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Name:Surza in Citrus Heights Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
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Last Active:02-29-2024 08:05 AM
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spunkymoo: Moo! Hi! How are you? 54.3 days ago

About Me:
ok, so apparently this has to be said though it's kinda stupid it has to be. People make mistakes, if something i say or do while getting to know you comes off as wrong bad, offensive or something and you aren't willing to first just talk to me before just cutting me out so we can figure out if: 1. i did do something wrong so i can fix it and become better, or 2. you simply misunderstood or misinterpreted it and there actually was no problem but it appeared so. Well, you won't have any presence in my life in any way shape or form after that point. i won't block you or anything and you can send all the messages you like but after that point it will be exceptionally hard to have any presence in my life. I am almost never this brutally honest but there are certain things that must be made clear so if i do find a relationship its a good one.

Now that that's out of the way,

Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Surza, a rare subspecies of Dragon known as a Laughter Dragon, and you are?

(if you don't want to read well, skip to the end to get everything about my personality summed up 100% accurate without having to really read anything but then read it anyway. plus there is a little mischief hidden away in it somewhere, think you can find it...hmmmmm? lol)

I am 100% a male Dragon without wings, also I am perma Surza i always have been and always will. There isn't an OOC and IC line with me i'm just.....Surza, so for me RP doesn't actually exist... because for me there is no someone to pretend to be or pretend to do actions as. With me its very physically real as I'm already talking to you and physically with you so RP like most do isn't something that i'm actually capable of in that way. Though we can do sessions where we do the very kinky things in our heads like goo transformation or whatever, there is just us enjoying ourselves and connecting. So it would be nice to date someone in person or online the same in that respect.

Here's an example of what this kinda means: if I were to hypothetically go on a date to the movies and she gives me a hug afterwards and says "I had a really fun time at the movies" Surza works utterly as she would in fact be physically hugging me, Surza, scales, tail, horns, and all. I'm not separate never have been and never will be. Also I am the values that i embody and live my life like in a extremely visible and obvious way plainly see-able. Just look at me and my appearance and then the principles and core beliefs in my profile and you see it. Like when i look down i see my scales, I can grab my tail, and I can feel my horns. So when i talk to someone in any way at all i can see the fur/scales and all of that and i'm just talking to well... there isn't a IC/OOC as im not some fictional character. I am very real and I act as such without hesitation and don't ever betray who i am or my values.

I do know I don't really want or need something from someone to be ok and wonderfully happy. Its rather hard to explain but here goes. If i were to date someone or even get married i would not need or want that person or something from that person to be ok and content or need or want that person to be happy or have something for me to be happy and content. so even if something were to happen and circumstances were to force it to be i would never see the person again.
Yeah, that's unfortunate but i would be able to be just as happy as before meeting the person. So anything that happens is 100% fine and ok. It would be nice to find someone who also sees things the same way. When two people like this get together it makes something amazing as any lewdness is way more intense and pleasurable then when its for and/or because of lewdness, lust, or pleasure or some weird need or want.

I'd probably at that point stop using "me" "you" and "I" altogether and only use "we" and "us" instead. It will really just require me starting a relationship to understand all this completely so please be patient if you can though again i don't need that because we all make mistakes and if i were to need that well.....you see where that goes since you're going to make a mistake at some point. It's a fact of life.

So not someone who is going to be there only for some sort of gratification to fulfill a need or want. Granted starting lewd is fine because sometimes things don't work out so you can't be afraid to at least start going down the road even if it ends up not going somewhere. it just cant be something where you're just here to get some sort of high because you need or want something no matter what that may be lewd or otherwise. I'm not interested in being on either end of that. I straight up deny any possibility of that on either end, and if you do show up for that i will ditch you so fast you wont know what happened. I do prefer someone being willing to VC if a relationship happens online. It's because it sort of demands an awareness of that very thing so people who are only here to use me to fulfill a need or want know they will be super obvious in that so it honestly helps filter out some of the problems.

But don't think for a second that means you can sneak in if that's what your here for, you will be taken down and cut out of my life permanently SO FAST you wont have time to blink. because i don't give a crap what you may feel, think, or do if your one of those assholes who only cares about getting something you "need" or "want".
I'm honestly pretty damn honest about myself and kind of an open book. I don't really fear talking about basically anything in my life or beliefs because it's just that. Talk. So there is no point not being comfortable with talking about literally ANYTHING in my life/experiences with someone else.

My personality is very positive and i always seem to have a smile on my face. i also am quite a joke-ster. whenever I hang out with friends we are always cracking jokes and laughing up a storm. I just really enjoy having a good laugh with whatever I'm doing. I mean if you can't laugh and have a good time what's the point? Even with any situation I'm in I'm always in a good mood. In my life I personally feel why wallow or feel sorry for yourself when you can move forward and choose to be happy?

Yeah it seems hard but honestly if you don't your life is SOOOOOO much harder than it needs to be or should be. Which goes hand in hand with me not needing or wanting something from anyone to be fully happy and satisfied in my life. "I am forever a mischief maker, in a good mood and a on purpose fungi. (classic Surza, Circa January 11 2024)" I also know my course in life and there is nothing that will sway me from it. Yes I will learn new things and adjust accordingly but that inner strength is a core part of who I am and again is shown in my very real physical form as a Dragon and that won't ever change.

That kinda ties into another thing about me. Once i know whats right no one can sway me or change me. Not even my partner. I don't change for anyone because the only thing i truly care about more than anything else, even more than others, is if my choices are correct. And once i know i don't hesitate in my choice and no one will bar my way, not even the entire world at once.

I am currently looking for maybe someone nearby to maybe meet or maybe it would be a long distance thing dating the person online, or something else after or before, just being friends, starting lewd if truly done right or whatever. Not sure really. Your relationship status doesn't really matter to me as long as you are interested and not committed to someone already. Either in marriage or simply having a boyfriend even if you're not 100% sure yet.
That's something I'm not going to touch with a 10 foot pole.

Due to the fact that I live with family if they found out i was in a relationship it could cause some problems as they might not understand. So I am looking for people who will understand that due to my situation I may not exactly be super available just in general and it needs to be discreet. If it were to even happen IRL or online. Life is challenging and that's something we all have to work around, even with friends.

Also, don't be afraid to just message me if you're interested even in the slightest. If you end up saying nope not someone I feel like interacting I take no offense nor would I feel the need to block you or in some way be even the slightest bit unpleasant or anything. not even if someone were to just literally open up with a bunch of insults and derogatory remarks as the first message. You don't have to worry about that with me, or hurting my feelings, or appearing desperate, or alienating someone, or any of the things that make people hesitant to reach out to actually inquire.

Finally i just can't do male or masculinity at all in any regards to dating/relationships in any way shape or form. Friends is fine though. It just doesn't work at all in any other way. I understand if this off puts some people and that's ok. I'm comfortable and confidant in this so that's all that matters.
So that's really all there is to it in who I am and what i'm interested in. Took a lot to explain but it's pretty simple honestly. And a lot of times simple is the best and strongest thing there is with the most meaning.

100% accurate summary of me (Warp drive engage) warp 5....warp 6.....warp 7.0......warp 8..........warp 8.5............warp 9........................ warp 10....................ludicrous................................ SPEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAMuiAYCRac

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