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Name:Zettie in Huntsville Offline
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Future Space for Blogs

candy cane: welcome! 246.4 days ago

About Me:
Male, 20, Femisexual...I'm a gamer, I have a thing for art and photography. I make music as well. Mostly game remixes. I'm nerdy if your definition of nerdy revolves around gaming mostly.
I'm quiet most of the time and generally just suck at talking, thanks to my anxiety and truama--but I'm not going to get into that. When I am actually open about myself though, I am very silly, random quirky... I swear a lot, too. :p
I have a mtf girlfriend, she's 22. Basically the same as me as I've explained above.
I'm looking for friends who I can ofc have fun with and whatnot, hopefully relate to. Or maybe someone to date? My girlfriend and I are polyamorous.
(18+ from here on)
(p.s. My Steam is DJ_Zettie. Can't connect it here for some reason.)

I'm not sure whether to consider myself a dom or bottom. I see myself as a dom, but due to truama, domming isn't exactly easy for me. I guess I'm a bottom too because, idk, I'm dtf all the time? Plus, typically my gf is the one who helps me when I'm too shy to say or show any signs of me being in the mood.
On that note, we both are hypersexual... Being lewd is part of our everyday life. My basic kinks is crossdressing (whether me or my make partner, if I had a male partner :p), food play, facehecking, teasing-torture, role playing, giving or receiving pain. I guess I have more, technically, but that's rather more in context of pr0n.

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