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John Ivar's Fursona Avatar
Name:John Ivar in Oppdal Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:19907
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:607
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Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
Guy, From Norway, 21 yr old as of writing this.
Boring logical practical serius and antisocial/asocial(its both(he whispers to himself))

I have no particularly strong interests.
Jack of all trades master of none kinda deal.
includes watching anime tv series movies
PLaying wide veryity of games not a big fan of pvp especialy rust/ark where the entire point is to fck the other person over.
I write code, wheter its mods games software engines for games/software, rc cars, and whatever else i feel like.
honestly if all i have lying around is wool i will knit for 12 straight hours, taking breaks for food and sutch. but still.
For to be contc use discrd JIFSHED #3553
Mak sure is send msg so as me tell genuine
I am not fun, funny perhaps to some(me)(noone else) but not fun. uhm uhm uh, fck somthing about boats(i dont, i really dont,why nor when for even who)

Have no animals, have ***** interest in perhaps aquiering at later date possibly cat or simmelar, ferret maybe idk, not ageinst any pets tho dogs are not a favorite, basicly the downsides outweight the upsides for me on those, but im not dog racistisalimsaying.
Not alergic to anything, always nice

As for being a furry, sure why not.

trick questions
Maud is bae
The external
The snow shines bright
A pig a cow a dog a goat had em all in heere(animal order is probably wrong but shuld be fine)

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