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Vexis Lazuli Fokz's Fursona Avatar
Name:Vexis Lazuli Fokz in Monticello Offline
Species:Kitsune/Incubator Hybrid
Relationship:Single and Looking

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About Me:
Vexis Lazuli Fokz

Undetermined (Biologically male but appears and acts female is usually mistaken as so, often referring to themself in feminine terms, such as calling themself a 'Vixen', but preferring to use gender neutral pronouns)

Prefered Pronouns:
They/Their, may use It in reference to themselves when upset

Home world:

526 (Appears to be 18)

Furrir (Myeth tribe)


Kitsune/Incubator Hybrid  

Ht. 5ft 1in (1.5494M)

Wt. 132 lbs. (56.8Kg)

Personality Type:



Extremely Submissive

Blu, Snowball, Mutt, Fokz, Kitzu-san, Vexi-chi, Kitzu, Snowberry, Princess, Snowflake, Fuzzball, Fluffy, Vex-chan, Vexi-chan, Vex, Vexi, Kit

Most preferred: 


Full time adventurer/explorer

Fur Color: 

Eye Color: 
Bright Green

Favorite Flower: 

Food Craved Most: 

Shopping, relaxing, exploring, pretty and colorful clothes

Favorite Thing: 
Warm bubble baths and being held close

Disrespectfulness, unnecessary fighting, water

Can't stand:
Rude People, Dirt, Bugs

Quotes often said: 
'What the hex?!' (Referring to hex as in the term for a curse, replacing the word 'heck')
Dog biscuits...
Oh, shut it!
You know what?! Arf you!
Oh... H-hello there...

Vexis is a pastel purple kitsune, with ice blue flowing hair that seems to shimmer, it goes halfway down their back with two shoulder length locks in front that usually rest on their shoulders. These two locks fade to dark blue at the end and although they appear as just hair, are extendable arm-like appendages called Emetes. Although physically weaker than their arms, they serve a more metaphysical purpose, detecting the emotions of other living beings and ripping the souls from their victim's bodies. They have a white underbelly and white 'Socks' on their arms and legs, their ear tips are a deep purple. They has small A-cup breast that are usually hidden under a layer of chest fluff. They are a nine tail kitsune but They usually only shows one tail with a white tip, when all nine are showing the tails start with white and the other tail's tips are colored a different color on each tail tip, representing a rainbow and the final tail's tip is black. Their cheeks are almost always a bright pink, as They are near constantly blushing.

Distinguishing features: 
A blue Sycrillite Crystal Fang that gives them the ability to lift and manipulate objects without touching them. They have a red gem on their forehead that is usually mostly concealed by their hair, and a read oval shaped marking on their back, a trade mark of the incubator race.

Vexis wears mostly loose fitting slightly over sized clothes, mostly T-shirts, shorts and skirts, sometimes vests, jackets, and sweaters, but almost never pants. They have a unique style and flair all their own, preferring bright flashy colors, often resulting in unique combinations of outfits and accessories that can seem to be something right out of some fantasy novel.

Often mistaken as female at first sight, Vexis is kind, playful, cute, feminine and child-like most of the time, but if someone They care about is hurt or upset, They can be very serious. Vexis is quiet and doesn't speak much unless spoken to, this sometimes comes off as rude or awkward, but in most cases adorable. Their voice is soft and almost whisper-like, it has a slight calming effect on those who hear it. They are timid and sensitive, and empathizes with those around their really easily. Despite this They’re very shy and doesn't make friends very easily. The friends They do make They bond with very quickly and strongly. They are very loyal to those closest to their even willing to forfeit thier own life for their happiness. They are a bit of a romantic and can be quite a tease to those They like, regardless if they know their true gender or not. They's often seen opening doors and pulling out chairs, bowing respectfully, yet also dreaming of picnics, stargazing, and being swept off of their feet and whisked away into the sunset. They don't like to fight and do their best to avoid it at all costs. They can seem a little naive and has been known to act and speak without thinking quite often.

Vexis comes from a far off planet on a mission to observe the inhabitants of earth and study them. Their mission is to see if contact with humans will be beneficial to their homeworld as well as aid the planet in becoming such and well as preventing humans from destroying themselves or the planet, including the complete annihilation of humans to save the planet if deemed necessary. Upon arrival and seeing the shape of the planet and the wide spread hatred left to form dark beings known as shaydes, they began to recruit youths to combat them. Offering the staple contract, one wish in exchange for becoming powerful magical beings, in exchange for their soul being no longer bound to their bodies, and their lives becoming ones of servitude, their only purpose to fight shaydes until they become one themselves. Being a Kitsune, They have to feed off the life force of others to use their spiritual powers. They keep a container of stolen souls on their at all times. Those souls are taken from ones who wrong others and choose to spread hate and are lured into illusions created by them never to escape. They has been known, with permission, to feed off of friends and loved ones' excess life energy. After encountering a powerful being from another world and receive a massive surge of energy from it, their other two tails then formed allowing them to contain the new found power within themself. 

Vexis’ markings give them the abilities to speed up the pace of the natural healing of those around their. They have great skill with light swords, and although They keep up their training, They refuses to raise one in a fight unless given no choice.
As a Kitsune, They can use Electrokinesis, various curses and hexes, and create illusions ranging from small to very large, but the larger and more complex illusions require more energy and are only used for trapping victims whose souls are to be forfeited to their.

Additional info:
Vexis' body temperature fluctuates with mood, They have been known to feel freezing to the touch when upset, pleasantly warm and huggable when cheerful, and scorchingly burning hot when angry.

Find me:
Kik- Femmefoxboy
Skype- Femmefoxboy
Telegram- LavenderVix
Miitomo- Vexis
Furaffinity- Sycroni_Fokz
Furry Network- https://beta.furrynetwork.com/femmefoxboy/
Twitter- @Femmefoxboy
Furrtrax- Femmefoxboy
Facebook- Vexis Lazuli Fokz
Mobile- 1-501-368-5783 (I have unlimited everything, no worries)

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07-16-2014 14:13 PM
Anithian Legends Arc 1: False Utopia 08-26-2014 07:55 AM
08-26-2014 07:55 AM
Azure Poetry Collection04-12-2015 11:21 AM
03-22-2015 08:35 AM

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