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Kitaen Silva's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kitaen Silva in Cheboygan Offline
Species:Faded Nogitsune fox
Relationship:Single and Looking

Michigan Furs
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Kitaen Silva: Thankye kindly! I'm hoping to edit and polish it a bit more, to make it a bit more friendly on the eyes, but otherwise I think I'm somewhat happy with it. It's hard to describe oneself... 770.3 days ago
Anya Underworld: Welcome to the fandom here on furrtrax. Must say your profile has got to be one of the most detailed experiences I have gotten. It is pleasant and pretty forwarded. I hope to be able to converse with you here in chat. 770.4 days ago

About Me:

((In Progress...))

  I am Kitaen Silva, the Owner / Operator of the Weavers' Aggregate NeoAuditorium (WAN), a multi-platform online general-purpose social community for everything from gaming and roleplay to discussion and debate, with a hefty emphasis on advice, consultation, and constructive life/skill improvement.

  I am a jack-of-all-trades, and as the saying goes, a master or expert of none. Of particular note would be that I consider myself to be a writer, artist, amateur musician, game modder, game developer, smallcrafter, traditional blacksmith, carpenter, home electrician, home repair-person, community servant/administrator, miscellaneous designer, project director, amateur gamemaster, and many other things. I have a strong interest in tech and IT, can build computers and diagnose some hardware complications, and I have often provided tech support for simple software/OS issues, but I am not tremendously skilled in this field. I have volunteered as a security contractor and as a firefighter/first-responder, so I have some training and experience in public safety, with a bit of emergency medical care experience, but I don't necessarily consider myself to be a firefighter, EMT, or security person.

  As of writing this into my profile, I am unemployed - but I am actively cooperating with available public services in an effort to find and secure employment that I am able to maintain. I have a variety of personal dreams - some of which are very ambitious, others are rather simple and mundane - which have the potential to bring revenue and financial sustenance, it's simply a matter of first having the funding to invest into them. I would like to make something serious of my blacksmithing, particularly in the field of mechamusume/musuko cosplay armor and accessories. I hope to have a nice gaming and internet cafe of sorts where people can feel comfortable and free to be social around and about their interests, while having a sandwich or some pizza or something of the like. I won't elaborate on Project Anshin, as that in particular is ambitious to a maddeningly ridiculous degree. My most earnest and realistic goal, however, is to seek a career in teaching English in Japan - this is the goal I am most actively working toward.

  My personal interests as far as entertainment is concerned happens to overlap with nearly everything above, but also includes things like mythology, astrophysics and astronomy, quantum mechanics, Japanese language and culture, science fiction, TTRPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, sandbox and/or space video games, side-scrolling "shmups", and the occasional anime/manga.

  Unfortunately, however, I come pre-packaged with a whoooole lot of baggage. I regularly meet with mental health specialists and have slowly been chipping away at it however I can manage, but a massive portion of my life has been as a victim of domestic, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse. This manifests in a frustratingly lengthy list of diagnoses which deeply affect my social aptitude, communication, world perspective, mindset, and behaviour. I feel that I must admit it has left me quite bitter and cynical, however, I'm still generally a happy, humorous, and affectionate individual - it sounds a bit more normal when put this way, but I would rather laugh and be friendly with people who deserve my respect, than angry and depressed over people who bring me stress and undue complications. I mention this because I don't have the energy to devote into forging friendships and relationships with people who are just going to distance themselves when my complications arise or come up in conversation.

  As for my involvement with the furry fandom, I have to say that I have a bit of a strained relationship with it. For most of my teenage years, I had no qualms considering myself furry and donning the visage of my fursona, but at some point, after a few undesirable and possibly criminal exposures to individuals with what I would consider to be strange and possibly unhealthy sexual interests and tendencies, I decided to distance myself from the fandom in the interest of my personal comfort. I simply didn't want to be lumped in and identified as belonging to a label with a reputation for such open and strong sexual deviancy - I take no issue with whatever people do in their bedrooms, no matter how odd it might seem to me (unless it is criminal in nature), but I have never appreciated the prejudiced and false accusations of zoophilia/plushophilia maliciously cast in my direction, and it was easier and less stressful to just not identify with the crowd bearing such a reputation. Despite that, I can't deny or reject that I'm a floof and had pleasant experiences with fellow floofs - so here I am, dipping my toes in the water again.

  I am joining FurrTrax to seek new friendships - hopefully a bit more local than what I'm used to - and allow myself to be open to the possibility of something perhaps more serious. I would label myself as demi-romantic and asexual, but this does not mean I am opposed to a relationship becoming sexually active, so I'll state that my romantic preference generally seems to be in having a female partner. I have explored my romantic attractions a bit, and while I have had a couple same-sex relationships, I find that I can't claim to be homosexual - apologies to any potentially interested males. I do enjoy the friendly/affectionate company of trans individuals, and actively try to respect preferred pronouns where reasonable, however, I haven't explored whether or not romance with trans persons is comfortable for me, and I am not presently comfortable with or interested in exploring that yet as I am still carefully tending my perspective on the topic - I would appreciate honesty in this regard, because I don't want a potentially great friendship or relationship to collapse over it, and I would rather formulate a healthy mindset toward it instead of having a soured opinion.

  It is vastly easier and more reliable to reach me and converse via Discord, so please consider adding me and sending me a message there in addition to here. My username and discrim is Kitaen V.R.F. Silva#5457.

  Please be kind to me, as I hope we can get along pleasantly~



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