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Ishbacko's Fursona Avatar
Name:Ishbacko in Offline
Species:Arctic timberwolfSnow leopard hybrid
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Domination and Submission
Music Furs
Dark Souls peeps
D and D Furs
Paw Lovers
Iruna online
Zoo Furs
Dragons dogma
Member ID:5577
Last Active:06-20-2017 12:13 PM
Profile Views:6324
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
XBOX Gamertag:IshbackoWolf

Future Space for Blogs

Ishbacko: It's so boring anymore x.x nobody to talk to and everyone who wants to, being too busy, it sucks x.x 45.4 days ago
Emerald: Heyyyy 304.7 days ago
Kuro: Sorry for the late reply I didn't got any notification, anyway novuly is a species of mine, it's rather new that also why yon won't see much of it, there is actually few peoples having and using one 311.6 days ago
Kuro: there is a bug on the mobile version, I will remove the underline to make it at least more visible 318 days ago
Ishbacko: And a friend said my kik was hidden, no idea why, but my kik is Ishbacko 429.5 days ago
Ishbacko: the xD phone spelling help doesn't work here 461.2 days ago
Ishbacko: Am also largely inactive here, mostly due to tge many furs too shy to say hi xF but if you do muster up the courage, it'd be best to find me on kik, email rarely notifies me of furrtrax anymore 461.2 days ago
Ishbacko: oh btw, email has stopped notifying me regarding....well everything actually, so if i'm late to respond, blame my email 514.7 days ago
Soapyotter: visits on request! and otters about playing in the soapy places like the bathtub! 517.5 days ago
Soapyotter: sudz up your wall! 521.5 days ago
Ishbacko: that goes for you too winterfang 551 days ago
Ishbacko: Alejandro, go away and stop stalking my profile 578.9 days ago
TheNecromancer: Nice drawing 583.3 days ago
Ishbacko: wow only those?! wtf 642.1 days ago
Ishbacko: symbol test: !();:',? 642.1 days ago
Airiles: Hello 673 days ago
Ishbacko: Gotta change my icon...to browser! 734.2 days ago
Ishbacko: Alright I'm good 781.6 days ago
Ishbacko: This also extends to today and probably til saturday 788.1 days ago
Ishbacko: I want to be secluded and alone today.....feeling empty inside 788.6 days ago
Ishbacko: Okay, if i get one more messae from volk, winter, or anyone associated with them, i WILL press harrassment charges, I'm not taking this crap 810.6 days ago
Emerald: I shall take this walls vcard.....oh wait you beat me to it lol hi! :3 815.7 days ago
Ishbacko: These nights....when I'm left all alone....it makes me question why I bother talking to anyone at all if I'm going to be treated like a common toothpick, used once then tossed to the curb 822.2 days ago
Ishbacko: Ugh, I'm so bored!!! 822.4 days ago
Ishbacko: i hate this phone...my mind thought 843.3 days ago
Ishbacko: I just happened to take that pic and my mind though She just made the perfect meme face 843.3 days ago
Ishbacko: Yes, if you are wondering. the cute puppy as my pic is my dog Ammy 843.3 days ago
Ishbacko: Also if you're viewing my profile, I'll stalk yours once or more in case i forget xD 851.7 days ago

About Me:
I'm not a fan of anything with hooves, especially horses and ponies, sorry hooved furs

For anybody viewing my profile, do not take my profile pic as a reference to my fur, the species in the pics, and even the fur textures and tails are off by a few years, and I don't have any reference to my new form. Also, regarding my feral form, it's been changed from a wolf/snow leopard, to a black white and grey furred Arcanine (my friend got the idea into my head when we were talking about mystery dungeon, which I haven't played, and she had me create my own Arcanine) Don't worry though, he still has all of the perks and body parts of my old feral, he's just fluffier and can spout fire xF

I am an avid gamer, and I'm on my xbox one constantly, though lately I've just been on YouTube because of installation times x.x I also play guitar for a hobby, I'm not all too good, but I'm decent.

If you have any questions about my fur or myself, or would just like to chat, hit me up on kik or telegram, it's the same username for both

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Object10-23-2015 00:28 AM
10-23-2015 00:28 AM

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