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Couragen's Fursona Avatar
Name:Couragen in Green Bay Offline
Species:Red Wolf

Listener and Guardian
Domination and Submission
Gamer furs
Steam furs
gay yiff
Latex Rubber and Other Kinky Things
Member ID:1661
Last Active:09-08-2022 18:32 PM
Profile Views:8973
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Celer: welcome back 458.6 days ago
Lokyr: Thanks for your comment Mr scarlet wuff x3 2679 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: You sleep too much. 0.0 2862.9 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Oh baby... ;D 2903.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Noooooo you didn't. You'll have to show me sometime... I get turned on by scars. ;3 (makes some pretty perverted noises) 2904.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: No thanks. I'd rather ride muh motorcycle... If I had one! :( 2905.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Zzzzzzzleep then, ya moron. :p 2913.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: No offense, but you're gay. 2933.1 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :D 2940.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: YAY! :D 2941.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: You are my favorite nerd, by the way. If I ever get a computer bug I can't fix by myself, you'll be the first I get in touch with about it. C: 2941.6 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Wooooooooooooooooooooo! The magic of friendship. Friendship is magic. My Little Pony is cancer. 2941.6 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Scott. I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what life throws at you and no matter how many times you fall, you can always rely on brownies to be there for you, ready to sate your need for Type 2 Diabetes whenever things are hard. C: Oh and I'm here for you too, but seriously, if you feel bad, eat some brownies. :D 2942.5 days ago
πŸ’œTakumiπŸ’œ: Okie! (continues poking at it, giggling) 2946.3 days ago
Blaise Harpsmith: boops back 2948 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: You bet. x3 2948 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: OUCH! I've never had a taste of that. I had a pleasant meeting with a rock at a beach when I was a kid though, tripped and collided head first into a really point one. Dx Ugh. 2948.7 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: On a completely unrelated note, I say 'though' too much. Ugh... 2949.1 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: I had a few, tiny wounds dotted over my hand. Welp. Lucky the big shards didn't slice in though. Have no doubt though, that will NOT be the last time I do something completely idiotic without thinking it through. :p 2949.1 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (gives you complimentary friend yiffs) 2955.7 days ago
πŸ’š Takumi Atoshi πŸ’š: (pokes the wall) ooooh pretty owo 2989.4 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: I did offer ya some help though. :3 Always here for ya if you need some help. 2993.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: You knoooooow. ;3 2995.8 days ago
Couragen: Phew, back in business. I could finally log back in. :D 2995.9 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (with or without your approval of doing so, I gently interact with your body by touching you in a very inappropriate location located somewhere relatively close to your belly) 3011.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (points and laughs) Silly. x3 3025.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Knock yourself down before I do it out of sheer anger over what is going on in my life right now. :D 3026.1 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: And you took that job. You can't leave now. You have a cat to feed! D: 3026.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Wut is this I don't even. 3026.2 days ago
Couragen: Tomorrow is another long, 12hour day. I don't want to go... I don't want to be bored. Please don't make me. Somebody, go to work for me. :( 3026.6 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Clouds will be your downfall, knight of evil! (swings air sword) 3033.6 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Well, it's night over in your country now. How's that howling working for ya? 3035.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: How can a fox meow? :p 3038.4 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Oink oink to that! 3043.2 days ago
Couragen: Finally, some normality. Glad night shifts are over for the foreseeable future. :P 3076.6 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Real life comes first. :3 Don't worry about it. :) 3092.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: I just want to put it out there how much of a great friend you are. :D You're caring, and... Well, other than that, simply amazing! Thank you. :3 3096.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (boopity boop boop bip bap bap) 3099.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: No hope for stan... ;3 (keeps tickling you) 3102.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! (tickles you) 3102.4 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Hmmm, yeah... (pounces) 3102.7 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Or Faarikaal. Two A's makes an A with a ring over it. Ya know, the Norwegian letter. 3104.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: I say frikl! :3 3104.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (uses surrender as a guise for infiltrating your kingdom and tear it apart, masquerading as law(hyphen)abiding citizens while destroying the economy by demanding things you can't offer) 3105.2 days ago
Couragen: Never watch one, but both of my posted videos. I try to counter depressing with uplifiting. P 3105.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Remember? 3105.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Because this is a furry site. 3105.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Because we need to furrify everything. 3105.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Or paws. 3105.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (holds hands up) 3105.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: I don't understand what you mean... Wut... Wut... Wut...? 3106.2 days ago
Couragen: If you ever find yourself stuck in the dark all alone, as futile as it may seem, reach out as far as you can and for as long as you can. Someone will take notice, and help you out. If it happens again, Repeat. Always, always repeat. 3106.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (keeps crying, though it's soon drowned out by a combination of that and laughter from your boopings) Stahp! x3 3106.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Yay, approval! :D (hugs tightly) 3106.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (runs away crying and trips) 3108.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (poke) Of (poke) course (poke) it's (poke) not (poke) going (poke) to (poke) work. (poke) :3 3108.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: By all means, try diplomacy all you want. :3 (pokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepoke) 3109.1 days ago
Couragen: Tiled background gradient creation and change was a success, and it only took me 10 hours of learningfiddling with GIMP. 3109.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Poke court, not poke war. Bleh. 3109.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Nu uh... I am a poke criminal. You need to catch me and take me to poke war for breaking all the rulings of the poke convention. 3109.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: They should add a like feature. :p But yah, most of my comments are jokes about stuff that happen in my life. Merf. Imagine that just a year ago I was convinced I was straight. Anyway. (Over pokes you in retaliation for waking me) 3109.7 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (stops poking) Yeah... I suppose you're right... (STARTS POKING AGAIN) 3110.4 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Well I think you deserve it. D: (continues poking you) 3110.4 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (screams in agony and starts crying) Meanie. ;C 3110.7 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (hugs you AND STARTS TO POKE YOU LIKE A MADMAN) HAHAHA, RETALIATION! ;D 3111.1 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (growls. Grr you know) Please stahp with the pokes. D: 3111.5 days ago
Couragen: I can't win with my profile background choices...grr...ok looks like I'll look into boring gradients. 3111.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Yah, I know. but sometimes it just feels like the individual should do more. Anyway. (boops yer nose) 3112.4 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (smiles and pokes) Apology NOT accepted. :3 3113.4 days ago
TylerKenneth Sprinter: (helps up) You really should be careful! chairs tend to attack randomly... 3113.5 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Nuuuuuuuuu! :C (cries) 3114.2 days ago
TylerKenneth Sprinter: I talk at you! :V 3127.9 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (Uses sledgehammer to destroy diplomacy as well) 3144.1 days ago
πŸΎπŸΊπŸŒ™LycaπŸŒ™πŸΊπŸΎ: x3? 3144.6 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (uses sledgehammer to break down barrier between our dimensions causing an interdimensional war between yours and mine) 3145.2 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: (touches wall) 3146.4 days ago

About Me:

I'm just your run-of-the-mill, moderately ADHD (fur reelz), nerdy, slightly preppy wolf. (Bleh..that was a mouthful.) The name's Couragen! I can be pretty quiet but I love having people around. I promise I talk back! =D

Fursona Quick Note: I'm an anthro, male wolf (usually red) who takes an optimistic, fun-loving, but analytical view on life. You can blame my introversion and psychology/sociology background for that. If I'm talking about my role or position in a pack, I'd be what you'd call a beta wolf. I like being one of the higher ups, but I'd be a disorganized leader. I'm much better suited to be a "medicine man" than anything. I guess that's the 1/8th Native American in me.

With that said, I absolutely love to goof off, joke around, and do nerdy computer things (e.g. break and repair my own junk). I love to overshare details about myself, so I apologize for any TMI moments if you ever talk to me. It's my nature. ;P

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