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Icer's Fursona Avatar
Name:Icer in Dover Offline
Species:Feline Lion
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:20077
Last Active:09-24-2020 19:36 PM
Profile Views:376
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Icer: it fine Takola, i could just try and Normie dating site, i've have in the past so what could go wrong there. If only Furrymate was not a complete scam site. 154.7 days ago
candy cane: -gives you a candy cane- 155.6 days ago
Takola Vashen: After reading that.. It came across sarcastic. Sorry didn't mean it that way x.x 155.6 days ago
Takola Vashen: Best of luck finding a mate then. 155.6 days ago
Icer: thanks. and it looks like i'll have to go outside my state to find someone 155.6 days ago
Takola Vashen: Hiya welcome to furrtrax :3 155.6 days ago
candy cane: welcome! 155.6 days ago
candy cane: welcome! 155.6 days ago
Icer: thanks. 155.6 days ago
Kendra: Hey there, welcome to Furrtrax! :3 155.6 days ago

About Me:
(i suck at "about me's" so bare with me here)

Hey there I'm Icer that is a tall blue lion. Why blue? because its my favorite color and my fursuit is blue too and even the bandanna i wear with im suit is blue too.

So what i do for a living currently is making hand made candles that are custom made to order of course. I make free standing as in pillars candles. Mason jars, Glitter candles, Fursona candles and even Pride flag candles too. I work Mon-Fri and have off on the weekends cause i got to have time for myself and one day i do plan on going to furcon to sell all of the premade candles and do con Pick up as well. I have made wax melts too for wax warmers and i plan on doing Soy wax candles here soon. I'm hoping to find someone that'll be in my life and even be part of my candle making business.

So i can sing, like not the most amazing in the world but i can sing and its mostly country since i grew up on it so im always listing to it. its something i'll never stop cause my mother got me into it and she is the coolest person ever. No i do like rock'n'roll classic rock but im not a fan of Rap unless its the old stuff, nothing new cause im not interested in listening to it. I do have ADHD and i've had it as a kid growing up. I do hate that i have it but i wouldn't be who i am without it. i know that might make sense but if you have it as well you'll understand and i know how you feel.

So I do enjoy going outside or being inside when we hang out. I do enjoy long walks either on a trail in the wood or on the beach, dont matter the time or day cause as long im with you why should it matter. I can cook since i do enjoy it. I don't cook as much as id like too but when i do i love doing it. I've started to enjoy smoking food like chicken and making the left overs into Chicken salad and with that smoke flavor it taste oh so good.

So what am i looking for? Well my best friend, partner and be my other half. Now i've been really hurt and to be honest im afraid to love again and to really open up my myself to someone new. You wouldn't know what thats like if you've had "failure of relationships" and the fact the last one you were in ended the worst. I've taken some time awake to heal and now im ready i think. We will see together if im ready or not cause i feel like i am.

So i dont mind chatting here but we can always head over to Telegram for Voice message chats too. I'll chat there if your not active here which makes sense too.

If im not online and you need to get a hold of me my Skype ID is the same for everywhere else. just say where you are or i might not answer you so please dont get mad if that happens.

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