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Korrado Xan's Fursona Avatar
Name:Korrado Xan in Covina Offline
Species:Snow Leopard
Relationship:Single and Looking

california fuzzies
Southern California Furs
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Little Tails: Welcome back, fellow Califur! 180.7 days ago
Garmy: you know of Midnight Odyssey,just relised a new album that is realy good 356.7 days ago
Korrado Xan: thanks! . and oh lordy, it's been a while, but used to listen to stuff like slipknot back in the day and some years back hung with some folks who were into morbid angel, sepultura, opeth and the like. and a lot of other metal stuff, tech metal ect. i kinda liked the goofier stuff like alestorm too. 431.9 days ago
Garmy: welcome to the FT you say you like death metal,what bands do you like 436.8 days ago

About Me:
Ay.... What can I say other than I'm a grizzled old snowcat who's looking for the right little kitten-boi to remind him what life feels like...

I'm bad at talking about myself. I'm a 40-ish gay male who has always identified as a snow leopard, in habits, personality and quirks. I'm almost 6.5 ft tall, stocky would be a bit of an understatement, most of the males in my family tend to be built along the biker/brick-shithouse vein. I'm born and raised here in CA, but the family I've identified with on the distaff side is very, very Scottish, so my mother and my personalities can at times be charitably described as "intense". I'm disabled, some of it in the head, some of it in the body, so I suffer from mobility issues stemming from an accident when I was 12 years old, or there-abouts, and since I hit my 30s it's just gotten worse. I tend to have no filter, I haven't any patience for bullshit, I don't suffer fools or wanton ignorance at all, period. I tend to be brutally honest, my sense of humor is dry, sarcastic and morbid sliding into macabre. To say my sense of humor is dark probably barely scratches the surface. I suppose if I had been born a bit more recently I'd have been labelled a goth kid, added to my life-long dabbling in the occult, arcane, bizarre, morbid and inexplicable aspects of spirituality, humanity and just life in general. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool pragmatist with a heavy dollop of cynicism. I've been burned by people a lot, so I usually take the angle of someone's trying to screw me till they prove otherwise, IF they do. My former jackass boyfriends have also made me leery of things like abandonment ect, and I usually think the worst of myself, figuring someone's only with me till something better comes along or till they've gotten what they want and don't need or want me anymore. Like I said, brutally honest.

My life for the past few years has been nothing but one catastrophe after another, I'll spare most of the gory details but it's basically seen me needing medical treatments for something not life-threatening, (yet), but extremely stunting to what I can/can't do, (including some forms of intimacy), severely reducing my stamina and making me sensitive to things like temperature and exposure to sunlight. I've also suffered from the death of my last partner/significant other/companion of many years very suddenly and from something completely stupid in the fall/early winter of last year (2018) and then the sudden and unexpected death of my father just a few months ago in the spring of this year (2019) and now my mother has passed away about a month ago, (Jan 2020). So I find myself ill, in mourning, alone in a big house having inherited everything as I'm the last of my immediate family, spending 99% of my free time alone with nothing to do. To whit, I find myself falling deeper and deeper into an already long-term depression and craving a companion, someone to spend time with, someone who wouldn't mind availing themselves of my stupendous amounts of free-time, attention and assets (my bank account is 6 figures, to those who CARE about that sort of thing). I normally find what people define as "dating" to be a complete waste of time as people tend to be so worried about making a good impression they seldom allow you to see who they really are... I don't really have the energy to devote to people who are flakes or social butterflies, or drama, or more concerned with quantity over quality when it comes to friendships or partners. I'm willing to devote what energy I have these days and my not inconsiderable amount of free-time and what resources I have to someone if they're willing to make an effort in return. But that is the crux, you MUST be willing to make an effort.

So... I'd classify myself as FiNO, despite having been a part of the community for somewhere near 25 years now (say 1995 or so) in some capacity or another. I enjoy the concept, the art and those things, I've written anthropomorphic stories and pornographic material for a very long time now myself, but I would never call myself someone who lives the lifestyle. I've been to conventions, I've spent time around folks who were pretty hard-core into the fandom, but I've never used the word "yiff" unironically/nonsarcastically and I certainly don't share the rampant human-phobic bent I've seen in so many. Obviously anyone I was involved with would have to be able to share my tongue-in-cheek stance on the whole furry thing. I have "interests" and turn-ons but no fetishes to speak of, and I can and have ruthlessly mocked fetishes in both the gay and furry community I find patently ridiculous/inexplicable, that's just how I am.

I'm gay, have been out for a long, long time and I don't keep it a secret. I'm completely Versatile, an equal opportunity partner and lover. I'm pretty butch, past a few affectations, and I can play-act the Daddy or the Bear or the Top decently well in short bursts, but I loathe labels and yet I'm part of a community who seems Obsessed with pigeonholing and labeling anyone and everyone to the point of it seeming almost arbitrary. I hold no truck with the Hardcore Dominant/Submissive or Top/Bottom stuff. I find it stupefyingly BORING/limiting in so many ways, so anyone wanting to be with me would have to keep that in mind. It's not a deal-breaker, just keep in mind I probably won't take it as seriously as you'd probably want me to.

Males I'm interested in; I prefer younger males on the whole, I prefer males who are petite/smaller than I am, I would say I much prefer twink males, but it's not a deal-breaker, within reason. I'm fine with shy males just as much as I am with males who are more type A/extroverted as that tends to even out my more introverted nature. I'm not too hung up about race, other than I absolutely adore mixed men and Asian men. Misfits are fine with me, I love goth and emo bois, punk and skater types. Jocks, gym-drones and like meat-headed types may not get on well with me as physical exertion can be difficult for me at the best of times these days. Males with a feminine streak are fine by me, I appreciate a girlie-boi, a femme-boi and I like traps, to an extent, BUT I do NOT get along with transsexuals or those of the transgender persuasion. I've also been burned by bi men in the past if their female leanings tend to outweigh their male leanings but my deceased partner was bisexual with male preference, so it's not a deal-breaker, I just expect honesty from anyone in my life. I like show-offs, exhibitionists, ect.. My favorite past boyfriend liked to spend a lot of time lounging shirtless or in nothing but a pair of thong underwear, which was just fine by me. Long-haired males are a plus in my book, a bit of facial hair is fine, but I loathe mustaches, and you drag stubble across any area of my body not usually visible in public you're probably gonna get mule-kicked in the head.... Also not a big fan of body-hair, I prefer smooth and I'm willing to lend a hand. I used to enjoy helping one of my former boyfriends groom, amongst other things, in the shower. I'm fine with piercings, above the belt, I have half a dozen earrings myself. Ink is fine, if it's tasteful and again, so long as it's away from some areas. I don't give a damn what kind of clothes you wear, up to and including items of female clothing, but murr-suits and the like, of ZERO interest to me. I Prefer other felines, or at least mammals, I'm more a fan of the cute and fuzzy types. You can like porn, it doesn't bother me. Porn enthusiasts and chronic masturbators aren't a turn-off for me, I like to watch and I'd gladly lend a hand. =p Matter of fact if you like written erotica I could use someone in my life who's interested in my own creative efforts. It's been a long time since I had anyone who liked reading my stuff and I could bounce ideas and the like with. It's not exactly Tolstoy but writing stupid, porny little stories has brought me a lot of satisfaction as a hobby over the years and I'd like to get back into it sometime, but obviously I haven't been centered enough to DO much in a creative vein in a few years.

My other interests and hobbies are quite eclectic, I can listen to almost any music from classical to death metal, but I can't stand rap, country, mindless bubblegum pop or things like gospel. The only thing I like about "musicians" like Justin Bieber and that ilk is how they look naked but I have no interest in their singing. Most of my AV interests lie in animation, science fiction, fantasy ect.. I'm a huge Studio Ghibli fan. I loathe rom-coms, brainless testosterone riddled action flicks and shit like buddy comedies. My literature tastes are as varied as my musical ones. I collect fairly random things, but I have fairly nice collections of timepieces (Patek Philippe anyone?), canes/walking sticks (for obvious reasons =p), jewelry and things like gems, minerals and stones ect. I'm a giant Doctor Who fan, along with things like Star Trek, Good Eats, House M.D, Monk, Bob's Burgers, and other quirky, off-beat, dry, sarcastic wit type programmes. I'm an old-school anime freak; things like Evangelion, Martian Successor Nadesico, Hellsing ect.. I'm also a yaoi fan, a nice Bishie is more than fine, but with things like Bara it really depends. I'm well versed in net culture, geek culture, video games, ect. I used to play a lot of MMOs but need to get a better laptop lately, they keep dying. Only game I play atm is a korean semi-mmo/rpg called "King's Raid" whilst I fuck about on my phone some nights and the occasional bout of Skyrim, the Legendary Edition as the sex mods are depressingly the closest thing I have to a love-life atm. I'd love for that to change.

I've nothing against long-distance relationships or friendships, but when it comes to relationships at the moment I would really prefer someone in the general vicinity. I'm not saying I don't have resources to commit to something like a long-distance relationship, but I would much, much prefer someone local with recent events taken into accounts. I'm pretty much by myself now, so I have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge backyard. Anyone could let it all hang out whenever they wanted. ^!~

Well, that's about all I can think of atm. I'm awful at these tell everyone about yourself things... If you wanna know anything else, ASK. I'm also available on telegram, Korrado Xan and Discord as KorradoXan #0972. I tried to keep it easy on folks to remember. I look forward to talking to folks sometime, hopefully, if I don't do as abysmally as I normally do on dating sites and if I can find a picture where I don't look complete rubbish I might slap one up. Ciao for now.

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