my things from the station to my room. We can have dinner after I'm finished with that” 
she replies “My shift ends in about an hour, I will help you after that” 
I reply “That would be nice thank you.” Then I give her a long passionate toe curling knee bending kiss. “I will see you after your shift, bu bye” 
I step up on the lift pad and press the second button. (damn I hope this is the right button) and the lift stops on the 2nd level sweet so those markings are numbers well now I can count to three in dragon writing , learning to speak a language and learning to read and wright them are quite different.
Damn I got off on the wrong level I need to go down to 3rd level and get my cloths then head to the station, then I press the 3rd button and down I go. Well here is the 3rd level I head towards the office where my clothes are I past the port and just as I am getting ready to turn the corner for the office I see Jalad, Zipper, Doc, and Squeaky with Squeaky pushing an anti-gravity platform. 
I stop and say “Hey Squeaky can I use that platform for a while, I need to go get my things from the station.”
Jalad says “Sure you can but we need your help with something first, it wont take but a few minutes.” 
I reply “okay , but what do you need my help with?” 
Jalad responds “ Zipper's console control in his quarters is broke. He can't even turn the light on in his room” (I'm thinking okay this will be a quickie) 
We hop on the nearest lift pad and go up to the 2nd level. (on the way up I'm thinking that Zipper can fix a sensor array but has problems with a simple control panel, somethings up ) now we are passing quarters .. room 185....194....230...239... they all stop in front of my quarters.
I say “These aren't Zippers quarters they are mine.” 
Jalad says “Enter.” so I approach the door and it opens …. all of my things are here they even took the time to put the pictures on the walls... I start tearing up … “Thanks guys I don't know what to say except Thank you.” 
Squeaky pops up “ We got your back boss (squeak, squeak)” Jalad mentions “There was a package waiting for me at my door on the station but they brought it too...” 
I again say  “Thank You, all of you , but shouldn't you be enjoying yourselves at Zot's?” 
Zipper says “Since you were so nice to us we thought that we should do something nice for you, actually it was Jalad's idea.”
I respond “okay then now get your ass's back to Zot's and enjoy the rest of the evening. I will come down later I'm expecting company shortly... 
Oh and by the way before you hear it from somewhere else, I challenged Lakia to a match tomorrow night in the rec. center.”
Jalad “NO YOU DIDN'T”  
“Yes I did.”
Zipper “ She will kill you.....” 
“no she won't I set the match and the rules .. it is a Boxing match with Earth rules, so  Doc have the infirmary ready and Jalad we will need a referee will you take that task? It's you or Drake. I can't ask Talzon to do that.”
Jalad responds “Yes I will, but I'm still trying to figure out if your  stupid or just crazy” 
“damn it that's the 3rd time that I have been told that today … no matter I guess I will just have to prove my point in the ring tomorrow night. Now go enjoy the rest of the evening at Zot's. Oh Zipper and Squeaky I want you both on the bridge in the morning at 0800 sharp we have a job to do.
Squeaky “Sure thing boss (squeak, squeak)... (Now I know that they will be there. And I will explain how I know later in the story.) 
Well I have about half an hour before Katherine gets here. What to do..... oh yes we are having desert. Well no one said that I couldn't bring dinner to my room. So I head for the galley. In short order I'm there, I grab a couple of plate's and put a couple of steaks head for the cooking area where I get a skillet ready. I walk over to the salad bar and grab something that looks like a sprig of parsley and back to the cooking area I toss my steak in the skillet and begin seasoning the steak, flip season the other side. Flip and one more flip then onto the plate I place the sprig in the center of my steak I season the other steak on the plate toss it in the skillet... flip... then out onto the plate, perfect lightly seared. I take the 2 steaks and the bowls back to my room.
 I open the box that had been delivered and quickly put everything away that I won't need  right away. I make a garden salad with all the trimmings ( now that I have them) I even sprinkle on just a little vinaigrette salad dressing, damn it I forgot to get the ice... back to the galley I go  I'm going to have to ask Squeaky how he gets around so damn quick. Just as I get the ice put in a container for the wine I hear a chime, the viso screen lights up reveling Katherine at the door.. 
I answer “Come in.”
The door opens and she walks in and greets me with a deep passionate kiss. 
Then she looks around, “Oh your done already?”
I respond “I had some unexpected help the guy's already had it done when I got back from the bridge.” 
She says “That was nice of them, looks like you are making friends very quickly and enemies too.” 
I respond “I know that you are worried about the fight that I have setup with Lakia. I will try to explain this quickly. I'm half expecting Valesz by shortly. I am not planning on making Lakia an enemy in fact just the opposite, by challenging her authority I challenge her values, respect and honor, but by combating with her I show her that I'm just as honorable and respectful as she is. When the fight is over win or loose she will be a friend, she will respect me. I'm guessing that the fight that she got into with Jalad was not a friendly combat, she was truly angry at him, in this case that is not so, she understands why I did what I did and will abide by the rules I have laid out. That means she will not try to kill me.... Do you understand now?” 
Katherine replies “ yes I understand but I'm still worried” 
“okay hang on a second” I walk to the bedroom and open a container and pull out a boxing set. Gloves and head gear. Then walk back to the main room with them. I hand her a glove “I know this wont quite fit your hand but pleas put it on.”
She complies. “Okay now hit me in the face as hard as you can.” 
She says “No.” 
I say “It's okay you will understand after you do. you wont hurt me I promise. 
she responds “okay.” ….thud .. “
“Good not a bad punch , now did you feel it. 
She responds “Barely.”
“now had u hit me with your bare hand it would have hurt correct.” 
She replies “Yes I think so.”
“well under the rules that I have laid out she will have to wear gloves like these and so will I, so you see now that I have a plan before I do anything. This is not a fight to the death. Perhaps a knock out but in any case I will live , I promise.
She responds “okay, I feel a little better about it.”
“Okay, let me get these put away before anyone comes in.”
I return the gloves and gear to the container. Then go back to the main room and we sit on the sofa with dinner. Oh before we start dinner I have a small favor to ask of you can you show me how to run the control panel in the bedroom? I might be able to speak dragon but I have yet to learn to read it.”
“Sure” she says “let's go.” 
“This symbol means rain, this one clear, this one reflect, this one means bright and this one is shadow.
“okay, let me try a few so that I can remember them better I press rain and wallah clouds start rolling in. Then I press reflect and poof mirrored ceiling. then I press clear and clear sky's appear.
“Okay, now wheres the off button ?” 
She replies “This button here.” ( its blank) and just out of curiosity what is the red button do?  She says “It sets off an alarm and places the ship on red alert.” 
“I'm so glad that I didn't press it earlier.”
Then we hear the door chime and the viso screen displays Valesz with a guest Lakia. 
I say “Oh this is going to be an interesting evening.” Then I say “Come in”
The door opens and they enter. Katherine and I walk out to the main room.  Valesz knocks me to the floor, laying on top of me kissing me with more passion than ever before. When she finally breaks the kiss. 
I say “I guess you did miss me didn't you. I have dinner ready for us it might be a little different that your use to but I would like for you to at least try what I have prepared for you. If you don't like it I will go to the galley and get you a plain raw steak.”
Valesz “Okay I will try it, so far you haven't done anything wrong. So I will trust you.”
I turn to Katherine “I have done the salad a little different as well, I know that you enjoyed the earth salad that I made last night, so perhaps you will enjoy this even more. I'm sorry Lakia welcome to my room, you are more than welcome to have some dinner too if you wish I will make you a salad or you may try this one.” Lakia says “Thank you for making me feel welcome in your room I don't want you to go to any trouble on my account, besides a new salad might be what I need, I have been wanting something a little different” 
“Very well then I need to make a quick trip to the galley is there anything anyone needs before I go?”
Katherine says “Yes, some desert” ending with a big smile on her face.
I say “I'll be right back.” I exit the room. I quickly arrive at the galley I grab four glassed and a couple of bowls, then head back to the room. As I approach the door it opens and all the females are laughing.
I “say what did I miss?” 
Katherine says “we were just talking about how everyone's afraid of Lakia and you don't seem to be afraid at all.”
“No there's no reason for me to be. Lakia knows why I am doing it and that all that really matters. I just wish I would have had a camera when I was leaving the bridge earlier oh the look on your faces when I did that  oh so priceless. I'm glad that I can surprise everyone.”
Valesz “Oh you surprised everyone alright, now everyone on the bridge thinks your a nut case”  
“If I may ask Lakia what was the fight between you and Jalad about?”
Lakia “If you must know he insulted me.” 
“I hope that I haven't insulted you, that was not my intention however, I understand your species. I just hope that I went about it the proper way.”
She responds “You seem to have a good understanding about my kind and no you haven't insulted me directly or we wouldn't be having this pleasant conversation.”
I respond “good, then we have an understanding. I was a little worried that I went about it the wrong way. In any case lets enjoy our dinner.” I pull the wine from the ice and pour the four glasses. I raise my glass and give a toast “To Respect and long friendship.” they all respond.
I watch intently as Valesz takes the first bite from her steak. I watch as her eye's roll back in her head and she mutters UMMMMM. “I never knew that steak could taste this good it's almost as good as sex.”
Then Katherine and Lakia both take bites of their salad. 
Katherine “Oh my never in my life have I tasted anything this good” 
Lakia “Where did you learn to prepare food like this?” then Lakia turns to Valesz “I though you told me that he was an engineer” 
Valesz says”well that's three times today that you have surprised me Paul  and that is a rare thing” 
I say “I'm glad I can keep surprising you hopefully in a good way”.  
Katherine says “What did you do to this salad I really must know?” 
I respond “II just added a vinaigrette to the salad and the steaks I seasoned the same way I do mine and lightly seared it to seal in the juices. More wine everyone?” 
Katherine and Valesz both say “Yes please.” I refill their glasses, then I turn to Lakia she says “No thank you I'm doing fine” I then top off my glass and place the cork back in the bottle. 
Valesz pops up and says “You know Paul after everything you have done today the three of us are going to leave you a gibbering vegetable before the nights out. After you left the bridge the first time Lakia said something about you being kind of sexy with your smooth skin and all.” 
Lakia “Now he thinks I'm just some kind of slut or something” 
I reply to Lakia “No Lakia, I think that your very attractive. please don't assume anything of me I will prove you wrong every time. It's just how I am. Just because you think that I have a sexy body doesn't mean that your a slut. Just that you have good taste. for instance I think that Drake has a nice body and is good looking for a male, that don't mean that I want to jump in bed with him. I do like the way that his black scales glisten, he looks like he has little mirrors all over his body. 
Lakia “Of all the dragons you think is sexy, he is the one that your not going to get. He doesn't swing like that.” 
I respond “I didn't swing like that and really haven't yet but Talzon has got me thinking about it. So do you think that there might be a chance that I can change Drake's mind?”
Lakia “I don't really think you have a chance at all there.” 
I reply “well I'm not going to think on it for now but in time who knows, I still haven't made my mind up totally, besides I have learned there is no room for rigid thinking it don't get you anywhere.” 
Valesz says “That is correct everyone needs to be open minded, open to new idea's and possibility's” 
Katherine says “I'm finished with my dinner I'm ready for desert!”
Meanwhile back at Zot's 
All the guys are sitting at their table enjoying their drinks,  they look over at another table and see two  equines and two fox's all sitting together enjoying drinks as well. Just then the waitress walks up and ask if they need refills, they all say “sure.”
as the waitress walks past Jalad  ask the waitress if she knows the people sitting at the other table.
she replies “kind of  I know the fox they well they work here, and the two equine have been coming in for a couple of weeks. The Stallions name is Xanthos (he is dark brown, with a gorgeous blond main and tail), the mares name is Ogrifina (she is a beautiful solid white with pink eyes and flesh)  the fox's names are Hot-lips, and Roxy, your guess is as good as mine as to witch one is witch as they are twins” (both fox are identical each has a slender well curved body, their colors are red with white underbelly's) then the waitress adds “ I can arrange a meeting if you like.” 
Zipper says “Sure we would like that very much.” 
The waitress says “just a minute” she goes back to the bar and brings out a tray with four drinks on it, and takes it over to the equines table, she tells them that the drinks are from the gentlemen over at the other table. Then says “that they would like to met them.” the equines and the fox all stand up and walk over to the table.
Xanthos says “hello  I'm  Xanthos and this is my mate Ogrifina, and these to lovely fox are Hot-lips, and Roxy” 
Jalad stands and shakes the stallions hand  and says “I'm Jalad this is Doc, Zipper, and Squeaky, we are from the ship the Kameer. Will you join us?” 
Xanthos responds “The Kameer aye? We are scheduled to board her tomorrow.” 
Jalad  “Then how about a little tour tonight, Roxy and Hot-lips you are welcome to come along.” so everyone agrees and they Xanthos drops a credit chip on the table, and they head for the ship. 
As they approach the ship Jalad says “We won't be able to give you a full tour, because you don't have access yet. although there is still plenty of the ship that we can show you like the galley, the rec. center and perhaps quarters.” 
Xanthos replies “That will be fine. how about we start at the rec. center and see what kind of entertainment we will have on our voyage.” 
Jalad “sounds good to me” 
Doc says “Now that we are on the ship we can take these damn clothes off, follow me to the level three office and you four can leave your cloths there and retrieve them on your way out.” they all head for the office and the four go in and remove their clothing. The first to exit is Ogrifina Doc looks on her intently noticing her beautiful body, with nice round firm breast and a beautiful hairless pussy.  
She comments “Oh this feels much better I hate wearing clothes.”
Then Xanthos walks out , his abdomen rippling with muscles a nice large sheath and arms the size of Jalad's legs. 
Jalad says “Where were you hiding all those muscles.” 
Xanthos  responds “Under all those damn cloths, this is much better though” 
Then the two fox come walking out of the office everyone notices that they are physically identical in every way their perky breast their tight body's, glistening eyes even there walk is the same. Doc says “Now that everyone's comfortable we can go to the rec. center.” 
Jalad says “The lift pad is this way.” when they arrive at the lift pad Jalad says “ Zipper and Squeaky why don't you wait here with Roxy and Hot-lips  for the lift to come back down it's not big enough for all eight of us.” Zipper replies “Okay, we will wait here for the pad” 
As the pad begins to rise Hot-lips grabs a hold of Squeaky's butt and says “I have been waiting to do that you little cutie.” and all squeaky can muster is “(Squeak, Squeak)” as his cock begins poking out of its sheath. 
Hot-lips notices and says “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”  then Roxy says calm down a bit Squeaky, she is going to take good care of you tonight, and I'm going to take care of you Zipper” with a big smile on her face. 
Just then the pad descends to met them. They step up onto the lift pad and Squeaky presses the button for the 2nd level, and up they go. When they reach the 2nd level they see the others waiting there for them. They hop off of the pad and they follow Jalad to the rec. center. First they go into the physical room.
Jalad says “This is the physical room, where battles and rough games take place, in fact there is going to be a fight tomorrow night.”
Xanthos says “Is it going to be a good match?” 
Jalad responds I don't know I have never seen Paul fight and I don't know the rules of the match that Paul has set.” 
Xanthos says “well why don't you get to a computer and find out then maybe you will be able to make a guess as to who might win.” 
Jalad says “There's a computer right over here.” He walks over to the computer and presses a few keys and the screen starts to pull up all the information. Jalad “Ah I see that kicking is not allowed. So that takes away her greatest advantage, so maybe he does have a chance, although she is still good with her hands, at least she won't be able to kill him or rip off a limb” Jalad turns and says “ with the rules that he has chosen I would give him a 50/50 chance, it's going to be a good match I think.” 
Jalad says “With everything that has happened today I could use a dip in the pool anyone care to join me?” 
Xanthos “Sounds like fun” 
Squeaky “Ya me too I could use a dip” 
Zipper “Okay everyone to the pool, its the next door down.” they head for the pool as they enter the pool room they waist no time they dive right in (just think all those naked bodies swimming in a pool … ) Doc swims over by Ogrifina 
He says “I know that you are mated to Xanthos but do you also have an open relationship?” 
She responds “Of course, what do you take us for Humans” 
Doc quickly replies “I know that perhaps most humans try to remain monogamous but we have one on board that seems to be no different than you or I.” 
Ogrifina “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend.” 
Doc “None taken In fact he is not like any human I have ever met ,so far he has made friends with everyone he has met on the ship, that is what the fight tomorrow is about.” 
Ogrifina replies “How can a fight be about friend ship” 
Doc explains that Paul knew that Roo is a warrior race, and to gain her respect he had to fight her. When no one else on this ship would dare take on Lakia the Roo, most of the crew thinks he is crazy for doing so but now we know better.” 
Ogrifina “How interesting we will have to watch this match. 
Ogrifina “I see that your getting a little excited” she reaches down and takes hold of Doc's Dragon-hood by now everyone was watching the dragon and mare. (after all they were monopolizing the conversation.) they watch intently as she massages his growing member the two fox follow Ogrifinas lead and begin massaging the males that they are with hot-lips with Squeaky, and Roxy with Zipper, (ok everyone here comes the scene I have been avoiding quite simply its not my forte, but here goes) 
Jalad looks to Xanthos ,looks like it's you and me big guy.. then he looks down …... OH MY I do mean BIG GUY!!!, where were you hiding that beautiful piece of meat.” 
Xanthos just grins and notices that Jalad isn't so small for a wolfen and says “Ya know for a wolfen you pack a pretty nice package yourself.” 
Jalad says “You wanna hop up on the deck and make this a little easier?” 
Xanthos reaches behind himself and pulls him self up so he is now sitting on the edge of the pool. Jalad quickly moves between Xanthos legs and takes hold of his Massive cock, and begins stroking it he looks up at Xanthos with a grin from ear to ear, looks back down to that wonderful piece of meat and swallows the head instantly Xanthos throws his head up and whinnies loudly. Jalad starts working his mouth up and down over Xanthos's huge cock, taking it deeper and deeper until he gets to the Ring finally he can take no more and slowly continues his ravaging on this massive intruder. Xanthos again throws his head up and whinnies even louder this time .Then as the waves of pleasure subside for a moment he looks at Jalad and states that even his mate can't swallow that much of him. 
Jalad backs off and says. “Glad I could do something different for you. 
Xanthos says “Come up here and let's get more comfortable.”
Jalad complies and hops up onto the deck. Xanthos pushes Jalad shoulders just enough to make him lay back then positions himself over Jalad in the 69 position. Jalad waste no time in swallowing his partner again, then Xanthos returns the favor by taking in Jalad's cock and balls into his mouth Jalad moans in pleasure making Xanthos's cock vibrate a bit giving him even more pleasure and making Xanthos moan vibrating  his cock and balls. Xanthos begins thrusting gently into his partner's mouth and Jalad does the same just as Xanthos can feel his climax building he stops thrusting and backs off of Jalad turns around and begins kissing Jalad searching for a hint of flavor of precum, and they find themselves enjoying it more than ever.
 Jalad says “I want you in me.” 
Xanthos replies “I might hurt you” 
Jalad says “ I want you in me NOW, I know that you wont hurt me not intentionally any how” 
Xanthos “ok I will try” his massive cock still plenty wet from all the precum and saliva , Xanthos grabs his cock he strokes it a few times and squirts precum all over Jalad's sphincter then he gently presses his cock to Jalad's entrance and Jalad pushes back taking the head of it in a single thrust. Xanthos begins pushing himself into Jalad.
Jalad Howls in pleasure, and pushes back taking Xanthos to the ring again. Xanthos begins thrusting into Jalad then in one quick hard thrust he buries his cock all the way in feeling his balls slap Jalad. Xanthos bends over slightly reaching around Jalad and begins stroking Jalad's hard cock,Jalad can't help himself he feels his climax building and begins to unload all over the deck Xanthos feeling Jalad shooting his load then he reaches climax and begins filling Jalad, but Jalad is already so full with Xanthos's cock there is no room left for all that hot sticky cum and it begin shooting out around Xanthos and onto the deck  they both collapse on the deck laying on their sides while Xanthos begins to soften and slide out of Jalad. 
Xanthos jokes “You ask where I was hiding this cock of mine.. well what I want to know is where were you hiding this cock of mine” with a smile.....
(over to Squeaky and hot-lips) 
they are now on the deck hot-lips sucking away on Squeaky's cock . 
Jalad comments “ I think squeaky needed that more than I did all squeaky can do is chatter now poor fella cant even make a squeak, I think she is sucking his brains out” Xanthos laughs. Just then Squeaky lets out a sequel like never before she quickly laps up his sticky juice and says “delicious” while she is still licking the last bit of his cum from his cock he begins chattering again then all of a sudden he begins to squeal again and blows another load all over Hot-lips face.  
Jalad “ damn I guess he is quick at everything he does” Xanthos laughs again, then they turn their attention over to Doc and Ogrifina.
Ogrifina is sitting on the edge of the pool and Dock is poking his long snake of a tongue in and out of her and she winks her pussy, he stops for a second and says “what was that?” 
Xanthos replies “Its okay Doc that is just her way of saying she is liking what you  are doing and she is ready for you to mount her.” 
Then she slides back from the edge of the pool a bit, and Doc follows her lead and climbs out of the pool he stops again and darts his tongue into her her pussy a few more times and she squirts all over his face, he begins to lap up all the sweet juices he can then he kind of slithers his way on top of her and gently thrust his cock into her she easily accommodates him, be begins thrusting into her hard burying his cock deep into her hot wet pussy. 
Xanthos whispers to Jalad  “I hope Doc has good control or the first time she winks on his cock its going to blow his mind, and probably his load.” Doc curls his tail up under him and wraps it around his own cock to get it nice and wet then he pulls it back a bit and pokes around and he finds his mark, and thrust it into her ass, this sends waves of pleasure through out her body and she instantly throws her head up and whinnies and  begins to cum, she winks and sure enough Doc wasn't ready for it and it sends waves of pleasure through him and he explodes deep in this gorgeous mare. He collapses laying on top of her for a moment, then says” that was fabulous, she responds I agree it was wonderful..
((sorry folks ) Zipper is already laying on the deck a “gibbering idiot” Roxy done Rocked his world..)).
Meanwhile back at Paul's quarters.
I ask Valesz if she would set his bedroom up like the other one from the night before, I enjoyed that very much. Valesz says “Sure dear , I can do that for you.” 
I reply “I'm going to get these dishes taken care of then I will join you in just a minute.” 
Katherine responds “We will be waiting for you don't take to long” 
I quickly put all the dishes in the reclamation unit and head for the bedroom. I enter the bedroom and all three females are on the bed, Ithink oh hell I'm in deep shit now, but it is going to be fun. The ceiling has the storms rolling in and even the speakers are playing the rain forest sounds emanating from them. 
Valesz pats the center of the bed, and come here my love. I crawl up onto the bed. Valesz grabs me and pulls me close and begins kissing me very passionately, wrapping her arms around me probing my mouth with her long tongue. She lays me back on the bed and then Katherine and Lakia both begin licking on my growing cock. Valesz reaches down and dips a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. Then places them in front of my face, I can smell the sweet aroma emanating from her fingers. 
I say “Don't tease me you know I want to taste you, I want to lick you, I want to eat you.” she moves her finger a little closer to my face but not quite close enough for me to lick. “Oh baby your teasing me you know I find you so sweet you know I love you and want to please you, don't make me beg.”
Then she says “Now you know what I want.” You want me to beg for it ?” 
She replies “Yes.” in that stern yet soft voice of hers. 
“Oh baby Please let me please you, let me taste you, there's nothing sweeter than you are to me.”
Then she moves her fingers close enough for me to lick the sweet juices from them, and I say “Thank you. More please.” so she dips her fingers again and then places them just out of reach for me to lick. “Oh baby your teasing me again.” Then she places her fingers just with in reach again and I begin licking her fingers clean again.
Mean while Katherine and Lakia are flicking there tongues across the tip of my now rock hard cock. then Valesz turns to Lakia and ask her to take her place, Lakia does as she is ask.
 Then she leans over and whispers into Lakia's ear and then Lakia straddles my chest with her hot wet pussy just inches from my face. Just then Valesz wraps her long tongue around my fully erect cock, and begins massaging it. I moan in pleasure then Lakia edges closer to my face , I can now smell her sweet pussy but like before she is to far away for me to lick and now Katherine is licking and playing with  my balls while Valesz massages my cock with her hot tongue. Then Valesz swings her tail under me she quickly finds her mark and she slips her tail into me quickly I moan in pleasure. Just then Lakia slides forward just enough so that I can barely lick her sweet lips. I flick my tongue up and down Lakia's sweet lips she arches her back and slides forward so that I can now bury my tongue deep into her. She begins to moan loudly and begins grating her hips into my face I keep flicking my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy, and every now and then I stop and flick my tongue across her clit. She drives her pussy harder onto my face. 
Then I see Valesz whispering into Lakia's ear again Lakia let's out a sigh, but does as she is told. She slides back and then Katherine takes her place. I happily begin licking her sweet pussy a flavor I have been waiting to taste. I bury my face as deep as I can into her wet sweet pussy. Just then I feel Lakia licking on my shaft she easily engulfs my pole in her mouth. She begins working her experienced mouth up and down my shaft teasing the head now and then. 
Valesz keeps working her tail in and out of my tight sphincter. I can feel Lakia sliding her hot pussy down my hard shaft I moan in pleasure sending waves of pleasure through Katherine and her climax begins to build. Her pussy begins to clamp down on my tongue as I thrust it in and out of her. 
Valesz continues thrusting her tail in and out of me. While Lakia is bouncing up and down on my pole like she is ridding a carousel horse, up and down and, up and down. Then Katherine begins to cum all over my face. I try to lick every drop up but I can't move like I want after all I am pined down buy two gorgeous Females and another assaulting my rear with her tail, then I feel Lakia thrusting her self down very hard on my cock she begins grinding down hard then I feel her pussy clamping down on my hard cock, and her juices begin to run down my shaft onto my legs and down the crack of my ass. This makes Valesz's tail very wet and she continues thrusting her tail in and out harder and faster. Lakia collapses on the bed beside me.
Katherine slides back and lifts herself up and impales herself on my hard wet shaft. Then Valesz pulls her tail out of me and I notice that at least 30 cm was wet I never realized that she had that much in me then she climbs on top of me setting her extremely hot wet pussy right on my face, I don't waste any time and send my tongue deep into her tasting her sweet nectar with every lick then I feel another tail poking around my ass except this one isn't smooth its fuzzy its Lakia's tail, she now has it buried deep in my ass and I like it.
Katherine is pounding down on my cock with the full force of her weight, then she buries my cock deep in her and screams in pleasure I can feel her clamp down on my cock and her sweet juices begin to flow from her body I can feel her juices running down my balls and down the crack of my ass just like Lakia's then she collapses on the other side of me Valesz says ok now its my turn.
She slides back and begins to lower herself down onto my cock but she just gets the head in and she holds there moving ever so slightly teasing me with her sweet pussy.
She says “Do you remember the first time in the office when you made me beg for it?” 
I reply “Yes” 
She says “Now we are even.” then slams down with her full weight grating her pussy onto my cock, with Lakia's tail still deep in me she glances over at Lakia. Then Valesz looks back at me and Lakia begins thrusting her tail hard into me. 
I sit up slightly and pull a pillow under my back to help me maintain that position then I reach around Valesz and dip my finger into the pool of nectar on the bed between my legs to get my finger good and wet. I then place my finger at Valesz tight ass and slowly thrust my finger in. Valesz moans in pleasure and drags her claws lightly across my chest. I push my finger even deeper she moans again. She grinds her pussy even harder down onto my aching cock and drags her claws across my chest harder this time. I again thrust my finger into her as deep as I can push it. Again she pushes herself down onto my cock I can feel her working her pussy muscles she is about to cum for me, I pull my finger back and thrust it back in and she digs her claws into my chest then she throws her head up and screams my name “PAUL!!!!!!!!!” she squeezes her pussy one last time and it drives me over the edge.
I thrust into her as deep as I can go and I explode deep inside of this beautiful dragoness. She releases her claws from my chest she then See's just how deep she dug, I look at my own chest and say its ok , I'll have Doc fix me up in the morning now lay down and lets go to sleep holding each other my loves. She lays her head on my chest and the two other females cuddle up next to me on each side and we all drift off to a wondrous sleep.....   



                                                                                                                                                                                    Chapter 7


I awake the next morning to the sounds of rain forest. The girls are already up. I smell food. I think to myself now it's official I'm in love with these females, they have already prepared my breakfast for me. I think it works out nicely I make dinner and they make breakfast a fair trade. I sit up in bed and cringe in pain. I forgot what happened last night, but the memories come flooding back with the onset of pain remembering everything that happened the night before. I manage to get up and go to the main room. I say Good morning ladies. They respond in unison “Good morning”and greet me with a kiss. 
Katherine says “Lakia wanted to stay for breakfast but she had duties on the bridge to tend to.   
Valesz “I hope that I prepared  your steak properly, I tried to do it like you do. I even cooked my own. It was so delicious last night I had to try it again” 
Katherine “and I did the salad, I had to have more of that. It was so good  I want it like that all the time now.” 
Valesz “I'm sorry I broke one of the yokes so I had to scramble the eggs this time” 
I respond “I'm glad that you enjoyed your dinner so much last night. After the fight tonight I will make you all a special dinner. I'm not going to tell you what it is lets just say for now that you will all get to try something very new.” Then I say “Before I eat breakfast I need to go see Doc.  I won't quite be able to enjoy breakfast until I do.”
Katherine says “Please hurry back.”  
“I will be back in a few minutes.” On my way out the door I stop at the viso screen and press a button, and say “Computer locate Doc” 
Computer responds “ Doc is in the pool room.” I say what the hell is he doing there this time of the morning.”
Valesz “ I would like to know too. Lets all go and find out.” Katherine “Breakfast will be fine here , lets go.” Then we all head for the pool room.
When we arrive we see everyone scattered on the deck snuggled up next to someone 
Valesz “ looks like they had one hell of a pool party last night” 
I work my way around to Doc and gently wake him. “ Doc hey Doc...” shaking him slightly, his eyes open he says “ morning” 
I respond “ morning Doc , I need your services this morning” 
Doc “What do you need?” 
I reply “Look at my chest.”  
Doc “That looks like it hurts.” 
I respond “Well DUH!!! I wouldn't be here if it didn't.”  
Doc “ okay, okay, lets go to my office and we will get you fixed up good as new.” hearing the discussion everyone else starts to stir Doc looks at Ogrifina gives her a quick kiss and says “Thank you for last night it was wonderful, but I have to go to work now. I will be back in a few minutes.” 
We head for the infirmary. On the way there Valesz says “While Doc is fixing you up  Katherine and myself will be waiting for you in your quarters.” 
I respond “okay I will be there shortly.”
They continue on and Doc and I go into the infirmary when we get there while I'm waiting for doc to get his tools I ask “So Doc what is your name?” 
He responds “My name is Attor” then he says “this is going to hurt a little”  
He presses a button and the device hits me with a small laser on each of the wounds. I respond “ damn Doc that hurts A LOT!!!” he replies “ if you would have came to me last night when this happened I wouldn't have to do this part, but as it is I have to remove all the coagulated blood and dead tissue so I can use the dermal re-generator. There might be a little scaring because you waited so long.” 
I reply “Thats ok it will serve to remind me of a wonderful night.” 
He then grabs another device and says “This won't hurt quite as bad.” 
It stings a little at first then it starts feeling better in fact it actually feels good. Doc says “All done, as I thought there are tiny marks where Valesz's claws entered my chest. “Oh Doc I have some small abrasions on my back do you mind?”
“Damn what have you been doing sparing with Lakia before the match.” 
I respond “Ummm, no. I can't talk about it, ship rules you know” 
Doc “I understand now, must have been Good” 
I reply “Hell ya it was” 
Doc finishes and I head back to my quarters. On the way out the door I say “thanks , and it looks like you had a good time last night too.” 
He replies “Hell ya.” and I continue on. 
I get back to my quarters and they are waiting patiently for me. 
Valesz ask “Feeling better?” 
I reply “Yes actually I do.” 
Katherine “Now lets have breakfast before we have to leave again.”
 I look at the clock it's 7:30 already I say “I better hurry I told Zipper and Squeaky to be on the bridge by 8:00 sharp, and I would bet credits that they are....” 
Katherine says “I'll take that bet. How about 2 credits.” 
I reply “Are you sure...” 
She says “Yes I'm sure, Zipper is never on time”
“ok your on...”  Then let's eat, we can take a dip in the pool on the way to the bridge rather than take a shower this morning it will be quicker and we will still get clean. 
Valesz “It will be fun too.” We proceed to eat our breakfast. 
I ask  Valesz “How is your steak?” 
she says “its good but not as good as the one last night.” 
“here is a thought after the fight we have everyone get together in the galley, after Lakia and I get back from the Doctor we will prepare dinner like last night for everyone then we can come up here and do our little treat for dinner.” Valesz and Katherine both agree. 
We finish our breakfast and then head back to the pool room. When we get there everyone is already gone Katherine is the first in the pool she waste no time and dives right in. Valesz is right behind her. They both look at me and Valesz says “What are you waiting for come on in the water is nice.”
I take a few steps back run and do a Cannon ball splashing the both of them, Katherine looks at me and says “That was mean.” They get on each side of me grab a shoulder and push me under the water. (like I didn't see it coming, and I deserved it but it was still fun) They let me back up and I ask “ are we even now?” they both say “NO!!!!” 
I dive under the water and swim to the other side of the pool, little did I know that Valesz was right behind me. When I came up for air she grabbed me and pulled me back under. (That was one instance that I hadn't thought about her being a dragon and how well she could swim) She finally releases me and I shoot up to get air .. when I get to the top and catch my breath. I say “okay okay I give up.” they both laugh.. I  reach for Valesz and pull her close to me and give her a warm passionate kiss.
Then slowly swim away towards Katherine just as I approach her she grabs me and shoves me under the water again. I take this opportunity to swim lower and give her a quick lick, she jumps at this sensation. Then I return to the surface again and she wraps her arms around me and gives me a deep kiss and says “Now we are even” 
Just then Valesz comes over and wraps her arms around both Katherine and myself and we release our arms on the side that Valesz is on and embrace each other. I look at both of them and ask “Do you know how much I love the both of you?” 
They both respond “Yes we do, and we love you too”
We hold each other for a little while and then Katherine says “It would be nice to spend the day like this but we have to go” Valesz and I agree, and we all get out of the pool and dry each other off.
Then just as we are leaving the pool room we see Drake. Valesz, Katherine and I all say “Hello Drake” 
He responds “good morning” 
I ask him would you mind putting camera's in the corners for the ones that can't come to the fight at least they can watch on the Viso screen. 
He responds “no problem at all” 
I say “Thank you, we need to get to the bridge, see you later Drake” 
He responds “Good luck with the inertial dampener, Zipper and Squeaky are already on the bridge.” 
I ask “What time is it” 
Drake responds “It's 07:55” I thank him again and we head for the bridge. 
Just as we enter the bridge Katherine says “Damn you Zipper you just cost me 2 credits” 
Zipper “how did I do that” 
She responds “I bet Paul that you would be late, he said that you would be on time, your never on time...” he responds “That will teach you to bet against Paul.” everyone laughs. 
Adelind says “Morning everyone, Paul I would like you to meet Snowy she is our other Helmsman.” (she is a beautiful snow white dragon, a bit older than Valesz but still very sexy) 
I walk up to Snowy and greet her by politely taking her hand and kissing it gently on the back side. Snowy says “You honor me with such a proper greeting, I'm glad to have you on the ship.”
I respond “Thank you I'm very glad to be part of the crew.” 
Adelind says “I would also like you to meet Ladon, a tactical officer.” 
I reach up and take shake Ladon's hand with a firm grip (Ladon is a Blue dragon though his colors are not quite as bright as Valesz's , he is fit but not muscular)
Ladon Says “Welcome to the Kameer”  
I respond with “Thank you , I hope that we have many Voyages together.” 
Valesz says “ (in a commanding voice)“Is this the Bridge or the galley?”
I look in her direction for a second , then realize that this is her domain and quickly decide that the Dampener needs my attention now. 
I look at Zipper and Squeaky and ask “did you bring my tools with you?” 
Squeaky responds “Sure did boss they are already laid out by the dampener.”  “Thank you Squeaky” 
I walk over to the panel where the inertial dampener is and remove the cover. The aroma of fried electronics fills the air. I say “No need to do any diagnostics on this device it's fried.” 
“Squeaky, Will you go get a Anti-gravity platform and bring me a new inertial dampener. While your gone I will be removing this one and testing the circuits before installing the new unit.”
 I reach for my laser torch, and begin cutting the old unit free from its mounting. Then I start removing the fiber optic cables, and begin testing the cables to make sure that they are not burnt somewhere
 in-line. So far all the cables are in good condition. I open the control panel that maintains this inertial dampener, I begin testing the Herkimer crystals (Yes they exist, otherwise known as Herkimer diamonds.) their refractive properties are flawless. So far everything is checking out. Looks like this unit burnt out do to the added stress of the misalignment of the engine core. 
I turn and say “Computer when did this  inertial dampener fail.” 
the computer responds  “332 days past” 
I turn to Valesz and ask “How long have you been running at 2xl ever since I was assigned this ship, that was about a year ago. I then ask “So about 10 or so days after taking command she started to vibrate and shake above 3xl right? She responds that sounds about right.” 
I then ask “How old is this ship?” 
Valesz responds “I took her out on her maiden voyage.” Valesz continues “The Dragons traded a huge shipment of food to the Equine for a small fleet of ships, I think twelve ships in all. All of them the same class as this one.” 
I reply “Thank you. Thats all I need to know for now. I will have her fixed and running like she should in about an hour.” 
The bridge door opens and Squeaky returns with the platform and new dampener.
I ask Squeaky “How the hell do you get around the ship so fast?”
He responds “To be honest I use the reclamation units. They are programmed to transport things from one part of the ship to another, I know that they are not made for life forms to be using but so far they have worked great for me. Besides I'm the only one on the ship that can squeeze into the units.” 
“Okay, Thank you for being honest with me.”
Valesz “Squeaky , am I to understand that you have been using the reclamation units for transportation?” 
I say “Captain I don't think that this is the time or place for that discussion. She responds in a stern voice “ YOU don't think ???” 
I respond “If you have a problem with someone under me it goes through me it's my place to discipline them, and I won't do it in public for everyone to see and hear. (and the bridge goes silent , you could have heard a pin drop on the carpet) 
Everyone on the bridge is totally astounded no one has ever talked to the captain like that before or stood up to her for the crew.
Valesz pauses for a moment then Valesz says “Your right I'm sorry can you forgive my lack of judgment?” (now the crew is scraping there jaw's up off of the floor) 
I respond “Of course you are the captain. You have my full respect and loyalty as does the crew.” then I turn to the crew and say “What you have just seen here shall never leave this bridge, and know this; My duty is to this ship and her crew, I would give my life for the captain she has earned my full trust, loyalty, and respect just as Squeaky here has.”we hear a faint sound coming from Squeaky. Squeaky is all choked up with the thought that someone would take the heat for him. I say “Now that this is over , I think everyone needs to focus on their task at hand.” 
I turn to Squeaky “Squeaky, I have a small job for you. Look in here see those two connectors , I can't reach them would you mind getting in there and uncoupling them for me?”
Squeaky “Not a problem boss (squeak, squeak)” Squeaky crawls in-behind the dampener an unplugs the two lines that are still attached to it. 
Okay time to attach the anti-gravity units to the dampener. We attach the units and the dampener comes out easily. I attach 2 anti-gravity units to the new dampener, and guide it into place. “Okay squeaky would you reconnect those 2 connectors, then you can come out.”
Squeaky responds “sure thing boss (squeak, squeak)” I begin the tedious task of re-polishing the optic fibers and reattaching them one at a time. About 45minutes later the dampener is ready to go on-line. “Squeaky bring the dampener on-line.”
Squeaky Responds “On-line Boss (Squeak, Squeak)”  
“Computer status of bridge inertial dampener”  
The computer responds “Dampener is functioning within operating specifications” 
“Okay captain she is all yours, would you like to give her test run around the block so to speak?”
Valesz looks to Katherine and says “ Inform the station that we will be undocking for a short period.”
Katherine “Aye Aye captain.” 
Valesz says “Helmsman thrusters to ½  once we have cleared the station go to 4.5xl, 
Snowy responds “Captain?” 
Valesz (in a stern voice) “You heard my orders.” 
Snowy “Aye Aye captain.”
Snowy starts reading out the speed “2.0xl 2.5xl 3.5, 3.7, 4.0, 4.5xl.” I ask “Is she giving you a smooth ride captain?” 
Valesz replies “She has never gone this fast or smooth before.”
I respond “Lets take her to 5xl but only for a moment.” 
Valesz “ helmsman 5xl . And just as soon as she makes 5.0 bring her back down to 3xl”
Snowy “Aye Aye” ….. Snowy “ 4.7, 4.8. 4.9 5.0..... going down to 3.0xl”
Valesz “Bring us around and dock back at the station. Excellent work Chief.” 
I respond “Chief?” 
Valesz “You just earned Chief engineer” Valesz continues “Computer access Paul Curtis new level 7 authorize alpha dragon nine”
I ask Valesz what I did to earn Chief? 
She responds “ Well for one you have got the engines working in top condition in record time, and secondly proved that I was worthy of her ship for showing the loyalty to her crew even if it was against her captain. That is a very rare trait in any species. Now I know just how lucky I am to have you.”
I say “Thank you, I am lucky to be here on this fine ship, with such a wonderful crew.”
Valesz “Since you have done a fine job with the ship in the last two days you can have the rest of today off, if I remember correctly you said something about going to the station to buy a few things, now would be a good time to do that, in fact Katherine I would like for you to accompany him he may need a little help.”
I begin picking up my tools. Squeaky says “Don't worry about that boss I will take care of the tools, you have the day off now go enjoy it (squeak, squeak).”
I reply “Very good advice Squeaky, Thank you. I will see everyone in the Rec. center tonight then?” 
Adelind responds “There are a few that won't get to watch the fight tonight the bridge has to be occupied at all times” I reply “I have made sure that is not the case this time, I ask drake to install cameras in the Rec. center so who ever is on the bridge can still watch the match.”
Just then Drake walks in and says the rec room is all set up” then he looks at me and says “ I though that you would still be working on the Dampener” I ask him “You didn't feel the ship leave dock and go to 5xl and re-dock I thought I felt the thrusters kick in but that could have been just to realign the ship with dock.... Did you say 5xl ?????  this ship can't do that” 
Valesz responds “Oh yes it can and so smooth even you didn't feel it, but we did” 
Drake says “Thats going to make captain Nidhug mad he no longer has the fastest ship in the fleet his best speed is 3.7xl.”
I say to Valesz “twelve ships did you say ?”
Valesz responds yes twelve, the dragon counsel may want to pull you off of this ship to fix all the other ships, but I wont let them have you.”
I reply “Give me some time to think on this, it is just another problem and I bet I can find another way” 
Katherine pops up “I'm not taking that bet” every one laughs.
Zipper says “Guess you learned that lesson well, only took two credits in one try.”
Then I say “ I have a solution to the Dragon counsel but lets have a little fun with it let them say that they want to take me we can argue with them a bit then drop my proposal in their laps” 
Valesz ask “What might that be”
I glance over at the door then back to Valesz and say “The closed door policy hold here?” 
She says “Yes it does” I say “With your permission of course we can meet the ships en-route at stations to do their repairs it will actually be quicker than me sitting at a station for weeks at a time waiting for ships to come in.” 
Drake says “They only have authority to pull a chief engineer not just an engineer.” Valesz “Oh you missed all the fun. Paul is Chief engineer now with level 7 access” 
Drake “What the hell did I miss?” 
Valesz glances at me and then says “Lets just say that he preformed well above and beyond the call of duty.” 
I say to Valesz “If you wish you may tell him, he is bridge crew after all, and I would like for Lakia to hear this as well.” 
Valesz may as well inform the full bridge Staff then.” she reaches for a button on a control pad then you hear over the com. System “All bridge staff report to the bridge immediately.” Within a couple of minutes four more enter the bridge.
Valesz “ looks like everyone's here, before we begin I am going to inform you that what you are about to see and hear is never to be repeated outside of this bridge, is that understood?” 
everyone says “ Aye Captain” Valesz says “Computer replay bridge log time frame 8:10 to 8:15”
Computer says “ access code?” 
Valesz responds “ Alpha Dragon 9”
Every one watches the four that just entered the bridge as their chins hit the floor in astonishment. After the clip is over Lakia comes over by me, She looks at Valesz and says “Captain forgive me for what I am about to do, you may never see me do it again but.” 
Then Lakia turns to me and says “After that display if you do not wish to fight me you don't have to, not even I have the nerve to stand up to the captain like that. You have my full respect and trust, my friend.” 
I respond “I'm sorry we have to fight everyone's expecting a good match and I never go back on my word, so we must fight tonight. It just won't be for the same reason.” and with that she wraps her arms around me and gives me a warm welcoming kiss and then says “I'm glad to have you on the ship”  
Valesz says “Now that's over , everyone that doesn't need to be here you are dismissed.” everyone quickly scatters, I walk over to Valesz and whisper into her ear. “I will see you tonight my love” she gives me a quick wink and I leave the bridge with Katherine.
 I see Lakia just down the hall. I say “ Lakia, Katherine and I are going shopping on the station would you like to go with us?”
She responds “Your asking me to go with you? No one has ever ask me to do anything fun with them” 
I respond “Then say yes and we can all go together” 
Lakia says “ yes of course I will go with you.”
“Good then we will all go get dressed and meet at the port in say fifteen minutes. 
Lakia replies “I will be there .” She heads off to her quarters. 
Katherine says “My quarters are on the way to yours we can stop at mine I can grab something to wear and then we can both get dressed in your quarters.” We quickly arrive at Katherine's quarters. 
“Would you like to come in while I get something to wear.” 
We enter Katherine's room , its nice, lightly decorated there are a few plants carefully placed around the room, other than the decor her room is virtually identical to mine. She comes out holding what looks like a white silky sun-dress and says “Okay lets go get you something to wear.” 
We head down the hall for my quarters. 
On the way to my quarters Katherine says “Never in the history of any dragon ship has anyone ever made a rank jump like you did today.”
I say “Never?” 
Katherine responds “No, never and I believe that Valesz did it simply because she believes in you. You have proven yourself in a way that no one ever has before on a dragon ship much less a non dragon. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short period of time.” 
I reply “All I did was my job and preform my duties as I saw that they needed to be done.”
She says “That's just it most everyone only does what they are told to not what needs to be done. There is a huge difference there.”
I say “Yes I agree that there is a difference but I didn't realize that not that many people( for a lack of a better word) didn't do what needed to be done, it makes life a lot easier for everyone when it is done that way. But no matter whats done is done , I will continue to do my job as I see it needs to be done.”
We arrive at my room. I say “Come in, you know that you are welcome here any time my love.”
I go into the bed room and put on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, the hell with the way I look. I want to be comfortable. Then head back out to the main room, I start talking about some of the things I want to buy. 
Then Katherine ask me “Do you have enough credits to get everything you want?
I say “I doubt it I was starting to run a little low on credits before Valesz found me, but things are starting to look up.” She tosses me a credit chip here this should help. I look at the chip its a 100 credit chip. 
I say “I cant accept this, its way to much.' 
She says if you want you can pay me back when you get your share of this load, that should be somewhere around 200 credits.” “…. 200 CREDITS !!!!” I exclaim, “That would take me a year to make at my last post.”
She responds “That was on a scout ship, this is a cargo ship and you get a cut of the load, and since you are getting us there almost a week in advance I suspect there might even be a little bonus for you. But that will be totally up to Valesz.” 
Okay, well in that case if your sure you don't mind loaning me the money. Let' s Go shopping. She agrees let's go.
We head for the port and there we meet back up with Lakia. 
Lakia ask “Where are we going first?”
I respond “I wanted to get some plants both for my room and some for else where on the ship. I know where there is a nice arboretum they should have at least some of the plants that I want to get, we walk along the station for a little while. Everyone's looking at us and veering away. 
I ask “Why is everyone avoiding us?”
“It's me” Lakia says “My kind evoke fear in most species. I'm use to it. Well then lets see if we can do a little something about it I know where there is a grassy section and its on the way, when we get there you and I will pretend to be having a “Lovers quarrel” and we can start wrestling that way when either or both of us fall to the ground it wont hurt quite as bad. Really give them something to look at.” 
Lakia says “Sounds like fun. Katherine you start screaming things like “She is going to kill him..” 
When we get to the grass. “I whisper ready?” Then I start picking a fight with her, and were off …. I push her she pushes back. I leg sweep her to the ground then jump on top of her. Then she gets her power full feet between us and throws me back. 
Katherine screams “ help she is going to kill him”
  I land about 2 meters back and lay on my back for a moment then just as a crowd is really starting to form, I get my feet under her and push her back then I get on top of her and we start making out right in front of everyone.
I say “What have you never seen a Roo mating ritual.” Lakia, Katherine, and myself all start laughing so hard we can't stand up. We are all rolling in the grass. Then as everyone begins to depart we get up and on to the arboretum. 
We arrive and walk in, there are some other customers looking at plants as well. They see us and say “Aren't you the two that were making love in the middle of the station.”
I respond “We weren't quite making love just having a little fun.” 
“sure looked like fun to us. Nice to see you getting along so well” they responded. 
We have a lot of shopping to get done, have a good day. 
They respond in kind “You too”  
“Now where are the fruit trees” … Katherine says “They are over here and points to them.
We approach the trees, I say “Excellent that's exactly what I'm looking for.” I ask Lakia and Katherine “Do you have any favorites in this selection?”
Katherine points to a tree and says “This one, I like this one.” and then Lakia points to another and says “This one has a nice tart fruit.
I say “Very well then those go with us.” I keep looking and I find an earth apple tree and next to it a pear tree. “These two go as well.” 
A salesman walks up to us and says “Can I help you?” 
I respond “As a matter of fact, yes you can. you are going to make a nice sale today I want these two trees here and the ladies want those , but make it 2 of each of the ones they wanted.” 
The sales man ask “Your buying six tree's?” 
I reply “Yes that's what I said isn't it.” “Let me keep track of how much it will be , these two are two credits each and the ones the ladies chose are 1.5 credits so far that's ten credits.”
I ask “Okay now do you have any earth flowers?” 
The sales man says “Yes, Just got them in yesterday, and actually don't tell anyone I told you this but there is another human that lives on the station. When he orders his food we charge our shipping charges for the earth plants along with it... ain't that funny.” 
I reply “ Yes funny ha ha ha. I'm looking for some roses. different colors if you have them.” 
Yes got ten of them in with the last shipment. “Good then I'll take all of them.” 
The sales man says Those are one credit each. We are at 20 credits total.”
Then I ask the sales man “you have any lilacs?”
“Only one its 1.5 credits” he responds.
“Any vegetables?”
Quite a few actually they seem to be the hot item lately, most of them are  ½  credit tell ya what since you are buying so much I will even let you have some that are 1 credit at the ½ price.”
I respond “Sounds fair to me”. 
I say “Perhaps we should get an anti-gravity platform to carry all this back to the ship.” 
Lakia responds “I will be right back with one.” 
Meanwhile I start picking out plants, a couple of bell peppers , a couple of tomatoes , a couple of bean stalks. Then Lakia gets back with the platform she has already loaded the trees so we start putting the vegetables in with the trees, now we have ten vegetables in all, and our total is 26.5 credits. 
“I think we are about done here lets check out and on to the next store.” I say “By the way just about how much did you swindle out of that guy?” 
Sales man responds “About 20 credits in the last 6 months.” 
I reach in my pocket I have four different chips, a two credit, a five credit, a ten credit, and the 100 credit that I got from Katherine I ask Katherine to take the plants and go on out while I settle up this debt. She heads out the door. I toss the sales man the five credit chip and say Keep the change. Then I walk out the door with Lakia at my side. 
The salesman runs out the door yelling “STOP THIEF!!!!!!” 
I turn and grab him by the throat and say “Who the hell are you calling a thief you have been sealing from me for the last 6 months.” 
Just then security comes up and says “What's the problem here? 
I say “He is accusing me of being a thief when in fact he is the thief here. Call the station keeper I want to talk to him.” Then I release the salesman. After about 4 minutes the station keeper arrives, and I tell him everything that was said. 
He responds “H'm let's see here, I want to see your books now.” We all enter the shop again, and the keeper pulls up the records for all the sales under my name. 
He says “Looks like he got you for about 34 credits in the last 6 months Mr. Curtis” Then the keeper looks to the salesman and says “Here's what's going to happen your going to pay him back every credit and let him have all those plants that he bought. Or I'm closing your shop permanently.”
He quickly pulls out 39 credits and hands them to me, and says “Have a nice day Mr. Curtis.”
I respond “Thank you I will.” Then the keeper informs him that he will be looking at his books weekly.. then we promptly exit the shop and continue with our shopping. Lakia says “That was nicely handled, well done.”  
I say “Thank you. But I need a com panel.”
“There's one over there.” Katherine says. 
“Excuse me for just a minute.” 
They say “We will be right here.”
I go to the com, and call to the ship I ask Adelind if she can patch me through to Squeaky.
She says “Sure.” Zipper answers the com. “Hello.” I ask if he and squeaky are busy? 
He responds “No” 
I say “Good then want to earn a few credits for lunch? I have a anti-gravity platform that needs to be taken to my quarters and unloaded. I'm still busy on the station and not ready to head back to the ship yet.” 
I hear Squeaky in the background “Sure thing Boss (squeak, squeak)”
“We will be waiting by the parts shop.”
Zipper replies “We are on our way. see you in a few minutes.” (end transmission)
I walk back over to my friends, “There are a few tools I need to get before Zipper and Squeaky get here. The shop is right over there.”
Lakia says “Lets go.” I enter the shop. 
The shopkeeper says “Hello Paul.”
I respond “Hello, hows business been lately?” 
“Not to good actually been kinda slow the last few days.”
I reply “Maybe I can help change that do you by chance have any optical scanners?” 
“Yes I do I have two of them.”
“Good then ill take both. I also need another Quantum spanner and a set of 4 anti-gravity units.”
“I can fill that order what happened to all you tools Paul?”
“Nothing its just that where I'm going I won't have access to a shop and want to have spares in case anything breaks.  I'll also take another case to keep these in.”
“That will be 18 credits.” I toss him a 20 chip and say keep the change. 
He says “Thanks Paul come back and see me sometime.” 
We walk out of the shop and place the case in with the plants, just in time here comes Zipper and Squeaky. “Hey guys thanks for taking care of this for me here's 5 credits enjoy lunch.” 
“Okay ladies, I have 26 credits what would you like to do now?
Katherine says “How about lunch I am getting a little hungry.” 
Lakia adds “Me too.”
“Okay then off to Zot's.” When we walk into Zot's Roxy says “Hello Paul how are you doing today?” 
I respond “Actually I'm doing great, got a new job and I'm moving on. Thanks for taking care of my friends last night.”
She replies “No problem it was fun. So the usual today.” 
I say “Yes and I believe that my friends would like their salads like mine as well.” 
Roxy ask “What would you like to drink with that?” 
Katherine “Just water for me thanks.”
Lakia “Same here please.” 
I say “well I guess make that three.”
We are all sitting enjoying our meal talking about everything that's happened today well except for the bridge incident... then I come up with a plan I stand up walk around the table in between the females and whisper into their ears. They both begin to giggle, and they agree it is a good plan. Then I go back to my meal and finish eating. I drop a five credit chip on the table and we leave Zot's  
We head over to Jane's Pleasure and Pain and get a couple pair of fuzzy handcuffs and some soft rope.
I ask Katherine and Lakia if there is anything that they would like, or want to do?
They reply “No, we are just about ready to go back to the ship.” 
I say “okay then only two quick stops before we head back to the ship. I think the clothing store needs to be first.” I glance at Katherine her and Valesz have similar build except Katherine is shorter.
“I would say this would fit you Katherine.” its a light beige evening dress. Then I grab a blue one for Valesz, “and you my dear Lakia I think a studded leather would look good on you.” Here try this on if you would please. She takes the outfit and heads to the dressing room , she comes out its a perfect fit hugging her curves showing off her beautiful body. 
I say “Now that's what a warrior should look like. You look stunning Lakia, she blushes and says “Thank you.” I pay the sales female and we head to the market.
“I only have to get one thing in here if you would like you can wait here. I will only bee a minute.”  I enter the market and in just a couple of minutes I come out holding my bag. “Lets head back to the Kameer.” Then the females each take an arm and we walk back to the ship side by side …..



                                                                                                                                                                                              Chapter 8


Chapter 8
Just as we approach the ship I hear some one say in the background. “Because of you I lost my job you pile of fecal.” as I turn around I see he has a laser rifle. I manage to push Katherine out of the way. Then he fires but he missed his mark, I hear Lakia scream in pain. That sent me into a Rage I rush him. Luckily for me he never checked his rifle's energy pack, it only had charge enough for one shot. I took the weapon from his hands and started beating him with it driving him to the floor. Finally I raised the weapon high above my head and bring it down splitting his skull like it was a watermelon. I turned and left the corps laying on the floor. I went to see if there was anything I could do for Lakia.
She was holding her right shoulder the laser had only gone through the flesh of her arm. I pick her up and carry her onto the ship, and into the infirmary. Just as I enter the infirmary I yell “DOC!!!!   DOC !!!! we need you Lakia is wounded.” The doc comes running out of his office.
Doc responded “Okay okay let me see.” She moves her hand revealing the wound  for Doc to see . 
Doc Says “That looks like it hurts.” 
She takes her left arm and thumps Doc upside the head and says “Ya think... now get your tools and fix my arm Doc.” 
Doc responds “I'll have you good as new in a few minutes.”  
I ask Lakia “Are you going to be okay? I need to go talk to the station security. I'm sure that they are looking for me by now.” 
She responds “I will be fine. Go take care of your business.”
I reply “I will be back as soon as I can.” 
Just as I turn to leave the infirmary Katherine walks in and says “Station security is looking for you.”
I reply “I know, I'm going to take care of that right now.” 
She says “I got the rest of your stuff and put it in the port office.” 
I thank her and head out to the port. When I get to the port there are three security officers waiting there. I say “I think you want to talk to me. I am Paul Curtis. I killed him for trying to kill me and my friends. He had a weapon and he shot one of my friends. I just took her to the infirmary.”
The security officer says “We will need you to come with us. We have already talked to a few witness's and your story seems to be true but we will still need to do some test and take a statement.”
I respond “Lets go get this over with.” Then the two other guards take my arms and we walk to the security office. When we get there the stations Doctor is waiting there with some scanning tools and a few other devices that I don't know what they are.
The doctor says “I'm going to get a DNA sample and a couple of other quick scans then I have this memory scanner that will show us the incident as it happened.” I agree so the doctor begins his poking and scanning. Then the doctor places this conglomeration of wires and electrodes on my head and hooks it into a monitor.”
He then says “I want you to think just before it started.” I start thinking about walking back to the ship with Lakia on my right arm and Katherine on my left. We are discussing our possible future on the ship. Then we see the port and are heading for it. Just like before I hear someone in the background yell “Because of you I lost my job you pile of fecal.” and the monitor is displaying everything as it appeared to me. 
The officer says “Clearly self defense. There is no reason to detain Mr. Curtis any longer. You may go, have a good day” 
I respond “Thank you, you too” and I head out the door. 
Just as I get back to the ship everyone's there waiting for me to return. Valesz is the first to welcome me back she runs up to me and wraps her arms around me and gives me a VERY welcoming kiss. 
Then she says “ Today you have earned the trust and loyalty of every member of this crew. Including my own, My Love” 
I respond “All I did was defend Lakia, Katherine, and myself.” 
She says “This morning you defended Squeaky against me and my temporary lack of judgment, that earned you a lot. But when you defended your crew mates against an armed foe there is no higher sacrifice that anyone can make. You risk your life for another, and yet again surprised me and everyone on this ship, that's 3 days and four times that you have surprised me. Tonight instead of a fight there will be a ceremony in your honer.....” 
I stop her … “Fight, How is Lakia? Is she okay?” 
Valesz responds “She is fine  Lakia and Katherine are waiting for you to return in your quarters.” 
I reply “I want to go see them.” 
As I turn and start walking to the ship everyone is lined up to great me in one way or another , shaking hands , hugs, a few quick kisses. I'm almost past the crowd, then Talzon and Drake come up behind me and put me up sitting across their shoulders and carry me onto the ship. I thought that they would put me down after getting on the ship but nooo they carried me all the way to my quarters where they finally set me down. The door opens and here come Lakia and Katherine they hit me so hard that we all fall to the floor. They begin kissing me and hugging me. I thought that I would never make it into my quarters but then again that really didn't matter , what mattered to me was that Lakia was okay. We laid there with the girls mauling me what seemed like forever, but in reality only about few minutes had passed. Lakia and Katherine finally decide to let me up so we can go into my quarters. 
We enter my room and all sit in the main room Katherine ask if I would like something to drink. 
I respond “Sure, a small glass of wine would be nice to relax with.”
She comes back with the bottle and three glasses, she opens the bottle and pours the glasses half full, she hands Lakia and me our glasses, and raises her glass and says “ To our friend our comrade and our lover. May you live a long and wonderful life.
I respond “I hope so too.” We all turn our glasses up. As we bring our glasses back down we hear a chime and the vizo screen  reveals Valesz at the door.
I say “Come in my love”
The door opens, as Valesz enters the room Katherine asks Valesz  if she would like a glass. Valesz responds “I would love some.”  Katherine gets up to get Valesz a glass as Valesz sits down next to me she gives me a tight hug and she says “Tonight in the ring that you were suppose to fight Lakia in, there would be a ceremony and that during the ceremony she has a couple of surprises for me.” 
I respond “well is there no reason that the fight can't be done before the ceremony”
then I turn to Lakia and say “As long as your up for it.” 
Valesz says “no I don't guess there would be a problem with that as long as Lakia is up to the challenge.” 
Katherine comes back with Valesz's glass, hands it to Valesz  and sits on my other side. 
Lakia responds “Doc told me to take it easy on my arm for a few days, but I think I can manage it. Although before I say Yes for sure I will go ask the Doctor and see what he has to say.” 
I respond “That sounds good to me. Would you like me to go with you to see Doc Attor.” 
She replies “Yes, I would like for you to come with me.” 
“All right then let's go. If you will excuse us for a short while. We will be back with the news as soon as possible. My room is your room, you will find some snacks in the food stasis unit.”
Then I reach for Valesz and give her a hug and a kiss “We will be right back my love. Oh I can't forget you my love.” I reach for Katherine and give her a hug and a kiss and say “I can't wait until we get back.” then Lakia and I head out the door. 
On the way to talk to Doc Attor , Lakia says “ Do you recall when we were making out in the grass and you popped up and said to everyone “What haven't you ever seen a Roo matting ritual before?” 
I respond “Yes I remember quite well.” 
She said “Do you have any idea how close you were to the truth?” 
I say “No, not exactly I haven't studied all the different cultures mating habits. I didn't think that I would need that kind of knowledge.”
She says “You were very close in fact to anyone but a Roo that could have easily been mistaken for a mating ritual however, the ritual actually has a more aggressive overtones.”
“interesting” I respond. “I have a question for you during these rituals do Roo's ever get injured?” 
She replies “Sure all the time but nothing serious mainly a few scratches some bruising, an occasional broken bone.” 
I respond “Sounds like fun... “ (ok yes there is a little sarcasm there), if I may ask one more question about this ritual. She says” 
“Sure ask”  
“When we were fighting in the grass were you getting excited?” 
She responds “To tell the truth yes, I wanted so bad to take your right then and there, but then I though about where we were and there are a few species that don't tolerate that kind of behavior, so I refrained.” 
I reply “ It's a good thing that you have good self control isn't it?”
She says “Yes.”  
Here we are at the infirmary. Lakia calls out “Hey Doc you in here?” 
Doc calls out “Yes I'm in the office. Is something wrong?” 
Lakia responds “No we just want to talk.” 
Doc replies “Come on in.” then we enter his office.  
She says “Doc do you think it would be okay if Paul and I fight tonight?” 
Doc responds “No not really, you might tear the muscles that I have mended.” 
She responds “What if we keep it on the mild side, say something close to Roo mating rituals?” 
Doc responds “If your that serious about making this fight happen, and agree to keep it on the mild side. I guess it would be fine, but I do know just how rough Roo sex can be.” 
Lakia giggles and says, “Yes I know it can get kind of rough, but not quite as rough as an all out fight.” Doc agrees. 
I look to Doc and say “Oh by the way Doc I never got a chance to thank you for fixing up Lakia earlier today. so thank you.” 
Doc “No problem that's what I'm here for.”  then we head back to my room. 
On the way back I say “You know when the salesman shot you I heard you scream. I thought you were going to die. I couldn't live with that on my continence. For an instant I kind of blacked out and acted strictly on instinct. Anyone that would try and hurt me or my friends... well you now know what the results can be. 
She responds “Yes, I now know just how far you would go to protect your friends.” 
I say “Enough about that. You know that we are going to have to adjust the rules slightly for our fight in a little while.”
She responds “I was hoping that you were going to say that. I also did some research on other forms of human fighting,  like wrestling if we are careful we could use a mix of that and boxing , kind of like we did on the station.”
I reply “That will work for me but you have to promise that you will be gentle if you use your feet. I have a pretty good idea just how powerful those things are.” 
She says “So I guess you heard what happened between Jalad and myself?” 
I reply “No details, just that you nearly took his arm completely off.”
She says “It was a while back,  but I was having a bad day to begin with he wanted sex from me and I told him that I was not in the mood. He tried anyway and I defended myself and that's how that happened. That's why the rule on the ship is that the other or others must be willing.” 
I respond “That was in your past but now that I know or would do that anyhow, I will try not to push you to far. If I do something that offends you please let me know. I don't want to offend you so much that it would end our friendship or make either of us miserable on this ship. I want to know so that I can either try to fix it or at the very least not do it again.”
She says “Oh if you make me mad you will know it and you will know what you did to make me mad.”
I say “That's all I need to know.” 
Now back at my room. We enter the room but Valesz and Katherine are not here. I walk towards the bedroom and there they are laying beside each other asleep. 
I look to Lakia “That looks like a good idea how about we join them.”
She responds “I agree, is has been a busy day and a nap don't sound like a bad idea.” 
I set the alarm for one hour. then we crawl up onto the bed me on Valesz's side and Lakia on Katherine's side just as I get snuggled up to Valesz she puts her arm over me and says “Glad you decided to join us my love.”
I reply “I am to my love.” I give her a kiss then we all drift off to sleep.
An hour later the chime wakes us from our peaceful slumber. I stretch and Valesz does the same. then I wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly and say “That's just what the doctor ordered.”
She replies “The doctor told you to take a nap?” 
I say “ I'm sorry its an old earth expression ,meaning that's exactly what I needed”
She says “Oh then how about needing this.” and gives me a kiss parting my lips with her long tongue exploring my mouth quite easily, then after a couple of minutes of kissing.
I say “Oh how I do enjoy that, But we have a very busy evening planned. the doctor told us that if we keep it on the mild side that we could have our fight. What time is the ceremony going to take place?”
Valesz says “The ceremony is going to take place at 19:00” 
I reply “Then we have 2 hours, if we schedule the fight for 18:00 we still have an hour to prepare.”
Katherine says “We need to inform the crew of the times so they can be ready.” 
I get out of bed and walk over to the viso screen and press a couple of buttons then say “This is a ship wide announcement the fight is still going to take place. It will be held at 18:00, and the ceremony will be held at 19:00. After the ceremony everyone's invited to the galley for a dinner. Valesz chimes in “Except for the crew needed to maintain the ship, you will be relieved to join the dinner in progress.” end transmission.” I look at Valesz and say “ I'm sorry I didn't mean to over step my bounds.”
She says “Never mind that you know more about ship operations than anyone else on board, are you sure you aren't part dragon or equine” 
I quickly respond “If I were part dragon I would have scales and no balls hanging, and if I were part equine my cock would be a lot bigger and I would have fur.” 
Then all the girls say at the same time “That proves it he is equine.” 
Katherine says “I have seen pictures of human males and none of them were quite as big as you are I would say that you are about 21 to 22 cm and the pictures I would have to guess they would be about 14 cm, and for the fur you could shave it off.” ….. and everyone laughs.
Valesz says “During the next few weeks will you be willing to teach the crew ship operations?”
“Sure but I will need someone to help teach me dragon script. I know a little but not enough to do everything this ship can do” 
Katherine says “I can do that I read and write dragon script fluently.” 
Valesz says “Now that's settled we all need to start getting ready.” 
I look to Lakia and ask “Would you like to go the the gymnasium and work out with me to get ready for the match?” 
she responds “I would love to.”
Valesz says “Katherine I have some preparations to take care of myself would you help me?”
Katherine responds “Sure I'll be glad to help besides looks like these two have other plans.” 
I say “Before we get started would everyone mind helping me disperse some of these plants in different areas of the ship?”they all agree. I say “Thank you, the veggies stay here. I start pulling them off of the platform, and they help by grabbing some of them and placing them around my room .
“Oh that reminds me.” I get the 100 credit chip and hand it back to Katherine and say “I won't be needing this, and I thank you for the generous offer of letting me borrow the money.”
She takes the chip and says “If you ever need to borrow a few credits don't be afraid to ask.” 
I respond “I don't think that money will be a problem for me, I have everything that I need in this room right now.” and they all Begin to blush, even Valesz scales show a slightly different shade of blue.”
“I think I will keep the pear tree here but the rest go else where. Now for the roses, I would like for each of you to pick from the three colors there are six red roses, two pink, and two yellow. 
Valesz says “I like the red ones” 
Lakia says “I like the yellow ones they remind me of a sunset at home”
Katherine says “I like the yellow ones too but the pink ones are pretty as well. 
I say “That's easy to fix, Lakia do you mind if I take a clipping from each plant?” 
Lakia responds “No, I don't  mind.”
I cut a rose from each of Lakia's roses and put them in the dirt next to the pink roses then I go and get a couple of tall glasses and place them over each of Katherine's yellow roses.”
I say “These glasses need to stay over these roses for 12 months then after that you can replant them into another pot and you will have yellow roses as well as pink ones. Back to the task at hand, I'm going to keep a couple of red roses in my bedroom then the other two we can either put in the pool room or on the bridge. Now that we have all of the plants off of the platform that are staying here, we need to go.”
 Lakia says “I will push the platform, I ask “Who's quarters are first on the way to the pool room?”
Katherine says “You know where my quarters are.” Lakia and Valesz look at me. 
I say “When we were planning on going to the station we stopped at her quarters to get her some clothes to wear then we went to my quarters to get my clothes, and besides if anything would have happened would there be a problem with it?”
Lakia says “No, we were just wondering how you knew where her quarters were. After all you have only been on the ship a few days.” 
I respond “Yes, and in just a few days look at what I have done.” 
Valesz says to Lakia “He has a very good point there.” 
Lakia says “Since you know the ship so well, why don't you tell me where my room is?” 
I respond “Very well since you ask. There is a computer console just up ahead. We will stop there and I can get the room number.” we walk a little way further down the hallway and arrive at the computer. I stop and press a couple of buttons on the console then say “What room is Lakia assigned?”
The computer responds “Quarters 107”
Lakia says “Now that you have the number where is it?”
I reply “Four rooms from the bridge on the left 1st deck if we take lift pad two, if we take lift pad three then they will be on the right.” 
Lakia “I guess you do know this ship well. It took me almost a week to learn how to find everything.” Katherine says “Okay Mr. know it all where is Valesz's quarters?” 
I say “Computer where is the Captain's quarters?” 
The computer responds “That information is classified.” 
“Okay fine then. Computer where is the captains quarters authorization Alpha Gama Omega 1101 green.”
The computer responds “That information is restricted to level 8 and higher.” 
“okay fine lets try this then. Computer show me a schematic layout of the ship.” and the computer displays a schematic of the ship with 3 area's grayed out. “Computer what are these 3 areas that are not on the schematic.” 
Computer replies “Those areas are restricted to level 8 and higher access.” I think that this room here.” and I point to one of the gray rooms on the screen and continue “There's captains quarters I would guess the room number there is 102. Providing that room even has a number.” 
Katherine says “I'm impressed, he even got around level 8 clearance.” 
“Now that I know that Katherine's room is first on the way but we pass the pool room before we get there so lets make a quick stop there first.” Everyone agrees. When we get to the pool, there we see Drake and Snowy enjoying the cool water. I say “ Hello Drake and Snowy “They respond “Hello, what ya got there?” 
Valesz responds “Paul bought some new trees to put in the pool room, it will help provide oxygen for the ship and a snack for the herbivores on the ship.” 
Snowy says “That was nice of you Paul. Can I ask you a question Paul?” I respond , you just did... but ask away..”
Snowy” are humans herbivores or carnivores?” I respond “The best answer I can give you is both. We call it omnivore I eat meat and vegetables.”
She responds “You are a different species that's for sure” 
Lakia says “We have a lot to do before the fight we need to get moving.” 
I say “Then lets put the fruit trees around the pool. The apple tree can go here. The tree you chose Katherine can go over there, and the tree that you chose Lakia can go right over here. The trees are arranged in the corners of the room so everyone can have access to them when they want a fruit. 
Valesz says “Lets go to Katherine's room now.”
Katherine says “Lets take lift pad two” 
Lakia replies “Sounds good me me.” 
We get to the lift pad and Lakia pushes the platform on and says I will wait for you on the next level and up she goes. When it returns the three of us get on and Valesz presses a button and up we go. we walk down the hall just a bit. Katherine says “Were here.”
As she enters her quarters She says “Please come in.” We follow her as we enter her room. 
She says “I think the roses would look good here and here and the tree in that corner there.” I ask as I position the tree “How is this ?” 
She replies “Just a little to the left” I slide the tree slightly to her left she says “Perfect.” 
Valesz says “Now on to Lakia's room.” We all head out the door and down the hall towards Lakia's quarters. 
Lakia says “Perhaps later we can take a clipping from the pink roses and start her a couple.”
Katherine says “Sure we can take the clippings tomorrow.” 
Then I comment “We need to be careful not to take to many clippings or it can kill the plants.” 
Lakia says “Here is my room please come in.” 
As we enter the room Katherine says “Where would you like your plants Lakia?” 
She responds “ I think I would like them in the bedroom.” 
As we  enter the bedroom Lakia says “I would like the roses on each side of the head of the bed and the tree in the far right corner so in the middle of the night if I want a midnight snack I can reach it.” We position the plants 
She says “That's good, right there.” Lakia walks up to me wraps her arms around me and gives me a kiss and says “Thank you.”  
I respond “Why all I did was give you a couple of plants.” 
She says “ Its much more than that. You have shown me nothing but respect, love and kindness. Something that no one has ever done for me. You show me no fear like most everyone else.” 
I reply “That's because you have given me no reason to fear you, and you have shown me only respect and love so why would I not return the feelings.” 
Valesz says “You two can get all mushy later tonight. We still have a lot to do.” 
We all exit Lakia's room and head just down the hall is Valesz's room. 
Just as we get to the door of her quarters she says “I have never entertained guest in my room but today was quite special and that we would be welcome to come in.” 
We all enter Valesz's room. As I expected it is much larger than regular quarters, she likes to be able to see the stars , in her room is a small transparent aluminum window this one is circular in shape about one meter in diameter, she has plants of all kinds arranged all around the room.
Valesz says “ I think I like Lakia's idea of having them close to the bed Lakia and Katherine each grab a rose and head for the bedroom leaving me and Valesz in the main room alone. Valesz wraps her arms around me and gives me a deep passionate kiss and says “Thank you, and before you ask why, just because you are you.” 
Then I reply “I have something else for you, I know that you don't like wearing clothes but here.” I hand her a box. She opens the box, to reveal the silky blue dress that I picked up on the station. “I thought that this blue would accent your blue scales.” 
As she picks up the dress I say “Yes it does go very well with your color.” I look into her eyes and she has a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I wrap my arms around her and say “Your very welcome my love.”  
She wraps her arms around me and says “I have never loved any one as much as I love you.” and squeezes me tightly holding me close to her. Lakia and Katherine walk out of the bedroom. Valesz releases me and wipes the tear from her eye and says “Okay everyone now that's done we have to get ready for tonight. Lakia you and Paul go on to the Rec. area and do your training. While Katherine and I go to the bridge and start the preparations from there. 
I reply “Very well Lakia shall we ?” On the way there we discuss the fight tactics in great detail of who is going to do what to whom and when, as we get to the pool we hear moaning and screaming. We look into the pool room and see Drake and Snowy going at it. We don't have time or we would join them.
I say to Lakia “Perhaps we will do the pool laps after we have been in the gym a while.”
She replies “Works for me, besides I want to see what kind of weight you humans can lift, push and pull.” 
I look at her and respond “Probably not as much as you can, but we will see.”.
We get to the weight room and she says “You first.” I walk over to the bench and I put on two weights marked 20.4k  and the bar weighs 9k  then I walk over to the console and adjust the rooms gravity to match that of earth other wise the 50k would only feel like 40k (any of you guy's out there that have lifted weights should recognize some of these numbers) I walk back to the bench and lay down under the bar. I take hold and go through 10 rep's then I get up and put another set of weights on marked 11.3k and do another set of 10 rep's. I get up again and walk away from the bench Lakia straddles the bench backwards curls her tail around the bar and does 20 reps with her tail. 
I look at her and say “Now do that with your arms.” She lays down on the bench and grabs the bar but its all she can do to do a single rep. 
She says “I guess you got me on this one.” 
I say “I'm not done there yet I do a couple set's of rep's then walk away for a few minutes to give my muscles a chance to become accustomed to moving that kind of weight.” she gets up and I pull the 11.3k weights off and put on another set of 20.4k.
She says “You can't lift that with your arms can you?” I say “watch me, will you stand at the head of the bench just in case I need a spot. 
She replies “Sure, wouldn't want you to get hurt just before the fight.”  I start my rep's by the time I hit the 10th rep its all I can do to get the bar back to the top. 
Lakia says “ I never thought that your slender arms could lift that kind of weight much less several times.” I respond that a muscle that is properly toned has more power and endurance than the more bulky muscles, sure the big muscle guys might be able to lift more weight but only in short burst.”
She says “You mean like Jalad correct?” 
I reply yes he can probably pick up twice his weight but not as many times that I can lift 1.5 times my body weight. We each have our own advantage me with endurance and speed  and him with brute strength. Okay now that I have had a little rest back to the weight then on to the legs  this time I'm going to do a reverse lift in five reps witch is I'm going to let the weight down slowly and then back up.”
She says “Any time your ready.” I lift the weight. I can only manage three reps this time on the 4th she has to spot me and help pull the weight back up.
 I say “That's enough of the press lets go over to the treads.” We each get on a treadmill and I start out with a brisk walk. Then I say “Your going to spank me in these exercises.” 
She looks at me and says “Yes, I am.” 
After about 20 minutes on the treadmills. I say “Time for the leg press.” then walk over and start loading the press up., I get about 180k loaded and I sit in the machine and start my reps 1.2.3...10 I hop off and load it to about 226k next set of reps.. 1.2.3..10 “Last load for me.” 318k she looks at the load and then back at me and says “That's over 4 times your weight.” 
I say “Yes it is and I am going to do everything I can to make my 10 reps.” I begin my reps., I lock the weight in place before  drop it and hurt myself . Then she steps into the leg press and starts her reps … 1.2.3..15..20..30
I look and say “Time for more weight?” 
She says “Yes double it please.” 
I say “It can only handle 545k.”
She says “Load it up.” I put all the weight on I can. 
“It is maxed out. Go for it , but please don't hurt yourself”
she replies “Don't worry I won't” and she starts doing her reps.  1.2.3..10..20..30..40..50
“You defiantly have me on the leg press. Back to the treadmill for cool down.” 
I hop on and begin again at a brisk walk she gets on the other treadmill and  she starts at a blazing 48kph. Of course I have to kick mine up as well. It's all I can to to hit that speed. Then she kicks hers up as well she is now running at 52 kph. I slow my machine back down to a brisk walk and she kicks hers up again. I look over and she is doing 64kph. “I didn't know that a treadmill could go that fast.” but she doesn't do it for long she begins to slow down. 
I comment “I had no idea you could run that fast.”
She responds “Yes but not for long periods.” 
(yes I know that a kangaroo can't walk much less run but then again she really isn't a kangaroo)
she says “Another 5 minutes on the treadmills and then we will head for the pool.” 
I say “Sounds good to me. I hope that Drake and Snowy are done.” 
She replies  “Me too I would hate to interrupt something.”
After 5 minutes have passed. We head for the pool. When we arrive Drake and Snowy are nowhere to be found so we have the pool to ourselves. Lakia waste no time she jumps right in and I follow close behind her. I can't help but notice that on her way into the pool that  her pussy was dripping wet. I knew that she wanted me again but I also knew that we would both need to keep our control before the fight. So I chose not to entice her. I'm sure that she is having a hard time keeping her self control,  I know I'm having a hard time especially after seeing her condition. and what a pretty condition it is. After a few laps in the pool its time to get out. It's almost time for the fight to start we crawl out of the pool and grab a couple of towels and dry off. 
I say “I feel better how about you?”    
She responds “Much better, we will have to do this more often together. I really enjoyed it.” 
I say “So did I.” then I continue “I do want to get back to a scheduled workout, how about every other morning before shift start?” 
She responds “I would like that very much.” 
“I'm going to my room to get the gear for the fight would you like to come?”
She says “Does a dragon have a tail?” We go to my room. When we get there I go into the bedroom and get the container. I open it and begin pulling out the needed gear. She grabs me pulls me close to her warm naked body and begins kissing me passionately. I wrap my arms around her and begin probing her mouth with my tongue after a couple of minutes we break the kiss. 
She says “I wanted to make sure you knew how I felt about you before we get into that ring in a few minutes. I know that I would not have had the chance after we leave your room. 
I respond “I know how you feel about me you don't have to tell me you show it to me in more ways that even you realize. I have to admit that it is a little confusing for me. I know that I have deep feelings for Valesz and Katherine, and now you too. This is totally new to me, it goes against everything that I have been taught throughout my life and now to find my self feeling these feelings for more than one. how do you handle something like this? 
She responds “Its easy, don't fight it. Let it happen and enjoy what your are feeling  it may or may not last. So enjoy it while you have it.” 
I reply “I will.” 
Lakia says “We need to get going, everyone's probably already gathered waiting for us to make our appearance.” 
We head down the hall towards the Rec area just before we get to the door she stops me gives me a quick kiss and says “Good luck.” 
I respond “Good luck to you too.” We enter the room. Everyone is gathered around the ring Valesz and Jalad are in the ring waiting for us. Drake has done a nice job of recreating an earth boxing ring the three ropes with the padded turn buckles the lightly padded floor. Right down to the judges table with the bell waiting for the first ring.  
We climb up into the ring. Jalad and Valesz greet both of us Valesz has a worried look on her face when she looks into my eyes and says “I don't want you to get hurt we can still call this off” 
I reply “We can't call it off a challenge has been made an accepted the fight must continue for honer to be satisfied. I won't dishonor Lakia in that fashion she deserves more, and besides I know if anything goes wrong Doc Attor can fix me if it comes to that.” 
Valesz “But if any thing happens to you ...” 
I interrupt her “I will be fine you will see. And don't try and order her not to fight me. I don't think that she would follow that order anyhow.” 
Valesz “Damn you.” 
I grab her pull her close to me and give her a deep passionate kiss and then say “Everything will be fine my love.” 
She finally gives in to my reassurance, and says “Okay, I trust you.” She turns and climbs down out of the ring. I walk to the center where Jalad and Lakia are waiting I ask Jalad for the microphone and he hands me the microphone. 
I put it up towards my mouth and begin speaking “Quiet everyone …. QUIET!!!!   Lakia and I have an announcement to make. We have decided to alter the rules. Instead of a straight Boxing match there will be three rounds. First round will be Boxing, the full rules apply to this round. Second round will be wrestling first one pinned for ten seconds wins that round. and last but not least the Third round will be free style any thing goes... so I will ask everyone at least during the third round try and stay close to the ring corners  there is no telling who might be coming out of the ring. Lakia and myself are in full agreement of the rules laid out. We expect no interruptions in the ring during any match.”
Then I turn to Valesz and say “Would you please make that a direct order.” She hesitantly agrees then says “Under no circumstances is anyone to go into the ring during any of the three matches.”  Everyone responds “AYE AYE CAPTAIN” 
I hand Jalad back the microphone and Jalad speaks into the microphone and says “First off this fight will not only be broadcast over the ship like Paul wanted but it will also be transmitted for Populated Space...” Jalad continues “Okay, I want a clean fight everyone knows the rules. I want you to shake hands and come out fighting. DING” Lakia and I shake hands then we each jump back a bit to give Jalad time and room to move away.
Lakia jabs I duck she missed. I swing she blocks she comes in with an uppercut and connects knocks me back on my ass. I get up and say “Good one” she smiles at me I move back in she swings. I block  I swing and connect it turns her around she regains her balance. Turns back and says “Nice one not bad for a human.” She moves back in I throw an uppercut and connect she catches herself with her tail. She says “I felt that one.” I move in she swings I duck she swings again and connects I land on the floor face down. A trickle of blood escapes my lips. I get up wiping my face and licking my lips.  
I say “I guess we need to work more on the bench with you that one should have been a Knock Out.” then I give her a little smile. She moves in and I throw a cross and connect she hits the mat face down. She gets back up and says “Your getting better.” 
I move in and swing again and connect she hits the mat again. She gets up and says “Now your asking for it.” she moves back in I swing again she blocks and then throws a cross and connects. I do a 360 in mid air before hitting the mat I land on my side. I slowly work my way back up, and say “Okay no more Mr. nice guy.”  I move in and use a combo starting with a cross ending with an uppercut and connect. She was unprepared for it and looses her balance and hits the mat again.
She gets up “Now your defiantly going to get it!” with a grin on her face she starts to move back in … DING DING DING!!!!  we both walk to the center of the ring and give each other a warm hug I whisper in her ear and she gives me a little peck on the cheek. We turn and return to our perspective corner.
Valesz comes up by my corner and ask “Are you ok?” I respond “Yes my love I'm doing great she hands me a glass of water I take a drink and hand her the glass back.
I say “It will be fine” 
Valesz “But in the next round Lakia will have more of an advantage she is no longer bound by the no feet rule.” 
I respond “That's fine she still can't kick me only pin me” 
Jalad goes to the center ring the judges rule this round is Paul 5 to 3 .. Valesz pulls me down to her and she gives me another kiss and says “Good luck.”
I say. “Thank you but I don't need luck.” and I give her a smile then turn and head for the center ring. 
Jalad holding the microphone “Everyone knows the rules for this match, I want a good clean fight … DING!!! 
We start moving in circles around the ring she quickly pins me with my right arm under me. Jalad starts counting 1....2....3.. how the hell can I get out of this if I can only get my hand free just a little …... 4 ...5...  Yes I got it. I begin tickling Lakia she squirms just enough for me to work free I get back on my feet. She says “That wasn't fair you tickled me.” 
I reply “All's fair in love and war.” Round and round we go again I finally get behind her and get her tail in a leg lock and her in a sleeper hold ( I'm thinking I might just have this match as well) She kicks off the floor launching us almost three meters into the air we almost hit the ceiling. I let go so I can land on my feet. 
I say “and you thought that my tickling you wasn't fair well I guess it was within the guidelines at least you didn't kick me.” 
We both laugh. We start circling the mat again next thing I know she has my head in a scissor hold. Jalad starts counting again 1...2...3... Her beautiful pussy less than a centimeter from my face, just dripping wet, 4...5... I take advantage of the situation and slip her a quick lick and catch her off guard and she quickly releases me. We both get back to our feet she exclaims now that was cheating. I reply “Maybe but it sure was sweet and tasty.” She blushes slightly. We start going  around again, I get behind her again and this time I manage to get her in a full nelson and her tail in a scissor hold and manage to get her to the mat this time while maintaining the holds, Jalad starts counting 1...2...3...4...5... 6...7...8...9...10  Paul wins we get up and we hug. She gives me a kiss and sends her tongue in search of a hint of that sweet nectar still lingering on my tongue.  
We return to out perspective corners again. Valesz comes back to my corner she says, I'm quite impressed, I didn't know that you could fight like that.” 
I respond “You would be surprised what a young man can learn on his own.”  Valesz says “You keep surprising me day after day. It's about time that I surprise you for a change but that will have to wait until later tonight.
I respond “Now your just teasing me but I will wait.” Valesz says “ I'm worried about the next round, since its freestyle she can fight with her own style and if she gets you with her feet she can do some serious damage. I know, I was there when the doctor was working on Jalad.” She hands me another glass of water and I take a drink then I try to console her again saying “It will be fine, I have done well so far, there's no reason to think anything different now.” 
Valesz says “ true you have handled yourself quite well in here so far” I finish the glass of water, she takes it from me. Jalad goes to the center of the ring . I lean towards Valesz and give her a quick kiss and say “I will be back in a few minutes.”  
Jalad says “Everyone this is the round that we all have been waiting for, will everyone please move away from the ring sides." Everyone steps back about 2 meters from the ring Jalad says "I want a good clean... ummm  on your mark set (Jalad steps back )  GO!!!"
I run into Lakia trying to knock her to the mat, She is prepared and holds her ground she easily tosses me back. She goes into a spin knocking me to the mat with her tail. I quickly get back up. She goes into another spin this time I catch her tail and pull her backwards and get on her back. I whisper into her ear “Are you ready?” She flips me over her back onto the mat I rush her from the front again she leans back onto her tail just as I get to her she pulls her feet up into the air and I land on top of her she kicks and launches me flying across the room and I slam into the wall behind me (ever seen the cartoon where the charter slides slowly down the wall , well that's about what it felt like) I slid down to the floor and land face down on the padded floor. In a single leap she lands right next to me she reaches down and gently rolls me over.
 I open my eyes and give her a quick wink she straddles my chest with her sweet pussy right in my face. The sweet smell makes me begin to grow instantly. I pick my head up and lick her sweet juices from her wet and wanting pussy. She slides down my chest reaches down and guides my hard cock towards her extremely hot moist pussy and quickly slams down on my hard shaft. Everyone looks on in awe as we begin fucking like wild animals. She is ridding my cock like there is no tomorrow she bends down slightly and begins kissing me deeply with her hands on my chest she begins clutching my chest digging her nails in slightly while dragging them across my chest I feel her pussy clenching down my my hard cock she throws her head back and screams my name “ PAUL!!!!!!!”  while firmly digging her nails into my chest.  
Valesz is standing over us. She ask “May I join in? 
As Lakia releases her grip slightly Lakia says “Sure there's plenty of him to go around. Lakia continues her assault on my hard cock and Valesz sits on my chest facing Lakia putting her sweet pussy right over my mouth. I wast no time and begin licking her sweet pussy, driving my tongue deep into her.  While I reach up and massage her firm breast occasionally giving her now hard nipples a little pinch between my fingers making her moan and push down onto my face. Then I feel Lakia squeezing down on my cock again and Valesz begins squeezing on my tongue both of them have their hands on my sides and each begins digging their nails into me. Feeling all this sends me over the edge and I explode deep with in Lakia both of them collapse against each other they finally regain enough energy to move and they each lay next to me. What I hadn't noticed was that everyone on the ship had followed Lakia's and my lead. The entire ship became an orgy there were couples everywhere, some already laying down and some still going. 
Lakia says to me “You are the only one of any race that I have met that understands me and my kind.”
Valesz says “Looks like I'm not the only one that you keep surprising.” 


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chapter 9


I look at Valesz and say “I think that I not only surprised everyone on the ship but perhaps millions even billions all over Populated Space, because to the best of my recollection never before has a broadcast fight ever ended like this one has.” 
Lakia says “He has a point there.” 
Valesz says “True enough, and the night is not over yet. We will give everyone a few minutes to recuperate and then we need to get ready for the ceremony. For now we will just lay here and enjoy each others company.” 
Valesz puts her arm across my chest. I cringe in pain she tries to move her arm but I hold her there while I adjust to the pain and say “It's okay, just like I have been saying all along.” 
Lakia looks at my chest and says “Did I do that?  I'm so sorry, I don't like the fact that I hurt you” I respond “It's okay, I didn't feel the pain when you did it. It was done in an act of love not anger.” 
She says  “and I do love you.”
I reply “I love you too.” I turn to Valesz “and you Valesz my love I love you”
Valesz replies” I love you too” (oh my can you feel the love) then both of them look at each other then they both lean over me and each start licking and sucking on my nipples and I instantly begin to get hard again.
I say “Okay okay stop that's not fair we have to get ready” 
Lakia says “What were the words you used? Oh yes, all is fair in love and war.” 
I reply “Damn you learn quickly.”
Valesz says “It's time we get up and get ready for the ceremony.”
The three of us get up. Valesz speaks in her firm yet soft voice “All right everyone get up and get this place ready for the ceremony. We only have 20 minutes before it starts.” I've never seen everyone move so fast. Everyone was doing their part in cleaning up using towels and mops, in less than ten minutes the room was spotless again.
Lakia says “Now that the room is clean its time for us to get clean.” 
I say to her and Valesz “How about a nice hot shower.”
Valesz says “There is a shower just across the hall, you go on ahead we will be right behind you.”  I head over to the shower and get the water to a nice temperature of 30 to 35c just about the time I'm getting ready to step into the shower Valesz and Lakia come in. 
Valesz says “I see that you have the shower ready for us.” 
I respond “Yes, will you join me?”
Valesz replies “ I thought you would never ask.” and they both step in the shower with me.
Lakia says “The water is just a little to hot for me would you mind turning it down just a little?” I reach over and turn the water down to around 28c a little cool for a shower but still comfortable.
Then I start scrubbing Valesz's back and she begins arching and says “That feels so GOOOOD!!!” then I reach over and start scrubbing Lakia's back and she starts to purr well it was more like a coo and her tail starts to twitch. 
Then she says “Your so right Valesz it does feel GOOD!!!” Then begins cooing again 
Valesz says “We need to stop this and get ready.” 
Lakia responds “ But I am enjoying this so much.” Valesz says “ remember what we talked about before coming in here?” 
Lakia replies “Oh all right we can stop but will you do this again for me later tonight Paul?” 
I reply “Anything you want my loves” 
Valesz says “Captain Nidhug should be docking shortly, hopefully in time for the ceremony.”
I say “What is so special that needs another ship here?”
Valesz quickly responds “Since we are not departing until tomorrow at 13:00 we were hoping that you might be able to realign his engines before we depart. He is carrying a load of grain and vegetables to the equine home world and its 5 sectors away. If you can do it it will prove to the Dragon counsel that the best course of action would be to keep you on this ship.”
I respond  “I will do as you ask but with such a short time I may not have time enough to tweak his engines as tight as I got ours.” 
Valesz responds “If you can get his ship to 4.2 then he will be able to make his delivery about a week sooner and that will be sufficient.”
As we step out of the shower Katherine walks in carrying some clothes, the dresses that I bought for all of them and she is already wearing the one that I bought for her. We all quickly dry off and put our towels in the reclamation unit, and  begin getting dressed Katherine hands me a Tuxedo. 
I ask “Why such fancy clothing?”
Katherine responds “ because this is a very special night for you Paul and you need to look your best for your people. This ceremony is being broadcast over Populated space and you are the guest of honor.” I continue to get dressed. Just as I finish I look up and all three of them are standing in front of me each a picture of beauty. I stand up and say the three of you are all absolutely stunning tonight. 
Valesz is the first to speak “Thank you you look very sharp in a Tux.” 
Katherine and Lakia both say “Thank you Paul” Lakia says “You don't look so bad yourself.” 
Valesz says “It's time to go everyone” 
We head back across the hall and enter the Rec physical room. The ropes and poles have been removed from the ring. Now it looks more like a center stage. There are chairs lined up around the room and around a large rectangular table. There is also a large Viso screen set up against the front wall. Valesz takes my hand and leads me to the table where Talzon is already seated at the end of the table. Valesz sits me in the middle and Lakia at the other end with Valesz to my right and Katherine to my left.  Valesz points across the room and says “ That is Captain Nidhug” ( he is a large dragon about two meters tall and his scales are a beautiful bright red and shinny like Valesz's he has a very masculine physique, most definitely a dragon I would not want to piss off. Although have I already have his ship is no longer the fastest in the fleet. He looks to be in his late 40's in human years anyway)
Valesz says “He will be part of the ceremony.” 
I hear Lakia whispering to Valesz “Have you talked to the Dragon counsel?” 
Valesz replies “Yes.” Lakia “And?” Valesz “Yes.” a smile creeps across Lakia's face. I begin to wonder what in the hell would Valesz be contacting the counsel about and what is Lakia smiling about, and something tells me that captain Nidhug isn't here just because of his engines. 
The Viso screen lights up reveling the Dragon counsel they are at a circular table with a large gold medallion of a dragons head in the middle. Valesz gets up and walks up to the center of the stage. She says “Quiet please” (in her soft yet stern voice) and the room goes silent. Everyone draws their attention to the center stage. Valesz begins to speak .
Today we are gathered here for two reasons the second will be conducted after the award
ceremony. First I would like to thank Captain Nidhug Unridoor for gracing this ceremony with his presence. He will also be conducting the second part of the ceremony.
Captain Nidhug stands briefly.
Mr. Curtis will you please come onto the stage 
I stand and walk up to the center of the stage. Talzon right behind 
me carrying a small golden case
I would like to present my commanding officer Talzon and our guest of honor my Chief engineer.
Mr. Paul Curtis 
Everyone applauds.
Today is very special for more than one reason not only have you shown loyalty and courage to this ship and crew. But you have earned this award in the shortest time ever recorded in dragon history. And on top of that you are the first non dragon to receive such a high award. For performance above and beyond the call of duty
for displaying acts of courage and bravery.
 Today it is my privilege and honor to award you with the highest award any captain can give to a member of his or her crew. 
Talzon opens the case .
I present to you
The Dragon medal of Honor 
Valesz takes the Medal out of the case and places it over my head.
It is about 8 cm in diameter it is the same symbol as on the counsel's table.
I begin to speak
I thank you for this great honor. I will do my best to uphold the values witch it stands for. 
I will protect this ship and her crew with my life if needed.
Everyone applauds again.
Valesz gives me a hug and a quick kiss and Talzon shakes my hand and says “congratulations”  
Katherine and Lakia join us on stage.
Both of them wrap there arms around me giving me a big hug.
then captain Nidhug joins us on stage 
Katherine and Lakia step back beside Valesz.
Valesz begins to speak again.
According to Populated space regulations any member is allowed 
a maximum of three mates, it is usually do to the fact that we can be away from home for extended periods of time.
I had to get special permission from the dragon counsel to even begin these proceeding's
On this day Katherine, Lakia and myself all ask 
“Will You Be Our Mate?”
I can't help but tear up a bit, I quickly wipe my eyes and regain my composure
I respond. 
“Yes, I will be happy to be your mate.”
A speaker from the Dragon counsel begins to speak.
  Captain Valesz  from what you have told us and what we have seen here tonight you have our full blessing to continue with the mating ceremony.
Valesz responds 
Thank you Dragon counsel leader., You honor us all by attending the ceremony.
Counsel leader 
No captain Valesz it is our honer to get to view such a wonderful occasion.
Captain Nidhug 
It appears that my daughter has chosen her mate well. But tomorrow I will see for myself how well you handle your engines and your crew. But tonight is a joyous occasion and it is my honor to be the one that preforms the ceremony.
Both crew's begin surrounding us carrying lit candles.
Will someone please dim the lights.
I respond
Counsel members if you will excuse me for one moment.
Counsel leader 
Continue Mr. Curtis.
I respond “ thank you.”
“Computer and the viso screen switches to monitor mode
dim lights to 10%
The lights dim and the screen returns to the counsel.
Captain Nidhug
Thank you Mr. Curtis. I didn't know that these ships had computer control out side the bridge and engineering.
Back to business at hand.
For centuries a Captain has had the honor and privilege of joining couples. 
Today not only is it my honor to join a couple but to join my daughter and two of her closest friends with a fine mate. 
Mr. Curtis you are one lucky man.
I respond “ Yes I am.”
Mr. Paul Curtis will you accept Valesz Unridoor, Lakia Keelin, and Katherine Kebi to be you mates until the day you die? 
“I will.”
Valesz Unridoor, Lakia Keelin, and Katherine Kebi
Do you take Paul Curtis to be your mate until the day that you die? 
They all look to each other, then look back to me and in unison say.
“ We will.”
I now pronounce you Mates one and all 
you may kiss the brides.
They all come towards me and surround me with Valesz in front of me Katherine to my right and Lakia to my left.
as Valesz begins to kiss me everyone in the room begins to applaud
then Valesz steps back and Katherine steps in front of me and begins kissing me she steps back then finally Lakia wraps her arms around me and says “Looks like it may last for a while.” then she begins kissing me the audience starts hooping and hollering
Valesz steps back up to my right side Katherine on my left and Lakia on the other side of Katherine
Valesz speaks up.
Everyone may I have your attention for a moment.
The room goes quiet again.
First I would like to thank the Dragon counsel for making this joyous day possible and I would like to thank Captain Nidhug my father for giving me his blessing and preforming this wonderful ceremony.
dragon counsel leader
You are very welcome Captain Valesz, congratulations on your choice of mate.
Counsel out.
the viso screen goes blank.
The honeymoon will be postponed until we reach Draconis, the dragon home world
Now its time for Celebration Lets PARTY!!!!!    
Jalad hollers 
“Everyone to Zot's on the station they have been reserved for the celebration.” 




                                                                                                                                         Chapter 10


“Before we go to Zot's would you mind if we catch Doc and get him to fix my chest again?”
Valesz says “Katherine would you contact Zot's and have them send the Doc back up here”
Katherine “No problem, I will do it right now.” She heads for the nearest computer station. 
Lakia says “Lets get you out of these cloths.” I respond “Geez we have only been mated for five minutes and all you can think of is getting me out of my clothes.” They both laugh.
Katherine walks back in “He will meet us in the infirmary in a few minutes.” 
The tuxedo shirt has several blood spots on in clearly showing where the claw marks are. I finish getting out of my penguin suit. Now that the ceremonies are done I can get comfortable, Katherine looks to Valesz and Lakia and says “There is one reason that we all mated with him he likes to be naked even more than we do. 
I reply “I only like to be naked because I know that you enjoy the view. Okay we need to get to the infirmary, we don't want to keep the doc waiting.”
Valesz says “and we have a party to go to.” 
We are walking down the hall just as we approach the infirmary we hear Doc. Attor saying down the hall “I'm coming”  as the Doc approaches he says “Ya know Paul until you got here I could go for weeks even months with out any one getting so much as a scratch but this is three visits in as many days, are you trying to make me work for my credits” 
I respond “Hello Doc, well as a matter of fact yes I am. I'm getting these claw marks just so I can come and visit you.” 
Doc says “Let's take a look , ah yes these marks are not quite as deep and still fresh there shouldn't be any scaring this time.” and he reaches for his re-generator “although it is still going to hurt a little. Have a seat”
I sit on the bed and Doc turns on his little torture device and points it at the first wound. I clench my hands on the edge of the bed and cringe a bit then say. “Doc you enjoy this don't you” 
He responds “Of course I do. I like watching those that are always injuring themselves in pain.”
As the Doc finishes I say “That feels much better.” 
Valesz says “ Doc do you mind if I use the viso screen in your office?” 
Doc replies “Please do.” 
Valesz walks into Doc's office and the door closes behind her. I glance down to my chest and the only scars left are the ones that Valesz gave me. I start to think back on that night (Oh that was a fun night with the three of them taking turns with me, quite simply having there way with me.) 
The office door opens and Valesz walks out and says “Before we go to the party there is some one I would like for you to meet.” 
I respond “Let's go. Thanks Doc.” 
Doc responds “Your welcome.”
Valesz says “We will met you at the party in just a little while Doc.” 
Doc “ I will tell everyone that you are on your way.” 
Valesz looks at me and says “I have another surprise for you. Do you remember those other rooms that were level 8 access?” 
I respond “yes, one was your room and another was a cargo hold and the 3rd looked a bit more like quarters in size.”  she responds “Yes you are correct on both counts however, the cargo hold has been converted into a work area for some of our crew. They are the ones that I am taking you to meet. they won't be joining the party and you will see why when we get there.” 
I respond “Is something wrong with them are they deformed in some way?” 
Valesz responds “You will see.”
When we arrive at the cargo hold Valesz presses a few buttons on the door control pad. 
The door opens reveling the two most magnificent creatures I have ever laid eyes on. They are Unicorn. I stammer a bit I.  I  thought that your kind was a myth. I am sorry where are my manners … 
Valesz chimes in “Yes Paul they are unicorn, this is Sigrun and Alkippe (they are a pair of perfect white unicorns with flowing manes and tails) 
Sigrun walks up to me and greets me with a hug and says “Thank you for taking care of Lakia when she was injured, she is a very dear friend to me and my mate.” 
(I never thought that I would ever see a unicorn much less get to get hugged by one) 
I  respond “It was my duty to protect my shipmates, And I will most certainly do the same for you.” 
Then Alkippe steps to me and greets me with a kiss, she says “We have heard all about you, we even watched you and Lakia fight on the viso screen. That was something else. Then there was the mating it was quite apparent that the two of you care very much for each other.” 
Lakia says “Yes very much.” 
Valesz and Katherine both say “Don't forget about us.” 
I respond “I could never forget any of you.” then I turn to Sigrun and say “if I may be so bold as to ask are there any other Unicorn?” 
He responds “Yes but very few, after the Mantis destroyed our home world and most of its inhabitants the only ones left were the few that escaped and those that were traveling in space. We try to keep our existence a secret to Populated Space for fear that the Mantis will hunt the rest of us down.” 
Valesz says “We need to get to the party, you can come back tomorrow and visit. After we depart from the station.” 
Alkippe says “We would enjoy your company very much you are welcome here any time, but I must ask that you tell no one about us.”
I respond “Well that door is closed and as far as I am concerned it will stay that way.”
Sigrun and Alkippe say “Thank you. Now go enjoy your party.”
I respond “I will be back tomorrow. I promise” 
Katherine says “He will, you can bet on that.” Valesz, Lakia, Katherine, and myself all laugh as we exit the cargo hold. The doors close and Valesz stops to press a few buttons on the door control pad, then we all head to Zot's. 
As we get to Zot's Valesz stops just before the door and says “Since this is a closed party there is no reason that we can't all be comfortable,” and she begins removing the dress that she is wearing. Katherine and Lakia follow suit. they look at me and say “Well?” 
I respond “I was just enjoying the view before I take my clothes off.” Lakia walks around behind me puts her arms around my bare chest and picks me up then Valesz and Katherine quickly strip the rest of my clothes off. 
Valesz says “There that's better now we get to enjoy the view too.” she begins eyeing me up and down and says “Nice, I like you much better this way.” She turns and walks into Zot's and the rest of us follow. 
As we enter Zot's everyone starts throwing confetti and streamers at us. Valesz looks around Zot's “I hear her say “Good they are sitting together.” 
She turns to me and says “There are two more for you to meet then you will know the whole crew, we are walking towards a table with a Beautiful Gold dragoness and a foxy fox. 
Valesz says “Paul I would like you to meet  Tiamat.” the gold dragoness, she looks to be close to Adelind's age, just as perky and curvy. “and  Mikko” This slender female fox with her bright red fur and white underbelly and oh that fluffy tail. Both Tiamat and Mikko stand up and greet me with a hug. 
Mikko says “We have been waiting to meet you Paul, we have heard some interesting stories about you.” 
I respond “I hope they were all good one's” 
Tiamat says “ Oh yes very good. The way that you helped Lakia when that freak attacked the three of you.”  
I respond “I guess word spreads fast on a ship with friends as close on as everyone is on this ship” 
Valesz says “Of course, I told you that we are one big happy family.” 
I respond “I am very happy to be a part of this happy family.” 
Lakia says “Who's up for some equine whiskey?”
Katherine “I am” 
Valesz “Me too.”
I respond “Just one for me I have to work first thing in the morning, if I'm going to have dad's ship running at better than 4xl tomorrow I need to get some sleep tonight.” 
Valesz says “Who ever said that you were going get any sleep any way.”  with that toothy grin of hers,  “And by the way, I wouldn't suggest that you let him hear you say that” 
I respond “What that I am going to fix his ship in the morning?” 
Valesz responds “The dad part. He don't even like me to call him dad. I think he has an issue with aging.” 
I reply “Some how I don't think that is it. He carries himself to proudly and he is still a very magnificent dragon.” 
Lakia finally gets the waitress's attention and its Hot-lips, she walks over to get our order she looks at me and says “Damn, ladies if I would have known about good he looks naked sooner you wouldn't have had a chance.” She sits in my lap and say what will everyone have? 
Valesz goes first “Equine whiskey” 
Lakia next “Equine whiskey as well, but I think Paul would like to have an order of you from what I can see.” 
My cock has grown, she kept swishing her tail across my cock teasing me with it. She stands and says “Oh, did I do that? I will have to take care of that condition but first I need to go get these drinks.” 
I respond “two more equine whiskey's please.” Hot-lips walks over to the bar and starts pouring the drinks. Valesz says you want some of that don't you?” I respond “ I have wanted that for several months now.” Valesz replies “There's nothing stopping you, it's okay you can fuck her if you wish, besides this maybe your last chance to fuck her for a long time.”
Capt. Nidhug walks up “ I say come sit with us Dad.” 
He responds “Okay, son I think I will.” 
Valesz looks at me with a very puzzled look on her face, and glances at her father, then back at me. 
He says “How is it you won the heart of my daughter so quickly?” 
I respond “ By doing things like I just did... like calling you dad, after she told me that it wouldn't be a good idea” 
He responds “Normally she would have been right but in this case you seem to have proven yourself worthy from what I hear, you have made quite a name for yourself in the last few days.” 
I respond “It is all because of your daughter she has opened my eyes to the universe around me, she has taken a diamond in the rough and polished it into a perfect diamond.” “Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect but in the last few days my life has taken quite a turn for the better, and I intend on keeping it in this direction.” 
He responds “After tomorrow I think I will be able to tell you if you will be able to keep your life going in the right direction. I want to see how you handle yourself at work, that will tell me if you can.” 
I respond “Very well then I will do my best to get your ship up to speed.” 
He replies “If you will excuse me I have a briefing to attend.” he gets up gives Valesz a quick kiss and turns and shakes my hand. And says” I will see both of you on my ship at 08:00” 
Valesz quickly responds “ 08:00 sharp” 
Valesz looks at me and says “How it the hell did you know that he wouldn't knock you on your ass when you called him dad?” I respond “To be quite honest I didn't, that one was more of a hunch than knowing. I guessed that he didn't like you calling him dad because it was on a ship that perhaps he was in command. For you to call him dad would show a little favoritism and that gets disrespect. From his point of view anyway, and you can bet your sweet ass that I won't call him that on his ship.”  
Valesz  says “I never thought of it that way, I always thought that he did not like to show his feelings.” 
I reply “Valesz your father loves you very much or he would not have come out of his way to be with you during the happiest moments of your life. Hell he just showed you how much he loves you by kissing you in this public place.” 
Valesz  says “I need to talk to my father tomorrow I have so much I need to tell him.” 
I respond “Why don't you invite him to your ship for breakfast? we can make those steak's you enjoy so much then when I leave to go work on his engines you will have plenty of alone time with him. On your ship” 
She replies “But he wants to watch you work. On his ship.” I reply “No he don't, he wants to get me alone and talk with me to get to know me better maybe to do a little prying, but its okay I know it's coming and I can deal with that. At least I think I can.” 
Hot-lips walks back over carrying our drinks. She sets the platter down on the table and again sits in my lap passing out the drinks from her seated position and of course she is flicking her tail across my cock again making me grow harder with each flick of her tail. It don't take long for my cock to become rock hard. 
I politely ask Hot-lips “Will you stand up for just a second I need to re-position I'm a bit uncomfortable.” She stands slightly, just enough for me to scoot forward in my chair slightly. Then I say “You can sit back down now thank you.” I hold my cock forward slightly and this time she puts her butt back against me and sits slowly gently guiding my cock into her hot wet pussy. 
I reach for my drink and take a sip and say “Oh that's nice” Hot-lips responds “Me or the drink?” 
I say “Both!!!” 
She begins grinding her hips into mine and says “Your right it is nice isn't it.” as she continues her grinding. I glance around at everyone around us and no one seems to be paying any attention to this little fact. Well almost everyone.
Squeaky comes over to the table and says to Hot-lips “Would you mind if I join?” she slides the drinks out of the way and he hops his little butt onto the table and in no time she has his cock out and licking it teasing the tip with her tongue. He almost instantly begins chattering she reaches up takes hold if his cock and begins stroking him while sucking and licking on the tip. She continues to grind her hips into me working that pussy on my hard cock , I can feel her  pussy clenching down on my cock, I grab her by the hips and begin thrusting my self into her. 
She starts swishing her tail across my chest. It tickles and feels good at the same time. Squeaky begins chattering again he leans back throws his head back and starts squirting his love juice down Hot-lips throat try as she might to swallow it all she can't he is cumming so hard and fast she can't keep up. He keeps pumping his juice all over Hot-lips face. It starts to puddle on the table between Squeaky's legs.
Roxy walks over and says “Let me help you with that Hot-lips.” and she engulfs Squeaky's cock in a quick motion sending the tip of his cock down her throat. He begins chattering again and collapses on the table. While Hot-lips begins to try and lick herself clean, Katherine and Lakia begin licking her face and all the areas she can't reach. I stand and push the chair from under me with my legs, still buried deep in Hot-lips 
Valesz gets up and begins kissing me sending her tongue down my throat this time I am ready for it and accept it quite readily, I hadn't noticed that she had dipped her tail into Lakia's hot wet pussy, and Lakia was doing the same for Katherine I reach down and begin teasing Valesz by brushing a finger over her clit. I glance up and notice that there is a pipe about three meters above the floor  with some decorations hanging from it. It could easily hold even Jalad's weight. Valesz See's what I am looking and and realizes what I am thinking I reach down grab her by the waist and she jumps grabbing the pipe and wraps her legs around my head pulling my face straight into her sweet pussy. 
I don't waste any time I begin licking and probing her hot pussy with my tongue she quickly wraps her wet tail behind me and thrust it into my ass. I moan and thrust hard into Hot-lips, she moans and her pussy clamps down hard on my cock and she begins to scream in pleasure as her nectar runs down my cock and drips onto the floor she collapses, laying down on top of Squeaky.
Then Xanthos and Ogrifina walk up and ask if they may join in. 
Valesz responds in between moans “ yeeesssss  …   jj  join in”  I don't say a word just raise a hand with a thumb up and quickly resume squeezing Valesz's tight ass. Ogrifina steps in front of me. I can barely see her,  but I can see that she has her tail raised , so I lean forward a bit inviting her to back herself onto me, while Xanthos notices just how much tail Valesz has in me. Xanthos sees that she has a good 36 cm in me and about 6.5 cm in diameter. Xanthos politely touches Valesz's tail inviting her to move it for him. she complies then he positions himself behind me and gently guides himself into me. I stop licking Valesz for a moment.
I ask Ogrifina “Would you mind if Valesz lays on her back for a while?” 
She quickly responds “Not as long as you keep fucking me.”  
Valesz releases the pipe and I help gently lay her down gently on Ogrifina's back. Now I'm slightly bent over Ogrifina's butt. Licking away at Valesz and getting fucked by Xanthos. Good thing he is gentile. Valesz curls her tail between Ogrifina and myself I lean back slightly to give her the room she wants and she quickly finds her mark and she thrust her tail deep into Ogrifina's ass. Ogrifina neighs loudly and instantly begins winking and squirting her lube all over me it seems to be coming out by the quarts. She is clamping her pussy so hard on my cock she is pushing me out most of the way and pushing me harder onto Xanthos hard cock and this seems to be driving him crazy he begins pounding harder and harder, still being careful not to hurt me but still very stimulating. Ogrifina neighs loudly again. Valesz squeezes her pussy hard on my tongue she arches her back and begins her orgasm. I lap up every drop as her pussy offers it to me. Ogrifina neighs again but this time when she winks she pulls me into her, flexing her pussy around my cock feeling her squirt her love juices all over me sends me over the edge I begin thrusting myself as deep as I can go into this wonderful female exploding deep inside of her while her mate is doing the same to me, I can feel his seed running down my legs in droves. I collapse on top of Ogrifina and just as I begin to catch my breath Xanthos collapses on top of me. We are all now a large pile of sweaty satisfied flesh.
From what I can see looks like we did it again most everyone else has already collapsed on the tables and floor from exhaustion. Well so much for getting drunk, but I think this was much more fun. 
I say “Okay Xanthos, Big Boy I can't hold you up all night and I don't think that Ogrifina wants to hold everyone else up either. 
Xanthos sighs and says “All right I'll move.” He gets up and I let out a sigh of relief as does Ogrifina. 
I help Valesz down off of Ogrifina's back and she lets out another sigh of relief and says “Oh that was so much fun we will have to do that again soon. 
I respond “We will, I'm sure of that.”  
Valesz says “Let's head back to the ship and get cleaned up and get some sleep we all have a busy day tomorrow.”
I look at Xanthos and ask him if I can get his assistance in the morning with moving the engine core on captain Nidhug's ship.” 
He responds “Anyone that can fuck his mate like that and not bust a nut the first time she winks can't be all bad, yes I will help you.” 
I say “Meet me at the port at 07:45.”  I reach over and wake Squeaky “Hey, time to get up and go to your quarters.” 
He opens his eyes and says “Okay Boss no problem.” 
I say “Meet me and Xanthos at the port at 07:45.”
He responds “Sure thing (squeak, squeak)” and he heads out the door. 
Valesz and I gather up Lakia and Katherine and we all head for the ship. On the way there I ask “Where do you want to sleep tonight?”
Valesz responds “We can sleep in your room, we will pass right by the showers by the pool so we can all get cleaned up and go to bed. I need to call captain Nidhug and invite him like you suggested, before it gets to late.” 
I respond there is a viso screen in the port office we can make a quick stop there if you like.” 
She responds “That will do nicely.” … We finally get to my room and crawl into bed all snuggled against each other and drift off to a very peaceful sleep... 



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