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Larck Drakengold's Fursona Avatar
Name:Larck Drakengold in Batavia Offline
State:New York
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:03-05-2023 11:11 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

Yeri: hiiiiiii 23.9 days ago

About Me:
Sona is a living metal dracolitch, the more precious metal he touches, the larger/ denser he gets, and can control it at will. Has the ability to super heat himself to morph between solid and liquid metal, so long as it is still in contact with his skeleton

Irl me: just your average tech nerd vtuber with no social skills. Main interest is vr stuff.
Current mmo: ff14
current single player game: nier replicant
current project: vr indie game.
all animals, staying inside, being antisocial, gaming with ppl i know, reptiles, cuddles, coffee, vr, sarcastic and raunchy jokes. Dark humor, anime.

unorganized chaos in the house, random strangers around my nice things, the cold, being outside and away from tech, drama that doesn't involve me, smelly/ unclean things, bugs (in my code, or my house), yelling.

I'm a jack of all trades, master of obtaining only enough of a skill to be useful, but not profitable... fml.

i'm an introvert, with extroverted qualities. i won't normally spend effort to try and start a conversation if it's just to talk about random stuff. but if you talk to me about things i'm interested in, i'd probably talk your ear off for daaaaaays about it.
if you wanna talk trivia about stuff, i just know the general things, i can't list off random trivia facts for hours like some of you hardcore brain having nerds. i'm down to my last 2 brain cells and both are trying to make a video game.
i'm wordy AF, if you see me respond in text, normally it's a friggen essay. probably from the repressed conversation having from above.
i enjoy sword collecting when funding permits reasonable spending on it.
i'm VERY picky on how i spend my money. so if there isn't anything i require, i wont spend a cent. (unless i have an interest in some new techy thing i want to try out)
i've dabbled in the world of paganism, and spirituality. my stance, to each their own, if it makes you happy, you do you.
i generally theme most of my aesthetic toward dragon stuff as much as i can. i'm bias to dragons af.
i cuss plenty. but i do have limits on how explicit my vocabulary gets.
i'm looking for a relationship long term, none of that booty call crap.
i'm a double sheep according to my horoscope. Aries born in the year of the ram.
yes i'm stubborn af when i make up my mind, but you can be sure that when i make a decision, i've though about the pros and cons plenty hard enough for the both of us.
i am not interested in erp on here, though i have done plenty of erp, i've had my fill of it since my teen years.
i'm a working man, i always gotta have something to do, i have ADHD and it manifests in my inability to finish personal projects due to lack of motivation, and OCD makes me not like having clutter in places it doesn't belong. but for some odd reason my ocd wont give 2 craps about my spelling and punctuation...
been in plenty of relationships before, but every time there were just too many red flags.
i'm lazy, but not a slob. i'm clean, but not "i must be able to lick every surface!" level clean. worst i ever get is dust. get those plates n bowls in the sink if you dont wanna see me get angry.
i dont have a lot due to moving almost every year for over the past decade from the mass of jobs i needed to do. i'm tired. i wanna settle down.
politics are too messy, i'll talk VERY LITTLE about it and then shut the conversation down very fast or change the subject to something else entirely. i have no patience for it.

**important health notice**
my spine is fused from the base of my neck, down to just above my pelvis. so i can't use my back like normal people anymore (scoliosis is a bitch) so from when i was 18 till i die, i will have the mobility of a kung-fu action grip figure. i don't bend, i fold like cardboard. if i have to touch my toes, i get light headed and need a moment to breath and steady myself every. single. time. it's like how pregnant women have a hard time getting their socks on each morning cuz they just cant reach their feet anymore, thats me. 'cept im a dude n stuff.

talk to me, i'm friendly enough, i'll talk shop with ya, but i'm a classic binary 90's child who always grew up with the following:
you know you are best friends when almost everything you say is insulting,
if you have a problem with something- "suck it up buttercup",
"if it aint done right, do it your self".
and i won't be bothered to try and force myself to be "pc" in conversations, if you get offended for others, when you aren't the person or anything related to the topic, just because it "wasn't politically correct to call so and so 'that'" then you are probably too soft for me. i have no patience for "social justice".

i want a woman who can take care of herself, but want to spend time with me, i want a woman who isnt clingy, or paranoid jealous every time another female happens to breath the same air as us. i want a woman who doesnt need to be taught the basics of living independently. i want a woman who can sit down and game with me, watch anime with me, cuddle with me, be a lazy sexy burrito, and eat fat kid snacks with me. i want brutal honesty, truth hurts, but it means you care enough not to waste energy trying to hold some fabricated lie that only results in problems anyway. i want someone i can lean on once in a while, and vice versa.
because of my straight laced brutally honest nature, i come off as a cold hearted asshole, but i just generally hate the general populace, and i'm tired of always feeling like im the sharpest crayon in a box of rocks. i wanna be that someone special to the other sharp crayon. and draw phalluses all over those dumb rocks.

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