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Name:desertyote in Boise Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:19619
Last Active:08-07-2019 16:31 PM
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About Me:

Not having much luck on the dating scene due to work hours (I'm a heavy equipment tech and work is kind of all-consuming) so I figured I'd try on here. I'd love to meet friends but I am looking for an exclusive, monogamous relationship with any luck. I'm a nerdy gearhead so I like doing things outdoors (disk golf, hiking, skiing, camping, hotsprings, autocross, motorcycle stuff, chilling on the river or in the creek, you get the picture) and indoors (gaming both electronic and pen and paper, movie/tv marathons, museums, hockey games, concerts, vegging out listening to the radio and having a beer .etc). Bonus points if you're into cars, music, or comics/cartoons. Realy open to multi lingual people, always had a knack for language but I am not a classroom friendly kind of person so feel free to hit me up if you want someone to practice a language with, I can use Youtube perfectly well for homework and anyone with fluency in Spanish or Afrikaans would be fun to talk to. Just so there are no surprises involved I will put out this disclaimer: I'm not the stereotypical flamboyant gay dude, I look, act, dress, and speak like an average Joe American redneck dude. I'm fully out of the closet but I'm just not a particularly sparkly or effete individual, not anything against those who are or the community that's just my personality. That being said I am very open minded when it comes to potential boyfriends, I don't judge, my thing is mental compatabillity more than anything. Sure I find some people more physically attractive than others but that's human nature (and even that is a pretty broad spectrum). I am totaly open to friends to hang with (always need more people to talk engines with or recruit into a DnD campaign), but I am not interested in hookups or anything like that, done it before and it's just not my thing, I'm looking for a partner. Totaly down to hang out with anyone but I'm only romanticaly interested in men, be that bio male or FTM Trans (It's not a fetish thing, I'm just attracted to dudes, the plumbing downstairs is pretty much irrelevant.) Also realy not looking for a long distance thing, no offense intended but I vastly prefer face to face over anything online. If you want to hang out or talk feel free to hit me up!

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