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Captain Blitz's Fursona Avatar
Name:Captain Blitz in Spring Hill Offline
Species:Red fox
Relationship:Single and Looking

Single Furs
gay furs
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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XBOX Gamertag:SteamingCleric

Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
(Fursona is based off the Mass effect universe and timeline)
Name: Blitz Steaming
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox
Rank: Captain/Specter (Special Tactics and Reconnaissance)
- Hair and fur: Orange fur with white fur along the bottom of his muzzle and covers his stomach and chest with white fur ending at the tail tip. paws and foot paws is covered with black fur
- Markings: Yellow lighting bolts on his right and left shoulders
- Eye color: Right eye is green and Left eye is blue
- Other features: Black triangular marks on his muzzle
Skills: Captain Blitz is a highly trained tech expert that can decrypt and hack computers or A.I systems. Blitz is is trained for close to mid range combat but suffers in long range such as sharpshooting.
Weapons: A Phaeton assault rife,a Paladin Heavy pistol and his Omni-tool/Omni-blade on his paw
History: Captain Blitz was born and raised on the human colony world Terra Nova. In the year 2180 at the age of 20 Blitz traveled off world and traveled to the Citadel in the Serpent nebula/widow system. Blitz worked as a C-sec officer on Zakera ward under Captain Bailey command. In the year 2183 the citadel was attacked by a huge Geth (synthetic A.I.) fleet that was lead by Turian specter Saran Arterius. During the battle Blitz with a pawful of C-sec officers held of wave after wave of Geth attacks. He saved many citizens and a few diplomats that was from the geth infested Presidium. After a few weeks after the battle after the human fleet destroyed the get fleet. Captain Blitz was chosen by the Citadel council to join to become a Council specter. Captain Blitz accepted the offer to become a Specter,the right hand of the council. Captain Blitz left the Citadel by shuttle to explore a world that was recently discovered by Turian survey teams which they named Eran IV. A hot world that reaches 250°F during the day and -300°F during the night. Blitz traveled to the planet and founded a old Turian frigate that seemed to have crash landed on the planet. Blitz landed on Eran IV and took 2 years to fully repair the ship to Woking order and he recruited a whole crew for his new ship that he has named the SS Gladiator.
Clothing/Personal Style: Causal outfit: Blitz usually likes to wear a T-shirt with skinny jeans or with shorts whenever he is on shore leave. Combat outfit: Blitz wears Turain armor that he must have found inside his ship when he found it on Eran IV. The armor appears to be gray with Orange outlines and has orange lights.
Blood type: A+
Scars: N/A

Hello there I am Captain Blitz a foxy from space!!! This is a bio so let's gets started with information about me ^=^
OK I have been a furry in the fandom for over a year now I love to view lots of amazing furry art made by artists in the fandom,chat with other furs and I also love to roleplay in the furry fandom :D

Now continuing with my bio going into about me personally such as my interests and junk.
Now I am 18 of age,I live in sunny Florida. My favorite foods are Pears,crabs and shrimp! I enjoy gardening,play lots of Xbox games on my Xbox one! If you like to add me on One feel free to add me (SteamingCleric),I like watching YouTube videos that talk about religion and politics and I also LOVE Mass effect and Halo best video games! I like to draw furry art and I am quite a noon at drawing so I am not the best but I am descent ^^ I am taking requests for drawings and they are free.
Sexuality: homosexual
Gender: Male
Religion: Agnostic Atheist
Favorite video game: Mass effect and Halo
Favorite color: Orange and green
Favorite comedian: George Carlin funniest comedian ever <3
Coffee is great <3

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