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Paq's Profile Posted by: Paq at 08-16-2020 10:11 AM, Last Modified 08-27-2020 16:08 PM
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Name: Paq (pronounced like Pawk)

Species: Dageth

Sub-Species: Gniboon (Amphibious)

Age: 25 years (Earth)

Sex: Female

Height: 1.63m - 5'5" tall

Weight: 41.4kg - 90lbs 10oz

Skin coloration: Dark Mossy Green with Rose Red. (Eyes match secondary skin color)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


General History (Brief):

Paq is a member of the Dageth species. The Dageth are a genetically created species hailing from the planet Gindi (Pronounced Jin-Dee) deep in the 3KPC arm of the Milky Way near the Galactic core. The Dageth were created by another, far more ancient, race known only, to the Dageth, as the Progenitors who created the first Dageth, known as the "First Ones", as an experiment with unknown intentions. The Progenitors left the Dageth to grow and evolve on their own leaving behind several trinkets of Progenitor technology to guide them along as their race grew and matured over the centuries. The Dageth hold a strong, almost fanatical, belief that the Progenitors will return and reveal their true intentions for the Dageth's creation. The Progenitors left Gindi some 200 years ago. They vanished practically overnight leaving behind some of their own technology from which the dageth built their society upon. The Dageth are a highly advanced, space fairing, race and went on to developed some of the most advanced star ships known by reverse engineering Progenitor technology. Dageth ships are capable of both FTL (Faster Than Light) and a form of space fold travel (One of the technologies the Progenitors left was an early Gravity Drive) that allows them to travel vast distances in a short amount of time, Dageth have been exploring the far reaches of the Galaxy for decades seeking to find other races the Progenitors may have created among the stars. Dageth are highly reserved yet openly social towards other species.


Gindi is, roughly, 4 times bigger than Earth and has 1.5X the gravity. Like earth Gindi is 3/4 water, but possesses only two Massive landmasses that occupy both the eastern and western hemispheres of the planet and connect to both the northern and southern ice caps (poles). Two massive oceans reside between these continents (Named Ejede, eastern, and Atelt, western, respectively) and are know as The Ocean of Ancestors and The Horizon Waters. Both Ejede and Atelt are dotted with large lakes, rivers, and even smaller seas along their coastlines. Gindi is very oxygen rich due to vast forests and jungles all across both continents. Dageth do not believe in disturbing the nature of the planet beyond using only what is needed. Materials used in the construction of their cities is derived, directly, from materials that do not harm the envirioment. Metals are mined from the multitude of exposed pockets and minerals are mined in the most non-invasive ways possible (I.e no strip mining and use of minimal machinery) leaving them to do most of the work via manual labor. Dageth do enjoy lots of activity and work so this suits them all the better. There are two moons that orbit the planet. The first one is named Oreale (meaning "Little brother) and the second is Uyau (meaning "Big brother"). Both moons are lifeless masses and have been left untouched as both have been deemed forbidden. It is heavily believed the Progenitors built these moons and that the moons are guarding the planet from anyone who intends to harm the Dageth. Dageth space exploration is sporadic and done only buy "civilian" ships and science vessels. There is no real pattern to where and when the Dageth will seek out and explore other planetary systems due to the fact they do not seek out resources nor possible colony worlds to settle upon. Because of this the Dageth do not have many established trade routes with other species thought they will estaablish one if need arises or it is within the Dageth's best interest to do so.


Most deep space exploration is left up to the Unagi (You-Nah-Gi) or "wanderers". Unagi are highly regarded among the Dageth as they serve as scouts who venture out into the deepest regions of the galaxy to seek out new species and new worlds upon which to explore. They are often responsible for making first contact with other species they come across. Of course this is done after considerable observation of said species. Unagi train from a very early age to undertake this role and most, if not all, are highly skilled survivors and explorers. The ships the Unagi use are often older ships that have received numerous refits and upgrades. These are normally civilian in nature and are adequately armed and even armored. This habit prevents more modern or sophisticated ships from falling into the hands of enemies. Military ships are forbidden from venturing outside of the Dageth's home system in order to better defend against enemy attack.



Paq seems to be fairly easy going though she can be very aloof at times. Dageth are not known for open displays of emotion due to having a limited capacity to actually feel them or display them. Often very quiet she can seem reserved and even, somewhat stand offish though that is far from the truth. Paq will seek out attention and, upon receiving, will return any attention in the like to the best of her understanding or ability. Paq is mostly passive and lazy normally and prefers to relax and chill out rather than work, but she will relentlessly tackle any task so as to complete it ASAP.

Anatomy (Basic):


Paq is a female of the Dageth sub-species known as the Gniboon. Gniboon are an amphibious species and are highly adept swimmers.




Paq possesses four lungs with her rib cage. The front two lungs are, primarily, used for normal breathing/oxygen intake and are elastic and collagen fibers that are interlaced between the capillaries and the alveolar walls. These lungs contain and dense outer layer of flexible cartilage that helps to protects these lungs from puncture. The front lungs are large capacity and allow for 10 minutes of air when sub-merged underwater. The rear lungs are more like air tanks. These lungs can be filled with oxygen, filtered from the front lungs, and inflated to provide the Gniboon with a short supply of additional oxygen allowing them to remain sub-merged under water for longer periods of time. Up to approximately 10 additional minutes. Paq can remain underwater for up to 20 minutes max before requiring fresh air.


Hands and feet:


Paq has two hands, each with four fingers, and a thumb. Between each of these is webbing that extends from the knuckle to the middle joint of each finger. The webbing is highly elastic and aids the Gniboon in both propelling themselves through the water, and maneuvering as well. Each foot contains five toes with additional webbing between them for the same purposes. Gniboon also possess fully retractable claws. These claws are, each, about 1/4inch long fully extended and can be used to grip onto slick surfaces underwater as well as catching prey.



Paq has a sleek scaling that appears to be leather like in appearance thoug it is just that her scales are really very small. This aids her while underwater by greatly reducing friction or resistance much like the special suits worn by athletic swimmers. The skin is not very thick, but is still very durable and resistant to damage. Paq is a dark mossy green with litle spots of a very dark emerald here and there. Her front side/belly side is a deep rose red color that sort of looks like she was laying in some paint. These colors will lighten around the time she sheds and the new skin will be a much darker shade of her colors for about a month before returning to normal. Paq sheds her skin once every 5 years.



(Work in Progress will be updated)......

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