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Kain's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kain in Fresno Offline
Species:Red Dragon

Dragon Castle
california fuzzies
Gamer furs
Anime fur
Single Furs
Member ID:1889
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:4096
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PSN Name:Hishoko
XBOX Gamertag:Hishoko

Future Space for Blogs

Kain: Omg. X3 not my wall virginity. XD 2252.9 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall virginity I have taken it 2256.4 days ago

About Me:
Red Dragon trying to meet new friends. Who doesn't want that, am I right? In a closed relationship. Not looking for anything outside of my relationship except making furiends.

Pretty old fashion, fun and outgoing personality. I like video games, card games, boardgames, music, movies, traveling or anything that isn't fun (joking on the last part, I actually do like having fun). I'm a little bit into everything and pretty open minded.

I have been to Further Confusion a few times, only furry convention I have been to. I don't own a fursuit but would maybe like to get one in the future. Would like to go to any of the different conventions out there. I think that would be fun.

I have a job, unfortunately I do work nights. I make pretty good money though. I'm always willing to work around it for friends and a mate.

I'm around 5'9, 220 trying to get back down don't even look like my weight lol. I have a bit of a tummeh but I also do have quite a bit of muscle. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty outgoing and very sociable so i'm easy to talk to and to get to know. If your not gone already and I seem interesting enough send me a message and we can get to know each other.

If you'd like to meet a friendly dragon or get to know me a bit better message me through any of the other means possible I have listed. I'm more than happy to chat with anyone.

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