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Wily Coyotl's Fursona Avatar
Name:Wily Coyotl in Pasadena Offline
Species:Canis Latrans Cagottis and Canis Lupus B
Relationship:Single and Looking
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Last Active:10-05-2021 12:22 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Little Tails: Someone who speaks Spanish? That's muy impressive! Pfft... what a tacky joke :P 14.4 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome to the site! -gives cookie- 15.7 days ago

About Me:
Wily Coyotl is an anthropomorphized digitigrade Mexican coyote wolf hybrid. (Also known as a "Coywolf")
He is specifically half Canis Latrans Cagottis (Coyote) and half Canis Lupus Baileyi (Wolf).

[Fursona Appearance:]
- Big pointed ears with tip of right ear missing (Coyote)
- Dark brown eyes
- Black wavy hair transitioning to grey fur from the back of neck and down the back to the tail
- A thick broad white V starting from the two Coracoid Process of the Scapula and join at the 12th Thoracic Vertebrae (Wolf)
- Fur color is brownish yellow on main body and bright orange red on legs and arms
- White fur starting from mandible, down the neck, around pectorals, down the belly, passing pelvic region, almost heart shaped at buttocks, and down through the under side of tail.
- White fur on paws and feet with black paw pads
- And a vantablack tipped tail
- (Moles could either be black or white spots, haven't decided yet)
- (Unsure if I want to add scares from Real World counterpart "Me")

[About Fursona:]
Wily is the Mayan deity Huehuecoyotl's coyote half, or at least believes he is. He claims to be the reincarnation of the coyote half, or even a direct blood relative. Its the only reason he can think up to explain some of his powers.

Can't Die
Super Regeneration

Shape Shifting, his first change was into a vantablack jaguar with the head only being bare skull.
There are two drawbacks to his shape shifting ability. The first being that he could only change into animals he has seen. And the second being that whatever animal he turns into will have his fur color and pattern. That or vantablack

Change fur color to vantablack

Gender Changing
Run 55.6 mph on feet
Run 86 mph on all four
God like agility
Singing that can break glass up to 10 feet away.
Impossible Dance moves and can even perform The Futterwacken
and Blind Luck.

The others from the Elementals who helped The Creator make the world.

Fire Manipulation
Earth Manipulation
Wind Manipulation
Water Manipulation

And the last are gifts from The Creator himself, because Wily was born with the perfect balance of good and evil. Even though he could tip the scales from Sanity to Madness willingly. (Also a characteristic of Huehuecoyotl)

Dark Manipulation
Light Manipulation
Lightning Manipulation
Willingly sprout Feathered Wings with Clawed Thumbs from his back

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