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Doggy's Fursona Avatar
Name:Doggy in Thunderbay Offline
Species:A canine catastrophe

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Malainie Vein: Hello hello! 1745.8 days ago
Robbie: Hiya! 1820.2 days ago
Lore: thank you, that made me smile 1995.7 days ago
Kenic: I doodle a little but a friend had this picture done for me as for games I play moast any thing RPG fps adventure and a few others 3 what about you ? 2003.6 days ago
Trixie Toucan: Gee thanks and Your Welcome 2003.7 days ago
Kenic: Hello doggy nice to meet ya and welcome to furrtrax I'm kenic 2004.7 days ago
Lore: non specific blood drinking species of bat 2005.8 days ago
Trixie Toucan: Welcome to Furrtrax! 2007.3 days ago
Doggy: Despite the profile name, I mean only innocent intentions hah. figured I'd stick this near the top. ;9 2007.4 days ago

About Me:
Hey there new palls!
Im a short, easygoing laid back canadian mutt who enjoys chatting with all folks, a little rp, making costumes and characters, drawing, sketching, and expressions, the cold and Autumn, movies from gorry/creepy horror to song filled Disney, cookie dough icecream, ketchup chips, and a good fruit salad.
I love video games too and anime but I have way too many to list mann.

I don't judge on fetishes or Murry furrys, but I'm just not into any of that stuff haha. A little suductive art here and there but thats my extent, my mate gets the rest of that side of me hah.

I've been in the furry vibe for about 10 years. So I've had a lot of time to see what I like and prefer in art and whatever else. I make suits and draw lots, and despite my interests I'm one of the chattyest dogs around and make a kickass loyal pall! I'll talk about anything too I get awked out very rarely haha.

Pleased ta meet whoever finds this message yo!

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