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2Tails's Fursona Avatar
Name:2Tails in Wichita Falls Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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About Me:
WoLf2Tails Fursona

Walks digigrade aprox 5’11” Slim body build.
Markings of a grey wolf
Forepaws up to elbows are very dark charcoal grey with the underside being a bit lighter shade of grey,
Pads of Forepaws are black but are velvety soft
Body fur is of a black with red highlights the look to be almost rust in color fur is short even in winter
Tails one of a Back wolf with white tip and one of a natural colored wolf also with a white tip.
Belly fur same color of the inside of the points, and pettably soft
Rear Paws digitigrade only the right has a diff color (point) from the heel down, the left actually has a small crescent moon silver scar that even the fur growing out of it is moon silver a mark of the goddess.
Hair is Raven black (purple/blue highlights) Long and straight pulled to a loose tail the hangs down to mid back.
About my head is a silver band that goes about my hair and across my brow, in the circlet is inscribed the oath of a kestra`chern.
Ears stand our through my silky hair, with a hint of silver at the tips, they are not too big but are very expressive reflecting what I say more than my voice.
Eyes reflect mood, changing color from dark Blue (passion, anger, ect.) to almost ice white with just the barest hint of blue (depressed, completive, ect.). Complicating further they when in the lighter shades pick up the color of surroundings.

Personality, I like to help people, I am a romantic, and I do believe that true love exists. Online I’m Bi, though; I lean toward the fem side. I don’t like humans much they really just are not attractive. There is the rare human that I may find attractive.
I’m a Kestra`chern, the nearest I can find in the mundane is a Psychologist, crossed with a faith healer. It is not the best comparison. (For more info on Kestra, read the “Black gryphon” by Mercedes lackey)
When my ability as a kestra is not needed I’m rather shy, for the use it is in saying the right thing to help some one recover from the pain they are in I can t help myself. And I have a tendency to put may paw in my mouth. I’ve never been good at the social game.

IRL I am much like my character in personality, Unfortanly I am not as in shape as I would like to be, -shruggs- but I am me and that is all that I am.
I work leather for custom orders ie Cuffs, Collars and Embossed sketch Journals. WoLf.n.Critter's is the name of my business.
In my free time I enjoy RPG's both table top and video games.
I like to write and draw but I am not particularly good at either.

Want more info just ask.

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