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yellow,pink,orange Posted by: smile dog at 11-25-2019 19:47 PM, Last Modified 02-24-2020 14:38 PM
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the dick is a thing that populates the earth you might ask why you want dick because i'm bisexual you cant judge me because i wont judge but if you do judge me i will call you out......

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Mint: What a story! Although theres a few key points where your writing gets confusing, you can not be immune criticism or judgment, but the topic of the judgment is skewed from what you may have thought. Im not shaming you for your orientation, but for your missing shift, period, and comma keys, which is an appalling flaw on many devices. I can judge that, and your ability: and I have! So call me out, as you said.
😈toxic wolf😈: ok ill give it to you

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